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I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

ALLAH is merciful so don't lose hope. For every trial there is a huge reward and ease comes after every difficulty that is what ALLAH has promised so stay steadfast in your faith. May ALLAH make it easy for you Ameen.

To those who receive this, I just want you to know you're one of my favourites on here, I appreciate and adore you as a human being, as a friend and even as my Ask.fm family 😇 Continue being amazing and awesome please 👍 😸

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
👀😊✨ It's such a beautiful message. Thank you for such generous words❤️ 🤩
You're one of my good friend here. :D ✨
Hope it will remain the same as always. 💫 👀
(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
To those who receive this I just want you to know youre one of my favourites on

How did you cope with sadness of someone who is not with you anymore?

asim1456’s Profile PhotoAsim
It's very difficult, just understand that every loss is temporary. What's permanent is the after life, so whether you've lost someone forever , or you met someone at the wrong time, its important to know that you will be rewarded for each test in the Hereafter. Perhaps the person you miss will be your companion in heaven.
Hope this helps :)

Hey, question for girls. I’m kind of gamer guy, playing on pc brings me a joy (i’m not playing too much) today my pc die, i was trying to fix it etc. but my gf said she is glad my pc broke (is this normal?) just so you know, im playing only when shes reading books. Why such a reaction?🥲

Hey! Is she reading books cause you are playing games and she is bored? If you don't spend much time together and when you do you are playing games and she then opens her book, I could understand why she may feel frustrated as she probably wants to spend more time with you. If that is not the case then her reaction seems harsh. If she has her hobby then why can't you enjoy yours too? Hope you managed to get the pc fixed!

If you were to make a big art piece, what would you make, what style would it be in etc?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Does writing count? If so then I would write a novel! I have had the idea for one bopping around my noggin for the better part of the last decade. I have almost everything planned out, the characters, the setting, the plotline... It's just that I've yet to actually write the darned thing!
I don't know if it's the scope of the project or the fact that I'm a lot more comfortable writing poetry than prose that has kept me from putting the words to paper, but I hope to one day find the motivation (or perhaps, the courage) to share my story with the world.

I feel hurt, distracted, and confused. I'm going to get married in a few months. I love my single life but I chose to yes to a particular person for marriage. I know I have to get married but I'm traumatized by marriage. I always think of bad scenarios. I'm tired. It feels like I'm in a loop.

Its not your fault you feel this way. People always bring up their daughters this way, telling them that the reason they are here is just to get married. But well if you've considered a certain person for it, talk to them about all your confusions or emotions and discuss solutions and discuss about future that how would you wanna work things up. Conversation is the best rn for your issues. I hope you feel better soon. 🌸

Why do guys take advantage of good girls?

Sounds harsh but said "good women" are often too nice and too patient for their own good. Guys pick up on that and sense weakness and then exploit for their own ends, walking all over said woman in question. There’s also plenty of women who’ll take advantage of guys that are too nice as well.
The common denominator is being too nice without having any boundaries. If you have a hard time, start developing some boundaries. Learn how to say no. It’s not mean or selfish to put yourself first in certain situations. It’s survival and it shows that you take yourself seriously enough to be worthy of basic respect and not being walked all over.
Hope this helps!

What do you hope never changes ?

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoSamia
I never tried to be someone else for the sake of fitting in. I mean, yeah, I have changed a lot with time, change is a part of life. But the only thing that I believe is constant in me, and something that I feel proud of, is that I can't and won't mirror the actions of people so that they'd accept me. It doesn't feel good to be excluded by people just because they don't have tolerance for a different mindset, but what's the point of being with people who just want you to agree with whatever they say and who do not respect your stance?

Do you say how you feel and fuck it up or say nothing and let it fuck you instead?

