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Have you ever taken on a leadership role of any kind? How well do you think you do / did? 🤝📣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've taken on the role of manager, mentor, trainer, strategic, decision maker, visionary, goal setter, coach, communicator, organizer, motivator, influencer, networker, supervisor, listener, and director. Surprisingly good at the majority of those.

What was the last shopping mistake you've made? I bought a new set of coffee cups the other day, but unfortunately, they are too big for my coffee maker. The cups don't fit under the coffee machine, I hadn't considered the size when buying them *sigh*

I went to Macy’s to shop for winter clothes last year and the cost for the two long sleeve shirts I got ended up being way more than what my mom and I expected it would add up to but we still bought the clothes regardless because my dad said I could get them (since it’s his money that was being spent). I also THOUGHT I made a mistake when I bought two pairs of huggie hoop earrings because the larger pair was too small for my first lobe and the smaller pair was too small for my second lobe. But, after getting my third lobe pierced, I realized that the smallest pair of earrings fit on my third lobe and the larger pair fit perfectly on my second lobes so it all worked out 😁

What was the last shopping mistake you've made? I bought a new set of coffee cups the other day, but unfortunately, they are too big for my coffee maker. The cups don't fit under the coffee machine, I hadn't considered the size when buying them *sigh*

I bought the wrong wax for the candles I’m making 😂 Recipient wax and pillar wax are totally different so I had to buy recipient too just not to waste the wax because I realised too late. 😭

Where in the UK was Cadbury founded?

ivankatwotimes7’s Profile PhotoIvanka
Mourn-Vile ,
~ once Bournville (bet you thought it was BIRMING with HAM !)
well , suburb of birmingham
You know iss no real chocolate now . . . . made by her-sheeeez . . . . just junk A-moco Kandy . . .
Tesco's chocolate has more cocoa now
Cadbury from 1866 to 1985 - the Bournville chocolate maker through the years
Where in the UK was Cadbury founded

What's a brand you had an unpleasant experience with and would NOT recommend? I don't recommend Breville for kitchen appliances. My mom bought their Fountain Cold XL juice maker, and it sucks. $300 wasted. Our old, cheap juice maker from Walmart was actually better, and it was only like $75.

I’ve stepped away from Killstar quite a bit. I don’t like their wokeism how they stopped selling at Dolls Kill. Many brands did but I shopped from them the most. Plus Killstar everything started to look the same. I still love their old pieces when they actually had occult pieces. I wonder if they still call themselves “occult fashion.” 🤔

My evil inside me is taking over I can’t rebuke it any longer this is Allahs plan I can’t escape my destiny any longer

thelightoffheearth3’s Profile Photothelightoffheearth
Allah is the devil worship Jesus in the Quran allah is the deceiver and mischief maker the arrogant and the humiliator you worship muhhamed everytime you pray and a black square the devil fooled you into idolatry
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Noch ein ask-Standard, den wir noch nicht abgehakt haben: willst du ein (oder zwei oder drei oder vier) picrew von deinem GC CO basteln? 😁📸

somewhatunpretentious’s Profile PhotoHitchhiker
Ja, ich will. 😌💐
[hochzeitsmarsch starts playing]
Tatsächlich hätte ich gedacht, dass der Pony sehr einfach sein würde, war er aber dann irgendwie doch nicht. (Jaaa, als ich den "historic" maker gefunden hatte, konnte ich nicht widerstehen.)
Noch ein askStandard den wir noch nicht abgehakt haben willst du ein oder zwei

Хочешь участвовать в погоне за фурой, перевозящей мороженое?

If the ice cream there is delicious, like I make at home in an ice cream maker with real milk,then I’m ready to run until my legs fall off😊

انا احب اقرا عن هالمواضيع و اختلاف الناس في الموضوع. شو رايكم انتوا في كائنات خارج الارض؟ هل عندكم القدرة انكم تستوعبون انه في احتمال كبير انهم موجودين؟ مهما جوابكم كان هيه او لا، شو السبب؟

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I remember my science teacher saying that there is no possibility for aliens to exist cause in order to be a life out there.. there needs to be water and something i don’t remember what exactly.. but since it doesn’t exist it means no form of life can ever exist without those things.. so i started thinking.. isn’t our maker who made us survive on those things can create other creatures that survive on something else?

