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Looks like Jussie Smollett will be getting the old six-inch meat sub... in prison. God, I loathe people like him. They disgrace real victims.

DomUnleashed’s Profile PhotoDom
I have no right to comment because thus in the turn he still probably is a victim but as far as setting up something this stupid... To prove any point he kinda makes anyone who is a victim of sexual crimes look stupid.

Prayers for those hit by the bad storms and tornadoes lastnight in 4 states 😔 Arkansas-Missouri-Tennessee-Kentucky

boss_wifey_mommy291’s Profile PhotoMrs Brothers
Amen I pray Joe Biden and Congress and everyone is out there right TF away

In my profile picture, do me and my girlfriend Heather look a lot alike? I'm on the left and she's on the right?

BrianHarris17087’s Profile PhotoBrian Harris
Your girlfriend looks like a young Malcolm miller.


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