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Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself?

I am into art direction and stuff for tvcs and fashion shoots or sab kehte the set design wagera k lekin kabhi hua nai
For this shoot I literally did alot mtlb set design, set installation, colour palette, coordination, art direction and production management wo b bager assistant k
3 din soya nai lekin acha feel hua

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Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself

Why do girls talk more than boys?

Society matters actually or apni society ka to phir level hai
Log sunna jo larkion ko pasand karte hain is liay bolti b wohi hain zyada
Un ki bat sunne ko sab tyar hote hain sab bat karna b pasand karte hain to obviously they feel confident in it
Wese to me feminist hoon lekin ye jo bat hai is ko deny nai kar skte lekin ghalti b to apni hi hai to kisi ko blame nai kar skte

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What is one thing you have tried to change, but couldn't?

Anju Singh
I hate when I tell people that I feel alone and they list all these people that I supposedly have in my life but the thing is, I really am alone. I can't remember the last time someone started the conversation first with me. No one actually cares about me and it hurts so much, to the point where I begin to ask what's wrong with myself and I don't think that any person should ever feel this way but so many people do and it sucks so much. I just want someone to ask me if i'm ok, hell I just want someone to say hi first. I want to stop asking people to go out with me and stop starting the conversation but i'm so alone that I have to

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How to deal with loneliness?

Oh hey everyone listen up
Loneliness is not a bad thing if you start working on yourself like find yourself and trust me this helps you to clear every question in your mind when you'll finally start talking to yourselves plus if someone's new and can't figure out how to spend time alone
You can read books and actually do what you love to but still try being productive and don't waste this time
Avail this limited offer

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I'm a person jo sirf is liay chaye peeta hai k do logon se mil sakoon un k sath bethoon or bat kar sakoon just because I have only those two in my life and I'm posting this on ask kyon k wo ask fm use b nai karte or chaye ghar pe b banti hai roz lekin I don't feel like I'm a chai person
Chai is something jis ki waja se shyd mjhe ek break mil jata hai soch se

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What's your passion ??? ♠

آوارہ انسان
I'm almost done with my architecture degree but I want to pursue filmmaking so badly and I'm trying to stay with my favourite work by getting into art direction,screenplays and stuff
Everything I do somehow relates to it
Art direction to keep myself into it
Writing, set designs,production and stuff,even I'm doing interiors to ultimately get into films

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What is something that scares you, yet you don’t know why? :)

I’m scared to tell them because I know how will they react and maybe some of them will think that I’m just overreacting to the things that is happening in my life. Yes. They will never understand me. They don’t even have any idea that I’m suffering
I want to die already but I’m scared of the pain. It’s funny isn’t it? This feeling. It sucks already. I just wanna get out of this and live freely and happily.

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