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ѕay ѕoмeтнιng nιce 🦋🖤

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The cruelest thing you could do to yourself is..
to waste your life being sad over someone who lives happily everyday..
to waste your tears because of someone who laughs with other people..
The saddest thing you could do to yourself is to waste your time, heart, and soul for someone who doesn't deserve it.

The cruelest words my father ever said to me were tum Mar jao mujhe khushi hogi. All because I couldn't get good grades when I was in 6th class.

We all have been said some really cruel stuff by our parents.
It hurts a lot bt I guess we should forgive them cze they also humans like us. Humans make mistakes. I was once said something by them which broke me completely n it was based upon my character. I was in 9th. I haven't forgotten it bt I forgiven them cze in the end, they were my only supporters n well wishers.

What's something you do that seems perfectly normal to you, that most others think is weird?

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I don't think there is anything I do that others would find particularly weird lol
I'm a weird person in general, to quote Artie from Cruella:
"I'd like to think that "normal" is the cruelest insult of them all! And at least I never get that!"
Whats something you do that seems perfectly normal to you that most others think

The cruelest you've ever been?

i don't think world cruel anyhow can be my tag, cuz i play defensive only.
i don't disrespect,
i don't blackmail,
i don't shout on people,
i don't underestimate efforts,
i don't bully people,
i don't cause stress,
i don't demand anything,
i don't play blame game,
if i can't break people (who hurt me), i make sure i don't mend them too, i go invisible, i restrict myself, i avoid them.
no matter how mad i am at you,
i'll never stress you for secrets you shared in good times.
i would shut "My" mouth, i wont say a word, and walk away.
lock "Myself" in room,
blame "me" for all that courage i gave you.
i would be laughing at a gathering with you, being seen as best friends, still you'll know ONLY YOU . THAT ITS NOT ME. the real me
imagine someone being all yours still i'll be un-approachable.
~this is my level of cruelty. 🌚🥀

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The cruelest youve ever been

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