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You went to a restaurant and ate dinner there after which you realized that you forgot your wallet/purse at home. Now what would you do?

I forget my phone, wallet and key holder all the time. Whenever I am in this situation I first ask if they accept online payment (most of them do) but if they don't, then I ask someone to bring cash. In cases where I am buying sth from a shop I ask them the same question. If they don't accept online payment, I go back to where ever I forgot my wallet then come back and pay for my stuff.
Meri itni buri adat hai that my family and friends don't tell me after picking my stuff, just to teach me a lesson. They wait jab tak meri poori halat kharab na ho jaye. 🙃

Is there more evil than good in our world?

mahnoor_mirza’s Profile Photoماہنور
Undoubtedly there is more good than evil in the world. Having said that, we as humans are prone to Negativity Bias.
There's so much good happening in this world that don't hit our radar. If there were more evil in the world, then life itself couldn’t really exist. But we pay more attention to evil, and so it feels like there’s more of it. And that's because most of us call out the crap happening around us to alarm others, but don't celebrate or highlight the good that we read about, hear from someone or our own experiences.

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What's a difficult life situation that you've encountered so far?

adeena9’s Profile Photo-Adeena
I was in add-math class (10th grade) and my phone went off like crazy. I answered the phone and Mamu said "driver bhej raha hn, Asif hospital mein hai. Doctors ne btaya ke minor heart attack tha. He is safe" . I froze for a moment. My principal came to recieve me from the class. She announced "everyone please pray for Abeel's father, he's suffered a minor heart attack". A good friend of mine, sitting behind me starting crying because her father passed away a few years ago cuz of heart attack . Pehlay osse chup karwaya and told her everything's going to be fine. While going to the hospital I was constantly telling myself if things go south and my father doesn't survive, I'll have to be strong and look after my family, if not like my father then atleast close to what he's done for us all these years. Honestly speaking, this was the most difficult situation of my life. I was preparing myself for all outcomes, specially for the worst ones. All this time, I didn't shed a single tear because I wasn't able to process anything or feel any emotions.
Alhamdulilah my father have survived 1 major and 2 minor heart attacks and is doing good. He quit smoking, time pe medicines letay hain and is very conscious about his diet.

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Kabhi dil kiya ke sb se durr bhaag jae? Where no one can find you ...

arooshariaz’s Profile PhotoAroosha Riaz
(I usually don't write such depressing stuff. It just felt like an appropriate answer of this question)
I know there is a simple kind of way
that life just flows,
in and out,
up and down.
There's a simple kind of feeling I get
When I am on the ups
but on days like today
when I feel
I don't have a place,
I am slowly sliding
Imploding silently.
It's a sadness
that comes in waves
that don't have a reason
or a rhyme for
I need you
and you don't
I am constantly looking for myself.
I don't know where to look,
I don't know what to do.
I am just a lost soul,
slowly turning into a wreck,
who wears cool, like a mask
hiding a heavy heart.
I remember breathing
remember sleeping
trying to pin down the feeling
unpeal my layers
dipping in
and slowly
out of thinly covered boxes
hidden but always hoping to be found,
hoping to be listened
when I don't a utter a single word.
I know it's unfair
trust me I have tried to open up
but I always pull back.
no one will ever figure out
I let them astray,
led them astray
by showing them the ocean
while hiding the iceberg,
which stabs me all day
Sinking deep into the ocean
a Loserr never to be found. 🎈

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What would be your last wish before you die? (Sorry if the question is too morbid)

mahnoor_mirza’s Profile Photoماہنور
I wouldn't wish for anything when I am about to die.
I would just pray that I have done enough good deeds to enter Jannah.
I would pray that I have made my family and friends proud and leaving behind a good legacy.
I would pray that I have done whatever I could in making this world a better place for everyone to live and actually made a difference.

