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(4) i feel tht my self respect is lost ever since i took loan from my frnds, they dont treat me the same i can feel the change. I want to return asap :(

Umm, you got two options; either you learn a new skill or you can try online tuitions. Idk because I'm not fully aware of your situation but, maybe your previous teaching experience was horrendous due to the institute or school you were teaching in. Maybe teaching the way you want to the people you want might alleviate your mental stress. Good luck!

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Api plz can u write me birthday wish for my best frnd? Im not good with words. Ap acha likhti ho. Bus apni best frnd ko mind mai rakh k likhdo 6,7 lines. Plz.

Away from my sight
But stood by my side in every plight
I know we don't talk every night
But whenever we do, it feels right
May your smile always stay so bright
Thousands of prayers I send you tonight
Wishing a happiest birthday to my life's light
After what you told you this is what I came up with, hope she likes it. Good luck!

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How does one go on with his life when he fails at everything?

One must remember that we cannot always fulfill our objective the way we plan it. There's this interesting image, since it's in Spanish I'd translate it,
"How we think that the goals are achieved" ( it shows start 1,2,3...end)
How it is in reality:
Start ➡️ I'm doing well ➡️what happened? ➡️Wow! ➡️I'm fed up! ➡️ What do I do? ➡️ I give up! ➡️ New idea ➡️ changes ➡️I love it! ➡️ How difficult! And after all this you get successful.
My point is you gotta keep on going and find new ways to succeed, it's okay to rant and take it all out but sitting idle and crying over your life won't make it better.

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How does one go on with his life when he fails at everything