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Pantoffeln, Socken oder Barfuß in der Wohnung und darf man eigentlich die Wohnung mit Strassenschuhen betretten?

I prefer either socks or going barefoot, depending on the situation. If I'm alone, and I have no plans for the day whatsoever, I'll go barefoot. Otherwise, I'll use socks. I leave the street shoes just inside the front door, though. I only keep my shoes on when visiting if the host specifically tells me I can leave my shoes on (which might indicate the level of dirt on the floors), even though that makes me a bit uncomfortable.

Antwortest du auf blöde Nachrichten? ?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. It depends on the question, and my mood at the time.

iPhone oder Android?

Android for me. It has more customization options. iPhone is fine, but it isn't for me, and what I want to use it for.

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Wie soll man sich im fall einer Atombombenexplosion verhalten?

If you know the blast is coming, try to find shelter deep underground before the bomb hits. Other than that, just find a sturdy/strong structure to take cover behind/under, and you might get lucky. Be fully aware that life will never be the same again after it hits.

Wie macht man mit einem Mädchen schluss?

I don't have any experience with that myself, so I can only say what I think would be the logical way. As a general rule, be honest and gentle about it. First, make an effort to know that you truly want to end your relationship (find out what's missing). Trying to get married and/or have a child just to "fix" your relationship is a bad idea. Don't make excuses, and don't be an asshole. If love has ended, just say so, and be sad/disappointed about it (since you, hopefully, would still care about her as a friend). Expect her to react in one of two ways: either she'll agree with you (she might feel the same way), or she'll be angry/disappointed. If the last one happens, just go with it (don't escape from the fight/discussion, but be part of it) - it could end up one of two ways: you might find out that you still love her (and don't want to leave after all), or you'll agree that you, as a couple, are not for eachother. If it ends, it ends. Don't expect to be friends or friendly with your ex in the near future (one year, or several years). Do expect that, if you have mutual friends, they may "choose a side", and/or that you might encounter each other because of your mutual friends. If so, NEVER force your friends to choose who to side with (and don't try to bring up that subject when you're around them).
Last, but not least, NEVER cheat on her as a "way out" (or for any other reason, for that matter).

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solltest hal echt stolz sein weil du nicht so durvhgefickt wie die anderen bist?

Proud? Probably not. But, at the very least, be a little grateful.

Welche Eigenschaft hättest du lieber: jede Sprache fließend zu beherrschen oder mit Tieren sprechen zu können?

I'd prefer being fluent in every language

Echtes Tattoo, Henna-Tattoo oder gar kein Tattoo?

Mostly no tattoos, but if you do, make sure it's easily hidden (by clothes), and that it has a deep personal meaning to you. A simple design can have the most powerful meaning.

Was willst du, oder machst du beruflich?

Something to do with computers, technology, and/or the Internet. I'm already doing most of that today, though.

Have you already watched the #AvengersEndgame trailer?

Yup, and I'm looking forward to the movie being released in April.

Bist du Türkin?

Nope, Norwegian. I wouldn't rule out Turkish or Spanish blood hiding somewhere up the family tree, though (due to some genetic traits)

Wie sollte eine Frau sein?

She should have strong opinions about most things, be compassionate, and just be herself. Bonus points for being geeky, though. ;-)

Tust du im Sommer gern sonnenbaden?

If I get a chance, near an outdoor swimming pool, then I'd probably spend a day or two hanging around there.

Pläne fürs Wochenende?

My only plans include some Christmas shopping, and a gettogether at my sister's house on Sunday. Nothing fancy, just a chance to be together, since they're celebrating Christmas at her in-laws in Sweden this year.

❣❣❣Was würdest du wählen: Zum Meer reisen oder in die Berge?❣❣❣

Most likely the sea. Or, more specifically, by the sea. There's just something about gentle waves crashing to the shore that sounds peaceful to me.

Was sollte in der Liebe nie passieren?

Cheating, either in romance, in dating, or through sexual encounters. That's a big no-no, unless you've mutually agreed on something else beforehand.

Mit wen bist du zusammen

At the time I'm writing this (and also at the time the question was asked), I'm not seeing anyone romantically.

Hast du schon mal ein Gesetz gebrochen ?

Not that I can remember, or the very least, not to a degree that would involve a fine or a police visit.

Katzen oder Hunde?

Neither for me. I've been allergic to both since I was a child, so I've generally stayed away. I have petted both cats and dogs, though (followed by a thorough hand wash, to avoid issues), and I don't have anything against neither. I can see benefits of both, but it's just not for me.

Wie oft wechselst du dein Handy?

Roughly every 2-3 years, depending on what comes out. As long as my current phone works well and smooth, I don't plan to switch it, though.

Mit oder ohne Bart?

It depends on the person. Right now, I have a beard, mostly out of laziness, but I try to keep it somewhat decent at times.

Wenn du einen Abend mit egal welcher Band oder Musiker verbringen könntest, aus der Vergangenheit und von ehute, wer wäre das und warum?

Tough call, but it would be one of the following: The Beatles (before Yoko Ono entered the picture), Queen (from when Freddie Mercury was still alive), or David Bowie. I imagine each of these would have some interesting stories from their lives on the road (the lesser-known stories).

Wie waren die Prüfungen? Du hattest doch jetzt auch oder?

Not really. I haven't had any exams or tests for quite a while now.

Is poetry dead? Who likes poetry anymore?

Some people like it, some people don't care, but it's not dead. There may be fewer poets in the spotlight nowadays, but they do exist.

Weiße oder schwarze Hose bei Mädchen?

Probably the darker pants, in my opinion. White clothes are hard to keep clean throughout the day.

Warum sind manche leute dünn und andere dick obwohl sie alle die gleichen Nudeln essen?

Several things. Metabolism plays a part (how fast your body can "burn" the calories you eat), and also what else you eat in addition to those noodles, including how much noodles you eat per meal.

Wo im menschlicchen Körper ist die Seele?

Mostly the brain, even though some people would say the heart. The heart is just a muscle (probably the most powerful muscle in the body, actually), but the brain is the part of you that keeps your thoughts and memories. Also, the brain is powerful enough to affect other body parts, such as the heart (it could cause you to feel your heart beating extra fast, if you're in love or excited).

Ist das böse wirklich so attraktiv?

To some people, it is. It might be of the same reason why some people are attracted to the "bad boy/girl" image, or just the fact that some people don't know any better. I could go into a deeper analysis, but I'll leave that for some other discussion.

Wenn du einen Igel und einen Otter kreuzt, was bekommst du? ??????

A hedgehotter? Or a spiky water mammal, probably.

Wenn du in der zeit zurück reisen könntest, zu welchem Festivl oder KOnzert würdest du gehen?

Probably Live Aid at Wembley Stadium, 1985. I mean, you got Ultravox, Sting, Phil Collins, Queen, The Who, David Bowie, Elton John, Paul McCartney, etc. More or less a "who's who" of the entire decade.

"Beleidigst du menschen?

I try to avoid it as much as possible. If I do insult someone, it's either by accident, or because they've already insulted me first.


Probably Christmas Eve. That's when I spend the most time with my close family - we're together, we have dinner, we open presents, we talk about various things close to our hearts. Christmas for me is the family togetherness.


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