This reminded me of myself. I was constantly breaking down and crying every other week throughout an entire year, upset over my partner's seemingly lack of effort in our relationship. But after thinking through things, slightly guided by my counsellor, I sat in front of my laptop and started typing out what has been happening, how it was perceived on my end and made me feel, what were my expectations (specifically detailing what I wanted as reference point) and left the stage for him to speak out his thoughts. And sure, it was nerve-wrecking to present my reflection to him because I've never really liked confrontation. We didn't fight, he expressed his takes on it and we reached a compromise. And since then, he started to be more attentive towards me - initiating conversations, providing uninterrupted quality time (even just for a few minutes) and sharing about his day. Yes, some of my expectations were still not met but that's what compromise is all about, give-and-take and understanding.
Main point is that only you have control over your life, only you know your thoughts and emotions and it's your responsibility to communicate those to others. Without honest communication, there will be minimal changes in whichever dissatisfying situation you are stuck in. But be mindful, share how things are based on your perspective and refrain from playing the blame game. And work together to find the best mutually beneficial resolution/arrangement, weighing benefits against costs.
I hope it helps. All the best!

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Gdyby kreatorzy książąt zostali przy serialowych wizerunkach to jakie damskie wizerunki widziałabyś w ich haremie?

☪ Mehmed ⸺ Jodie Comer, Blanca Suarez, Beren Saat, Charlotte Hope
☪ Mustafa ⸺ Sarah Bolger, Natalie Dormer, Ksenia Miszyna, Katerina Kowalczuk, Amaia Salamanca.
☪ Bayezid ⸺ Merve Bolugur, Hande Dogandemir, Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, Dagmara Bryzek.
Gdyby kreatorzy książąt zostali przy serialowych wizerunkach to jakie damskie

اهلي جايبلي عروسه وهقابلها بكرا عاوز طريقه اخليها ترفضني بيها من غير هزار ...

طب ما هي ممكن ترفضك بجد انت جايب الثقه دي كلها منين؟
+ You would actually be so shocked that you're gonna get mad and curious about her you might even try proposing again and this time you would hope she says yes

So what made you want to get into photography?

There's a lot of beautiful things. I wanted to learn how to share it.
At the beginning, I took photos as best as I could. Then I took a photography course and now I hope I'm good at photography.
I took this photo recently and I really like it.
What do you think? Do I have a chance to be a good photographer?
So what made you want to get into photography

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Thanks for asking. Nothing new or exciting to be honest. We are just waiting for the little one to arrive and preparing everything that needs to be done before that.
Life somehow become hard and different since the Pandemic. Sometimes I just feel that the virus drained us of any joy or happiness. ☺️
Hope you are okay☺️

Tunay konsi unhain aqwaal zareen parh k sunain hain or mujhe q personal main ye baijh dia. Debate kar mard ban meri behan mard ban warna choriyan pahan kar gungru ki saath naach !!!✌️✌️✌️😂😂😂

AyishaYousafK’s Profile Photo✨ ԹՎɿՏɧԹ ✨ [Good Bye Ask]
Logon ko expose karny sey acha hai, unhey samjhayen pyaar se. Warna dosry ki ego hurt karo gie tou usney agey sey pathar he marnay hein phool nie barsany. Expose moqa dhoond key kiya jata hai, moqa bana kar nie. I hope so you get it. Mera kaam samjhana tha and please don't get egoistic after reading this. Koi advice karay tou ego pey nie lena chaiye ager ikhtelaaf be hai tou discuss karlo.

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Thank you for being kind to ask. I'm doing alright, I actually just woke up. I'm pretty sure I'm going out for Chinese food later on today. Tbh I never get up early but I decided to. Coffee, a sore body, and on discord talking to friends. (Sore from the yoga I did last night lmaoo)
But overall, I'm doing good. I hope the same for you!!!

Hi friends 🌷, i hope you are doing well 😊. There is a question which is asked by Switzerland University Interviewer for Medical application " If we are so smart ( human beings ), then why can't we find the solution of every problem? " Can anyone share what the best answer should be? Thanks 🌺

Nikitajoi’s Profile PhotoNikitajoi
Because some answers are meant to be hidden as they reveal inappropriate things to be known to people on wide scale due to reactions and One may find to turn any of it as their advantage and on other hand evolution is still slow on human hand

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've been alright thank you I hope you have been too :) nothing new to share really, haven't been doing anything new just saving for my tattoo, babysitting and reading pretty much. What about you? I hope you've been well ^_^

