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i feel like if you're latina or part latina and from new york, you gotta be from the bronx. more than half of the bronx identifies as latino or part-latino.

I’m upstate. There is little racial diversity here. I was born in California anyway but that’s not even where my father is originally from. I’ve had the awful thought wondering if there’s some chance I’m related to that awful woman on here because of where they’re both from. I have so much family in that state. 😒

Have you ever been in an earthquake?

In December 8, 2016, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Northern California, and I felt it. I also remember the July 4, 2019, earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4, as measured by seismologists, followed by an aftershock on the 5th, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake felt by millions across the state.
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c l a n c y / / part 4.

yulia_pizza’s Profile Photomon amí
наконец-то закончился четвёртый тур!
1 : 09.11.2019
The Bandito Tour / Tulsa, Oklahoma, US / BOK Center
2 : 15.08.2024
The Clancy World Tour / Denver, Colorado, US / Ball Arena
3 : 07.04.2025
The Clancy World Tour / Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany / Barclays Arena
4 : 06.04.2013
Trip for Concerts / Pontiac, Michigan, US / The Crofoot Ballroom
5 : 21.05.2021
Livestream Experience / Columbus, Ohio, US / Value City Arena, Schottenstein Center, Ohio State University
6 : 18.10.2021
The Takeover Tour / Boston, Massachusetts, US / Paradise Rock Club
7 : 25.10.2019
The Bandito Tour / Des Moines, Iowa, US / Wells Fargo Arena
8 : 29.06.2017
Tour de Columbus / Columbus, Ohio, US / EXPRESS LIVE!
9 : 13.09.2015
Blurryface Tour / Toronto, Ontario, Canada / REBEL
10 : 02.11.2021
The Takeover Tour / Atlanta, Georgia, US / Center Stage Theater
11 : 17.09.2022
The Icy Tour / Anaheim, California, US / Honda Center
12 : 22.10.2016
Emotional Roadshow World Tour / Moscow, Russia / Stadium Live
13 : 09.04.2025
The Clancy World Tour / Lodz, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland / Atlas Arena
14 : 17.09.2021
Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience / Roblox / Online
15 : 24.10.2019
The Bandito Tour / Minneapolis, Minnesota, US / Target Center
16 : 27.04.2025
The Clancy World Tour / Munich, Bavaria, Germany / Olympiahalle
17 : 24.06.2017
Tour de Columbus / Columbus, Ohio, US / Nationwide Arena
18 : 04.09.2022
The Icy Tour / Charlotte, North Carolina, US / Spectrum Center
19 : 11.05.2025
The Clancy World Tour / Manchester, England, UK / AO Arena
20 : 11.11.2016
Emotional Roadshow World Tour / London, England, UK / Alexandra Palace
21 : 21.06.2017
Tour de Columbus / Columbus, Ohio, US / Newport Music Hall
22 : 11.09.2024
The Clancy World Tour / Orlando, Florida, US / Kia Center
23 : 24.10.2013
Trip for Concerts / Grand Rapids, Michigan, US / The Intersection
24 : 15.10.2015
Blurryface Tour / Los Angeles, California, US / Greek Theatre
25 : 02.05.2025
The Clancy World Tour / Paris, Île-de-France, France / Accor Arena
1 правильный ответ = 4%
24 / 25 - 92%
Greenville, South Carolina, US / Bon Secours Wellness Arena
№ 24 - не найдено - 4%
21 / 25 - 68% - будет поделено пополам (каждому по 34%)
06.04.2013 - площадка
The Crofoot Pontiac Concert
The Crofoot Ballroom
24.10.2013 - площадка
133 Grandville Avenue Southwest Grand Rapids, MI 49503
27.04.2025 - площадка
Spiridon Louis Ring 21
Takeover Tour / Columbus, OH, US / Columbus Concert
№ 18, 20, 21, 22 - не найдено - 16%
18 / 25 - 64%
13.09.2015 - площадка
Leader Bank Pavilion
Hofstra Musicfest / Hempstead, New York, US
№ 3, 7, 11, 13, 14, 20, 25 - не найдено - 28%
14 / 25 - 56%
№ 6, 8, 11, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 - не найдено - 44%
а вы готовы к финалу Clancy?
|-/ i ponder of something great.
[ no problem ]

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c l a n c y   part 4

What's your life story?

