Ask @Umair_aayy:

Best line of your teacher that you never forget?. 😎

Mian Waqar Younis
Okay 😂 Once upon a time 😶 There was a Teacher,Chemistry ke, And One Day... I was Absent from his Class.The next Morning, I asked
" Sir, ap ne last period na kraya tha ?"
And He, The Legend, Said these Memorable Words 😂😂 :
"Beta Periods nahi hote, Lectures hote hain 😂😂😂😂😂"

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Something heart touching?❤️

Rigs Sun
This is a picture from Islamabad Club Cinema, post movie screening. Needless to say, it is a sad state of affairs. We all talk about this "Naya Pakistan" and how things need to change around us. Well, No! The reality is that change needs to come from within. We need to be more responsible for our actions, because a step in the right direction, is all it takes. We yearn to see a better, prosperous Pakistan and baby steps can lead us there. So, a humble request to my fellow Pakistanis, make sure the next time you go to the cinema, you clean up your seat after the movie has finished.

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