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What's a dumb shid your elders made the little you believe?🍼

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
wohi usual "brown stuff"
•bachay pariyaan box main laykar aati hain
•raat ko taki-ye k neechay apna toota daant rakh kar sogey tou fairy paisay rakhh jayegi
•jaye-namaz ka kona fold nahi kiya tou shaitaan namaz parhhlayga
•khanay khatay waqt bologey tou khana doggy k pait main jayega
etc etc

Какую музыку вы слушаете?🥲

vogueegor’s Profile Photovogueegor
Welcome to my world
Well, well, well. Судя по эмодзи, у вас какая-то трудность, которую хотите преодолеть. Что ж, good luck.
Теперь по вопросу. Слушаю различную музыку. Как треки из 90х и 2000х так и международные (а точнее зарубежные новинки). Нравились (и будут нравится) Daft Punk. Именно они написали музыку к фильму Tron (который в 2010 году вышел). Depeche Mode отдельная тема. Последний альбом вышел год назад, но их "Enjoy the The Silence" до сих пор звучит.
Snoop Doggy Dogg и Hip-hop в целом слушаю под настроение.
Так что Rock🤟, и Hip-hop (Rap, R'n'B) как раз по вкусу.
P.S.: не знаю правда, или нет, но Snoop Dogg должен был быть одним из судей в международной (а точнее американской) версии шоу "X-Factor" (песенное шоу)
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again 😉
Date: 19/03/24
Time: 10:04

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Какую музыку вы слушаете

When you swim, what kind of stroke do you most often use? Do you feel comfortable being in water? 🏊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
breaststroke is the only one that i can do, as well as the doggy paddle.
i feel okay in the water, i guess. i have anxiety in deep water due a near-drowning incident when i was 3, and i've never been a strong swimmer. my anxiety has lessened since i taught myself to swim in a way that works best for me, though.

I’m so pissed off right and so is my partner. A relative got a dog, that we live with, I told them from the beginning that I’m allergic so I can’t care for a dog, let alone having one in the house, they got him anyways and they expect me to care for him when they’re working 8 hours shift…

UsagiWhiteNight’s Profile PhotoAlex
Nah, I wouldn't have that. If you told them before they got a dog and they still wanted to get one they should have made arrangements for the dog to be taken care of when they are working. If they're not willing to find someone who does not have allergies/put them in doggy daycare then they shouldn't have the dog in the first place. If it's your/your partner's house that they live in then they should have respected your allergy and waited til they got a place of their own.

Чем вы занимаетесь в свободное время?🐣 Возможно,рисуете,пишите стихи,играете в игры и тп.(расскажите об этом,будет интересно.)✨

"" "What do you do in your free time? 🐣 Perhaps you draw, write poetry, play games, etc. (tell us about it, it will be interesting.)✨" ""
There is no free time . . . . . perhaps a little stolen time !
There many , too many , things to do .
And too little time . . . .
Perhaps a little crazy, sad POETRY . . . .
Old Mother Hubbard
Lived in a cupboard
At times she felt so alone,
That when Doggy came calling
She did something appalling ,
She stole Poor Doggy's BONE !
"" "Чем вы занимаетесь в свободное время? 🐣 Возможно рисуете, пишете стихи, играете в игры и т.д. (расскажите об этом, будет интересно.)✨" ""
Нет свободного времени. . . . . возможно, немного украденного времени!
Есть много, слишком много вещей, которые нужно сделать.
И слишком мало времени. . . .
Пожалуй, немного сумасшедшая, грустная ПОЭЗИЯ. . . .
*(К сожалению, перевод "стихотворения" очень плохой.)*
Старая мать Хаббард
Жил в шкафу
Временами она чувствовала себя такой одинокой,
Это когда Догги позвонил
Она сделала что-то ужасное,
Она украла КОСТЬ бедной собачки!