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile PhotoLax
I was born in California. My parents moved us across country here to upstate New York by truck when I was around six months old due to safety and my grandmother living here. I was a shy child and played quietly on my own or with younger kids that my mother babysat. I had a bit of trouble with school due to having a Mexican last name in an area full of white kids. I was also a bit chubby. But I always had a few good friends and usually a little boyfriend in elementary school. No major bullying but the race and weight things have affected me even into adulthood. Middle school was tough, as my anxiety and depression grew and kids got meaner. I switched to private school after middle school was over due to my anxiety. Kids were kind and interesting there but my anxiety still won and I switched to homeschooling after that. I hung around with a girl that my mom used to babysit at that point. My looks blossomed and we were boy crazy. Always had a lot of innocent fun going places and meeting boys. I met the boy from my first serious relationship at 17 and ended up living at his big family house with tons of his friends and family members. I still was very shy so it was a strange experience but I loved most of those people. We were together for a year and a half. Once that relationship ended I met a guy from Kentucky online about six months later. After I took a couple visits out there he moved to New York to be with me. That relationship ended after two years. I then ended up with a guy I knew from downtown. That relationship had a couple brief breakups for two years. My first apartment was with him. After our breakup I got my own apartment alone and we continued to see each other unofficially until he met the woman he soon married. At that point things really began to change for me. I had some profound spiritual experiences, learned to love my solitude, was working and enjoying my little line life with my amazing cat. I wanted to stay single but I met a guy online and we met and dated for about a month. It was terrible. He left me when I told him my period was late. 🤣 It eventually came thankfully. Then I went back to wanting to stay single. But I again met a man online. We didn’t meet in person right away. It was a bit intense with him telling me we were twin flames and such. But we eventually met and “married,” got another apartment, collected a bunch of stray cats and eventually moved to this house out here in the woods for the safety of the cats since we weren’t supposed to have that many at the last place. Tumultuous relationship to say the least. Many awful years. Lots of off and on stuff after about a decade. And that’s about it for now. Did anyone else write more than this? 😁

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Welchen Anime schaust du? 🤙🏼

Aber viele verschiedene Dinge. Ich werde mich nicht erinnern. Muss mir meine Liste ansehen. =)
1). Nagagutsu o haita neko.
2). Marine Boy.
3). Flying Phantom Ship.
1). Hans Christian Andersons The Little Mermaid.
2). Candi Candi.
3). Goldorak.
4). Captain Future.
1). Golgo 13 Professional.
2). The Dagger of Kamui.
3). California Crisis.
4). Robot Carnival - Star Light Angel.
5). Kenya Boy.
6). Roots Search.
7). Urusei Yatsura.
8). Savior of the Earth.
9). The World of the talisman.
10). Dominion Tank Police.
11). C.O.P.S.
12). Last Unicorn.
1). Mad Bull 34.
2). Alien From The Darknes.
3). Mamono Hunter Youko.
4). Kite.
5). Street Fighter II.
1). Full Metal Panic!
2). The Animatrix.
3). Golgo 13.
1). Appleseed Alpha.
2). ...
1). Urusei Yatsura.
2). ...

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What kind of nature do you feel most drawn to? 🏞️🐠🏔️🏜️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love nature in general and appreciate all aspects of it but probably the forest or some wide open space? The wide open spaces of the west with the mountains, forest, ocean and desert is honestly my favorite thing about living in California. I love the west coast a lot. I genuinely love the freedom of the wide open spaces. It fills my soul.

📨 new message to: my blondie ✨ ✔️sei davvero uscita con quello. ✔️Cassandra ti darà la caccia ✔️Preferisci un centro riabilitativo in California o Messico?

valentineisdisgusted’s Profile PhotoVαlentıne
Mᥱssᥲgᥱ to: Tini💖
Xყᥣιᥲ ιs tყριᥒg... ✉️ Siamo usciti tra amici! ✉️ Te lo avevo detto.. ✉️ Mi darebbe la caccia perché siamo amici?? Eddai. ✉️ Però al centro riabilitativo non dico di no.. ✉️ Tanto mi servirà per riprendermi dal futuro palo ✉️ Prima di vederci ha sottolineato cinquemila volte che fosse una cosa tra amici ✉️ E appena ci siamo visti sembrava più interessato a Nyx che a salutarmi 🤡

