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Biggest green flag you look for ina person?

glitteryjizzles4’s Profile Photoglitteryjizzles
loyalty and trust I can’t have someone telling me all these wonderful things or all these plans they have for me if there just gonna end up walking away and leaving my life

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If you got invited to a award show and your going to be having your photos taken on a red carpet at award show whould you go

Duh I would want to meet who ever is on the red carpet

Tired of not being able to sleep cause I’m still grieving a huge loss. Can you sent a prayer I find all the abundance and purity in health so I can get back up quickly from this. 🙏🦋

All my prayers go out to you! Bless you will get better amen 🙏🏻

U ever got belt spanking? Im still getting im 15

Yes but I’m 18 so I don’t get spanned anymore I don’t do bad stuff

Am I crazy for loving a man who is about to have kid with someone else, so I trapped him into marrying me by getting pregnant myself.

I have no idea

Once I sit in my room an talk about u to myself🤔🤔 I don't like you no more 😂😂😂

What are you talking about


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