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What is 'courage' according to you? 🦋

Courage to speak up is the thing
Being loved but still feels like being alone. A lots of people you know can help you but you don’t have the courage to ask them because you feel like they won’t understand you. It’s like being happy then being sad at the same time.
Too tired but you’re doing your best to survive. It feels like you’re stopping the rain from falling. You want to be dead but afraid to die. Having a lots of hopes and thinking you’re still hopeless.

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Do people actually care about men's mental health?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
I won't say anything jis ko shyd universally compare kia ja sake but yeah in most of the cases men never talk about their problems and no one notice the problem if we are not talking about it so may be they do care
I’m scared to tell them because I know how will they react. And maybe some of them will think that I’m just overreacting to the things that is happening in my life. Yes. They will never understand me. So different people different scenarios

Have you ever had a weird dream that you could never forget and it still haunts you when you think about it?

Not so lucky I swear because I think nightmares are something which scares you but atleast it's unreal
For some people it's the past and that's even worse
They sleep, but when they wake up the nightmare continues. Is this the life now? They hide from everyone because they don’t want people to see them like this.

Absolutely love your art and you deserved to be at NCA. reading your answers one can definitely identify you as an Artist. khush raho. Zindagi esi hi hai dost. Gham mai bhi guzar hi jayegi , khushi me guzaro toh thori asani hojayegi. -@tbh

Ohh thank you so much whoever you're
You're such a sweetheart
Untick and I'll send you love 💕

Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself?

I am into art direction and stuff for tvcs and fashion shoots or sab kehte the set design wagera k lekin kabhi hua nai
For this shoot I literally did alot mtlb set design, set installation, colour palette, coordination, art direction and production management wo b bager assistant k
3 din soya nai lekin acha feel hua
Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself

Why do girls talk more than boys?

Society matters actually or apni society ka to phir level hai
Log sunna jo larkion ko pasand karte hain is liay bolti b wohi hain zyada
Un ki bat sunne ko sab tyar hote hain sab bat karna b pasand karte hain to obviously they feel confident in it
Wese to me feminist hoon lekin ye jo bat hai is ko deny nai kar skte lekin ghalti b to apni hi hai to kisi ko blame nai kar skte


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