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How much were you involved in sports at school?

As little as I needed to be haha. I hated sports growing up. I was part of a hockey team for ages and would go on tournaments against other schools with my schools team. But it wasn't because I liked hockey, I just ended up doing it ha. I always loved basketball though.

What 3 things could your parents have done better in raising you?

Now, usually, I would claim that my parents have done an absolutely splendid job, that I am the light of their (enormously seperate) lives, etc, etc.
However, there are some teensie weensie things that I'd have changed - Because I have grown into a compete athlete with crippling anxiety, and THAT makes for a very interesting mixture.
So I would not have let me compete at such a high level so early, it did me no favours and definitely contributed to burnout. If it had been at junior level, absolutely, but this was travelling to adult tournaments, with adults, as a very vulnerable 14-year-old. At the time I thought I was super grown up. Now, I just think it was a time bomb.
I also would have liked it if they'd stepped in when I got into an adult relationship (also as a child.) Nobody said "are you sure" or "are you okay" at any stage, and I was covering up bruises and breaks and all sorts. It took well over a year before I could ask for help.
Anddd that's probably it, to be honest. I'd have appreciated it if my mother had let me keep my surname instead of changing it 600000 times, but c'est la vie.

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Are evil people born or created?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
I think their mommy and daddy created them.
Maybe they had a little private party. You know, a bottle of wine, Julio Iglesias, a couple of Mario Kart tournaments. Eventually, they ended up in the jacuzzi. Maybe daddy peed in the fucking jacuzzi, so mommy got fucking angry and slapped him in the fucking face. Then a couple of hours later, when he regained his consciousness, they had makeup sex.
Something like that.

What's the meaning of success to you?

Hamada_Hamdy’s Profile PhotoMohamed
Back in school, I ran cross-country and track. I was fast. I was really fucking fast. Success was coming in the top thirty, then top twenty, then top ten. My "window" got smaller and smaller as I got better, and the angst got bigger and bigger if I fell short of where I thought I should be. My definition of "failure" was so out of proportion, and I could beat myself up for ages. I was suuuuuper good at that.
A couple of years later and I was running again. Just for me. It was part of my recovery programme. And you can imagine how well that went - I'd been banned from timing my runs, so distance was the new best thing! I tried to up the kilometres that I amassed each week, and if that meant running through a storm then eh.
Now, success is just making it to the start line of a race. It's turning up for the tournaments. It's sitting the exams. The end results are a by-product - I figure that if you make the effort in the first place, you've succeeded, and you can be proud of yourself. You can't fail if you've tried.

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