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
nothing special) It got warmer outside and apple trees bloomed, and I got a cold. I hope I'll feel a little better by Wednesday, now I just feel like a cоrpse.
How are you?)
I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The past weeks weren't that easy for me, but it was in a good way, though? I had to increase my dose of the antidepressant I have to take and that caused a LOT of side effects to (re)appear while it was honestly already too late for that step and I had a lot of problems with my health at the same time. Everything together did some bad things to my immune system and my general state, but I've endured it, knowing it'll get better only this way. And it did, constantly, slowly. The past days were the first with a returning "normality" and it was worth every single day of pain and emptiness.
With me being unable to do really useful things in general, I tried my best to hold onto a few social contacts and spent my days enjoying some new opportunities. I took some small walks with my cat who enjoyed them apparently a lot, so I plan on keeping this as a habit if possible once or twice a week. I also tried my best to improve my eating habits and I think I did an okay job on it.
With nothing much that I was able to do, I wrote some of my daydreams down into stories and seriously consider to publish one or two of them. May they bring fun to others too. I also read a lot and I genuinely enjoyed that like I didn't do for years before. I've learned to appreciate sad stories and horror again, tried my best to face my inner demons and suppressed feelings, also with the help of those. Spent a lot of time on reflecting on my nightmares and made some huge improvements. Generally, I think I'm more stable now and able to face the next problems soon, like for example that I'm unable to cry for my own miseries.
One thing that keeps my mind wrapped around it were the elections on the Philippines last weeks. A good friend of mine lives there and we both had put a lot of hope in it. Now everything became so uncertain and while she slowly regains her fighting spirits, I on my side want to do everything I can to guarantee her a safe place to go to in case things turn even worse (the elected president is the son of the former dictator, so a lot of scenarios are possible). While I wish the best for the Filo people, I wish even more for my friend to be safe and it's really stressing me how we're so privileged in Europe while can't really do anything at all. But we have each other and I'm willing to put my strength into that.

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I really wish you good luck on Monday :) Are you watching Squid Game? Whatever you watch, I hope you will like it:) Right now, I'm watching Breathe - Into The Shadows. Tomorrow I will take a break and watch some football. Enjoy your weekend now <3

Mrjensa’s Profile PhotoThe Untouchable One❤️
Hi, Jons ) Thank you for your kind wishes. I also hope that they will tell me something encouraging there, because in the future I want to make a vision correction. To be honest, I'm a little worried.
As for the films you're talking about, no, I haven't watched them yet. I understand that the "Squid Game" is a very popular drama and many people are hearing it. But for some reason I can't bring myself to look, what is it that everyone admires about her?
Football is not really my sport, and I like to watch it only at the stadium. But to be honest, I haven't seen a single match for a very long time. I gravitate more towards rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming and figure skating. Have a good mood, Jons, and have a good day!
I really wish you good luck on Monday  Are you watching Squid Game Whatever you

Kya pyar krna gunnah he

For the nth time im saying this.
Gunah aur sawab ka taa'yun insan k amaal karte hain, jab k mohobbat insan k dil main ubharne wala aik adad jazba he.
Ab mohobbat main parhne k baad, us jazbe k tehet ap jo bhi amaal sar'anjaam dain ge wo ap k liye gunaah ya sawab ka taa'yun karain ge.
Ab yahan dekhne ki baat ye he k hum gunnah kis amal ko consider karte hain.... ?
Islamic POV se alag cheezain gunah k criteria main ati hain,
Cultural and societal POV se alag cheezain prohibited hain,
Psychological deviations alag hain relationships ki.
From the above mentioned things, you have to decide as a human what your priorities are and us hisaab se ap pyar ho jane k baad ki manzilain طے karte hain..
Another very important thing here is that har insan ki apni demands, do's and dont's hote hain relationships main which might make sense to them but not to you and vice versa. So just make sure to have someone jis se ap ka value system match krta ho wrna there will be a lot of conflicts, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.
Also, just because your value system is completely different from someone else regarding something, you CANNOT judge them or label them.
Kyun k ap ko duniya main ese bohot se log milen ge jin ki zaroriat ap se bohot mukhtalif hon gi from their relationships and partners, So just learn to tolerate differences. respect their priorities and don't let them disrespect yours. Don't confuse RESPECT with CONFORMITY. Love the way you want to and let them love the way they want to. We all have diff love languages and it's okay to have them..
I hope ap ko ap ka jawab mil gaya, nahi mila tou maaz'rat.....🥺

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Jakieś ciekawostki o rodzicach Remusa?

