Ask @neonnero:

Kaffee oder Tee?

It depends on my mood. If I'm trying to wake up or stay awake, I usually go for coffee. If I'm trying to relax, I sometimes go for tea. If I'm visiting someone, I sometimes pick tea only if I'm not the only one getting tea - otherwise, I'd take coffee.
And as for how I take it: I prefer my coffee with milk (around 20% of the cup) and/or chocolate added (mocha), and I prefer my tea as-is (no sugar or milk), but I do add honey to my tea if I'm having a sore throat.

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Auf was achtest du beim anderen Geschlecht?

Based on those I've previously had and currently have a crush on, I don't seem to have a specific type. Hair color, ethnicity, etc don't seem to matter to me. As long as she has an attractive face (to me), is all-natural (as in, no unnecessary plastic surgery), she's in her 20's or 30's, and we have similar interests, I'm down for giving it a try. Also, that she's interested in me, of course.

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