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Do you believe in love

Believing in love is essential because it nurtures hope, fosters connection, and brings joy. It opens doors to meaningful relationships, personal growth, and emotional fulfillment. Love inspires compassion, resilience, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges. It fuels optimism, reminding us that love’s transformative power can heal and bring beauty to our lives.

Love marriage or arranged marriage?

meemoosj’s Profile PhotoSoulful
From my point of view, love marriage is much better than arrange marriage. Marriage is more important for women than for men Sometimes a girl is forced to marry a person chosen by her parents A girl should have the freedom to choose her life partner with whom she spends her leisure life In a love marriage a person can choose his life partner. They can get to know each other's personal life, secrets, personality, and character which can never happen in a arrange marriage. Love marriage can able remove the dowry system. Love marriage is the best weapon to destroy caste

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Happy independence day 🇵🇰

A country where you cannot raise your voice on social issues.A country where a person who made 3 cancer hospitals 2 biggest universities is in jail nd country looters are in power.A country where you cannot support your political part because of the fear of not being jailed. Where you don't feel going out alone in streets on even in malls. Where street crimes are on its peak. I don't consider myself independent.

Stay here/ Move abroad ? What will you do

Adeeena__’s Profile PhotoYennefer
Pakistan is the most beautiful country in the world but our politicians has destroyed the peace of this country due to numerous personal reasons or personal interests maybe and now we have started to look like a very low-key country which has no self respect of its own. It is slowly becoming almost impossible to live in here Nobody feels good leaving their homeland but when you left with no reason to live you become hopeless.

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