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Чем вы занимаетесь в свободное время
Возможнорисуетепишите стихииграете в игры и

Which animal would you say is the most clever? Why? 🐱 🙈 🐶 🦜 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Շєภคςเ๏ยร Շ๏๓๓คץ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I'm sorry, I haven't been there for a long time, so I'll answer a little bit in batches😁🔥💫
Извини, меня долгое время не было, так что по чуть-чуть пачечками буду отвечать😁🔥💫
1. I can’t name, they do everything on instinct and are adapted to their environment, everything in their locality is an integral part, unique
не могу назвать, они делают все на инстинктах и приспособлены к своей окружающей среде, все в своей местостности являются неотъемлемой частью, уникальны
2. those that are now, many upgrades and trends will be added, everything as it becomes available, a person adapts to everything, but what will happen? I don’t even predict and don’t program my brain for anything ^^ everything goes on as usual, but I would like people to conquer space
теми что и сейчас, добавится много апгрейдов и веяний, все по мере поступления, человек ко всему приспосабливается, а что будет? Я даже не прогнозируют и не программирую мозг ни на что^^ все идет своим чередом, но хотела бы чтобы люди покорили космос
3. Ahaha, bras and doggy style
Ахаха, брас и по-собачьи
4. well, faster than a child, but I won’t run away from a man, it was checked not long ago😁
ну быстрее ребенка, но от мужчины не убегу, не давно было это проверено😁

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Which animal would you say is the most clever Why

12th of June? A June baby, I see! I’ll pencil in to keep that weekend free 🏈 Dog head should be a okay, he’s got a big yard in Melbourne and a heap of dog parks and doggy beaches near by. He’ll absolutely thrive

Shithappensrightxo’s Profile PhotoJ
Nope it’s the 10th June J, the Monday is the queens birthday holiday for us in TAS so I get an extra day off that weekend 🤗

You win $10 million dollars playing lotto, what would you spend it on?

Buy my mama new car and do whatever she needs help with or wants
Help my brother out with a few things I know that he wants
Help my dad out with my little sisters and whatever else he/ they need or want
Help and assist my family and friends with things
Buy a House with the most gorgeous art studio outside with glass windows and high benches
give my doggy the most luxurious life
Invest in a few avenues
Donate to a few charities
Neimann- Pick type A is what my baby cousin passed from so that first followed by a handful or two of others

🙄 Préférez-vous avoir un chien ou un chat ?

PanArcziwald66’s Profile PhotoA
My dog is a lot like a cat in a lot of ways. Mostly, she doesn't like to do anything, never has. She does not like to go on walks, spends most of the day in my bed, and she's just the best good girl anyone could ever want.
Cat like a dog. I was gonna say the opposite, but if my dog started barking every time he wanted pats, it'd be an hassle, while with my cat I could just call him by name and give him lots and lots of headpats and play with him
I used to have a cat that did act like a dog. Played fetch, loved belly rubs, would snuggle you on the couch and slept at the foot of the bed. It was the best pet, she was clean, used the litter box, only problem was she shed like crazy. She was a Calico - miss that cat.
I’d go with a talking dog, solving crimes with him, him speaking to people at the bus stop then acting all stupid and normal doggy and just driving people nuts, I could probably talk him into making some money off of it, not like national tv then they’d just kidnap and dissect him, my talking dog, Rest In Peace.
It depends... would the pet be suffering at that old of an age and barely be able to walk. And just sleep all the time or would it be completely healthy. If it stays completely healthy I'd go for the dog living as long as I do. If the dog has to suffer I'd go for the dog speaking.
Speech for sure. Then I could try talk some sense into her bc she's a bit of a psycho. She could tell me when she's gonna vom so I can get her to the tiles instead of doing it on the carpet!! She could tell me when she's scared or anxious or just needs some space. I could explain why she needs a blood test or bath or surgery for a 5in gash on her back. Had a lot of problems with her and still do (4yo now) but knowing what's going on in her head would have made a lot of things easier.
Could my pup understand me also or just speak to me? I’d really like to have a conversation with him 🙂. I really need to know which nickname he prefers. I’m not sure myself so he is a mixture of Finn, Finny, Noodle, Bubby, Nubbles, Mr Man, Buddy, Sweet Potato, Finn B, and Monkey.. I’m probably confusing the poor guy. I did have a pet who lived as long as I did. Last time I saw her, we were both 17. Still the most energetic and lively little kitty I'd ever seen. Sadly though, I parted ways with my dad and never saw her again. Soon after I kinda started to die inside. Just as she probably died too.
If I could choose a specific pet to live as long as I do it'd have to be a raven. They're supposed to be scary smart, not only capable of using tools but also having the ability of learning and repeating human words and that, so it'll be speaking anyway.
My one dog needs more than just some love. She used to always run up to everyone at the park and greet everyone that came in, then on walks always wants people to pet her and stuff. With covid and social distancing, she has been very attention starved.

