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Today is shag...... a lot of chores to do 😂 What's your day like?

I just came back home after my workout. Apparently, I knocked over a neighbour's metal can of prayers on the 11th floor, yet again. I'm asking my best friend to teach a few Mandarin sentences to politely talk terms with the neighbour, that I'm blind, will be frequently use the staircase and it will be easier for her to move her prayers away from the steps (she's not supposed to obstruct the path, anyways).
Aside from that, I managed to memorise the route of a shelter connected to my building and got lost after losing track of my steps, yet again, but my mother guided me back through bideo call.
I'm planning to write up a script for my job's introductory bideo soon.

What are some goals you have for yourself, this 2023? ☺️🎉🥂

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
@JoyouslyJoanna Figured I'd tag you, since this also answers a similar question you sent 😊
Last semester was quite intense for me, studying a course in political science at 100% speed while also writing my thesis. Now all of that is behind me and I'm now looking forward to a more chill semester. I'll be taking a course in CAD at 25% speed starting next week and one in graphical design at 50% speed starting in March. I also aim on working a bit on the side. I want to put more effort on keeping up a good workout schedule and get better at cooking. I've recently become a movie foreman at the student organization I'm active in. So another goal of mine is to make some real nice after movies and commercials 🎬🏊🍳
What are some goals you have for yourself this 2023

🥹 It is OK to feel lost sometimes . 🥹

Perfectly normal. Your emotions are your emotions. Take all the time to feel them and heal. My advice to you is that everything will workout in the end and if it doesn’t workout the way you want it to it’s not the end. Things will always get better. Be patient dear time tells ☺️
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Thank you, I guess. But do you understand my answers? 😅

milamson’s Profile PhotoAnna Vetrova
You are very welcome . . . .
But do I understand ? - ie comprehend . . . . interpretation !
I guess you refer to understand RUSSIAN !
Well as well as my wife, VIKI, being Russian ; my OS is google chrome which has instant entire page language identification, & translation ~ it works fairly well with Russian , and Latin based languages , but some others no at all.
It's usually comprehensible , but can be hilariously out at times . . . .
I see you're born UA & reside Israel , but type Russian ..... your heritage ?
Here's a sample ;
Do you eat canned stew?
December 13, 2022
It reminded me how in 2012 we went to the river with tents with the team with which I was engaged in MMA and the coach.
Just imagine, a couple of people, 4 tents, a fire until late at night ... and training from the very rise to sunset 😂😂
So. From food, we had different cereals and stew with us, but I practically don’t eat meat (very rarely and only what I saw how it was cooked). And then we are all hungry, we are waiting for the lunch that the coach was preparing (and before that it was just an unrealistically tough workout) and he pours me stew on top of the porridge and is like “oh, I forgot, let me pour you into another plate”, but I was so tired, hungry, that my only reaction was: “yes, it doesn’t matter, let it be” 😂
By the way, this was the first time (and the last) when I tried stew 😂
Eating canned stew
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I ordered a smartphone for $ 95 6/128 memory, what do you think is the norm?
December 13, 2022
What about the type of memory?
CPU? CPU frequency? Number of Cores? Screen ticker? Number of colors on screen? Permission? f/r cameras? Matrix type? Number of megapixels? Data transfer standard? Charging speed? Wireless charging capabilities? Internet speed? Battery capacity? Is there stereo sound?
And, most importantly, did you take a case? 😊
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So, of course, I want to caress your neck! 🥰😍😋
December 11, 2022
Do not gnaw - and thanks for that.
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What is your favorite... flavor?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
The best?
• Bean salad (beans in tomato sauce, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil).
• White grapes are sweet.
• Tangerines.
• Pastry with orange jam.
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The most common mistake .... in your life?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
Don't bet on those people.
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Why do guys like kissing girls on the neck so much when they get fra

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إزاى أزود ثقتى فى نفسى وأحب شكلى انا شكلى مش حلو يعنى عادية