• Mieli na imię Hope i Lyall. Hope z domu nazywała się Howell.
• Lyall był czarodziejem, a Hope mugolką.
• Rodzice Remusa poznali się... w lesie. Hope któregoś dnia stwierdziła, że wybierze się tam na spacer i w pewnym momencie spotkała potężnego mężczyznę, który zachowywał się jak kompletnie obłąkany. Okazało się, że to bogin, który, jak to boginy mają w zwyczaju, przybrał postać największego lęku Hope. Narobiła krzyku, który usłyszał Lyall, będący akurat nieopodal. Pędem pobiegł jej pomóc i jednym prostym zaklęciem, które wszyscy dobrze znamy, zamienił tego wariata-bogina w kilka grzybów. Później ją uspokoił i odprowadził do domu, przy okazji zostając dla niej totalnym bohaterem. Co prawda potem jej powiedział, że bogin i tak nie zrobiłby jej krzywdy, ale ona tak czy siak uważała go za swojego wybawcę. To bardzo ich zbliżyło i już na amen zostali razem.
• Ich tort weselny przedstawiał bogina.
• Remus został ugryziony przez chęć zemsty Fenrira na Lyallu.
• Hope zmarła pierwsza.

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Jakieś ciekawostki o rodzicach Remusa

What do you hope never changes ?

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoSamia
Some people might find this strange but I low-key wish the “Asian culture” we have, hope it never changes. And by that I mean all the good aspects of it, all over Asia. The way we respect our elders, the hospitality and little things like taking off your shoes when you enter your house, eating together as a family on the floor, giving money as gifts, having colourful weddings, respecting women, food and our traditions, favouring healthy diet, modesty and simplicity etc etc. All the things that Asians have in common gives me joy. Things are gradually changing and most people are happy to adapt to new ways of living. But I just love the simplicity and diversity of Asian people and their culture. It makes us unique and I hope it stays like this. Good things should always be cherished.
(the bad aspects need to be removed and replaced likewise)

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crime thriller kdrama enthusiastttt 😍 henloo. which recent ones have you been watchinggg

I can’t seem to vibe with ongoing dramas 😒
But currently watching “Military Prosecutor Doberman” , “Again My Life” and “Through the Darkness”
So far only enjoying TTD because I am a huge fan of Kim Nam Gil 😂
will try “Rose Mansion” I think its first episode aired
hope upcoming June-July dramas will satisfy my crime-thriller urge 😐

Thank you so much for the likes! Hope we can be friends! ❣️ I follow you here anyways. Take care yourself! 🙏🏻✨

m12141995’s Profile Photo(安瑪麗)
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Thank you too and you're welcome! ;)
Followed you back 🌷✨

What does being in love really feel like?

It's a feeling that fills you with a warmth and vigor like nothing else. It makes you feel a happiness and lust for everything like you never have before. That person is now a shining beacon of everything that's wonderful. The effect that they have on you is warm comfort in which you feel that you can weather any storm. It shows you a side of yourself that can do anything, be anything, and have anything. It's an energy that fills you with a red hot ball of life as you've never known it. Love is a sunshine that never darkens, even in your lowest moments. It's that warmth of life that burns hot through any cold. It makes everything taste better, every song sound sweeter, and every moment filled with the hope of a new day. It picks you up before you can drop low. It's the muse of life that makes you able to do things that you never thought possible. It's a feeling of belonging and a lovely place to be at the end of any day. It's a fire from within that makes you able to be what you never knew was possible.
But that's what makes it so dangerous. Love is the single most destructive force that you'll ever invite. In order to feel this way we have to allow it to becomes a part of us. We have to remove our armor. We have to tear down the walls that we spend years strengthening. We have to give that person the ability to meet us at our very center of being. We need to do this because being in love involves having a piece of them enter your very core so that they become part of you. But, being in love or loved doesn't makes someone good for you. When something goes wrong that pain now resides deep withing your very essence. Every other pain can be deflected by our armor but staved off by our walls. But not the pain of love. It's a hurt that originates from the deepest, most vulnerable center of your being. Because that's where it now lives. So when they hurt you it's destroys you from within. It harms the regions in your heart that have never felt pain before. It burns with a confusing pain of emotion in a combination that you never knew existed. And when that person finally leaves they take with them a piece of your very happiness. Because that's what they became to you. A part of what makes you, you. They rip it from your chest and leave you bloody and wounded. Love means giving someone the power to hurt you and hoping that they never do. Love fills you with an intensity for life that you never knew was possible. And when it's gone it's burns with the exact same fire. And when it's all over, we never open up that much again. We never trust as easily again. The burn creates a wound that deadens our senses. We callous over. With every new time we feel the pain of love we lose more of the ability to feel it.