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Quel est ton restaurant préféré?

Why, probably honestly just for the hushpuppies themselves- deep fried cornmeal dough, absolutely delicious and hushpuppies the restaurant has some of the best, crispy brown outsides and amazingly fluffy insides, not as spicy as some others I've had- but still wonderful things- I've had meals consisting nothing but the all you can eat hushpuppies and had to take home my actual meal in a doggy bag when I was a kid and had less inpuse control but it still remains my favorite restaurant- the seafood is all very good there- best place I've had it. Though I've shied away from trying the alligator tail.
I used to love the teriyaki chicken noodle box from the Noodle Bar & Bubble Tea company here in Peterborough. Sadly they closed over a year ago and I have not found anything comparable since. I still have a bunch of free orders that will go forever unclaimed.
It's a local food truck here in Puerto Rico called Sentellas. I love it because they give you an abhorrent amount of food for 6.50. you can NEVER leave that place hungry. Plus their sauce is addictively good, and I didn't even like other versions of the sauce until I had the Sentellas version. If I can, I'll snap a pic of the food they give next time I go there.
Lots of USA in this thread! UK chiming in: I like Wetherspoons for quick and easy cause there are tons of options, an entire dairy free menu for suckers like me, it's reasonably priced, and the quality is ehh but basically the same in every single pub across the entire country so I'm very rarely disappointed. For nicer places, Yo Sushi is okay for a light meal (couple of small plates and I'm done), Las Iguanas if I'm feeling indulgent (expensive but fairly healthy and delicious), and TGI Fridays is great if I want to go all-out gluttonous.
Sit down restaurant I will shamelessly say Olive Garden. As someone with a very large Italian heritage this is probably blasphemy but my god those bread sticks, that salad, that choose your own pasta plate (the cucina mia), the zeppolis for dessert. I'm such a cheap date seriously. Want to impress me and give me a good time just take me there. Don't bring me to some fancy shit place where there's candles and I need to dress up and pay ass loads of money for the food with loud ass romantic piano music when I'm only going to buy the cheeseburger or spaghetti anyways. I want Olive Garden now.
UK here. MeatLiquor is probably my favourite chain, I've been going to them since they were just serving burgers out a street food cart under a bridge (MeatWagon) and I'm so pleased to see them have so much success. They've rolled out to loads of different locations now and each place I've been to is totally unique yet retains their awesome food. I've never had a burger that comes close.

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What have you missed the most during the pandemic?

Business Travel, and the alone time that comes with it. I’d like to not be surrounded by my family all day every day TBH.
Being able to travel to meet a person I love, who lives thousands of miles away in a country with closed borders and stupid neurotic 😡😡 zero-covid policy.
I used to go out for breakfast or lunch with a friend. I missed going to diners.
I used to be able to go buy groceries and shit without every other person having a sign on their face proclaiming themselves to be a massive asshole who doesn't believe in science or care about the health and wellbeing of their neighbors - now, they're all walking around without masks which says basically the same thing. I used to be able to assume the best in people - now, not so much. The company I work for tests skis with about 60 people in a different state. The pandemic was declared during the week we were doing it last year, and we all thought it would be over and done with this year. It's the one thing I look forward to all year. This year is the first year we haven't been able to do it. This is also the first thing that I've missed during the pandemic. Otherwise, I've had a great time.
I miss where I work. I work at a school and when I am not working I am working on my classes and there were so many places I could go and study in complete peace. At home, with my 7 year old, that is not the case. This has been a complete shock for her, she was so in the routine of school and she absolutely abhors doing school from home. I miss my co-workers but that isn't as bad because we have happy hour over zoom on Fridays. I was also really excited about the Cardinals games this year, we got tickets for a couple of them and my daughter is in the Kid's club.
Pretty much everything. I miss seeing my parents and friends, I especially miss being able to watch my boys play little league and travel ball, I miss meeting up with a friend for coffee or lunch, I miss going to movies and shows, I miss my gym, I miss being able to go shopping without wondering if I’m going to catch Coronavirus and infect my family. My husband and I are both blessed to still have employment though and we worked from home before all this so that never changed, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.
I really miss going to the movies. It was one of those low impact activities I could do (I’m disabled). I miss being rolled around the mall or going to small mountain towns on the weekend. I miss taking my fur baby to doggy daycare because he truly loves it, it’s his Disney world and I know not getting the interaction he’s used to, brings him down. I miss going out to restaurants or even target just to browse and grab Starbucks.

