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I'm 21 & I hav already gone thru two nasty break ups which hav made me quite emotionally vulnerable & in fact, the last gf cheated on me. Now i am in a new relationship & i feel so insecure & lacking trust. Pls hlp me abhiii!

There are no patterns except for those we make; the patterns are nothing more than a limit to our perception. I hope you can read in between those lines. Each relationship between two individuals; healthy or unhealthy; is going to be unique. You are neither cursed, nor doomed. Don't give up on yourself and on other people.
Quite understandable that you feel emotionally vulnerable & you lack trust. Now, how do you build that trust again? No, it's no rocket science! You learn how to swim by swimming. You read a book about swimming but that doesn't mean, when you're finished with the book, you'll be able to swim. The only way you learn to swim is to get in the water & swim. Similarly, you learn to trust by trusting. That's how it works. To further elaborate, it means that when you feel suspicious & mistrustful, you actually don't do anything about it. You, my friend, don't freak out. No, you don't check her cellphone & no, you don't control her. You control your suspicion and anxiety level from going into overdrive. Say she wanna go to a party & weird thoughts overload your mind but you still trust her & let her go. And, when she comes back & didn't cheat, you've taken a step forward. Congratulations!

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The other day I was talking to bf about some random stuffs & then we talked about cheating on one's partner & he told me that all boys have certain needs & they sure gonna cheat when its not getting fulfilled & satisfied. Is this true?

Boys do have needs. They include water, food, and shelter, just like everybody else. The concept of “needs” can be extended to psychological needs, as well. Common psychological needs include achievement, acceptance, safety, and fun. Sexual expression and romantic intimacy are often experienced as needs, too. People who cheat tend to claim they cheat because they “have needs.”
Here is a great life hack that can help you make sense of the world. This one weird trick can be your guide when you're trying to sort out what's true and what's false about the teeming masses of humanity.
Whenever someone makes blanket statements about the human condition, that person is almost always talking about himself. When a guy says, "If boys don't get X, then they do Y", he is actually talking about himself.
If someone says "boys have certain needs & they sure gonna cheat when its not getting fulfilled & satisfied" he is not talking about boys in general, he is talking about himself. He is saying “I have certain needs, and if you don't meet those needs, I will cheat.”
When someone says “if people don't believe in God, they have no reason to be good, and without God people will run around committing crimes,” what he is saying is “if I don't believe in God, I have no reason to be good, and without God I will run around committing crimes.” When someone says “people can be in love with more than one person at a time,” they're saying “I can be in love with more than one person at a time.”
Your boyfriend has just told you to your face that if you don't give him sex when and how he wants, he will cheat on you. He's trying to convince you this is true of all men; it's not. Saying “all boys will cheat if you don't give them whatever sex they want” is clearly absurd. Look, it's not true of all guys but you're seriously missing the big flashing neon sign: It's true for him.

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Hello there :) I find you really inspiring , I've been following you since a few weeks ago . there were times when I was feeling down , and reading your answers made my day . @Askfm should definitely have more users like you ! Stay blessed 😊

Fiona Evangeline
This is really sweet. Just remember, nothing in nature blooms all year long. Don't expect yourself to do so either. The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Love & best wishes.

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Rana Saud Mehdi
At 6, she wanted to be a Ballerina
At 8, she wanted to be a Veterinarian
At 10, she wanted to be a Teacher
At 12, she wanted to be Pretty
At 15, she wanted to be Dead
At 17, she graduates high school
At 19, she studies for her major
At 22, she gets her degree
At 24, she finds her career
At 26, she whispers "I do"
At 28, she holds her newborn
At 30, she wipes her tears & says "I made it"

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What is your opinion about Snapchat's CEO, Evan Spiegel's statement about India? 👻

Let's talk some sense here. Even If the CEO did say, he might have made that statement not as a"derogatory" one but from a purely business point of view. Let’s do a rough analysis, why. Snapchat was not interested in moving to markets like India and Spain "in 2015" because India didn’t had large volume of smart phones with access to high-speed data and/or Wi-Fi & large volume of consumers interested in consuming video content back then.
Too many Snapchat uninstalls and/or bad ratings in a patriotic rage...well, so sad to realize that such patriotism is hardly ever channelized in the right direction! Also very disturbing fact that people/media drew conclusions based out of an "allegation"; which was never a public statement made by Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel. Getting to the real facts, it was a boardroom discussion regarding their expansion, long ago (2015?), where lots of ideas are brainstormed (in the boardroom, not in public) and the statement could even be twisted by the ex-employee into a sensational misleading news who is in fact fighting a legal battle with the company!
Indian media lives & cashes on trending news. Once, another news gets trending, this shall be forgotten in a week or less. We will definitely see few people uninstalling the app and leaving a harsh comment on the Playstore and Appstore. But, the same people will install the app again after few days once they get a question here on asking them like “Are you on Snapchat?”
The famous Maria Sharapova incident. She was vilified for not knowing a sportsperson i.e Sachin Tendulkar who is (A) not from her country, (B) not from her sport, (C) not from a sport popular in her country, her peer circle, her friends.
Seriously? What the hell is wrong with some people. Someone calls you Poor, you feel offended. Someone calls you Rustic, you feel offended. But you proudly proclaim yourselves as Backward Class and Extremely Backward Class for reservation in colleges/government jobs!

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