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How to cope up with overthinking?

MaheenAaftab’s Profile PhotoMaheen.
Yaar google kr lo yaha mujhy tumhrey 3600 sawal a gaye hain🔥😂 qasmay aik kaa be mai reply nahi de pa raha.

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Why everyone here looks fake?😂

I believe you may feel that everyone around you is fake because you are awake. Your conscience is awake and you are more aware of what is going on around you seeing things that most people do not seem attuned to.
Maybe you see the world is falling apart.. and everyone is just staying in their own busy world.. staying too busy to notice and see the truth. But the more you notice things, the more you realize that most people are distracting themselves from the truth.
Maybe you try talking to someone about it, but then you might notice that someone will look at you as if you were the oddball. Does anybody see? Does anybody care? At some point, you may feel alone in all of this.
Maybe you try to forget and ignore what you know.. so you can just fit in with everyone else who just lines up as we were taught. But you opened up Pandora’s Box. As much as you try to go back.. you can’t because something feels off. The people around you do not feel the same.. they feel.. fake.

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