Jaki jeden nawyk może całkowicie zmienić życie?

staringintheshade’s Profile Photo×Nie obchodzi Cię to
Jeden nawyk, który moim zdaniem może całkowicie zmienić życie, to codzienne planowanie i wyznaczanie celów 📅✍️ Brzmi prosto, prawda? Ale moc tkwi w prostocie i konsekwencji.
Codzienne planowanie nie tylko pomaga mi uporządkować dzień, ale także zapewnia jasność co do tego, co chcę osiągnąć. To jak mapa, która prowadzi przez meandry codziennych zadań i wyzwań w kierunku większych celów 🗺️💡
Rozpoczynanie każdego dnia od spisania listy zadań do wykonania, wraz z krótkoterminowymi i długoterminowymi celami, może zdziałać cuda. Nauka potwierdza, że zapisywanie celów znacząco zwiększa szanse na ich osiągnięcie. Badanie przeprowadzone przez Dr. Gail Matthews z Dominican University of California wykazało, że ludzie, którzy zapisują swoje cele, osiągają znacznie większy sukces w ich realizacji niż ci, którzy tego nie robią 📈🎯
To nie tylko kwestia organizacji czasu. Planowanie dnia pozwala mi również na świadome zarządzanie energią i skupienie się na tym, co naprawdę ważne. W ten sposób unikam rozpraszania uwagi na rzeczy mało istotne i mogę efektywniej pracować nad swoimi pasjami i projektami 🔋❤️
Ponadto, ten nawyk uczy dyscypliny i konsekwencji, które są kluczowe w dążeniu do sukcesu w każdej dziedzinie życia. Z czasem, codzienne planowanie staje się czymś więcej niż tylko nawykiem – to sposób na życie, który prowadzi do ciągłego rozwoju i samodoskonalenia 🚀🌱
Wdrażając ten jeden nawyk, zauważyłem, jak znacząco poprawiła się moja produktywność, jak wzrosła moja zdolność do realizacji postawionych celów i jak bardzo polepszyło się moje ogólne samopoczucie. Jestem przekonany, że codzienne planowanie i wyznaczanie celów ma potężny potencjał, aby całkowicie zmienić życie na lepsze🌟📚

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Hai gia programmato le tue vacanze estive?☀️⛱️

gretaaadark’s Profile Photogreta
No non ancora ma se finisco di pagare le tasse all ufficio dell entrate in USA faccio vacanza a Londra e in America: Stato di New York. Washington, Boston, Pensilvenia, Massachusetts e, California, Texas e Florida

Najlepszego z okazji dnia mężczyzny 🤗🤗

Klaudynaa123256’s Profile PhotoKlaudia
Klaudio, serdeczne dzięki za twoje życzenia! 🌟 Twoje słowa przypominają mi, jak ważne jest świętowanie nie tylko własnych osiągnięć, ale również tego, że mamy wokół siebie ludzi, którzy potrafią docenić i celebrować z nami te momenty. 😄
Dzień Mężczyzny to świetna okazja, aby zastanowić się nad rolą, jaką pełnimy w życiu naszych bliskich i w społeczeństwie. Dla mnie takie dni są przypomnieniem, że każdy z nas ma wpływ na innych, zarówno przez to, co robimy, jak i to, kim jesteśmy🤵✨
Nauka mówi, że docenianie innych, wyrażanie wdzięczności i świętowanie sukcesów wzmacnia nasze relacje i poprawia samopoczucie. Na przykład, badania przeprowadzone przez uczonych z University of California w Berkeley wskazują, że praktykowanie wdzięczności może zwiększać poziom szczęścia i zmniejszać depresję📈💪
Twoje życzenia są więc nie tylko miłym gestem, ale i przypomnieniem o sile pozytywnych relacji i docenienia. Oby Twój dzień był równie pełen pozytywnej energii, jak te życzenia, które do mnie skierowałaś! 💫😊🙌

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Lana is an "authentical" New Yorker, she is originally from Manhattan. I think she wishes she was from California though. "I'm not from the land of the palms, so I know I can't stay here, I'm not native" lyric from a song.

