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The relationship lasts a long time with the condition .... ???

I think with infinite love. When you love someone you trust them, the one you trust you care about them, by caring you make them feel special, if they will get a special treatment then they offer you the same thing and love you a lot.
There are some secrets too but untick for them because my love read all of my answers so if I write them here she will know. 😅😂😂

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What makes u feel happy?

When I come home tired and call her and she come in front of me smiling, asking what happened? Giving a flying kiss, making weird faces all this makes me feel happy.
When I come late or stay out long with friends and she get angry and say " kr lein apnay dostoun say he shadi reh lain bahir he na ayein ghare" this makes me happy.
When I tell my mother anything about her and she say "Han bs abb hamay bhool jao uski batain kro abb" this makes me happy.
When my mom come in my room at 3 A.M. (when she wake up to offer prayer) and turn off the A.C. and give me the blanket this makes me happy ( most of the times I am awake and just act as I'm sleeping, that feeling I can't explain it in words).
Also whenever I crack an error that is irritating me for a long time I feel happy.
When I see my plants I feel happy.
I feel happy when I sit in front of my parrots and listen them chirping.
-There are a lot of things which can make you happy it's you, yourself, who decide the things from whom you want to get the happiness.

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Why do guys stare at girls? 💭

Kya hai yaar??? Hmm??? Lrkiyan lrkiyan ... lrkiyon ko yeh mt kro wo mt kro ... baji! Listen main naw apni fiancé k elawa kisi bndi ko intentionally tou nhi dekhta hai koe chaltay phrtay samnay ay tou baat alag usko bhe main 'STARE' nhi krta ... Got it??? Mere bhe maa or behn hai kl ko biwi bhe hoge tou aurat ke ezzat main janta tou yaara stop sending this bkwas or han agr app particular logoun ke baat kr rhe tou un logoun ko send kro jo krtay (because it's not a shoutout). Generally keh rahe??? Tou madam yahan Pakistan main zyaada tr mrd behn beti walay hain jo ezzat krna jantay hain... kuch log hain aisay jin ko pata nhi kya maza aata lrkiyan dekhnay main jo lagay hotay ... but not the majority ... I'm a student of FC College yahan bht modren dresses main aate hain lrkiyan mgr Alhamdulillah 1-2 shakseyaat k elawa aisa koe nhi dekha jo lrkiyan taar raha ho... So please ma'am before sending such questions on askfm, please go and ask your brother "Why do you stare at girls?"
Or agr yeh kaho mera bhai nhi krta tou madam dusroun k bhai bhe nhi krtay ...!!!
Soch bdlo PM bdlnay say tabdeli nhi ae ge yahan!!!
Allah Hafiz

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Last thoughts before you go to sleep ?

Not just when I go to sleep but for the whole day I just think how to make her happy, to watch her smile to make her feel special. To tell her how much I love her, which I do all day but still thinks that it's not enough. The things she had done for me or the sacrifices she made, with my every breathe I just think that how I will repay her. She is my most beautiful dream which by the grace of Allah came in existence. I don't know why she love me or trust me this much but the thing I know is that " I promise you my love that I'll never stop loving you, the thing I say that you look differently beautiful everyday will never change and I'll make you the happiest person alive."
I Love You @Mahnoor585

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Why we need best friends? ..💭

To sit beside him and tell him all your problems and to give such dumb solutions that you even forget your worries. To ride bike with him and laying your head on his back. To share a ciggerate with him, and sometimes playing pool game with him. To say him that "koe achi gari dekh kr lagin" when he ride back to his home and suddenly pray to Allah that may he live long. To insult you when you're alone with him and to defend you when anyone try to insult you. To show you that he don't care about you but still stand with you whenever you need him. To tease you with your girlfriend's name and to say that "bhai hai yahan tera tension na lay". To make you come anywhere by just saying "bhai k leyai aaja". To never a pay single rupee when eating out but to always know when to say " ajj main doun ga paisay". To fight for you even when he know that he can't win. To make you feel that you have someone supporting you. To call you an say "bhai program bana day yeh wala" and when you don't do so to say "bhai abb lrki k leyai time hai bhai k leyai nhi". To arrange extra passes for you for every event he is going in. To even arrange a drill machine for you in the middle of night.
Thank you brothers
@TalhaAhmedSyed @FaizanBashir09 @Jamalniazi

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How to know if you're in love ?

You're in love if you can do anything to make that person smile. If that person always be in your thoughts. If you stand for that person even if he/she is wrong. If you want to be with that person no matter whatever happens. If you smile whenever you receive a message from that person. If you start doing stupid things to make that person laugh when he/she is upset. If you stay awake all night because that person is not feeling well. If you feel free to tell that person any secret about you. If you just simply smile when you see that person. If you say that "he/she is mine" whenever you look at that person you love that person more than anyone in this world.
Also your mom will tell you "kis say lagay rehtay ho sara din hamay bhe bata do" 😂
But this is not only happens between a girl or a boy. Even some of us love their friends and family this much. ❤

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