What values are the closest to your heart?

mahnoor_mirza’s Profile Photoماہنور
My values does not hinge on the validation or opinions of others. Maintaining the highest morals and ethics no matter who is, or isn't, looking.
All the people have their cherished values and mine are:
1) Having faith is the most important part of my being. It has enabled me to overcome an extraordinary amount of adversity.
2) Being able to understand, express sympathy, and empathize with others. Showing them that I genuinely care, want to help, want to watch them succeed and grow as a person, and that I am willing to do what I can to help alleviate their pain or burdens. I tend to worry about other people and their lives or their thoughts or their emotions quite a bit, but I feel happiest when I am helping them or they are able to express to me their problems and concerns.
3) To me integrity is my word, is my bond, my reputation, if you have good integrity. If people can take you at your word, what you say will be taken as the truth.

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I feel so alone. At the end you have to struggle alone. Cry by yourself. Noone can motivate you at that point.

There maybe moments where you feel you are better off alone. Where it's safe and you don't have to risk taking a chance or being judged or putting your heart into the hands of those who might break it. But the greatest thing you will ever do is stay open to this world. You don't have to question the good things that come into your life. You are deserving of them. Don't let your sadness rob you of being fully present in trusting and experiencing the things this life is gifting you. Trust your curiosity, do not quite your heartbeat and understand that the most awe inspiring moments will not happen when you're void of fear, but rather, when you feel the fear and you push yourself to do sth anyways.
Life can be really beautiful and you can be happy again. You are just going to work harder to get there. 💙
Take your time and confide in other people, have faith in humanity.
Take care. 🎈

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You are someone’s favorite profile here

In my understanding, life today is much more challenging emotionally. People are engaging in very tight schedules. This makes it hard for them to actively reach out to other people. Having gone through hardships themselves, they have become less sensitive to ‘tough times’ and tend to belittle the hardships of others. When I say less sensitive, I mean that they are not overtly showing their emotions instead, they are bottling those emotions up deep inside.
When too many unresolved negative emotions are piled up in the back of a person’s mind, it is natural that he/she may appear to be irritable. Apka ego, attitude, anger, chaurapan and aisi sari faltu cheezain apka sirf nuqsaan karti hain.
Just look out for everyone around you, as much as you can and look out for yourself too.🎈

have you ever been groped?

Yup, I have been groped by a senior. I freaked out and left the room. She had the guts to text me later, asking why I freaked out.
I have also experienced unwelcome touching twice in my life. The first one when I was 18 years old. I and some friends were walking down a food street in Karachi and then I decided to ride in a chingchi rikshaw. I had never travelled in it before but was always fascinated to ride it. I still don't know why I sat infront (next to the driver) when the whole rikhsaw was empty and I was the only passenger. The guy said "Sir, aap thora qareeb ho jain" and mein ho bhi gaya 🤗. Thori dair baad out of nowhere he started to feel my thighs (it was more awkward cuz I was wearing shorts that day 🙃 ). It felt uncomfortable but I didn't react to it. He then grabbed my thigh and tried to pull me closer, that's when I gave told him to stop, gave him some money and left. Jatay waqt he said 'aap wapis aingay na?' . My friends couldn't believe mein ne osse janay diya cuz I am the kind of person who would've beat the the living shit out of him if only I was able to process what was happening with me. Trust me, you get numb at such moments.
I was 19, the second time I experienced sth of this sort. My friends were getting married and both bride's and groom's side were at his place, practicing for the Shaadi ka dance. Few people (I knew most of them) were outside his house in the garden having fun and I was standing in the corner smoking cigarette. A random guy walked up to me and started to make small talks, then asked for a cigarette. After lighting up the cigarette, he grabbed my ass and rubbed my back. I asked him if it was a dare and he just stood there smiling. Some of my friends saw what happened and were laughing. I asked one of them if anyone has given this guy a dare and they said no. She then told me "Abeel this guy have been asking about you for so long, be careful cuz he's into boys"
(Sorry, Ask won't let me finish the story)