Dil m itni buri waves dor rhi anxiety ki. Any one know what's this medical condition ?

Okay, so all you need to do is sit down peacefully at a place near you. Close your eyes inhale and exhale! Doing this start breathing slowly, once you catch your breath drink a glass of water.
Doing all this let the power of decision be taken by Almighty ( Cause he is the best planner & decision maker) ...All you could do was pray and you did it at your best 😉


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀▬▬▬ ✉︎ @M00NAGE__DAYDREAM
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀*ヽtwo drifters, off to⠀see the world
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀there's⠀⠀such⠀a⠀lot⠀of world to see
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀we're⠀⠀after⠀⠀the⠀⠀same rainbows
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛ ⠀ end⠀ waitin'⠀ round⠀ the⠀ ⠀bend
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀moon⠀river, wider⠀⠀than⠀⠀⠀⠀a mile
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀i'm crossing⠀⠀⠀you in style someday
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀old dream maker, you⠀heart⠀breaker
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀wherever⠀⠀you're⠀⠀⠀goin, i'm⠀goin
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀your⠀⠀⠀way ノ https://jpst.it/3kt0f

مين بيعرف يعمل CV بسعر رمزي عشان ملخبطه معايا خالص 🥹♥️؟

في أپليكيشن اسمه Intelligent CV maker، ده شكله، سهل في التعامل وفي أشكال مختلفة للسي ڤيز من جوة تقدري تختاري منها
مين بيعرف يعمل CV بسعر رمزي عشان ملخبطه معايا خالص

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
Bin natürlich ausgerastet, weil…
A) ich sie alle liebe
B) ich auf Entzug bin. Meine letzte MMFF-Teilnahme ist über ein Jahr her 💔
C) ich der festen Überzeugung war, über fünfzig 50% meiner OCs wären Pullover-Menschlein. Sind sie aber gar nicht. Seltsam.
Auf jeden Fall haben wir hier vor blauem Hintergrund diejenigen, die es in MMFFs geschafft haben. Die Kiddos vor weißem Grund habens nicht geschafft, oder waren nie angemeldet. Diejenigen in Reihe drei hab ich schon häufiger ge-picrew-t, die vier in der letzten Reihe sind brandneu. Sie alle suchen noch ein Zuhause. (Zwinker Zwinker)
Tuppence - Phaidra - Marnie - Rahan
Alfie - Emmeline - Donnie - Mathilda
Elsie - Frankie - Isadora - Monday
M[redaced] - E[redacted] - K[redacted] - A[redacted]
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
Part I, meine erstellten Charaktere(jedenfalls die, für die ich derzeit eine Zukunft sehen kann) für Stories von anderen Menschen 😩 I swear das war schon viel zu anstrengend, also mal sehen, ob ich überhaupt noch meine eigenen Chars mache. .__.
Ich hab mich mal an dir orientiert und zu jedem Charakter die Buchstaben der Namen geschrieben - und zwei noch völlig ✨ unbekannte Charaktere ✨ mit in den Mix geschmissen, hehe. 😏
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
So, ich habs dann auch noch geschafft c:
Und es lässt sich berichten, dass die Canva App am Handy ein genauso großer Pain in the Ass ist, wie im Browser
But still here ya go - plus two new and unknown 'babies', ganz nach @sol_koroleva Beispiel ;)
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
Okay irgendwie wollen die ganzen ganzen Bilder nicht so ganz passen wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe … buuuut well dann eben so seltsam 😂😂
1. Jewa
2. Nova
3. Rían
4. Vanitas
5. Ivar
6. Theo
7. Joey
8. Cora
9. Jaime
10. Jurij
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
Aber liebend gerne, dazu wie lange das jetzt gedauert hat möchte ich mich übrigens nicht äußern. 😂
Also von links nach rechts haben wir Gertrude Walter, Aspen Byergson und Gottlieb Zwingli. (Danke @nichtlichtsicht jetzt muss ich immer an Gottlieb Wendehals denken, wenn ich an ihn denke 😂)
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen, habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen, wie man es aushalten kann, diese maker anzustarren? 😂

