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Look up! there's something on your ceiling.

Nothing to worry about, it's my nephew. He has ADHD. A while ago, he was doing some back-flips. Later, he decided to walk on walls to digest food and ended up crawling on the ceiling. He'll come down in a minute or two because the lights are out, and I asked him to charge my phone with his energy🔋

If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and what would you ask them? ✨

FiaSaif’s Profile PhotoM.
If I could have dinner with any historical figure, I think I would choose Leonardo da Vinci. I'd love to ask him about his creative process, how he managed to excel in so many different fields like art, science, and engineering, and what inspired some of his most famous works like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. His insights into the intersection of art and science would be fascinating to explore over dinner!

Why did you break up with ex?

He was seeing his ex behind my back, whilst also claiming he hated her and wanted nothing to do with her. They were meeting up "for coffee", though. 😅. I ended the relationship straight away but stupidly took him back in the end. It didn't last long as the trust had disappeared, and I just thought less of him in general. Some people might think it's weird but we're still friends, now. We have no bad blood.

Share your best memory associated with rain.

Saira019’s Profile PhotoSaira.
Oops 😬
I'm not a fan of rain lakin phir bhi try kartay hain...
tou aik dafa ka zikar hai k sardiyaan theen aur baarish horahi thi full cats and dogs type.
O'levels ka final year tha, bas classes main revision he hoti thi tou mostly last lecture bunk karta tha
tou hum 3 dost bike pay nikal paray,
roads pay paani he paani,
aasmaan say bhi paani he paani aur hamaray kapray bhi nichoro tou usmain bhi?
paani he paani.
aik time aaya jab bike band hogyi aur usko paani main ghaseet rahay thay aur taiz gariyaan hamaray ooper fawaray phaink kar guzar rahi theen.
baari mushkil say dost k bhai k school pohanchay jahan guard k room main heater main baithay chai samosay khaaye aur sookhnay ki koshish ki.
ussi dost k bhai ko rickshaw pick karnay aata tha tou usnay humain apne apne ghar pohanchaya.
The day was saved by rickshaw wala warna swimming hum teeno mainsay kisi ko nahi aati thi ✌🏻

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Do you believe that you are an unforgettable story?

gawnferal’s Profile Photohudیٰ
If I write an autobiography, it will be really difficult for anyone to forget it. All that I have gone through, I think every other person will be able to relate to it. As I believe, we all go through almost the same experiences until we understand what life actually is. It's basically up to us either we choose the right path or the wrong one.
Ps. Thora extra he hogya h😅

Si conoces a un chico que te gusta, eres de las que en la primera cita ya la chupa o te esperas para no que no piensen que eres "facilona"?

No tengo que demostrar nada. Si el tío piensa que eres facilona por tener se*o con él (pero él sí puede hacerlo) entonces no lo quiero ni pa darme las buenas tardes.
Yo tendría se*o (que no es solo ch*parla) cuando me apeteciera y me sintiera cómoda, sea eso cuando sea. Hasta el momento no me ha pasado la primera vez que he conocido a alguien porque suelo preferir tener algo más de confianza, pero no lo descartaría.

Do you think men handle rejection better than women? I’ve been told that as a woman, I’ll be the only one who gets hurt if I approach a guy and get rejected which is why it’s better to wait for a man to approach me.

No. I think that, regardless of gender, if you pursue and get rejected it's normal to get hurt cos you're not getting the person you desire. So you should just approach him regardless. If he rejects you, it's going to hurt, but at least you know he's not into you. If you wait for him he probably gonna approach someone else instead.
You should also remember to not take his rejection personally as the man you seek also have preferences and you just might not be his type.

Should I confront my ex who lied to me throughout the relationship? Or should I just let Karma deal with him?

Confrontation with a habitual player will never yield you your desired results. But of course, it varies from person to person, too.
Also, always keep in mind that karma is not always the exact replay of what he did to you. It can strike him in the most unexpected of ways. Your best shot will be to move on and leave it behind entirely. Let bygones be bygones. 🌸

Why does someone's feelings towards another Individual make us feel as if that somehow affects how they feel about us?

I always think that if a guy that I’m interested in gives someone else the attention I wish he’d give me, his feelings for me have diminished or he just doesn’t care about me anymore (if he ever did to begin with).

Why do all women hate men except when it benefits then personally?