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show pp plz ;p

Unlike most men, I do talk a lot myself. Moreover, I pretty much enjoy shopping and I would probably listen to you if you keep talking about your ex, cuz trust me, it's a great insight to your mind. I can read a lot about you, your expectations from a relationship, and your reactions after a breakup from those talks. So, I would like to think of myself as quite tolerant. However, there is one particular trait that just ignites my anger that I am even talking to you in the first place. There's no name for it yet, but, I like to call it as "Fuck logic" .
I mean, I understand that most men are perverts. I sympathize. But, every guy who smiles at you, or offers you his seat, likes your display picture, or even likes your "ANSWERS" (for Ask ki awaam) doesn't necessarily want to get in your pants. Stop stereotyping men. We are not all trying to catch a glimpse of your cleavage or grab a feel, not all of us are going to hit on you.
So, you had a couple of bad relationships. We all did. Stop saying "Men are heartless." and "Men are cheaters". Quite honestly, if you can't distinguish a "keeper" from a "browser", you have somewhat yourself to blame. Sometimes, we are actually in need of a pen, a phone or normal conversation and that doesn't give you the right to brand us as filthy beings. This totally turns me off.
Just because I liked your answers doesn't mean I have feelings for you. Don't assume that every guy out there is mad crazy in love with you. When I am talking with a girl, I make sure that I am not giving her any kind of false hopes or misleading her in any way. Just stop assuming shit.

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Is it possible to positively influence humanity, but avoid subjective popularity?

It is, but many people will make their choices purely based on popularity. They simply don't have the intellectual capacity to do otherwise.
I have come across so many influential people who use whatever popularity or fame they are given to just flirt around and fool people, by portraying themselves as saints. Some of them also take credit for others work (genuine act of kindness).
Being selfless is not that easy.

Thoughts 💭

zainay__’s Profile PhotoZainab
"mashra buray logoon ki burayi se zaida achay loogon ke chup rehnay se kharab hota hai"
Why is everyone acting so surprised after hearing/reading about how women in our society are treated? All this crap is just the tip of the iceberg and nothing new.
We could've saved so many lives if only we were more vigilant and actually called out predators/potential predators around us. But almost all of us were busy in our comforting sheltered world, not giving a flying fuck about anything. How many times in our lives have we all gossiped about some shithead, who defiled his girlfriend? How many times have we actually talked about or called out someone because we felt the need to and not because it was the hot topic? Ask yourself, do you actually feel disgusted to the core or is it just peer pressure that makes you write or post against shitheads? Have you ever dig down deep to find out the actual cause, even if you never intended to do sth about it?
We have no idea what a woman has to go through in this society. Throughout my life I have offered help to so many women, and most of them refused to take any action against the guy who dragged them to an edge where suicide felt like the best option. It's because they only want to come out of the dark and live in peace. They can't bear with the trauma, so stepping out of it is a blessing.
We alone are not to be blamed cuz most of us are scared of all the powerful elites of the society who can actually put their hands on us and our family's. The system is to be blamed equally. Everything aside but the reality is that we men have failed the society on almost all levels. It'll be good for everyone if we act fast and sahi jaga chaurapan dikahin, cuz there's always a possibility that women from your family or mine can also end up in ditch.
Stay safe and make others feel safe around you. Better late than never, so do your bit in making this society a better and safe place for "EVERYONE" to live.

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What can melt your heart?

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
Act of kindness.
Humility and empathy are two traits that I find so attractive in a person.
Humility is like an open door for people to come in to your life to love you just the way you are and to respect you. Because love heals you from the inside out, and to allow people to love and you to love people you have to be modest, kind and respectful. A person with all these attributes is also empathic (most of the time). Empathy indicates that someone has joined you in your position, whether it’s one of pain and burden or one of joy and delight. Someone is in there with you and, for me, that’s a really big deal.

Fav quote?

Taehunghh’s Profile PhotoLasagna
"True humility is not thinking less of yourself, It's thinking of yourself less"
I find humility so attractive cuz it shows you put others ahead of yourself and also a lack of selfishness and self centeredness which is one of the ugliest traits available.
A person in true humility, doesn't know that they are, cuz their focus is carrying out justice for others. They live simply, cuz they understand that material things create roots and weigh down the soul. What they do have, they give away to those in need. They work from behind the scenes, never seeking the spotlight.
Lastly, a person of humility walks in unconditional love and forgiveness. Don't get this twisted though. Cuz a soul of humility sees the world with a pure heart, they can and will get righteously angry at injustice. Especially at the expense if innocent.
Only if we were all to strive to attain this virtuous state, the world would be a better place.