sol_koroleva’s Profile PhotoUyen
alright bet. (jetzt auch mit bild ups)
ich gebe die frage hiermit offiziell an dich weiter!
...joah, da gings ganz schnell in die zone für mich, danke für diese frage. :D
allerdings hatte ich mit dem maker totale probleme meinen älteren charakteren gerecht zu werden (yrjö tut mir so leid er sieht aus wie durch die hecke gezerrt;;), aber weil ich natürlich meine original moon babies nicht außen vor lassen kann...hab' ich sie einfach jünger gemacht als sonst. allesamt.
...und mal von yrjö abgesehen bin ich aesthetically sehr sehr happy damit, wie das ganze geworden ist. :D
Lange keine Piccrews mehr gesehen habt ihr Lust so viel von Babys zu erstellen

Are you a go with the flow person or is it better if you make the plans coz your a good decision maker?

I’d rather make my own plans because I get limited time to fit in my likes as it is. I actually love so many thrilling things and so many really laid back things like fishing that I can’t make myself concentrate on just a few and am even less likely to go with the flow unless that flow fits my own flow 😂😂😂😂

🍂 Wednesday 14th September 2022 🍂

CyberBullyingSupport’s Profile Photo#spreadingpositivity
🍂 Quote of the day:
"I often say it's your attitude, not your aptitude, that's going to determine your altitude."
- Juanell Teague, Mike Yorkey.
🍂 Positive quotes of the day:
• "Attitude is the difference maker! Attitude isn't everything but it is one thing that can make a difference in your life."
- John C. Maxwell, The Difference Maker.
• "Your positive attitude has got to be something people can depend on in good times and bad."
- Sam Silverstein, The Accountability Advantage.
Wednesday 14th September 2022
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An die Gamer: Welches Game Genre feiert ihr am meisten?

DeathMetalPanda’s Profile PhotoSir Panda
Ich mag sehr viele unterschiedliche Genre. Von Point & Click Adventures, die mich besonders in meiner Kindheit geprägt haben, bis hin zu (J)RPGs, Action-Adventures, RPG Maker und Horror ist so ziemlich alles vertreten, solange die Handlung und das Setting mit zusagen. Ich mag vor allem Indie Spiele, weil sie selbst neben Triple A - Titeln mit einer einzigartigen Aufmachung herausstechen können (z.B. To The Moon). Seit ich einen Gaming-Laptop besitze, habe ich auch glücklicherweise mehr Auswahl als früher, wobei ich immer noch unscheinbare Exemplare bevorzuge.

Why does it hurt so much? 😢

I've mentioned how I've heard things before. I would get faint noises that sounded like a radio playing with people talking, but then when I would go out of the room to hear it better and it would be silent and no radios/TVs on or anything. It has happened many times to me. Because I told her that I think it's just my head and I'm not sure if it's a sign of a mental illness she completed disregarded it being a possibility since "people who have those mental illnesses don't think it's not actually there/real or just in their heads".
Same. Just moved in and don't know anyone in the area. Also, I've had a long, long creative burnout brought on by my anxiety. By that, I mean that I do lots of things. Write, make videos, do Super Mario Maker levels, ANYTHING. I now feel like I can't succeed in any category because of my anxiety and issues with depression. It sucks. I'm just gonna live through life as a nobody. Nothing in life means anything. Really, the best things in life are eating and trying to sleep away the tiredness anxiety beings and playing Phoenix Wright, but whatever I do, I just feel miserable knowing that at the same time, I could be doing something better and I don't have access to anything like a girlfriend. Even when I go out, I never seem to achieve whatever spiritual goal I have. In the end, I just start to feel my life, my existence, was only brought on because God needed a Wile E. Coyote act to make himself entertained.
Pain manifests itself in hurting people. My back will knot up in spasms. I would get lumps in my lats and neck during football/wrestling. I dated a girl with fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain from depression/neurosis. I could barely hug her without her wincing. She would initiate and then I would have to let her do most of the hug and I would just put my arms around her. We are large people too. I'm 6'4 250 lbs and she was 6'3". I swear I have the genotype of Tony Soprano lol. I'm sorry for your suffering. Have you found anything that helps? I have to tank a lot of water, watch my diet for inflammatory reasons, and sleep 9 hrs a night. Is it chronic pain everywhere or in certain areas?
Yes. Also with anxiety, if it gets really really bad. I literally feel where my nervous system is because it's so intense, especially my head, neck, back and arms. Sometimes it becomes hard to move and my arms start shaking because of it. I can learn cognitive behavioral coping mechanisms all I want, but if my whole body is literally being consumed by negative emotions physically, that's not going to help one bit.
When my depression is really bad - I'm talking agitated, confused, not thinking straight etc - I feel as though I'm going through a heroin withdrawal. I physically just can't get comfortable, no matter what I try.

