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how to watch videos on

If the video is not automatically played à
Click on the video and it will start. Make sure you hear also the sound! 🎶 App users – enlarge the video full screen to hear the sound.
Still can’t hear the sound? It seems you have turned off the sound for your device. Turn it on, and everything should work ;)

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i can't load my background and profile photo. why? i always get this "Error!"

Are you sure that your photo is not larger than 3MB?
If you still cannot upload your photo, send us a message here in this link:
We will ask you about your device model and app/web browser’s version to solve the issue.

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How to know which celebrity is real?

Be careful – there are some users who like to imposter celebrities!
You can always be sure that you are talking to a real person, if he/she has a blue check mark next to the profile – just like the one in this picture!

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Can I ask something?

Sure! ❄⛄
Write us using this link:

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We found negative content on your profile. What it mean?

Please read ASKfm's Community Guidelines to understand what is not OK to post.

Some examples of the content we do not tolerate are bullying and hate speech.

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Hello please help I used to have a account and I posted my pictures there Now when I google my full name (just for fun) those pictures appear there!!!! It is so embarrassing, what do I do?? I don't want them to show up on google! Help please please please!!!!!!!

This happens to most of us. You are not alone. Please, do not panic. There are several ways how to deal with it.
Can you access your account? Just click on X (web users) or three dots (app users) next to the embarrassing post to remove it.
If you cannot access your old profile, write us! We will help you get back to your old account so that you can delete the posts. Here is the link where you can contact us:

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Does the user will get a notification when we mention them in a answer?

Yes, users get a notification when their usernames are mentioned in somebody’s question or answer.

Check the notification section📱, and you will see who is mentioning you.

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What do we have to write in the summary and detail while filling the verification form?

First of all, be sure you have written your @username, number of followers and a correct email.
Summary – a reason why you are sending the email. In your case it is applying for profile verification. So just write “Profile verification”.
Detail – a brief statement of why you want to get verified.

Apply for the verification here:

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If l liked some one's answer but I removed it quickly , will he see my like in his notification's ?

Notifications about likes are sent automatically after you have liked someone’s post.
In case you unlike the post, notification is automatically removed from inbox. So there is a chance that your friend didn’t notice the notification before it was withdrawn from his/her inbox after you unliked the post 😉

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How to get my random questions in arabic?

You can get questions in 49 languages!

To get them, change the language in the web browser (yes, app users – check the web!)

When it is done, all questions will be in your selected language.

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When you answer a question, click on the FB icon to remove sharing.

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What is the fastest way to speak with you?

The fastest way how to contact us is via this link:

ASKfm support staff responds to all emails from users within 24 hours.

But you can write us also here:
Twitter: @askfm
Facebook: @askfmpage
Instagram: @askfm

And of course, here!

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I cant follow anymore. Whats wrong?

It looks like you have reached the maximum number of people you are allowed to follow.

Please check the list of your friends! Maybe some of these accounts are not active anymore?

By removing subscriptions from these accounts, you will get more space for new profiles to follow.

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How do you block people?

Keep yourself safe from unwanted users! ☔

There are two ways how you can do it:
①Via user’s profile: block the user by clicking on the crossed circle next to user’s name on the right side.
②Via section Unanswered questions: click on the three dots next to the question and choose option Block. Now the user who sent the question cannot contact you anymore! In this way you can block anon users, too.

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How to get verified and have blue tick ?

The blue badge is a reward for our best users who are active and popular.

‼We value your true self. Fake profiles and exchange of likes are not supported!

If you match these criteria, write us using this link:

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In which language can I ask you for support?

Which languages do you know?

You can write us in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic and many more.

We will find a way to answer you!

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What does online status mean? Some people are online but they answer later...

Online status indicates, whether the user is online or not.

Green dot - online.

No dot - offline (or the user has decided to hide online status).

Maybe your friend was still thinking about the answer? Or was lost in time while scrolling through the Feed?

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I can't remove my profile picture

Safeer Memon

First of all, have you already chosen the picture you want it to replace with? Set it as your profile picture.

Only after setting a new profile picture you can remove the previous one from your photo gallery.

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How to close a fake account

Did someone create a fake account of you?

Let us know and we will check if you are the person in the picture or if your name has been used for creating the fake account.

Write us via this link %)

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I want a good 2017. for you. I can't wait it!!!

We are planning a legendary 2017!

What will it bring to us!

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Will the user get notification if I click the star to subscribe his/her activities on ask fm?

No, users will not get a notification if you subscribe to their activities.

This is your personal choice. Nobody will receive any notification.

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We feel the Christmas spirit already now.

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Do people know if I follow them?

The owner of the profile sees just a number of followers.

Happy following!

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hey i wont to have a '✔' in my acc , please💋


We would be happy to give you a verification badge.

To get it, you need to meet some criteria. Have you checked them? Here they are:

Do you match them? Then do not hesitate to contact us:

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What does ''tbh'' means? Could you also list out all of the abbreviations used commonly in Thanks👍

Here is a short ASKfm dictionary:

TBH - to be honest
PAP - post a picture
LOL - laugh out loud
OMG - oh my God!
Nom - eating sound 🍔
Likers get rate - if you like a post, you will receive from the original poster a rate around how cool you are

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