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Pass this to your list😂💭 Nickname for me? Profession you want to see me in? Thoughts on me? Any memory with me? Dedicate a song😂

NICKNAMES: Jiya, Ullu, Churail, Dumbo, Chotuu, Dash, Bc , Mc 😂 Aur bhi bht sarey hain 🙊
Profession: HouseWife with about 10 Kids 🙊🙊🙄
Thoughts: huh Choti si ho tm 🙄😂Dimagh toh tmhara kaam karta hi nahi hai na😂Har baat mai meri Advice leti ho almost🙊kia karo gi agar mai mar gaya toh?😂Qadar toh hai hi nahi meri na 🙊Rudy aur Mr Tuccii (Along with some other flat Things)😂 Bht Pasand hain tmhe 😂😂😬Baki yar Bht achi ho..yk itna bhi zada acha Nahi hona Chayie 🙊 Dunya bht matlabi hai...Aur Yeh Galla Dabany Wali dhamkii na diya karo 😂 Emotional blackmail bhi thora kam kiya karo 😂😂 Aur plzz yeh Korean Dekhna chor doo 😬😬🙄
Memory: Koi khaas nahi hai wse 😂 But yeh beard tmhari 😂 (Posted)
Song : Bc roz Dedicate karta hoon almost 😂 Ajkal haalaat Sangeeen chal rahe yk 😂 smjh jao🙊

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Kia socha jaa raha hai? 👀

This World is so Out Of Place. HUMANITY DOESN'T EVEN EXIST.
Someone Just Told me a Girl was Raped and Gosh I'm Out Of Words. She was wounded so Brutally..that Who the hell I'm I ...even Satan Himself will start to Tremble. I Don't even know how'll I live this even. I'm a Guy...And even Idk What kinda man ( in this case men) can Do such a Perverted and heinous Act.
Just Dk what to do rn...

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Share your favourite lines.⭐

Javeria Qasim
"You're rude, arrogant and cold-hearted. I want to be like you. How can I?" she asked and passed cigarette to me.
"It isn't something you become with trying. Gradually, a strange magic happens inside you when pain goes beyond bearing. You start acting opposite of what you want to; automatically. And, that is day when you get finished in all aspects of life." I replied and lit cigarette.

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Before this year ends, confess something..🌸☇ STAIF

As you went away, beauty of everything faded. My heart no more attracts toward anything at all. I'm one who created his own pain and swallowed it. Now, it is thriving inside me daily. But, it is sweetly painful now. It is something which seems to stay or grow big and convert in something new. Maybe, it is just foundation of something more than pain which is still yet to come. I'm on my ownself and that's enough for right now. But, what if I couldn't be enough for myself in future? What if I couldn't handle it at my own? Would you be here with me? Would you place your fingers on parts of my body which I've burnt? I'm afraid again, after along time. I thought, I won't fear of anything again, anymore. But, what if tomorrow night as I lay on bed and it becomes hard for me to stay? Will you text me? Pain is increasing every moment; nonstop. Anyway, I'm going in another room to get some cigarettes. Will see ya later.

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