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Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it? Elaborate, please.

erosdea’s Profile Photoerosdea
Diana, these questions have perplexed the most exceptional minds and while I could only hope to acquire a percentage of their wisdom, I have come to the conclusion that the true meaning of life is to unleash one's fullest potential and to be the most formidable force which one is capable of being. To depart from this world with the knowledge that I've failed to achieve everything which I am capable of achieving would be disheartening, regrettable and perhaps, the vilest of insults.
Is there a meaning to life If so what is it
Elaborate please

Look at China's population decline because of 1 child standards. They are facing huge generation gaps because of it. This is happening everywhere. I will never make the choice for you or what's right for your body but if we're faced with extinction, what should we do? Would you let life end?

Population decline is a problem in some parts of the world but not in others. Overall, it is actually increasing and there is very little to suggest that current trends will reverse in the foreseeable future. Our species may face extinction but not as most people might imagine. With each passing day, we are marching steadily toward obsolescence and unless we colonize other worlds, humanity may cease to exist. It is my hope that future generations (and their pioneers) will rise above the deficiencies of previous ones and embrace a vision which is more alluring than anything we have seen.
Look at Chinas population decline because of 1 child standards They are facing

Is the idea of an afterlife comforting or scary to you? Why?

Mostly comforting. It gives me hope that there’s something beyond this life, whether that be reincarnation, or travelling across different realms of space and time, etc. Our energy has to go somewhere, as it can’t be destroyed, so I guess anything is possible :)

Pata hy mohabbat or ishq kiya hy?

I know my attitude won't let u believe it but there hasn't been a single day I haven't think about you since the day you met me.
I would never forget your eyes. I would never forget your walk. Arguments and fights with you were the most beautiful times i ever had. No one will ever look at me the way u did (even for just those Mili seconds).

I wish I could say this to your face at least once that u introduced me to this new feeling. I was too cool to confess it to you when you actually wanted it as well.
I wish things were different. BUT THEY ARE NOT. YOU DON'T WANT IT TO BE, ANYMORE. I don't know what to deal with this feeling anymore. I have no idea.
Thank you for some amazing butterflies you have given me over the years. No one has excited me the way your eyes and voice did.
I'll never forget you. I have always loved youz but you'll have a hard time believing it cuz i have always tried to make jokes and laugh.
I will learn to live without you cuz i never had any other option. I hope karma hits us and i find someone who loves me the way i loved you. I deserve that too.

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Pata hy mohabbat or ishq kiya hy

Post something worth reading ?

hyrrah’s Profile Photohyra
Sometimes she wonders
when the barren tree buds
When the wait is over and winter is gone
When the cold wind leave and the light edges in
When the full spendour of the tree flourishes and it bows weigh down with the bounty of its life
Sometimes she wonders
When its all taken for granted and no longer sought
Whether it was better to have been empty
Of these leaves of hope.

How strict is this app with questions? I had a fairly innocent question deleted and threatened with a ban.

Most of the time when askfm threatens to suspend your account it is because another askfm user filed a complaint using the askfm reporting feature. Users complain for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they complain just to be malicious. Other times they complain because they were "offended." I would also add that most of my account suspensions occurred because of anonymous users who I categorize as "troublemakers." These are typically people who suffer from emotional problems or some form of mental illness and they are attention seekers. And if you ignore them for any reason, they experience a psychological meltdown which turns into anger, hate and revenge which usually results in a complaint being reported.
I hope this helps you.

