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I feel hurt, distracted, and confused. I'm going to get married in a few months. I love my single life but I chose to yes to a particular person for marriage. I know I have to get married but I'm traumatized by marriage. I always think of bad scenarios. I'm tired. It feels like I'm in a loop.

bro I was thinking the same today and I didn't get any answer from my inner self.
Istakhara kar lou, may be it'll help.

I don't have anybody to talk to anybody willing to talk on Snapchat? how about life and how fucked up it is

I tried to open up to this one person thinking that he might understand the emotional grind I'm going through and became needy, directly said to him that I need some love and he straightforwardly said g'night to me, what a night and savage reply. Must learn.

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