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How many times you've been proposed?

A women should be brave enough that no men can think of her, strong enough to ans someone’s lame call, and strict to her principals to give someone a shutup call ‘who cross the fine line defined by our religion.
-No one ever dares to do that on my face’ and i consider it a stupidest thing ever. There is no point of proposing a girl. Go and ask to her dad. Simple.

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What do you find disrespectful?

20 plus old “KIDS” telling their parents that they are now grown up and they don’t need them in their decisions bc they are big enough to deal with their life. Bc they don’t know either they are 30 or 40 ‘ a person have Allah’s blessings and “KHAS ENAYAT & REHMAT” till his/her parents are HAYAT. And this khas enayat vanishes the day when their parents die.
-The least i have to say is “daro us waqt se.”

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Anything horror/fun to watch on Netflix?

Allah knows last year i watched a horror movie with my frnds in cinema and i was sitting in the middle. That was a 2h movie. I couldn’t let them eat,move, bc i was holding their hands through out and pressing them so tightly😂 and left with some scratches😂and i bothered every single person there bc i used to ask “Ab kia o rha hai? A gya bhoot? Wo mar gaya ya ni? One of my friend said “Ab k bar tmhare sath movie dekhi hamne tu hamara naam badal dena.”😂
#Is this my fault? Ni na.

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