I don’t. Also, I’ve known a guy who really didn’t like females and would use them for his own benefit while being rude to them at the same time. He would say things like, “I don’t know what you women would do without us men.” When I asked him why he was so rude to me, he said he was like that with other girls too and that I deserved it. It’s not about gender, it’s about character.

where to buy unlimited mental peace ?

herpov’s Profile Photothe woman
Just read Quran with extreme focus. Synchronized thoughts between heart n brain can lead you to create an image of world scenario. You can call anyone through your brain, track every movement whether of electron/proton/photon or giant aircraft. Your brain can work like sonar, lidar and tracking radar, it can match with a whole lot of varieties of electromagnetic spectrum for e.g., frequencies of light from stars, underwater phenomena etc. Why are you keen on proving yourself disabled when we got the Holy Scripture? Have faith in Allah, He can guide you well. Curse everyone who needs to be cursed. If we all had true faith in Quran we could kill all infidels without firing a bullet. Know the muajizaat you'll get surprised.
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When was the last time you cried?

Lucifersays_hi’s Profile Photoزینب
For the past two weeks, I’ve been upset about Syeda Sania Zahra’s murder by her husband, who’s still free because the government is calling it a suicide to avoid international backlash and funding cuts. It’s been three years since Noor Mukadam was killed, and her murderer is still not punished. How can we not be outraged?
Being a woman here is exhausting. I remember a few years ago, our neighbor was beating his wife and daughter because their fifth child was a girl, and he wanted a boy. My mother explained he blamed his wife for not having a son. She had seven daughters before finally having a son, and only then did he see her as “complete.”
It made me realize that maybe he was right: this society doesn’t deserve women. The only way to stop these horrible things is if there are no women at all. This patriarchal society only deserves men.

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When was the last time you cried

Lost trust in loved ones. 3-yr love ended due to mom's wrong advices and criticism setting unrealistic expectations of him. I Resented him, now regret it deeply. He never gave up on me. Loyal man gone. Forced into new relationship. Fiance demands servitude. Terrified. Lost & hopeless. Please help.

take control of your life, accept the things you did.
Your decions will bring you joy or regret.
But jutifying you did it because of him/her is simply stupid.
If it was your love, it should be you who takes decions, who set expectations, people say stuff we only accept to obey what we doubt too.
So, you mom might have told you things but deep down you knew shes not totally wrong. Thats why you did what you did.
Now you are in a relation, still not satisfied. Please know that 3 years of love was sin religiously, and its your past.
Try to accept the fact you cant have everything altogether.

A stalker isn't cute unless you have feelings for that stalker then it just makes it romantic. 😂😂😂😂 Get married to someone who is obsessed with you. 😄😄😄😄 What things are romantic to you?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
I think a romantic partner feeling protective over his love is terribly romantic… even if she’s capable and he allows her the space to defend herself, always having her back is a testament of priceless devotion.
A stalker isnt cute unless you have feelings for that stalker then it just makes

Que es lo mas grueso que te has metido en la boca?

Esta noche voy a un concierto de unos de mis grupos favoritos y vaya dramón ha sido encontrar algo que ponerme. Al final llevo un par de opciones, pero me ha costao lo mío (vaya, como que son las cuatro de la tarde, no he comido ni he llegado a casa) xD.
Vaya mañanita llevo. He ido al gimnasio (me he apuntado este verano) nada más levantarme y luego a comprar. Espero poder descansar esta tarde o al concierto solo llegará mi espíritu, porque yo estaré muerta 😂.

Che fine hai fatto ....????

Angy233’s Profile PhotoAɳɠεℓα ∂เ ɠเσเα
Stavo leggendo di un mio collega che lui sai he smesso di fumare sigarette però fuma sigarette elettronica che poi sai fa più male di altre cose. Poi sai lui avrebbe addirittura die ciliegi però sai per il cambiamento climatici può capitare che il ciliegio vada in fiore a metà agosto ed è una cosa orrenda se ci pensi. Però il cambiamento sta facendo stravolgere l intero ciclo naturale

¿Vas a votar por Chavez?

¡Buenoooooo! He escuchado en canciones así como de publicidad para Maburro.., que Chávez vive y tal, que por él hay que votar por Maburro; porque así lo quiso o lo quiere él (Chávez), para ellos está vivo; les conviene manipuląr a la gente con esa vaina; lo más jodįdo es que sí los manipuląn; a esa gente no hay quienes los saquen del podęr. Tristemente, es así.

Hello. And you know that this account @Jack22288 is a fake and a cosplay of me. You see that there is not a single real photo

jack22226436’s Profile Photo@Jack22288
Stop accusing Jack because he looks ugly, stop chasing him, Jack wants to live in peace, I believe him because I like Jack and his profile is fake because it has few questions and answers. Stop being a bad person with Jack 😡😡😡

Желаю тебе на два дня забыть о том, что такое будильник, пробки и компьютер. Но зато вспомнить, что такое отдых, друзья и хорошее настроение. Хороших тебе выходных!😉

liza082’s Profile PhotoЕлизавета
He отказывайтe сeбe в малeньких удовольствиях, чтобы нe потeрять вкус к жизни💫
Добрых выходных, хорошего настроения 😊
Желаю тебе на два дня забыть о том что такое будильник пробки и компьютер Но

Te cae bien los Mochis ?

