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FakeVZQuestioner’s Profile Photo✘ ask FakeVZ ✘
》In this gothic underground city, we all sin. If I bring a couple rounds with me then we all win. I came back and brought the crown with me; The king's den. Never learned to raise my hand, was too busy raising hell. Everything I know I am. You should go and save yourself. Underground utopia, dynasties and dystopia. Fear is never a option so dying's not a real phobia. I'm beating the odds. And they thought I needed help but I got here without them. I am sharper than a pack of hundred razor blades. Enemies circled around me 360. I count them 180. I've been in court with the spirit beside me since I was a baby. Just getting chaotic y'all made me a product for causing the chaos right here where they raised me.《

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ThoughtsAndMood’s Profile PhotoHeaven
》I keep sayin' that everything is all right I swear. All alone in a dark space, ain't no light in there. I'm the one in my circle they all depending on. Eyes on me at all times in a judgement zone. They judgin' my ways, but won't empathize. You couldn't walk in my shoes, I'm not tellin' lies. Since 21, I've been runnin' a whole enterprise. Provide for too many people, I can't jeopardize, but I've been breakin' in half to two separate lives. I start becoming somebody I can't recognize. And I miss days where I used to feel like me. I take another drink so I can kill the voice of reason.
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anonymous_atticus’s Profile PhotoPaxton Hall
》They want a zoo animal, but don't be too tangible. They want you to stay hot, but they don't want you too flammable. This sxhit got me out the dark, but this sxhit too broke my heart. Fall in half with me and I sacrificed the other part of me. Racing against the old me. Seems like I'm chasing ghosts, I still feel like I'm chasing after you. No matter how much time pass, time won't come back. Yeah these things happen, but yeah, these things happen too
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» Gedankenstrich ✨

JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
》Fast forward five or six years, there’s some change. We end up like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I just realized, been a couple days since I fuxked you. Something's feelin' strange, I don't feel the same when I touch you and I could feel the distance. In first place, you know babe, I've learned my lessons. Sorry for second-guessing, but I've just got that question — What if our love runs out.

Was für Typen/Charaktere sollten Dich anschreiben? & wo bist du am Besten dafür erreichbar ?

FakeVZQuestioner’s Profile Photo✘ ask FakeVZ ✘
》Sucht ihr neue:
Schreiber ?
Oder/und Acc Ideen?
Familie ?
-Direkten Anschluss zu SEHR vielen Schreibern!
-große Familie aus vielen verschiedenen Familien.
-Smalltalk & Roman!
-Alle Genre vertretbar. Playen wie ihr es wollt ohne das Euch jemand reinredet!
-Übernatürliche und Menschliche Wesen ! (Die Meisten übernatürlich)
- Jede Altersklasse vertretbar.
- Vorgegebene bis Freie Accounts.
Turner, Valenzio/DeSalvo ( und paar Klein familien) - nach euren Wünschen können wir gemeinsam mit euch entscheiden was genau ihr wollt und zu euch passt.
Melden bei:
Wire: @rubyvlnz
Wire: @massimodesalvo
Wire: @coleturner
Wire: @turnershade

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JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
》I'm the devil, I'm a lawyer, I'm a killer, I'm a motherfuxking monster, I'm a bad guy, I'm a freak. Who's searching for redemption. I wanna be your slave I wanna be your master. I wanna make your heart beat, like rollercoasters. I wanna be a good boy, I wanna be a gangster, cause you can be the beauty and I could be the monster. I wanna make you quiet. I wanna make you nervous. I wanna set you free but I'm too fuxking jealous. I wanna pull your strings like you're my telecaster and if you want to use me I could be your puppet.
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KissesxAxoxo’s Profile PhotoQuestion Time
》“I hate small talk. I wanna talk about death, alcohol, se’x, what life means and why we are here. Simply I want to write good old texts & just have some fun over the weekend《 — WIRE; turnershade
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