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Would you rather be alone and lonely or with someone that you were no longer in love with?

CrypticRaven’s Profile PhotoCrypticRaven
Alone, there's no point in carrying someone with you when you don't or no longer have feelings there for them. 🌸

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Good morning! I just woke up and had a great dream. Life's so beautiful when you're having nice dreams xx

I'm glad you had nice dreams 😊🌸

What was the last thing to make you smile

I have to laugh, so I'm very into the whole spirituality aspects of life and I've learned a few things I most likely shouldn't know!!
So I have just found out that there's a lovely love spell put on me (which makes a whole lot of sense to me now) but I'm totally amused because the person it's connected to would love to lock me in an isolated dark room far far away from them! 🤣🤣🤣 Poor guy when he realises/ finds out I've been put in his life for multiple reasons he'll hate life!! ✌️✨

Do you want kids? Or would you like more kids?

That's situational dependant, there's A LOT I'd need to discuss and actually think about in regards to building a family. 🌸

Have you ever experienced difficulty sleeping due to anxiety, where you found yourself waking up frequently throughout the night?

Been having difficulties with sleep patterns for years never mind including anxiety into it! 😟🌸

Are you able to control your emotions?

Haha very rarely and that's me being 100% honest 😅🌸

Should I be wearing glasses full time with a low glasses power prescription?

You'd be better off discussing that with an optician or eye doctor. 🌸

Are you afraid of dead people

Makasimu’s Profile PhotoСум
I suppose it's a similar situation to a snail... once the body is removed from the shell, it's just simply a shell left- once the soul/energy leaves the body it also becomes a shell. You can see the difference though from before and after (I know this from personal experience working as a carer). Watching someone through the stages of their passing is strange, you notice every little physical change especially the appearance of body features right up to the end.
It all depends on the circumstances of the passing whether it was natural causes or incidental. 🌸
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Do you get revenge on ex?

I let karma work its magic, I simply can't be bothered putting any more energy or effort into something like THAT. 🤢 My last ex I want NOTHING to do with, I'd rather erase all memory etc! 👌

Last film you saw at the cinema?

I haven't been to the cinema since before Covid, I remember going to see the Coldplay film but other than that I can't remember seeing anything after that. ☺️🌸

are wireless headphones better than wired?

I still use wired. However, wireless are handier to have. ☺️🌸

You should do a photo shoot, you're stunning!!

Haha I don't think so, the pictures would be something else 🤪🤣🤣


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