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Kak tips nabung dan atur keuangan ala kakak dong

Aku dulu sempet share sih mungkin ada yang inget?
Tapi poin intinya setiap habis dapet fee, aku harus nabung nabung nabung. Aku anaknya suka menabung dari kecil hehehe.
Pisahin rekening yang buat keluar masuk sehari-hari sama rekening tabungan. Jadi minimal banget 30-50% dari pendapatan harus masuk ke rek tabungan, kalau lebih dari 50% ya makin bagus. Itu sih, sisanya kalo ada rezeki lebih gitu terus repeat.
Dulu kalau dari jaman sekolah, aku anaknya sengaja cashless banget biar kalo mau jajan gak jadi, soalnya ribet. Gak ada duit cash, harus ambil duit dulu dll. Tapi problem nowadays kan bisa ovo, gpay, spay gitu gitu hahaha beda jaman.

Would you go to a cashless grocery store? there’s an aldi opened up in greenwich. i’d try it. would you?

I / We haven't touch cash for fully 2 years ; not a single note or coin .
There's an out of town chippy / Chinese takeaway , we visit every 10-14 days or so , for a 'haddock-supper' each & a 'mealy-pudd' to share & ice-cold zero vimto ~ we munch on a moorland hillside . . .
Last time, his contactless machine wouldn't work , so he just says: "A'll get it next time" ! - So we owe him 17 quid ~ be £34 next time . . .
We have a few things in common, not least we both had kidney-transplants & are V-immuno-suppressed . . .
No way I'm touching shitty-smeared money !
After-supper entertainment was further up the valley below , totally deserted , there was a cop-ambush . Just 2 smiley-friendly , masked cops (no contact!) ~ they had an alert for people-traffickers . . . . basically coming over the border

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Would you go to a cashless grocery store theres an aldi opened up in greenwich

Would you go to a cashless grocery store? there’s an aldi opened up in greenwich. i’d try it. would you?

1,000,000% a big fat YES !
(Almost) everything is cashless nowadays.
Much more convenient, easier, faster and less dirty!!
Who knows who touched paper money before you?
I wouldn't go to shops / chippies / restaurants, ect that only accept cash.

Yg tau dri Bandara Soekarno-Karawang naik kereta itu pesan nya lewat apa ya, biayanya juga brapa ya...thnx

arsy41’s Profile Photoameitha ladiaz
kayaknya bisa beli langsung, tapi bayarnya cashless. dari soetta ke batuceper/manggarai, dari manggarai naik krl ke cikarang. dari cikarang naik kereta lokal sampe karawang. biayanya kalo naik kereta bandara kurang tau, tapi kalo dari manggarai ke cikarang 6 ribu + kereta lokal 5 ribu. cuma gitu, ribet+harus ngepasin jamnya juga.

use this space as a way to air out any grievances you might have; 😫

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Dear Nurulhuda,
I usually do not publish my grievances because of the negative feedback I will receive. But since you requested my grievance, I could not resist the challenge. Please note: I understand what I am writing will offend some, but I have walked this earth for many years and based upon my observations and research, I believe the consequence of the Globalist class taking over the world will result in great suffering, inequality, crime, unmitigated hatred and ultimately WWIII. So if people reading this are offended, I am sorry. This is my reality and these are the outcomes I see.
The Globalists and their billionaire supporters are attempting to create a New World Order which will degrade, diminish and eliminate Faith, Family and Freedom across the entire world. People who believe in God must rise up and fight for their Faith, their Family and their Freedom or they WILL lose them to a global tyranny on a scale that has never been seen before in human history.
I pray that everything will work out, but in my gut I know that is not the case and humanity will experience unimaginable tragedy and human suffering. Remember this: "when good people remain silent, EVIL wins!"
The globalist ruling class WILL NOT stop until national borders have been eliminated, the population disarmed, all news (propaganda) organizations are owned by the ruling class, students have been indoctrinated to accept communism, the middle class wealth (property and savings accounts) will be confiscated, the ministry of thought police created, and all currency eliminated (cashless society). Once this "Global Reset" is completed, the 1% ruling class will be in complete control of 99% of the worlds population (serf's) along with all of the earths resources.
Never in human history has so much power and wealth been given to so few individuals. The result of all this power and wealth will be complete control of our thoughts, our behavior and our freedoms. Anyone who opposes these Globalists will be eliminated (woke cancel culture). Anyone who refuses to get vaccinated will be isolated and shunned (Covid19). Birth and death will be "managed" by these Globalist tyrants and any mention or attempted worship of GOD will be punishable by death.
This is the Global Reset.
This is the New World Order.
This is the One World Government.
Is anyone paying attention?
Does anyone care?

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use this space as a way to air out any grievances you might have
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