Ask @SamuelAngelous:

When is the last time that you holded your nose because of bad smell?

Anytime I see poison I tend to hold it because that smells bad.. I had to pass a rotting deer to see my friend that jack that straight made you gag so I'm not as effected by bad smells but I still cover my nose if it's super bad we had one guy at Walmart I couldn't be in the same isle idk how he could be alive like that.

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What good deed did you do this week?

I like for heaven to know them because I'd rather be rewarded their then by having people thank me or give me anything... if I do good things it's because of who I am... and not because I wanna be rewarded for good deeds and if that happens to save me from a horrible fate then that's great.. but on the off chance I'm wrong .. I'll know.. my being here wasn't a waste of time.. and even though I never said it..someone will know.

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Why dont you cut your hair?

I did, not but a week ago... I don't need to post myself everytime I do it lol.. I already know I'm awesome and my hair is doing what it should.... I tell you what when I find the care to stop working on myself and help someone else that's suffering besides family
..I'll get all trim and proper to fit everyone else's opinion of beautiful.. but until then I like my hair.. after all it was trimmed not too long back.. but I'll keep your constructive criticism in mind maybe when you ask me in person since you know who I am... I'd like to know if it's worth the time investment to even consider your view point.. after all this being a shadow question and you being faceless.. are you even brave enough to ask in person?? Is your opinion worth anything to me? These things I do not know.. but I do know that I'm willing to say this even though I know not to who I say it.

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Ever wanted to say someone something but couldn't say it???

No.... I tend to be super upfront if there was anything there's a good chance I've done said it directly to the person... I fear dying with more regrets then I already have... I'm positive I was direct with everyone I've wanted or needed to be if they haven't pick up on th hat... I figure that leaves the chance to regret to them because I generally am brave enough to say exactly what I want when I want it... I honestly at this point assumed that was apparent by my casual nonchalant attitude towards literally everything after all yesterday a girl noticed it the other day.. but I'm working on me and I don't open up to people I've been alone for years and improve the lives of those around me .. well, for a very long time now... it's not hard to be confident when 80% of the population thinks disarming themselves sounds like a good idea.. or that forcing people to have children isn't tyrannical and not for a human to force on another human.. after all we aren't supposed to take God's choices he offers people to do the right thing... people will just do it anyways... the illusion of control people have amazes me somedays... its actually one of the few things left that entertains me... another thing I shouldn't have to tell you about is illusionary superiority.. its something I searched while I was bored naturally.. people with high intellect actually have a natural feeling of being superior.. now I'd never say I was better than anyone that egotism... I've just felt everyone else is a moron.. and I wondered why for soo unbelievably long they chose to destroy their life and how I've managed to keep what little I do have together as well as I have... I always felt differently and we all have something to offer to others specific to us... but I can't help but to think this world is filled with idiots seeking to harm each other as a means to further their own existence... long story short a lion shouldn't have to tell you it's a lion I'm surprised you didn't already know lol.

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Only some of us are able to follow our heart. This is what makes people happy. Are you happy?

Tbh I'm as happy as I could be without a job and my stomach and anxiety attacks fighting me day in and out... but I'm doing my best to be... but being strong enough to buy yourself time to decide your next path your gonna take has draw backs.. I have not a home of my own and my rainy say accounts are pretty dry but I'm figuring things out... I fear that I'll have to settle instead of pursuing my dream but I'm doing what I can and I'm happy with that after all most you gotta do is try and you'll be ahead of 80% of the competition.

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