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Fragerunde: 1. Wann hast du Geburtstag? 2. Bist du Jungfrau? 3. Dreier MMF oder FFM? 4. ONS oder F+? 5. Nie wieder Küssen oder nie wieder S€x? 6. S€x mit dem Ex oder mit einem heißen Fremden? 7. Hattest/Hast du Angst vor deinem 1. Mal? 8. Single oder Vergeben? 9. Willst du Kinder? 10. ❤-Stellung?

1️⃣24.09 2️⃣Nein 3️⃣Nichts davon. 4️⃣F+ 5️⃣Nie wieder Sex 6️⃣Sex mit einem heißen Typen 7️⃣Nein 8️⃣Single 9️⃣Ja 🔟Doggy

Nikki, I had to have my dog put down two days ago. She was really sick and really old. She was a sweet dog though. I'm going to miss her love and companionship. Ever since they put her to sleep, I've been really sad and depressed. I just lay in bed and sleep. Gonna take some time to get over this. 😢

John87401’s Profile PhotoJohn
Awh, I’m so sorry to hear that🙁 She’s in doggy heaven now and will always look down on you and be with you in spirit! I understand, it will take time to get over but you should also remember all of the good memories and times you’ve had with her too!

Le curiosità di Stan: Hai mai provato l' app: " ‎Too Good To Go" Contro lo spreco alimentare. Io l' ho provata ed è un pò come trovare una mistery Box. Paghi subito con la carta e poi passi al negozio a ritirare il cibo. L' hai mai usata? Ti piace come idea?

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
Ciao Cucciolo Bello 💛💙
L'ho scaricata ma finora non l'ho mai usata...
È una bella idea sì.
Vedo che le box nelle mie vicinanze vanno alla grande, chissà che un giorno mi decida a provarla, ODIO gli sprechi!
Non c'è nulla di male nel svendere le rimanenze piuttosto che buttarle, come nella doggy bag, dovrebbero iniziare a proporla tutti i ristoranti, ma in Italia molta gente la guarda con disgusto...

Nikki, I'm sad. I just saw an article that the last surviving search and rescue dog who served on 9/11, a Golden Retriever named Goldie, has died. She was 22. She also helped during Hurricane Katrina and would be brought to see sick kids in the hospital. Good girl :(

Awhh she’s a hero but that’s sad that she passed 🙁 She’s in doggy heaven now with all the treats she can get!

my gf and I we stared having s3x like 5 months ago but last night while doing her the doggy I took off the condominium, I know she's on birth control and probably won't get pregnant but should I tell her that I removed the plastic mask? Pls help!! -confused anon 😔

That's r@py. You're a pos and she should leave you. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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my gf and I we stared having s3x like 5 months ago but last night while doing her the doggy I took off the condominium, I know she's on birth control and probably won't get pregnant but should I tell her that I removed the plastic mask? Pls help!! -confused anon 😔

Considering that in many jurisdictions what you did is considered rape, I wouldn't proudly go asking people about this TWICE like you're somehow in the right or justified. Piece of shit.

QG nawak Quand tu manges au resto ( chez toi ou sur place ), quand tu ne termines pas ta commande tu fais quoi ? À quelle fréquence tu termines entièrement ce que tu commandes ?

Je mange comme 4 donc je finis absolument TOUJOURS ce que j'ai commencé. Et si je n'y arrivais pas je serais du genre à y aller avec un doggy bag. Mais je finis toujours donc bon. :)

QG nawak Quand tu manges au resto ( chez toi ou sur place ), quand tu ne termines pas ta commande tu fais quoi ? À quelle fréquence tu termines entièrement ce que tu commandes ?

