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How will we stay motivated after knowing that our goals become a failure?

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Don't let the fear of tomorrow ruin your today. If you haven't been able to achieve something in past doesn't mean you can never achieve anything in life. We need to stop being so cruel and harsh on ourselves. Look at your goal as a destination but don't forget about the check points on the road. Set smaller goals to reach the bigger one. Every time you reach your mini goal you'll feel more driven and motivated towards your final goal.

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¿Te importa si tu novio o novia fuma?

No pienso que las personas que fumen son malas pero todos sabemos que fumar mata, no es saludable, entonces me gustaría cuidar a mi persona y su salud. Al final, la decisión la toma él pero expresaría mis pensamientos.
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And should one use that rejection as a motivation to be someone they regret leaving?

You saying that depicts that you think if you were different than what you were before, they wouldn't have left you. Don't ask for validation, validate your emotions, your feelings first.

Why is it that ppl leave you when you are struggling or are going thru a bad time? They reject you on your face. I’ve faced that. And become your frnd when you are doing well specially financially?

We're all selfish, we all just want different things from eachother. If that person expected, let's say, money from you, you were also expecting his/her time, attention, affection. We just gotta accept the fact that we're needy.

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Es una infidelidad si un chico teniendo pareja, queda con otra para conocerla, pero no pasa nada entre ellos, ¿se trataría de una infidelidad?

Conocerla para qué? Si teniendo pareja está buscando otra relación amorosa o física entonces es una infidelidad.


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