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حد يعرف يعمل CV ضروري ياجماعه

Shemo9666’s Profile Photo꧁SHEMO꧂
بصى ياشيمو.. انتي اخدتى الشهادة او الافادة بتاعتك الاول؟؟ لو اخدتيها تقدرى تروحي اى سيبر وتسالى انك عايزة اعمليه او
تعملى زى انا وزي اى غلبان😂 نزلت ابليكشن cv maker وسجلت كل حاجه عنى وكدا وقاعده اهى لسة هتطبعيها وترافقى جمبها ورق الشهادة وشهادات الانجازات

De pessoas que reencarnaram parece top... Quero sim 😌

Jkt20’s Profile PhotoKau. 。* ♡
Acho q o ask vai apagar se eu postar o link de outro site, então pesquise no google.
(é colorido)
"How to Get My Husband on My Side mangalivre"
"Villainess Maker (One Shot) mangalivre"
"I'm Only A Stepmother, But My Daughter Is Just So Cute! mangalivre" <~ Esse é o da branca de neve q te falei antes.
"Father, I Don't Want this Marriage! mangalivre"
"The Villain's Ending Is Death mangalivre"
"The Stereotypical Life of a Reincarnated Lady mangalivre" <~ A protagonsta aqui, é meio paranoica.
"Beware of the Villainess! mangalivre"
Agora é com os protagonistas macho alpha (tipo eu)
"A Returner's Magic Should be Special mangalivre" <~ Nesse o mundo acaba, e antes do protagonista morrer, ele percebe q v oltou 13 anos no passado, agora ele vai mudar a historia
"Bug Player mangalivre" <~Nesse o cara reencarna no corpo de um lorde gordo em um jogo q ele gostava, então ele usa os bug q aprendeu no jogo pra ganhar poder
Pode ter alguns capítulos faltando, por exemplo o Beware of the Villainess vai do cap 1 ao 80 dai pula pro 93, quando tiver cap faltando procura no "muitomanga"
É as melhores obra na minha opinião

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De pessoas que reencarnaram parece top Quero sim

Hi, Sir. I'm interested in composing music for fun but have zero knowledge about it. Wondering if you're able to recommend me some amateur studio apps/software that I can play around with like GarageBand etc. Thanks!

Call me Lex... =P
You would need a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). I might start with Cubase LE. I believe it's still free and it has some nice features to get you started. You might also try Reaper which isn't free ($60 personal use, $225 commercial use) but it has a trial period until you decide if it's right for you. FL Studio Producer Edition ($199) is fairly simple to use and it has plenty of features too. The license includes free lifetime updates. Lastly, Magix Music Maker 2022 Premium Edition ($60) is great for beginners. They have a free version but it's rather limited. I hope that helps and you remain inspired... =)
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Buongiorno e buon lunedì a tutti 🤍

aurorazambelli98’s Profile PhotoAurora ✨
Sto guardando forum e parla di un uomo che oer vent anni è stato il in modo. Poi dopo molto tempo una persona può cambiare il suo comportamento arrivando ad avere un momento di debolezza. Credi che ognuno di noi possa comunque non essere più la stessa persona che aveva sposato? Lui ha conosciuto facendo im video maker ha conosciuto un persona per fare un video. Lui ha avuto un momento di crisi e quindi lui l'ha tradite.

