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Ok so there was this guy who was trying his hard to be in relation with me. He hit me up by appreciating my poetry skills. Lol when I said no to his proposal he directly started to dislike my poetries and said “I WAS LYING THIS WHOLE TIME IN FACT YOUR POETRY SUCKS NIMAL” :”)😭

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
That's what they do when got rejected.

Yar muhabbat nahi rahi aj kal. People who claim to be in love are just mobile phone ashiqs. Internet ashiqs. Koi spark or charm nahi mohabbat ka. Khana kab khaya hai, bye k baad online q thy, falana shakhs kyu hai tumhari Friend list me--- is trha ki fuzul baton pe khapte rehte hain. Khush bhi nahi

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
💯 percent agreeeeed.


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