I thought so. People have mentioned her to me since I live in NY, maybe because I was born in CA also. I only ever listened to her first album though. I did like that a lot back in the day but I didn’t keep up with her music. I’m a Fiona Apple girl who is also from Manhattan but I haven’t kept up with her more recent music either.
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If you were gonna do karaoke, which song would be your first pick? 🎤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hmmm if I were gonna do karaoke, I’d first choose a song everybody knows, but isn’t that very much of a party/singalong song so you can warm everyone up to the big songs.
I’d probably choose something like California Girls from Katy Perry, or a Lady Gaga song 😊
If you were gonna do karaoke which song would be your first pick

Si los Estados Unidos de América invadieran México ¿qué harías tú, como ciudadano mexicano, al respecto?

Los guardias de los Jaliscos son 🇺🇸 ya he mostrado que quieren atacar los republicanos o demócratas en 2025 a los de Sinaloa, Baja California, Sonora y Tamaulipas, los guardias del mencho con Minigun, RPG7 , vehículos Antiaerios ✨ si ya varios helicopteros quedaron ❤️‍🔥no como los de Sinaloa que los exterminan y quedan en las calles y cualquier parte 🦍 con sus camionetas blindadas calcinadas .
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❝It was against the rules for normal people-human people like me and Charlie- to know about the clandestine world full of myths and monsters that existed secretly around us.❞

TheTwilightB’s Profile PhotoBella Swan
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀✧・.☾ Isabella Marie Swan ☽︎ .・✧
Filha única do Policial Charlie Swan e sua esposa Renée, Bella nasceu na cidade Forks, Washington. Seus pais se divorciaram quando ela tinha apenas três meses de idade. Bella e sua mãe então se mudam para Downey, Califórnia, para viverem com a sua avó. Após Renée conseguir um diploma, as duas se mudam novamente para Riverside, onde sua mãe consegue um emprego como professora do jardim de infância em uma escola local. Quando Bella tinha seis anos, elas se mudam para Padise Vallery, em Phoenix, Arizona. Durante a maior parte da sua infância, ela visitava seu pai em Forks por um mês todos os verões.
Ela teve aulas de balé e piano por um breve período, mas as abandonou depois de um tempo, porque as achava muito difíceis. Bella nunca se encaixou com seus colegas da Califórnia e do Arizona. Ela sempre teve a sensação de estar fora de sincronia com todos - incluindo com sua mãe, que era sua melhor amiga. Enquanto sua mãe era intolerante, distraída e gostava de mudar de um hobby para outro, Bella cresceu como o indivíduo mais responsável e independente da casa. Em tenra idade, ela assumiu a maioria das responsabilidades domésticas de sua casa. Às vezes, ela se sentia como se fosse a adulta e Renée a criança. Durante seu tempo livre, ela preferia ficar em casa e ler, em parte porque ela era extraordinariamente desajeitada. Sua personalidade naturalmente responsável foi transferida para seus trabalhos escolares, onde Bella era geralmente uma estudante nota A.
Quando Bella notou que Renée se sentia solitária devido à falta de romance em sua vida, ela encorajou a mãe a ir em mais encontros. Eventualmente, Renée se apaixonou e se casou com um jogador de beisebol da liga menor chamado Phil Dwyer. Bella não gostou muito da ideia da mãe se casar novamente, mas mesmo assim deu sua bênção ao casal. Eles se casaram em setembro, no mesmo mês em que Bella completou 17 anos. Enquanto Phil viajava a trabalho, Renée ficava em casa com Bella, no entanto, Bella, percebeu a infelicidade de sua mãe com esta condição, então decidiu ir morar com seu pai em Forks para que Renée pudesse viajar com Phil durante a temporada de beisebol. Quando se muda para Forks, Bella se matricula na escola local a Forks High School, no meio do primeiro ano. Na nova escola, ela não percebe a atração física que ela causa nos estudantes do sexo masculino e faz alguns novos amigos, incluindo Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber e Mike Newton.

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It was against the rules for normal peoplehuman people like me and Charlie to

What's wrong with You ?

I don't like the immigrants from below 👌tens of millions of immigrants and even more the blacks, Muslims, South America, from Africa or Asia! eliminating this problem ends 🔥most countries are of vrg also why the majority of people are like animals 🐒🦊 or example Muslims instead of helping the Palestinians are cowards they just march like idiots instead of going to fight and more Muslim or black immigrants, Latinos in 🇺🇸 or Europe and they still want countries to fight against Israel when the richest are Jews, because of the immigrants the United States is a cowardly country and full of ugly people no longer wants to help Ukraine! Because politicians ask not to accept more immigrants but other politicians still want immigrants even if they are like the blacks who by the thousands steal from stores or businesses in 🇺🇸 they only loot like in California.