La primera vez que supe de esa ciudad o pueblo✨fue por el chapo👌sus videos cientos de millones de vistas ,No me gusta que de Sinaloas he tenido muchas enamoradas (11) es como Rusia dónde tengo más✨ los hombres de esos lugares 🦍 pero las mujeres 👼 (no todas) de los Mochis 5 y de Culiacán 6 literal las mas bellas y muchos followers ✨
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What are you reading these days

sleeperzsd’s Profile Photoswkduwksh
The Mountains Echoed by Khalid Husseini
( A quick review: The writer is a bit of an idiot as he misrepresents his own country in many ways, but on the bright side he doesn't misrepresent human beings, his characters are as human as we all are, they have hearts, brains, plans, trauma, love, fate and faith, everything is just woven so perfectly you'll start reading page after page in a daze.)

¿Sí permaneces mucho tiempo fuera de tu país acabas perdiendo tu acento?

nmero4’s Profile PhotoNúmero 4 KND
Buena pregunta.
No. Al menos las temporadas que he pasado fuera. Siempre regresas aunque sea a los siete u ocho meses por algunas mini vacaciones o por necesidades del trabajo.
Es pisar España, charlar con cualquier tipo que se encuentre uno, y el acento español vuelve al instante.
Además, las videollamadas han eliminado el aislamiento idiomático hace mucho tiempo.

Can you guys give Sage is Jean and belt pictures so he stops asking already damn it’s such a simple request lol

anonstar6478556’s Profile Photoanonstar6478556
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank you for the laugh Anonstar.

Did you ever attend high school parties on the weekends?

ItsTiffyTime’s Profile PhotoGeorgie
I haven’t since I wasn’t really close to anyone from my high school and when students would have parties at their house (or anywhere else) over the weekends, I wasn’t invited. I was invited once but I’m pretty sure the kid was joking around since he didn’t give me an address and I was heading to my locker, ready to grab my backpack and go home.

Creía Xion que con sus milcuentas podría vencerme, pero aquí he vuelto recargado de energías porque por fin conseguí comprarme un ColaCao con mis ahorrillos amasando pizzas como un condenado. Larga vida a Esquizorrisas y larga vida a Chac000000n y su vérsele.

Se me hace raro ver como os han quitado a unos cuantos la cuenta y en cambio la mía siga intacta, cuando lo normal es que hubiese amanecido con ella baneada y habiéndome tenido que hacer otras cuatro o cinco más en lo que llevamos de día.
Y eso que se lo he puesto súper fácil para encontrarme con el personaje que me han asignado 😅: Alastor de Hazbin Hotel.
Mecachis... Y yo que quería superar el reto de persona con más cuentas baneadas de Ask 😿.
Será que el darles un poquito de su propia medicina con estas cuentas no les está gustando nada. Que no les mola que les hagan lo mismo que llevan ellos haciendo desde hace años.
Además, la persona que me parodia tiene a alguien que le supera en ingenio y que al menos nos hace reír a muchos. Mientras que él/ella ni molesta ni da risa.

Hermosa melliza quieres que te cante una cancion?

OHMYGLOB! Recuerdo muy bien cuando me cantaste 'Dango daikazoku, de Clannad' que hoy la he vuelto a escuchar en mi álbum de soundtracks, openings y endings de anime y no sé, pero al escucharla se me hace un tanto triste y muy nostálgica que siempre termino con los pelos de los brazos en punta, y sé como describir este pero por mí no hay ningún problema en que me cantes cualquier canción hasta me puedes cantar las de tu banda favorita Panic! at the disco o de Kenia Os y yo mas que encantada en poderte escuchar y saber que jamás te voy a juzgar.

What's on your mind lately?

Met a brother from Palestine just now , can't stop that pain in my heart when am trying to feel him, he is Pakistan for his studies on scholarship and his family is in Hebron , knowing that your family is in danger every second , be far away from them and living a life like that , ya Allah, yet he offered me help if whenever I need it he'll help me with anything in his capacity, his name is Mohammad Ismail

Buenas buenas noches, mi gente linda. ¿cenaron con chicken feet o con avena de gazno? Soy el hombrezzzito de 37 anni que finge ser une femme en redes muertas como esta

Mirad aquí está el milcuentas de Xion con su r.e.t.r.a.s.o. m.e.n.t.a.l. y sus 5 trillones de cuentas fingiendo ser una l.a.t.i.n.a. más t.o.n.t.a. que alguien peinando peces.
Habréis conseguido que M.o.n.a. me cierre una cuenta pero aquí estoy, he vuelto y me estoy comiendo un sándwich doble de nocilla a escondidas de mi madre mientras se bebe un litro de cerveza.

