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How does your behaviour change when you fall in love?

Realistically it shouldn't because you should be 100% yourself around your partner. If you're changing your normal behaviors you're putting up a fasad and that's not cool. You an independent woman that don't need no man? Be that woman. Show him you don't need him but want him around anyway. You an asshole? Be that asshole and hope to God they stick around anyway. Never change who you are or how you act for someone else. 💯

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😂 if the temperature outside is 10'c and your heating system ain't working. what's gonna happen if you turn on your air conditioning system and set the temperature at 17'c? is it going to be warmer or cooler? 😂😂🤣

Well realistically 10°c =50°f that's really not bad. Like that's a decent day. Slightly nippy maybe so just throw on a jacket. That's like... nice... idk why anyone would wanna heat their house.. But ok.
Realistically the air conditioner being a few degrees above the temperature will make it feel slightly warmer in that room. Tempararily. But the reality is air conditioners consistently blow cold air regardless of the temperature set. Which means, that room might actually feel colder than the rest due to the rate in which that air is blowing.

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Does a man have the right to be very mean to a woman if she makes an unwanted sexual advance ?

Uh yeah. If she's getting handsy or tries something that you don't want and didn't give consent to; as far as I'm concerned you have every right to punch her in the face.
And to any woman out there reading this like omg that's obsurd. You want equal rights? That's part of it hunny.

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I accept! Youve made me smile many times since we talked. No lie 😀😊

Daww well I'm glad I have ^-^ and good because even if you didn't if send you some anyway. *says semi jokingly and sarcastically with sass* if you want feel free to add me on sc. I'll send you a "question" w/ my user. I'm most likely gonna head to bed soon here through, but feel free to add me 😊🙈

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+6 answers in: “I just tired/sick of FAKE ppl, where the real ones at? Free the guys/females.”

Did you ever think of suicide?

You know, I used to once upon a time. But I have realised it's not worth it. There's nothing worth the heartache it brings your loved ones, depriving yourself of the person you could become, the people you could meet, the goals you could achieve, the strife it will cause to many. It's not an answer or a way out. Its a means to an end that causes more hurt and heartache than there ever was before. If you yourself are thinking about this, I hope you take a step back and think about that. And think about it good. There's always gonna be someone who loves you, someone who will miss you. Your misery won't stop, it just transfers to others. ❤

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