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If i let you to judge me , how would you ? Feel free to be honest 🌸

Fuck judgements, live the way you want.. 👽

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I need a husband who loves me care me, I'll care him love him. My family thinks I'm burden to them, i feel I'm alone. I feel ashamed to ask money or things from them. I love my parents and siblings but now I'm 25 years old, i want husband who is only mine my future love. And I'll be only his.

Aise milny lag gaye to mjhy bhi 2 biwian dhoondh dena!

Hey boys wanna ask something.. Will you accept a girl who don't like to go to parlor. (But sometimes she can do light makeup for events.) A girl who loves simplicity (don't want to make eyebrows because it's haram) Who is educated but wanna in Islamic limits in this so called modern culture.

Just be yourself! Fuck others!


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