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Anyone else feel like dating now a days is just a mess

It’s Been a mess. Most of us are just over the mess and rather not even deal with dating Life lol

Can personal happiness be achieved without the validation or approval of others?

Yes. It should be. Too many people so stuck on what society thinks as if societal opinions pay their bills or help out with mental stability and they don’t. FUQ SOCIETY DO YOU, FOR YOU. LOVE YOURSELF, FOR YOURSELF. No greater love than Self-love🙏🏽

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What’s your favorite kind of fish to eat? Mine is founder and salmon Patties.

Salmon, catfish, and Talopia

What is something that is very sad?

Adam49544’s Profile PhotoAtom
Racism, the worlds murder rate, poverty, the government taking our money to fund the rich even more, homophobia, hate, the “justice” system, the school system...

What helps you when you're depressed? 😔

Gothbabezabi’s Profile PhotoGothbabezabi
What works for someone else, might not help for you sweets. I will say, you are stronger than you think and you matter. I pray whatever has you depressed passes and soon. So many people are depressed and don't know it. Once again you matter and you belong. Godspeed

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kennycrown_’s Profile PhotoKenny
No honestly fr tho, cause what's the purpose?

Would you date someone even if their appearance is not attractive but they had other qualities about them

Sapiosexual is a real thing. When you want more than just a quick smash, that's where this comes in handy. Too bad the world is full of cliches, who only see outside appearance so they'll miss out on their “Soulmate/Soultie.

So this is a Q&A app but theres chats? Pretty sure shoutouts can be used for whatever you want to express.

DieselPowerErin’s Profile PhotoErin
Originally it was a Q&A app, as of late it's apparently become a dating app🙃


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