فيه حاجات كتير، الميكب بيبرز التفاصيل الحلوة في شكلك، لبسك بيفرق اوي في مظهرك ونظرة الناس ليكي وهيديكي ثقة في نفسك، ممكن تلعبي على مناطق نفوذك كأنثى، زي طريقة كلامك، زي إنك تنزلي چيم وتعملي attractive body هيفرق اوي معاكي، لو مش متاح چيم ممكن workout في البيت.
دي كلها عوامل هتزود ثقتك بنفسك في حالة إنك بتحبيها فعلا. وفي الأول وفي الآخر المفروض الإنسان يستمد ثقته بنفسه من خلاله من خلال نظرته لنفسه وفهمه ليها مش من نظرة الناس ليه.

I feel so numb these days. No emotions at all. Nothing excites me anymore. What should i do?

you can change your routine. eat as healthy as you can. go for a workout or exercise, grounding exercises helps too. make an effort to leave your room and take a walk instead of staying indoors. limit your screen time, if possible. share your challenges with someone you can trust. consider reaching out to a professional if you don't feel comfortable confiding in friends or family members. i hope this helps

Carbohydrates are not your enemy. The energy balance equation cannot be ignored. You eat more calories than you use and your weight increases. Eat less than you use and your weight decreases. Have a balance of activity and energy consumption and weight is maintained.

Yes absolutely right 👍 carbs are very important and increase energy level of the body when we are very busy in our workout then we need more carbs

You are in incredible shape!! How do you take care of your body?

I drink a lot of water. I also do work out but not your typical working out, when I’m at work on shipment days ooo gurl that’s a huge workout

What have you found more helpful than you ever imagined it could be?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
Meditation. There was a brief period when I experimented with self-hypnosis but to be honest, it failed to impress me and I stopped pursuing it. With meditation, my experience has been largely positive and tremendously enlightening. I prefer to view it as a daily "workout" for the spirit.
What have you found more helpful than you ever imagined it could be

How many times per day do you shower? I used to shower everyday in the morning but after pandemic hit I'm also showering when I come home from work because I fell much clean. How about you guys?

About 4 times a week I believe, sometimes would do more, especially if it’s hot but it’ll just be a body wash mostly. I would shower everyday I just don’t want to wash my hair everyday as I don’t think it’s good to do so (for me at least).
Don't feel bad for that... there are a lot of factors, the weather or the type of clothes you use are some of them... in winter I can shower every other day while in summer I can actually do it twice per day! (Actually I took 2 showers yesterday, in the morning and in the afternoon after the gym... and then again this morning, although I did it just because a fast shower is often faster than using the sink). When I was at college I didn't shower that much, I used much more confortable clothes that didn't make me sweat that much, now I daily wear suit, shirt and tie... it's terrible. But if you don't feel dirty and you don't smell, then why showering?
I can relate. I was in the hospital at the start of the year and I just couldn't get myself to go there. It was clean and everything, but just the fact that there where always people buzzing around stopped from doing my duty. So I went as soon as I got home and boy I feared I would tear open my operation scars from the pressing. Felt like having a baby... through the butt.
Often it'll be three times in summer because I'll shower again before going out in the evening. It's so hot and humid here in summer that when you get out of the shower, you never really dry because you start sweating again straight away.
Once a day, in the morning. Twice if it's hot weather (like the 30 degrees that we had in southern Germany today). I don't like going to bed without a shower if it was warm. I also shower after a workout, obviously.
I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the US. We have a very huge Finnish population here and it's the norm to have a sauna either in your house or at your camp. I used to sauna at least twice a week while I lived at home. Definitely my favorite way to bathe.
I try not to shower too much because my skin is really dry (but my hair is super oily so that sucks). weekdays because when I come home from work, I don't like to sleep or sit in my chair when I am really "dirty". the sort of" don't wear outside clothes" on my bed sort of person.
Once a day, usually at night/evening. In the morning, just use deodorant to keep myself less sticky and smelly,since I need to rush to school sometimes, using deodorant save both water and time. Anyway I don't sweat a lot and do not emit any body odour even though SG weather all year long is humid.

