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When was the last time you felt happy? What made you feel happy? 👁️

Idk all I do is cry I'm abused and lost my grandma and my parents

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مجرد ما تدخل الجامعة هتكتشف ان الثانوية مرحلة عادية جدا مش تحديد مصير ولا حاجة، وانك مكبر الموضوع ع الفاضي. هي سنة زي اي سنة، متخلهاش بعبع واستمتع بدخولك مرحلة جديدة مختلفة تماما.. بالتوفيق يا شباب 🌸


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I have best friend who won’t allow me to follow his girlfriend on Instagram (her acc is private). I followed her before and he told her to remove me as a follower. He even got angry with me when he saw that I followed her. He also told her not to follow me. What does this mean?

He is ditching you he isn't a real friend

how can I get rid of some feelings you don't want to feel??

Cry watch something funny talk to someone if you give me your snap I'll try helping you

I don't believe in the such thing as coming out because straight people don't come out so why not just start dating who you like and if someone asks, it shouldn't be made a big deal. Continue going to parades just to show support of ones that are killed for being who they are. But stay safe everyone



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