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Would you say this was a cringy date, staying home with a pizza and a few drinks cuddling up watching Netflix and disney plus.

No that’s cute

What does your partner look like?

She’s petite and feminine. Long dark hair, pretty blue eyes. An amazing smile. Big toddies. She’s stunning.

If this Q makes you uncomfortable pls ignore it but do doctors tell their patients that they're fat? This woman I know went to the doc and he told her to lose weight??? like... she's 5'2 and 147 lbs, and a size 12. She's not skinny, but she's not fat either. I do wonder what docs consider to be fat

They go on the BMI scale, and for a 5’2 woman… 147lbs is considered overweight according to BMI. So doctors will tell people they need to lose weight as it obviously comes with health risks. BMI is outdated, but it just is what it is I guess.

Does friends with benefits ever work or does someone always catch feelings?

In my experience, someone usually catches feelings.

In your personal opinion should kids learn about sex education from schools or parents

School for the more biological/scientific areas. It’s important that children know what their body does, and what things are called, and what.
And parents should teach their children about consent, bodily integrity, and protection.
It shouldn’t be a “one and done” conversation between parents & children, it needs to be approached at various levels of development as their child’s understanding grows.
It also shouldn’t be a taboo subject, the child should feel comfortable enough to ask questions and receive honest answers that are catered to their age/understanding.

can people guess where you're from based on your accent alone?

Sort of, I have a generic british accent so they get it semi close

Why does guy act like he really want you then he mean abusive ignoring tell me to k*** self a week later?

Because he’s clearly a horrible person. Block him.

is 29 too early to get botox? i'd really like some improvements. nothing too big, but i have some fine lines and bags under eyes that i'd like to get rid of.

I got Botox in my forehead when I was around 27 😂 I misssss ittttt


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