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Ever diagnosed with insomnia? Share experience and how you realized it please.

Not diagnosed but I have problems sleeping since I was 17.
Back when I was in form 5, my physics teacher would give us homeworks everyday even for weekends. And everyday, you must submit the homeworks before 6:45 AM at school, kalau gagal hantar, rotan 2 kali.
The homeworks are not easy and i have to handwrite 3-4 pages of "daily homework" and 3-4 pages of exercises (it's two different things idk how to explain it). Lab reports not included. This is just for physics btw, homework subject lain lagi banyak :)
Even form 6 pun homework tidak la banyak mcm form 5 dulu 😭
So anw, I developed a habit of not sleeping. Sebab everyday paling awal, tidur 3 pagi.
Lepas habis highschool, i still can't sleep well if I don't use ASMR or I don't tire myself. For a year memang my sleeping schedule sangat tak teratur. Pernah nosebleed a few times. Kalau tidur awal pun memang akan bangun at 3 AM. Maybe my brain masih terbiasa utk buat daily homework 😂
I was like that for a year but I got better. Sekarang okay sikit bc i didn't wake up at 3 AM. But i still hv problems sleeping early.
Reading helps. Pilih buku yang boring, buku business ka lol. If that doesn't work, do a light workout.

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Give me tips to feel easy and relaxed

- Walk walk walk
- Workout
- Take 8-9hrs sleep
- Eat organic
- Breathing exercises
- Shower/bathe
- Use lavender scent
- Talk to people about your insecurities
- Drive
- Guide your brain into processing the worst case scenario and get used go the fact that even if it happens, it doesn’t mean you won’t have better opportunities

Czy ma jakieś sprawdzone sposoby na stres? Co robi gdy jest zestresowany/a? 🤍🦊

Santa_babyx’s Profile Photoselena gomez pl
Jeśli ma czas to medytuje, robi workout albo wybiera się na spacer. A poza tym, zauważyłam że gdy stresuje się to aby odwrócić uwagę od stresu np. nie patrzy w jeden punkt/rozgląda się, woli stać zamiast siedzieć jeśli ma wybór, albo obraca obrączką na palcu, ogólnie robi coś z rękoma albo z tym co ma w ręce
Czy ma jakieś sprawdzone sposoby na stres Co robi gdy jest zestresowanya

What makes you happy?

So, so many things. Like, right at this second I'm sitting in my garden waiting for someone to join a Zoom meeting. But I'm surrounded by my dogs, it's warm, all I can hear is very busy insects and a tractor. I had a really good workout this morning, I've just got off the phone to my friend - I have so many little things that make me very, very happy.

What’s the worst thing you’ve eaten out of politeness?

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Not necessarily out of politeness but when I was in Hungary for a training camp when I was still a competitive swimmer we got served a pasta dish where the pasta was basically covered in a really sour cream and cottage cheese. Very few of us liked it and I certainly wasn't one of them. But I had to power through it since I knew I needed energy for our next workout 🤢
Whats the worst thing youve eaten out of politeness

عندي مشكلة مأثرة علي تركيزي و انجازي ف الشغل و المذاكرة .. المشكلة ان حاسس دايما بخمول و كسل و الشعور بالنعاس علطول ملازمني معدل نومي طبيعي و طول اليوم عايز انام فيه حل ؟

كوب قهوة بلاك الصبح و كمان لازم يكون في وقت محدد لل workout كل ده هيديك جرعه نشاط، الجسم بيزيد نشاطه مع الحركه . . .
طبعا لو مفيش أي سجل سابق مع خمول الكبد إلي هو لخبطة ف الإنزيمات

Workout oder Laufen? Tipps für Sportmuffel?😬

Einfach den Arsch Hock kriegen und gehen am besten irgendwie ins Fitnessstudio, ich finde Zu Hause oder so ist die Ablenkung zu groß im Fitness kommt die Motivation dann ganz von allein 🤙

🌸 good morning & happy saturday! i hope everyone has a productive, yet relaxing, weekend. use this space to tell everyone what you've accomplish lately.

