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After so much pain and abuse 2 my heart it's scary to allow someone back into there. I use 2 ❤️ with all my ❤️ openly and without question. Everytime I get that warm butterfly feeling in my heart or body, I shake and tremble with fear and anxiety. I want to love again, i miss the old happy loving me

I miss that too. Just seek God's love first and that will come back.

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Have you ever been in a situationship where you knew you were both more than friends but not officially lovers either?

I feel that

Does anyone else read a book but then stop reading it half way due to boredom and hardly ever go back to reading the same book again? It always happens to me😅

Yes it has happened

If a guy talks about having sex with me and spends lots of time messaging me through the day/night is he serious about being with me for life or just a good time?

It depends what you are both messaging about.


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