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True story 🌼?

It was 29 August '16
The first day of her college.
The orientation day!
She was a bit late,it was almost 8:50 while the orientation was at 9:00.
She was confused,a bit nervous,she had a little fear,she was afraid of studying in a co-educational institute.
She was with her best friend.
As both of them entered the college,one of the female proctor led them to "The Canterbury Hall"
As she was a little frightened she stepped back; her friend who was right behind her touched her shoulder to make sure if she was fine!
She smiled;
Her friend gave her courage and confidence.
From that day she's brave,courageous and confident.
Her college was the place where she gathered the most beautiful memories!
Memories she'll cherish forever!
A place where she learned most of the lessons of life.
A place where she made friends for life time.
A place she recognized her true friends.
A place where she recognized the fake people.
Each day came up with new memories,new challenges,new excitements.
Each day gave her a lessons for life.
Those were the good days where she spent two years of beautiful memories!
Remembering those days sometime brings a smile and sometime brings tear to her eyes.
Life is filled with beautiful Memories!
Take out time to cherish the beautiful moments;
Life will seem more easy and happy!💕

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