Something you always wanted to say out loud? 🤍✨

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
Dear Penguin,
There's something I want to tell you, now, when we are far away from each other not even existing in each other's lives but only as a fragile memory that will keep on whetting over time and transmuting our hearts into fragments forever, perhaps. I don't think about you, I don't even want to marry you even if you come back, but I'm listening to a song these days and I see your face before me, I can only say, whatever that was between us is still there, it's not over yet. I also think I'm cursed for what I have done to you because the misery kicks in so hard out of the blue so often. I hope God take away all your memories in which I dwell.
Chal parayn
us raah pe
jispay hum na ho sath
bus ek yaad
kia sahi ya ghalat hain
ye faaslay
soch mei aaye ab kyun
ye faaslay

I am so beyond hurt, it’s one thing to be rejected, we all go thru that. But when someone pretends they want you, they love you, over n over, it’s very hard to keep feeling the reality of the rejection. Which I experienced tonight.

"Beyond Hurt" by Alex
I went through a similar experience when I was 18 and it nearly broke me. The woman I loved, who also claimed to love me, was in love with another man. In a feeble attempt to soften the blow, she would claim that she loved both of us equally. Her behavior truly broke my heart because I had no idea that anyone could be so cruel, insensitive and indifferent.
In time, I learned that everything happens for a reason and even though we might not initially comprehend why events occur in a particular sequence, most experiences teach us important lessons that ultimately make us stronger and more resilient and better able to deal with the joys, pain, suffering, tragedy and loss that we will inevitably experience throughout our life. It is important to always nurture our faith and to never lose hope, because as the sun sets and darkness falls upon us, those who have faith know that tomorrow, the sun will rise, the ocean tide will rise and fall, the birds will sing and our earth and universe will continue to spin.
And remember, nobody ever said that life was easy, simple or pain free. In fact, one could summarize life in three words: birth...life....death. How we choose to live our life and spend our time is a choice that we all must make.
Good Luck.

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let's say I'm your used to be close friend, any genuine word for me?

I hope you are happier with your life now. I not angry that we did ended our friendship but just u know, i still wish that we can remains as best friend until where our children will become bestfriend like we used to. Bestfriend over generations, that's must be nice. Thankyou for your time, your efforts, your smiles, and thankyou for was there in my thick and thin, and thankyou for made me the happiest hooman in old days. None of the days was bad for me, bcs u did made me happy and when i need someone to share on, u was there. I glad u there. I glad u was there. U comfort me when no others could. But now, we both already have our own bestfriend, but i don't think we should compare it with us, don't u think so? Anw, if u reading this, I would love to rejoice our good old days, and yes, to meet u again.
Till then, take care.

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Hi friends 🌷, i hope you are doing well 😊. There is a question which is asked by Switzerland University Interviewer for Medical application " If we are so smart ( human beings ), then why can't we find the solution of every problem? " Can anyone share what the best answer should be? Thanks 🌺

Nikitajoi’s Profile PhotoNikitajoi
A smart person never runs out of questions:)
Honestly tho, a smart person doesn't ask or answer questions. They just live, with peace. Something I wish I could do 😓 (Do not answer with this lol)

Why are some religious people so hypocritical? How is it 'immoral' and a 'sin' to be gay, for example, but judging, gossiping, harassing isn't?

> Why are some religious people so hypocritical?
Since I am irreligious, you'll have to seek religious people and inquire. I wouldn't be surprised if you receive diverse responses. You might find that some religious people can be rather permissive while others are much more stringent.
> How is it 'immoral' and a 'sin' to be gay, for example, but judging, gossiping, harassing isn't?
If I had to guess, it may have something to do with scripture. Certain unorthodox practices / behaviors are interpreted as forbidden, sinful and / or immoral in the eyes of their deity. What some would regard as judging, gossiping or harassing may not necessarily be viewed as such through a religious lens. It is a matter of *perspective* and this is why I would urge you to discuss your concerns with those who embrace religious doctrines / ideologies. I hope the answers to your questions will reveal themselves and I'll leave you with this:

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Why are some religious people so hypocritical How is it immoral and a sin to be

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