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If you were a super hero what powers would you have?

I don't generally "get" the superhero thing. It seems to be an US phenomenon, which I don't understand.
If I should get some supernatural powers, I'd like to go the way of "Others" from the Night Watch series by Sergei Lukyanenko.
I would lean more in direction of the Day Watch, of course.

unpopular opinions:

Basically any, where people are split into two groups (ie. refugee crisis). My opinion usually angers both sides.

are you afraid of tickling? very much scared? which body part is most sensitive to tickling?

I am not afraid of tickling. Its way more simple: you try to tickle me, I will kill you.

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What inspires you the most?

I get my inspiration from random things I encounter in life. For writings, any small situation can be teh inspiration. For making things, they usually come from necessity.

What a kind of coffee do you like ☕️?

I generally don't drink coffee. I like its aroma, but not its taste. I drink coffee usually only when I'm in Microsoft US. Then I usually have half coffee, half milk mix, no sugar.

Do you believe the devil exists?

No, I don't and generally find the idea of good and bad spirit kind of dumb and childish.

Do you like chocolates?

Yes, a lot. Horses in training aren't supposed to eat it, but it's one few reasons I'm glad I'm not in training :p

What does your bedroom smell like?

I am not aware of any smell, you have to ask others, who aren't used to it. But probably like wolf den :)

You're stuck on an island. How would you spend your time?

Depends on resources available on the island and length of time.

Jak vnímáš svobodu slova, kde dle tvého názoru svoboda slova končí? Má být absolutní? Je zákaz náboženství či politické ideologie kompatibilní se svobodou slova dle tvého pojetí? Co vybízení k zabíjení jiných, ať už jde o granáty do školky s arabama nebo nabádání k likvidaci nevěřících psů?

Svoboda slova buďto je nebo není. Je to binární hodnota. Svoboda slova má být absolutní.
Všechny tebou uvedené případy jsou tudíž logicky v rozporu s mým pojetím svobody slova.

How important is positivity in Life?

Depends on type of positivity. AIDS test result? I can live without them being positive. Electrical positivity? Quite literally I can't live without it.
General approach to life? Depends. Someone is best suited with optimistic approach. I tend to be more pessimistic and skeptical - less surprises and they are usually good surprises.

If you were an anime character. Which character you want to be ? post a picture if you can.

I don't know anime, so I don't know. Is there some nice anime with horses?


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