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Even if I get everything afterlife, I wouldn't need it then. Paper k bad kisko coaching chahye hoti? The stories of misery won't be erased even if god close this book

The stories of miseries will end when Allah will reward good doers for their deeds; who had chosen the right path when they were given a life... People who don't act thankfully will always feel deprived in life after death as well as they feel now...

Why god is selective

God is never selective. We get everything as per our intentions. Allah has clearly mentioned in Quran
"acts depends on intentions"
The way you think you become, the amount you want you will get. It's all the matter of tawakul. Tawakul is between a man and God no matter what religion you are from. If a man has a connection with the Divine, he will ultimately be rewarded. We as Muslims have an edge obviously to be patient and wait for the right moment. Remember, everyone is a hero of its own story, and heroes never fail. They encounter a good end either in this world or here after. If you have any doubt regarding your future or you are hopeless, build a connection with the divine who loves you more than you even imagine.

Did your past made you bitter or better?

saltoftheearth86030’s Profile PhotoCupid
Bitter for some but better for others too. I saw a nice short about this on yt by Ustad Nouman A.K.
Your behavior towards others should be guided by Allah, as in what He has demanded, rather than by your emotions. You could hate someone but you are required to treat everyone with kindness. For Allah’s sake.
Easier to achieve when you put Him in mind I believe.

What fascinates you the most?

maryamwaheed129912’s Profile PhotoMaryam
Life and nature in general fascinate me so much. The wonders of Allah' tala fascinate me in the daily mundane routine of my life. Though I have always been fascinated with nature and oh the fluffy clouds and plants. I think that not only some of them are aesthetically pleasing, but they also have such great complexity which demonstrates the beauty and genius of nature. Even as a kid I would examine plants closely and was awed by the diversity ultimately plants bring me comfort and inspiration. 🌻💙✨️🍃

Help me I am depressed and need somebody to talk to😭.

Yahi help agar aap Allah se mango aur jis tarha is emoji mai ro rahay issi tarha Allah k samne ro tw help b Aaye gi aur depression b khatam Hoga ..
Koi faida NAHI yaha par kisi ne NAHI sun.ni aapki aik bar sunay ga phir dobara koi faida NAHI Hoga tw Apne Allah se mango help wo sunta hai bar bar sunta hai aur Wohi bas sun Sakta hai ..

Why a girl should not look shia guy for marriage major reason?

Can't believe people are asking such questions here on Ask but some of the main reasons are:
1. Their flawed and twisted Aqeedha about Allah and how the Ahle bait have some magical powers of Allah that you don't have to go Allah for anything. Instead Ali R.A and his family will fulfill it for you.
2. Their practices resemble those of Hindus, going to temples, asking for Mannats, Zyarats, Self flagellation. None of this is proven from Islam nor did our Prophet or any of the sahaba did it.
3. They abuse and curse the sahaba especially Ayesha R.A, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and even Muwaiya R.A.
4. They have narrations which have been exposed as dubious and unreliable without any proper background or authenticity with lots of breaks in chains of reporting and people that haven't been heard of.
5. They will turn you against the Islam that Allah revealed on His Messenger and the one that the sahaba learned from him.
6. Your future generations and their aqeedha in Islam will be at stake.

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Agar ap ksii se mohabat karte ho or ap uski behteri ke lie usse chor do or ab ap se uske Bina Raha na Jai or na ap us se BAAT kar sakte. How to handle this pain???

Jab ALLAH per chor deta he insaan to khudi apka dil heal hota jata he aur waqt bata deta he Apne jo kiya us me behtri thi . Tawakul zaroori ..

Guys he is my bestfriend but I love him a lot. I even proposed him and he said k vo us nzr sy ni dkhta. But hm romance b kr chuky huy. He cares for me a lot and protects me. Uski mama mujhy prefer krti as bahu, and mery papa sy mil chuka vo. Ma kya kru? I love him alot. I want to marry him.

Kbhi kisi mard k peeche na bhage ap apni value gawah denge uske aage . Jisko ALLAH ne apke naseeb me likha he wo milega halal chahti hein to us se door hojae baat kre khud to krein limit me reh kr warna ALLAH se halal mange haram se door rhein .