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
Good morning ☀️ & happy Sunday ✨ i hope YOU are doing well hun. ❤️
I had a blast last night at a speedway event! It was so thrilling. I have accomplished another workout program & I am starting a new one! I also made a crazy vision board of what I hope to see in my future. ❤️
good morning  happy saturday i hope everyone has a productive yet relaxing

Cara nurunin berat badan paling ampuh plis😫 dan kalopun harus olahraga caranya biar semangat gimana ya bestie jawab serius ya 🧡

Cari temen si biar semangat, gua olahraga cuman jogging selingannya workout dirumah itu pun kalau inget sama pull up

انا متضايقه جدا محتاجه مساعده دلوقتي اي حد يشوفني يتريق على وزني والموضوع ده بيتعبني كنت حابه جسمي جدا دلوقتي كرهاه اعمل أيه

طنشي كلام الناس لو كنتي مليانه أو رفيعه بيتريقو بردو ف الافضل انك تحبي نفسك زي م انتي ♥️
اهم حاجه يبقى عندك عزيمه لو حابه تنزلي وزنك في تمارين Chloe ting workout رهيبه لو استمريتي عليها مع تظبيط الاكل هتشوفي نتيجه سريعه 👍🏻

What's the most thing you like about where you live?

AsMaaGaDo97’s Profile PhotoAsmaa
Toys corner
From left to right:
* Hal Mug: for using sea water in fracturing operation 1st time in KSA
* Oil sample (Arab light)
* Barca Mug
* Blade isolate: btw this one of the lightest form of it is source. Never makes you feel full.
* My guilty pleasure: Nicotene pouch I enjoy every now and then.
* AC Milan mug: received from my brother aftet they just won the Italian league.
* Another source of whey that I haven't tried yet.
* Water flavouring: I always got it for free for buying my supplments. Obviously it is accumalting!
* Vita D and pre workout
* Dark choclate 70%
* last but not least pull ups device for lazy morning days
Whats the most thing you like about where you live

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Either I would be sleeping for hours or I would be up watching Netflix, Korean dramas, or anime. Alternatively, if I'm feeling more productive, I might try to workout or cook, but only if my body is up to it, lol.

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Because I am semi-retired I am fortunate to have a great summer schedule that affords me ample time off from work. During my days off I do the following:
- practice music and play gigs
- write poems and essays
- play golf
- attend baseball games
- do yard work and house projects
- attend concerts
- workout everyday
- read
- spend time with family

Were you good in sports when you were in school? Like track and field? pole vault, where you gotta run and drive that thingy into the ground

I do not consider myself a very good athlete but I did play basketball in middle school. In high school I ran track and played football for 2 seasons. After graduating from high school, I played tennis for about 5 years, ran 5k races over a 20 year period and lifted weights. For the past 10 years I play golf every week, walk 4 miles every other day, lift weights, stretch and do pushups and sit ups. Although I do not consider myself a gifted athlete, I have worked out most of my life and continue to workout.

What makes u refreshing in the evening 1)Meet or call special person 2)Eat something 3)Exercise

Rag_Chi112’s Profile PhotoByram Raghu
In evening, I probably talk to my family or friends which refreshes my mood. Eating something special also brightens me up. 😇
If I don't do proper exercise in 1-2 weeks, then it makes me slightly upset, so I give time to my fitness workout in the evening and it makes me happy :D
What makes u refreshing in the evening
1Meet or call special person

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