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Random thoughts :"

Wengie99’s Profile PhotoWalaa✨
I realised I wasn't here for me, but for the impact I make while I'm here. People will always love and hate you know matter what you do, that part is their problem not your problem. Your job is to be useful to yourself and to other people, to express your thoughts feelings and emotions and behave for the good of yourself first, and then others, because you see the world through the emotions of how you see yourself (we are taught the opposite). Let others judge, that is their job. Yours is to express your message. Your perception is all yours, you live in a different universe to everyone else. People don't know your experience and to be alive is to be free to think and express or simply to do nothing. But virtue is choice, stay silent because you choose to, not cuz of what people might think
What changed for me was intention. I went from me to we, something changed in me that their were people that wished for the perception I had to share and by not showing up, people's suffering continued. Any help is a help and a little help is a huge difference to the right person. So, forgive and forget yourself and think of we and the impact you would make. The paradox is you must also first think of yourself, first respect yourself, value your opinion first, and your experiences first, love yourself if not just start with like yourself and get to know yourself. Cuz we never promote what we are shameful or embarrassed of. We minimize the bad stuff and maximize what we believe is good, let go of judgement because everyone is crazy a little bit, most convince themselves they hid it.
To be human is to be a little crazy because we have different parts of the brain wanting different things inner conflicts happening all the time, lots of identities trying to express themselves. Your biggest challenges is judgement of yourself, you are not on other people's mind, no where near what you think.
People are to busy worried about themselves and how other people see them to think about you.

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Wengie99’s Profile PhotoWalaa✨
Feel okay with distancing yourself from a toxic relationship. People come up with crap logic, that we've been with this person for "X" amount of time and can't leave them like this. I'll ask a simple question, did your "X" amount of time do you any good? No, it didn't cuz otherwise you wouldn't be having this conversation with someone.
You can leave a toxic relationship, but if you don't heal what attracted you to them, you will meet them again. The same demon, just in a different shithead.
Take care of yourself.


"Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad"
People use you when you give them too much of anything, be it attention, importance, love, support, money etc. Hold back a little and stop giving too much of anything to anyone. You can't be a people pleaser and can't let anyone walk over you so easily.
Learn how to say "No" . Shitheads take advantage of this trait, cuz they know they can get away with anything and you'll sit there quietly.
You dictate how you want to be treated instead of someone else imposing their crap on you. Sometimes you need to make your own decisions instead of following someone else's blindly.
Most importantly you need to be happy in your own skin. You can't think of yourself as the odd one. Work on yourself first instead of going out looking for friends. Be a better version of yourself not for having good people in your life, do it for yourself.
Take your time and come out stronger, cuz your fair share of love is waiting for you on the other side. 🎈

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Post sth maybe.

adeena9’s Profile Photo-Adeena
Asking the primal question “WHY?” is a very important part of human development.
Indeed, it is when children stop asking questions that the true loss of innocence begins. Think about a three or four year old. The question WHY often dominates their exploration of the world around them and their conversations with others.
We ask questions because we have the privilege and capability of asking them. We ask questions because we want to know what we don’t know. We ask questions when we lack knowledge regarding something and at the same time are keen to gain knowledge about it. We ask to enhance our knowledge and satisfy our curiosity. Also, asking question indirectly means that we have been thinking about something, which indicates that we are thoughtful, not just robotic in doing things. Asking more and more questions lead us to better thinking. Asking questions is also a way of thinking and focusing. When we ask a question to ourself, our brain locks on and searches for an answer. Questioning also improves your focus and thinking. We have the ability to think and there is so much to think and question upon in this universe. So, it is very good to always keep thinking and asking questions.

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