Beda nya mau nikah sama siap nikah versi mu

kalu buat saya sih sama aja ya😅mau dan siap itu sepaket
karena nikah itu siap-ga siap, mau-gamau tetap adalah stage yang harus dijalani sebagai hamba Allah untuk menyempurnakan agama dan perjuangan berjamaah di dalamnya menuju Allah
tapi secara teoritis, kalu ‘mau’ itu artinya kebersediaan diri menuju pernikahan, sedangkan ‘siap’ artinya menyatakan diri telah mampu menikah

Bitch aurat apni dressing Dekhi h porn star lgti ho mana k khbsort ho lkn tumahry parents ko salam kese wo Tum ko aesi dressing karne dete lanat ho tumhara husband kabi bi Tum se mhbt Ne kry ga Tum usk Liye bas aik khilona ho gi tumhra jism only is se kry ga mhbt aur shakl se Apne ap ko insan banao

Acha theak hai 😔
AJ Dil bohat udaas hai aur tabiyat b theak NAHI hai tw AJ kuch NAHI kah sakti 😓
Allah mujhy hidayat de Ameen 😣

If you could change one of your life decision, what would it be?

maryamwaheed129912’s Profile PhotoMaryam
I don’t think it wise to even think for a moment about this.
Because what has been happened through out the course of your life, is happening and going to happen is already laid out, you just have to be grateful for the good things and learn from the bad things.
This is how Allah wants us all to be and it leads you close to him as well.

Eid Mubarak to you and your Family! May Allah bless your life and fulfill all your wishes and Dua’s and fill your heart with joy, your home with warmth, and your life with prosperity 🌸 ✨️

AbdulRafaymr11’s Profile PhotoAbdul Rafay
Awe, khair mubarak and eid mubarak to you and your family as well. May your day be filled with love, joy, and the company of those you hold dear. Wishing you all the sweetness that this holiday brings - from delicious treats to heartwarming moments shared with loved ones. All the duas for you. 🌻✨️

عيدكم مبارك ✨ ‏أعاده الله علينا وعليكم بالخير واليمن والبركات، نتمنى لكم أوقاتاً سعيدة وأفراحاً تملأ قلوبكم 🤍 ‏وكل عام وأنتم بألف خير. 🎉

fdaie’s Profile Photoراحليـــن
Eid Mubarak✨May Allah accept from you and from us. I wish you prosperity and fulfillment of your desires by the grace of the Almighty.

How did your Ramadan go this time? For me it went by pretty fast, much faster than the last time. And they were relatively colder Alhumdulillah

Zackkyeatsemall’s Profile PhotoTheCookieMonster®
Same thoughts. This year ramadan went by pretty fast and I love how throughout ramadan the weather remained quiet chilly and pleasant. Allah has been very kind to us and may he remain kind to all of his beings. Though, I always feel sad during the last remaining days of ramadan, its like a bittersweet feeling for me cause I am sure gonna miss it somuch. Since we are leaving ramadan, so I pray may all your duas don't go unanswered and that all your sins are forgiven. That all your ibadah is accepted and tripled in your scale of good deeds, every charity multiplied and the reason hardships are removed from your path. Ameen. 🌻♡.
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كل سنة وانتي طيبة وعيد سعيد عليكي وعلي الأسرة الكريمة وتقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الأعمال 🌸🤍وبقبل عيدية عادي 🥳

zarouk042’s Profile Photo⚫AHMED..~ ⭐ ~.. ZarOuk⚫
Eid Mubarak may Allah accept your fasting and good deeds. I wish you and your family the mercy of Almighty and all best✨

What’s a hobby or interest you’ve always wanted to pursue but haven’t had the chance to yet?

Umm, as such to Nahi. Masha Allah interest and hobby mein perfumes zaroor h but I always wanted to buy creed aventus 13 batch but masha Allah I already have 5 creed aventus bottles but 16,18,21, 23 batches.
Bas 13 batch or 12 batch mil jaye it gonna be beast for me.

What makes you more vulnerable? Darkness or light? Lonely nights or shouting crowds? Yourself or strangers? Silence or noise? Past or future? Trust of skepticism? Acceptance or rejection? Change or stability?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
You can only be vulnerable to Allah and parents. Rest of the people are here for worldly transaction, it’s a give and take world. Unfortunately, we people are accustomed more towards taking than giving.

What is the biggest/worst war you have ever fought with yourself?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
Really wanting something, like REAL BAD.. not getting it despite trying very hard for it and accepting that Allah didn't want it for me.
We think we can achieve everything but when you try everything in your power, for years, to achieve it and it doesn't happen...tahts when you realise that we don't hold all the superpower. It is liberating but really tough to learn.