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Whats wrong with You

Have you witnessed the damage caused by the boompioid epidemic?

Yes ; it’s everywhere. I’m glad people are finally talking about it but it way worse than people actually realize. Maybe because I grew up on Southern California, I understand the seriousness of it because the dr.ugs get pushed through there first before it get exported other places. I just tell people take what you know and understand of it & times that by 20.

How good are you at choosing clothes depending on the weather? Maybe you have a story of when you got caught unprepared in a rainstorm etc.? 🧥⛈️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am so bad at being prepared. I am still stuck in the mindset that I am still in Southern California lol so recently I went out to dinner & it was in the city so lots of walking & it started pouring. I was completely soaked from the rain - I thought it was hilarious 😂
How good are you at choosing clothes depending on the weather Maybe you have a

🏹 . ⊱ You are the daughter of Athena, the badass in the arena.

yankeeschase_’s Profile PhotoAnnabeth Chase
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Annabeth Chase é filha de Atena com o mortal Frederick Chase. Quando tinha sete anos, Annabeth resolveu fugir de casa, alegando que não se sentia bem-vinda no local, visto que seu pai trabalhava mais do que ficava em casa e sua madrasta não parecia ir com sua cara, deixando-a sozinha em seu quarto, muitas vezes sendo atacada pelas tão típicas aranhas, que odeiam todos os filhos de Atena.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Ao fugir, conheceu outros dois
semideuses, Luke Castellan e Thalia Grace, tornando-se grande amiga de ambos, enfrentando monstros em busca da sobrevivência junto dos mesmos, chegando a pensar que nutria algum sentimento romântico por Luke.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Mais tarde, o sátiro Grover Underwood os encontra e tenta leva-los com segurança para o Acampamento Meio-Sangue, apesar de todos os ataques de monstros que eles enfrentam pelo caminho. Na chegada da fronteira do Acampamento, Thalia sacrificou a sua vida para Luke e Annabeth poderem entrar no Acampamento sem serem atacados por um exército de monstros.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Annabeth é descrita no livro como uma garota alta e com um corpo atlético. De acordo com Percy, Annabeth teria uma imagem típica de garota californiana, pois apresenta um bronzeado intenso e o cabelo loiro cacheado, isso se não fosse pelos seus olhos supreendentente cinzentos como os de sua mãe.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ “Ela provavelmente tinha minha idade, talvez fosse uns cinco centímetros mais alta, e tinha a aparência muitíssimo mais atlética. Com seu bronzeado intenso e o cabelo loiro cacheado, era quase exatamente como eu imaginava uma típica menina da Califórnia, a não ser pelos olhos, que arruinavam essa imagem. Eram surpreendentemente cinzentos, como nuvens de tempestade; bonitos mas também intimidadores, como se ela estivesse analisando o melhor modo de me derrubar em uma luta" _ Percy Jackson ( O Ladrão de Raios; Págs 71-72)
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Annabeth ama a arquitetura, e gasta seu tempo livre projetando edifícios novos e visitando monumentos nacionais. Sua falha fatal é húbris, também conhecida como orgulho excessivo: ela acha que ela pode fazer qualquer coisa e fazê-lo bem, ainda melhor do que os deuses.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Annabeth é muito dura e julgante durante as primeiras reuniões, mas depois de ganhar a sua aprovação, ela é muito leal. Ela é muito forte de espírito e igualmente teimosa, além de ser incrivelmente corajosa e ousada. Annabeth mostra muitos sinais de intrepidez, coragem e determinação, tem muito nervo e é também um gênio intelectual, assim como inteligente e espirituosa. Ela também é analítica, estratégica e é muito sábia.

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You are the daughter of Athena the badass in the arena

What did you like about Tennessee?