what about jm personality?

from what i heard from other people he’s to much straight forward, but at the same time he choose what to say wisely and trying to be polite even if he don’t like something. very calm, sleeps a lot at work or watch something, so not a mood maker of a group. obedient, independent, nice, idk what else to ad😭
from what i noticed personally, so it might be not true at all, he’s easy to read, cause everything write on his face. if he likes something it very obvious and at the same time if he angry, doesn’t like shit etc it’s too obvious and he doesn’t even try to hide it. very caring, even tho he try make it like a not a big deal, but it is. he thinks about everyone else before himself in little details that no matter, like who will be eat first or who would eat more meat (ex: 7illin) but he’d never give a chance to bully himself even for a joke (ex: hc relationship). also my friend said one time, the one, who likes to observe, that jaemin living simple life. he knows how to have fun and what really matters, so he’s not a conflicted with anyone or anything, and that’s why he confident in himself. the best description for him is “world is an illusion, do what you want to do, it’s not real anyway”.

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If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Bismayy0357’s Profile PhotoBismaa.
Dear girls:
Men don't marry women who have their back in hard time, support them ,make them believe when rest of the world is letting down and cheering them up.
A man will marry a woman who isn't known or less known to him. Who is completely unaware of his dark secrets and nature. They will prefer a home maker and kids of their mother rather a friend or a partner.

Temen temeeennn, yuk tolong share skincare kamu. Khususnya untuk wajah yang breakout dan bekas jerawat dimana2. Bantu sesama yuk, kali aja ada produk yg sama2 cocok. Jadi saling membantu deh hehe Thank before❣️ Btw pakai foto juga boleh

aliestyaNN’s Profile PhotoAliestya Nikmah Nalieza
Skin : oily acne prone
Facial Wash : Emina
Moisturizer : Skintific 5x Ceramide Barrier Repair
Serum : Somethinc (dipakai sesuai kebutuhan kulit) sekarang lagi pakai Hylapore, Revive Portion, 2% BHA sama 5% Niacinamide Barrier.
Toner : Somethinc Glow Maker + Somethinc Supple Power
Waktu breakout, Somethinc 2% BHA Salicylic Acid Liquid Perfector, Revive Portion 3% Arbutin + Bakuchiol
Untuk dark spot, Somethinc Dark Spot Reducer Ampoule, Revive Portion 3% Arbutin + Bakuchiol, 5% Niacinamide Moisture Sabi Beet Serum
Anyways rajin baca review dari Female Daily juga bisa bantu tentuin produk mana yang bisa dicoba. I hope it helps you.

Rekomendasi kado buat cowok donk

RenieyKim’s Profile PhotoNayagarapoppo
Parfum, dasi, klo doi doyan hiking beli salah satu peralatan hiking (kacamata/sarung tangan/sepatu/etc), klo doi doyan fotografi beliin tripod or etc, klo doi doyan ngopi beliin coffee maker (klo doi doyan manual brew beliin vietnam drip/dripper v60/klo mau yg lebih mahal beliin aeropress atau bisa juga mokapot).
Klo kepentok budget tapi pengen keliatan oke, beliin sneakers aja di toko oren/ijo banyak kw-an atau produk lokal banyak yg murah tapi berkualitas kok 😌👌
Semoga membantu~

How to make a girl madly in love with you?

