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UrvHoney’s Profile PhotoUrva Haroon
ورلڈ کپ فائنل (1992) والے دن ہمارے گھر ٹینڈے پکے تھے آج بھی ٹینڈے ہی پکے ہیں... نشانیاں تو ساری پوری ہیں باقی ٹیم کی مرضی...
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Mera naam Maryam hai, age 21, Karachi, height 5'7, zodiac sagittarius, im a university student or muje khane main sabkuch or sona bohat pasand hai....aurrr inky ilawa koi or sawal karlia karo🤦‍♀️😪

Apna Favourite Colour ... Favourite Perfume .. Favourite Outfit .. Favourite Hangout Place .. Favourite shoe brand ..and obvious Snap Chat ki ID ...
Achaa Sorry 😉

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aleena889’s Profile PhotoAleena
If the South Africa looses from Pakistan and in the next match of South Africa we could expect the Rain so each team will gets one point .... Pakistan wins his remaining 2 matches ...
If India gets offset from Tiger of Bengal ....
Now the situation is like
Each team will have 6 points on the table
South Africa 6 points
India 6 points
Pakistan 6 points
Bangladesh 6 points
So 2 teams will qualify for the semifinal who has better Run Rate ...After All this shit happens we still need prayers to get Better Run Rate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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