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Describe Your Mood RN ? 🔥

Abdul Rehman
Not every but mostly nights come with a envelope, envelope in which there is a letter, from whom? I don't know but there is always a letter in which my thoughts are written with the ink made up of my dark blood which is running in the nerves of my brain. Thoughts that are sometimes soothing, relaxing, unruffled and untroubled. Thoughts that are sometimes disturbed, broken, unsatisfied. Thoughts which are sometimes in form of memories that I made with someone and they make me read old chats. Thoughts which are sometimes in form of worries for future. My thoughts have always been limitless like I can think for hours on moon, star, oceans, dust, inner hell, life, death, love, hate and even on the girl who commented on my last post because she seemed sad and sleep will never dare to overcome me. Btw lemme tell you that your thoughts have a great impact on your personality don't think like others or even try to. Don't limit your thinking either it will make you hero of your story or it will push towards death but believe it is the greatest thing you can do. Don't limit them in fear of getting lost, be fearless. There is somewhere inside you a thing called "thinking" which is different from everyone else, claim it. I don't fear of people calling me jerk because its not my fault if I think like this. Be thoughtful at night, stay up till 3am at least. The envelope will come with a letter and you'll read it you'll find yourself talking with you. It may hurt you too sometimes but its better than listening to the bullshit of others. It is better to overthink than sleep, it always was and it always will be. Late night thoughts are gift and it isn't necessary that you always get the gift you wanted but there are gift, keep that in mind.

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Tbh your last poll made me freaking angry 😡 How can you compare a newbie like Sheeran to the GOAT? And the worst possible thing is that Em lost to Ed 🙄

Well most of us Pakistanis Live Sab and Soothing songs 😂 Everyone dislikes Realism here 🐒 Besides everyone (Especially Girls) Only know sheeran just because of his "Shape of you" and "Galway Girl" 😂 And many of Pakistanis Can't even understand eminem cuz he raps too fast 😂 I mean why the hates then..if you can't even understand the guy 😂 Ham pakistanio ko bad Arjit singh aur Atif Aslam ke sad songs ka do 😇😂
Btw It's Eminem's Birthday today :) he's 46 now and still he's outselling all mumble rappers 😂✌🎶🎶💥

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You see your friends and they're full of energy, full of hopes and chasing their dreams. Doing studies and planning about their future while you're stuck in loop of laziness. Your mental health never lets you study, you've no plans. This is depressing you but you can't do anything about it. It feels like everyone has a destination but you've got nothing. You can't stop overthinking about your future but you can't study too. Your whole life is drenched in the basket of pain and badluck etched on the blackboard of your fate. Your thoughts are destroying you like burning flames in your mind. You're living a worthless and pointless life. Your own breaths are burden on you and your own feelings are eating you alive. Everyone is chilling and you're bounded in chains, chains created by your own mind and chains that are unbreakable and you keep lying to all your of friends that You are fucking fine. But you're tired of this bullshit that goes on in your mind. You're gonna die leaving no sign but wait the worst part that they all are gonna bully you like it's fucking crime. Damnnnnnnn! Your pessimism is killing you and it can never be controlled.

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Bruh Eminem Is The Goat You can't put Vs Between them Also most of them dont know who Em is so its pointless here

Ayo, Here's a Confession. EMINEM IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.😇 His Lyrics are so freaking Deap..I mean Have you Guys Even Listened to him? Ik This lil poll of mine, Ed's Gonna Win it... I mean no Offense To Ed( He's a Great Song Writer) but Eminem, Man he's just on another Level.🎧 I mean Why Do people Hate or dislike Eminem?😂 I mean it's funny that People don't Like Em Cuz he raps too fast and They can't Understand a shit he's saying 😈 C'mon Guy..DON'T HATE HIM CUZ JUST YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT HE'S SAYING OR IF YOU'RE SLOW.... 😐 I mean His Lyrics, Some of em Trust me I've been listening to him since forever..And I always used to Listen to his rap whenever I was sad or broken and shit 😇I mean just listen to his "Mockisngbird" ..."Stronger than I was" ..they Make you cry man..... Yk ..Just F*** it...Haters gonna Hate💯✌

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