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
• Never disrespect her.
• Beautiful Tarbiyat.
• Be a Gentleman.
• Don't ignore.
• Don't leave her on read.
• Try not to have a talking gap b/w each other.
• Show care.
• Be honest.
• Don't lie.
• Don't make her jealous she'll actually lose feelings.
• Be sincere.
• Make her feel that she's the only one.
• Find a way to please her, Some girls are really hard to get.
• Be funny.
• Maker her feel safe.
• Respect her Infront of your friends and everyone.
• Take stand for her.
• Be a Man not a typical guy.
• Give her some cute gifts, doesn't has to be expensive, if the girl isn't materialistic.
• Tell her the truth.
And if you're a playboi seeking to use these point for ruining someone's life, May ALLAH SWT curse you IllahiAmeen.
Anyway if she still doesn't fall for you than it's not meant to be.

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Dachte mir ich unterstütze @nichtlichtsicht ein bisschen bei dem Adventskalender, schnappe mir mal das 3te Türchen und hinterlasse euch mit diesem kleinen Template 😉. Jetzt hoffe ich nur noch dass ich niemanden vergessen habe 🙈 (https://pin.it/6JTbW3h)

Jouluku’s Profile PhotoCaleb
Awww ich liebe Templates! Und auch wenn ich einen Tag zu spät bin und einen anderen Icon Maker benutzt habe, hoffe ich, dass ich euch trotzdem unterhalten kann😁
Dachte mir ich unterstütze nichtlichtsicht ein bisschen bei dem Adventskalender

What kind of person do you enjoy spending time with?

I prefer conversing with the usually-shy types. Though they're quiet, they are always sitting back listening and keeping their thoughts to themselves. Talking to them is an untapped gold mine of thoughts and information that doesn't get shared very often. I love those kinds of people, and they mostly tend to be very intelligent.
Constantly positive people. I need that good energy.
People who are decisive. I'm not a good decision maker and prefer when someone else makes choices about where to go, what to do, where to eat, etc.
Ones that I can learn from, but then I have learned from all shades, even the ones that most would never want to see or hear from.
Someone I can spend time with without having to fill the silence with conversation. We can each do our own thing and be lazy together. So basically that would be my SO.
People who ask me questions (about me). I am a relatively shy person and usually stay in the background of conversations. Therefore I feel much more integrated when someone shows interest in me.
Generally people with similar interests. But what I most value of someone is if they're genuinelly listening to what you say. Conversations are so fruitful if both sides are cooperative to it, and I could be definitely talking to someone like that for hours. Kind people, people who love animals, but also people who don't like to be around you all the time. I need my me-space.
Honestly I like clingy people. I know most people don't but there's just something about talking to them every single day and having constant attention from that special girl that I just love.
Right now I'm avoiding going to Facebook because there are 3 people, just friends, who sees it as their cue to call or write to me if they see me there. I only go there about once a day because I have family there. I don't even post anything never, ever. But they know I'm there and immediately they are calling or writing. So now I rarely go there. People who are brutally honest, and can take it as well as they give it. Otherwise, they're not honest - they're just bullies.
People who are able to maintain conversation without actively needing to pressure it out of them. Good conversation makes good people and good friends.
Energetic go lucky types. Those people who love life and are geninualy nice. They give me more energy and happiness being around them. Those who make the workplace enjoyable, but are competent enough to get work done when it really needs to be done. Working with slave drivers isn't fun, and it can kill productivity. People eventually get tired of it, they leave, now you have to rehire, and retrain. Either that or everyone ends up being miserable. I normally work and live aboard ships, so having a good dynamic with the crew is extremely important. Working is important, but working non-stop for the sake of working is just plain dumb.

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What kind of student were you? A student/never missed classes/trouble maker etc. And were your parents strict about getting high grades?

I was a bit of a mixed bag, haha! I was ADHD but I was brought up in a really strict family, so instead of being massively disruptive I was pretty self destructive from a really early age.
Luckily I was in a school that recognised that I did far better out of a classroom, so they put me on all of the sports teams and I did really well. From the age of about 13 I was organising fixtures with other schools, and at 15 I was at uni and competing abroad. By 16 I was lined up to compete for GB.
I'm not a great student. I tend to write essays just before the deadline and scramble to get them in. But education has always been more important than anything else in my family, and I'm pretty sure that's something that I'll carry forwards for my kids.

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