Ask @Umair_aayy:

Saw a post that said, "Face mask or Hand Sanitizer ka Istemal Sahaba se saabit nahi hota isliye yeh biddat hai or beshakk har biddat gumrahi hai." What are your thoughts on this?

Syeda Zehra Zaidi
I think Allah have Given Man Wisdom so that He can use this Wisdom To Survive in this World. Pehley bhi Is tarah key DISEASES aye and they viped out civilizations. Injections and medicines and all these modern technology and inventions including Bulb even weren't used by Sahaba. Doesn't mean it's haram or something. It's pure Jahalat to even think that it is haram. I've even seen people saying k All of this virus is Azaab from Allah on People who are Ghunnahgaar ONLY.

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