خِتَـاماً فِي رَمضَان، نَقُول: 🌙🕌

abuzuhairhdt’s Profile Photoمُحَمّـد حميـدات || الطَنـُّوس
Ya Allah! Make the end of all our deeds good, protect us from shame in this world and punishment in eternal world! Give us patience to endure hardships of this world with dignity. Help the suffering and oppressed. Accept our dua and good deeds

Last thing that made you smile?

Baba's are not appreciated as much as they deserve to. My dad is the cutest here sending me cute stuff and reminders on my way all the time and I will never even begin to express to him that I love him dearly and appreciate him so much. May Allah grant my parents and all parents with strength, health and happiness. 🌻
Last thing that made you smile

May you be together with your soulmate soon and Allah grant you with eternal peace Tayyba

Ameen, for your kind words.
Peace does not lie in a soulmate only. Peace is good health, secure job, stable career, happy parents, sincere siblings, loyal friends, strong portfolio for akhirah, and internal satisfaction.Allah us, bless all of us with these basics.

Name your biggest mistake so others don't make the same mistake.

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
Depending on people rather than depending on Allah. The anxiety and disappointment that comes with depending on people depleted me tbh. Then I thought that all these people are created by Allah afterall, why am I wasting my time hoping for them to love, appreciate or even 'see me' when I can expect that from their creator?
That was a mindset shift that changed my life tbh.
But it took a lot of time for me so I'd say to anyone who's reading this, people are humans.. They lack many things just like you and I, so don't hope or expect much from them. The One that created everything has everything to offer.

Why don't we want to let some people go from our lives ?

annieech0019993’s Profile PhotoQURAT UL AIN
Because Allah knows their presence is needed in our emotional and psychological growth.
Trust me I have someone in my life who loves tormenting me constantly, from labelling me names, to copying every move of mine down to the emojis I use and the books I read, and the quotes I use (of course they spell everything wrong tho 😁), they will create drama out of thin air to disturb my peace. But
The point here is: The person who is hurting you the most is the one who will help you be prepared for the next level of your life.
It's like they're the Huge monster at the end of a level in your favorite game, once you defeat them, you'll go to the next phase of your life stronger and wiser. 🥰

If life is an illusion, it's a pretty painful one 😔❤️‍

AaliyaMirza’s Profile PhotoAaliya Mirza
Life with Allah is a beautiful journey even if we sometimes experience hardships,sorrow, sadness or pain just remember our pain or hardships will never ever be greater than the holy prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) nd if HE(S.A.W)says(اللَّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ حَسْبُنَا nd الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ عَلَى كُلِّ حَال) then who r we,HE(S.A.W)should be our role model nd in the way of following HIM(S.A.W) nd HIS(S.A.W) teaching u'll realize how much better ur life has become so Enjoy it in a way that Allah Pak wants u not the way we want!!!
B'cuz Allah Almighty clearly says in the Quran:
كُتِبَ عَلَيْكُمُ الْقِتَالُ وَهُوَ كُرْهٌ لَّكُمْ ۚ وَعَسٰٓى اَنْ تَكْـرَهُوْا شَيْئًا وَّهُوَ خَيْـرٌ لَّكُمْ ۚ وَعَسٰٓى اَنْ تُحِبُّوْا شَيْئًا وَّهُوَ شَرٌّ لَّكُمْ ؕ وَاللّـٰهُ يَعْلَمُ وَاَنْتُـمْ لَا تَعْلَمُوْنَ
تم پر جہاد فرض کیا گیا ہے اور وہ تمہیں ناگوار ہے، اور ممکن ہے تم کسی چیز کو ناگوار سمجھو اور وہ تمہارے لیے بہتر ہو، اور ممکن ہے کہ تم کسی چیز کو پسند کرو اور وہ تمہارے لیے مضر ہو، اور اللہ ہی جانتا ہے اور تم نہیں جانتے۔
Full ayah with translation nd as believers we should try to learn nd to understand nd to follow what ALLAH ALMIGHTY has already instructed us with!!!

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mjy chor ky sari dunia khush hain

No, that's not true. We all have our ups and downs in our life. Life is never a bed of roses for anyone, we have our struggles and low moments. But yk what, we just bear it patiently b/c we know that Allah Almighty is watching us and He's the best disposer of affairs. I hope whatever is bothering you, it gets resolved soon. May Allah Almighty send unlimited blessings your way, Ameen. Sum-Ameen.

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