Tbh, it literally just felt like LA. It felt like I’ve been there many times before. Which cracks me up because all of people from the south judge people from California but they all love Nashville and I’m over here all like, “its really not any different.” 😂

Музыкальный пост🙂 Ссылка на Ютуб или полное название песни приветствуется👌🏻 1)под какую песню станцевали бы с любимым человеком(партнёром)? 2)под какую песню за последнее время пролито много слёз(если не плакали,то грустили)? 3)какая песня напоминает период вашей юности(лет 13-16)?

kkkkrrrk’s Profile Photol.kris
Музыкальный пост Ссылка на Ютуб или полное название песни приветствуется 

3 headcanons about your character 🧠

🎸 Essendo cresciuto in California, Floyd è un abile nuotatore e surfista. Il suo patrigno gli insegnò persino come issare la randa di un imbarcazione. Ama moltissimo l'acqua, specialmente la salsedine presente in essa; un po' gli dispiace che nel Velo ci sia solo il lago e non anche il mare.
🎸 Nonostante sia della filosofia “credo solo a quel che vedo”, è pur sempre figlio di una praticante della wicca: crede alle energie che sprigionano minerali e pietre, nonché alle nozioni sul futuro ricavate dalla lettura dei Tarocchi. Paradossalmente, non ripone fiducia sugli effetti “magici” delle pozioni, soprattutto quelle edibili, diciamo.
🎸 Questo è uno spoiler bello grosso della trama: i suoi geni non sono umani. Floyd sa per certo che la madre è una stregona, mentre del padre biologico non ha ricevuto informazioni; si pensa che sia/sia stato un vampiro. Questo spiegherebbe la conformazione naturalmente appuntita dei suoi canini e l'attrazione anomala per il sānguē. Mi piacerebbe che emergesse questa scoperta grazie a qualcun altro, prima o poi.

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3 headcanons about your character

Have you noticed a difference between the homeless people you've encountered in the various states you've lived in? Like have they been different from state to state?

I haven’t to every state but the ones I’ve been to, yes.
California: you don’t really see them except in areas there only allowed to be by law & they tend to just leave you alone.
Oregon: they get in peoples faces.
Washington: they keep to themselves. Really awful mental health issues.
Nevada: always asking for money & booze cause they gamble a lot.
Colorado: they keep to themselves. They can tell you don’t wanna associate & they don’t wanna associate with other people who aren’t homeless as well.
Tennessee: you will hear/see gunshots & crime scenes/dead bodies pretty often.
Illinois: really bad mental issues & always trying to start fights.
Maryland: is like Tennessee, Oregon, & Illinois combined.
Everywhere else I have been I wasnt there long enough to really witness or observe homeless behavior. They all have substance abuse in common, obviously.

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Si Fuese Posible Ir a Nevada California Estaria En El Rancho De La Ponderosa Con Mi Mujer e Hijos y Con Mi Gente Tambien Haciendo El Trabajo De Ganadero Como lo Ha Hecho Mi Padre y mis Hermanos Adoptivo

kevincarrasquillo943751’s Profile PhotoKevin Carrasquillo Camacho
La Ponderosa, la finca donde tiene sus residencia la familia Cartwright -conformada por un hombre tres veces viudo y sus tres hijos, de sus distintos matrimonios y Kevin su hijo menor adoptivo.
Si Fuese Posible Ir a Nevada California Estaria En El Rancho De La Ponderosa Con

aren’t you from new york?

Yes but I was born in California. I joke about my valley girl tendencies. I don’t know where it comes from. I didn’t grow up there. Must have been in the water my mother drank while pregnant. 🤣
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Have you seen the movie about the stalker that triggered the anti stalking law in California? Ignore every message from that troll bothering you for pics, no matter how tempting you want to reply. It only feeds them.

No but I’m interested now, what’s the movie called?! I haven’t been talking to them for weeks and the last time they asked for a picture, I told them that I won’t be sending them pics anymore and they stopped talking to me. The only reason I added them on Snapchat was because I thought that they were slightly good looking and that we could possibly get to know each other through communicating but clearly they didn’t want that.

2023 ha sido un buen año para ti?