J'ai un petit estomac bien que j'aime beaucoup manger
Donc quand je n'arrive pas à finir, je demande systématiquement un doggy bag, j'aime pas le gaspillage ^^
Quand j'ai énormément faim et que j'ai pas pu prendre mon goûter de 17h XD

#Минифлешмоб. Я пишу любую букву, а ты подбираешь 4 песни, которые начинаются на неё. Всем друзьям тот же вопрос, только при этом меняешь букву. Твоя - А?

Кристина Дмитриева
✎… ??

│Artik & Asti — ❛ Ангел ❜
│Эллu на маковом nоле — ❛ Арабелла ❜
│Юрuũ Шаmунов — ❛ А леmо цвеma ❜
│DOGGY DOGGY — ❛ Афuгела ❜

꧁ ❀ ꧂
Минифлешмоб Я пишу любую букву а ты подбираешь 4 песни которые начинаются на неё

[ 🌸 ] Hey!! 🎊🎉Hoy 21 de Julio es el día mundial del perro!! ❤️😍🐶 Si tu tienes un canhijo, cuéntame,¿Cómo fue que lo conociste y porque le pusiste ese nombre? ✨[presumenos a tu perrito] ✨

FridaMartinezRock’s Profile Photoriiziitos_
Nos lo regaló mi tía a mi hermano y a mi, nació el 9 de febrero al igual que mi hermano así que se lo dieron por así decirlo de regalo, tiene 12 años y le pusimos doggy ya que significa perrito.🐶🥰❤
Lo amo con todo mi ser.🥺😍💕
Hey Hoy 21 de Julio es el día mundial del perro  Si tu tienes un canhijo

Ah haha. Yung doggy ba? Haha

chelzkie15’s Profile Photo✨ Ms. Frappe ❤
Pansin ko mas napapa amo ko mga doggos eh kesa sa pusa nagdadalawang isip pa ko kung lalapitan ko ba o hindi.? may pusa kami, ang attitude nya kahit pinapakain ko ayaw magpa hawak. Tas biglang galit pa sakin kahit di ko naman inaano.?
+4 answers in: “Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?”

¿A qué grupo perteneces ?, al que prefiere pagar de más para no caminar más lejos o el que prefiere caminar para pagar menos? ?❤️

Amo caminar, además hay que ahorrar para las croquetas del doggy ?
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Dear elder wand of our Askfm Fam, what do's and Don'ts you would like to suggest so "thou shall not pass" ⚡

unwantedniceguy_moody’s Profile PhotoNot just a nice guy
I am just so flabbergasted by that Harry Potter reference there. The elder wand is made up of tail hair of a Thestral; a potent & tricky substance to master. Henceforth, only a witch/wizard who is capable of accepting death can control it. Ah, so whosoever would try to control me would invite their own death. I like that buddy!
Here are the Do's & Don'ts for a healthy ASKf(a)m:
a. 15 genuine likes on your answer is better than 50 likes by begging.
b. Not every follower is a fan. Stop bossing around here.
c. PAP of feet is still okay but refrain from furthur foot fetish outbursts such as "Can I lick your toes?" You are not a doggy.
d. Polls are cool. Overdose of it on your profile is NOT cool. And oh, please restrict the amount of food polls. It's always difficult to choose between that pizza & burger. Some people prefer both.
e. Befriending profiles & engaging on their posts is a better version of "Followed, follow back maybe?" Try that sometime!
f. If a girl spams likes on your page doesn't mean she has a crush on you. Avoid visits to dreamland too often.
g. Don't bully or harass people over here. It's a violation of the sites' terms & conditions. When you spit recklessly in open air, it falls over none but you.
h. I know Sir Shakespeare said, "What's in a name" but if you change your display name too often, too many times, we get confused too.
i. Spending the entire day liking others' answers to get the same back won't help your exam score. "Padhoge likhoge toh banoge nawaab, humesha online rahoge toh poore na honge khwaab."
j. I am sure you love yourself. You love to click pictures. It's nice to click pictures. But hey, we don't want to see a profile filled JUST with pictures. There's already a hugely popular app for that known as Instagram.
k. Please don't "typ lyk dis". Be neat & clear. You need to get out of that 2016 kwel boi hangover.
l. Avoid forwarding other users' questions word by word. We already have a contagious Corona in 2020.

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+3 answers in: “what advice would you give someone who self harms?”

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