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How will u feel to talk to a person, you don't even know the name ?

I honestly have the hardest time remembering names so 80% of the day I talk to people that I don’t really know the name of. I will recognize their name belongs to them ehen I see it but having to recall the names in a conversation is extremely difficult. Pretty sure this is related to some form of adhd or something I might have.

Why lol

Can’t keep up with the youngins anymore lol!
Seriously though I am feeling my age with trends and celebrities being a decade younger than me. I feel like I wasted a lot of time in my teens and 20‘s due to depression. I wish I could have done specific things in those years. Too late now!I‘ve also lost weight my face started looking more adult than the teeny chubbiness it used to have. I see my first wrinkles and am bothered by the fact that it’s irreversible. I miss some things from the past, I‘m hyper aware of changes in my surroundings. My childhood home looks completely different now and everything is just weird and makes me feel uncomfortable.

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PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch?

PlayStation > Switch >>> Xbox
I just don’t understand how badly the xbox interface is designed now. They used to have it so organized back in the day. It makes me hate using it. I also wish the Switch wasn’t so low powered when it released already. That thing can’t even handle a musou game. Nintendo should focus on building something more powerful than toys for once. Also wtf at the Switch controller ergonomics???
PS is and will stay my favorite until next gen.

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