Lost trust in loved ones. 3-yr love ended due to mom's wrong advices and criticism setting unrealistic expectations of him. I Resented him, now regret it deeply. He never gave up on me. Loyal man gone. Forced into new relationship. Fiance demands servitude. Terrified. Lost & hopeless. Please help.

Karma at its best.
Anyways, looks like this new guy is a piece of art so first of all, get yourself out of this relationship and apologise to the first guy. Then move on in life.

Lost trust in loved ones. 3-yr love ended due to mom's wrong advices and criticism setting unrealistic expectations of him. I Resented him, now regret it deeply. He never gave up on me. Loyal man gone. Forced into new relationship. Fiance demands servitude. Terrified. Lost & hopeless. Please help.

Y’all pampered girls sharing everything of your fiancé/husband with your moms thinking you’re going to over-smart him and his family will actually backfire really hard. You’re signing up for your own destruction. Why you girls regret later? Wasn’t it you who allowed your mom to interfere about how you should run your relationship? Did you imagine how much hard was it for your ex? Not even once you tried to stop the “third person” into ruining your life? Remember, the day when one of you start giving command to the third person, the rift will begin to take place.
Though you learned your lesson but it’s too late. Make a choice without asking your mom whether you can adjust with the new person’s nature or not. As long as the new person is giving you respect & provision, it’s better you find solace in this relationship. Surely, Allah is with the patient ones. If not then think properly about it because switching people isn’t a joke. Have mercy on yourself and this new guy at least. While my advice is harsh, it is for your betterment. Never find your ex in your next otherwise dismay will be what’s left.

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What book, movie, or song will always be a timeless classic to you?

DionysusArius’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
Without a doubt, The Lord of the Rings trilogy! I love the original Star Wars movies but I don't feel like they have the same timeless quality. Especially with how they were changed in the special editions. I'm not sure if my kids will be woved when I show it to them.
LOTR however used practical and visual effects in perfect balance. The costumes for the orcs were amazing, yet the CGI for Gollum holds up to this day. The dialogue I think will never get outdated, with it's Shakespearian quality at times! It's also the closest to a perfect trilogy I think any movie franchise has ever gotten. None of the movies disappoint!
Looking at the beautiful New Zealand landscape will never get old. And the MUSIC!! MY GOD the MUSIC! Howard Shore was COOKING when he composed the score! The trilogy is rightfully considered one of the epics of our time, not just because of how long it is 🧝‍♂️🏰

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What book movie or song will always be a timeless classic to you

Why doesn't your husband want you both to go to Italy?

Do yall dream up scenarios at night and then come to me with b.s?
When has it ever been said he doesn't want us to go? Lmfao we both want to go one day to Italy and Greece, shit is too expensive right now, not to mention we are focused on raising our baby right now.
One day we will go. He wants to go as much as I do.

May I see the last piece of artwork you enjoyed? It doesn’t have to be formal art either. It could be a design on a shirt or something that caught your eye. Anything visual that caught you for a moment in time.

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
Over the past couple of years we've been working on turning the wall in our stairwell into a gallery wall. Granted, we are in no hurry to fill that space-- preferring to add pieces gradually.
Not only does this result in a collection of art that feels more organic, as though it were curated out of love rather than purchased for the sole purpose of taking up space, but many of the artworks in our collection have specific memories attached to them!
For example, I bought this painting on a trip to Leeds, a couple of years ago. It depicts Lower Briggate, a part of the city closer to where we stayed.
I have a lot of fond memories of that little adventure. I got to spend time with family who I hadn't seen since before the pandemic, I discovered a new favourite restaurant (which I've since made a point of revisiting every time I am in Leeds because it's just that good!), and got to listen to my cousin regale us with a rather humorous story of a wild night out he went on... Which coincidentally took place at a karaoke bar in Briggate. 😂
I now associate this painting with that trip, and all those fun moments shared with people I love. If we ignore the sentimental factor though, I think it's a beautiful piece of art in and of itself. The colours are just gorgeous.

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May I see the last piece of artwork you enjoyed It doesnt have to be formal art

What's the meaning of life for you?

oldlady2025’s Profile PhotoGul
Life is truly a test! It challenges us in unexpected ways,..pushes us to think critically, make decisions and learn from our experiences..though we cannot choose most of the tests in life but still we've to face it no matter what..it's not about getting everything right but about learning from the journey and becoming a better version of ourselves along the way!!
"God states that He made this life in order to test man so that every person may be recompensed after death for what he has earned." Quran 29:1-7

Las tías del only viven de gorra sin trabajar al igual que las modelos del instan

Pues igual que los streamers, tiktokeros, twitteros y todos los influencer si nos ponemos así.
Que ya me gustaría que monetizaran Ask para ganar algo de dinero a cambio de todo lo que he tenido que aguantar por aquí.

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