It is bad that tens of millions of immigrants arrive in Mexico every year and even more so now. With the wars, those from South America, Africa, Asia and some Eastern European countries want to live in Mexico and they are ugly. Below it says the Mexican man is the most violent, the most sexist, the most Racist, xenophobic but he is protective but it is not well explained what he says, the Mexican man (not all of them) is better than almost all countries👌 example South America, that most of their women are bitches, Asia the majority because anyone also says it, in 🇨🇦🇺🇲 it is being filled with Indians , Chinese, Africans, Muslims that only affect not like the Mexicans who in Texas and California are the majority made them rich 🇺🇲 apart from the fact that those territories were from Mexico and in more states and not like the blacks and other countries who only steal and They ask for help, also Eastern Europeans plus the Spanish, France, England, Belgium, the men of those countries are worth a lot🦍 the Muslims, blacks and immigrants take away their women, their homes, apart from that they are violent against them and do nothing, Mexico filled with millions and millions of immigrants because they are 🦍🦊 and leave 💩their countries and then want to live in 🇲🇽🇺🇲🇨🇦 where they are not wanted, especially blacks and Muslims. ,beautiful people are welcomed but Muslims, blacks, South America, Chinese and many are nothttps://youtu.be/KPr_Fi5xS8o?si=U8CVLjNMhKOV3Sf1

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2023 ha sido un buen año para ti

Tell a little about your farm-life ? (do you own . . . size . . etc.) [I've been in agriculture all my life ~ as a grower + shortish spell in a friend's forestry management + some live stock experience, long ago!]

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
I grew up on a farm my entire life, with the homestead being 40 acres plus 200 acres of field land. When I lived in Texas, I had 20 acres on top of 40 with a mixture of beef cattle and goats, sheep, and horses. Once I moved to California, my cousin allowed me to take over his farm as he's a top model/business man that wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. There's over 400 acres that I share with my uncle, and we raise a mixture of beef, dairy, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, ducks, and chickens We have a huge garden for canning. We do beans, corn, wheat, oats, and hay. We'll support some local businesses with daily fruits, veggies, and bread. Trying to give back to the community as California is so expensive.

Lubisz sushi? Jak tak to jakie?

Fruubus’s Profile Photoa̷nett
🍣 O tak, sushi to prawdziwa uczta dla podniebienia! Kiedy mam ochotę na coś wykwintnego i oryginalnego, to często myśli moje błądzą ku tej japońskiej specjalności. Teraz zapewne zastanawiasz się, jakie konkretne rodzaje sushi wywołują uśmiech na mojej twarzy. Zatem, zdradzam kilka swoich ulubieńców:
1️⃣ Nigiri z łososiem: 🐟 Prosta, ale jednocześnie wyrazista kompozycja smaków. Delikatny łosoś na kawałku ryżu do sushi, czasem z odrobiną wasabi - to jest coś, co mogę jeść na okrągło!
2️⃣ California Rolls: 🥑🦀 Z ich kremowym smakiem awokado i słodkawym krabem w środku, te rolki są prawdziwym klasykiem, któremu trudno się oprzeć.
3️⃣ Dragon Rolls: 🐉🍤 Te ekstrawaganckie rolki, często dekorowane kawałkami awokado tak, aby przypominały smoka, są prawdziwym dziełem sztuki kulinarnego świata. Oczywiście smak tu również jest na pierwszym miejscu, zwłaszcza ze słodko-pikantnym sosem unagi.
4️⃣ Sashimi: 🥢 Choć to nie jest technicznie sushi, te cienkie plasterki surowej ryby są często podawane w restauracjach sushi i są czymś, co zawsze sprawia mi radość ze względu na ich świeżość i czystość smaku.
5️⃣ Maki z tuńczykiem: 🐟🍃 Zwijane w zewnętrzną warstwę algi nori, te rolki często łączą w sobie świeżość tuńczyka z ostrym akcentem wasabi lub pikantnego majonezu, dostarczając tym samym prawdziwie bogatego doświadczenia smakowego🍣🍥🍱

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Lubisz sushi Jak tak to jakie

Buch 📗 oder EBook? - Teil 2

normanz9761’s Profile Phototh1rsttrap
Da ich schon «Buffy» erwähnte – in den '90er Jahren gab es eine Reihe (eher mittelmäßiger) Bücher zur Sendung; eine amerikanische Ausgabe davon fiel mir vor einigen Jahren in die Hände. Die Interpretation des Textes war genial. Für die Überschriften hätte man die Buffy-Logoschrift («Kruella») verwenden können, stattdessen hat sich die Verantwortliche dafür entschieden, die Schriftart «Herculanum» zu nutzen, die 1.) im «Buffy»-Logo den Titelzusatz «The Vampire Slayer» und 2.) die Credits zu Beginn der Episode darstellte. Die für den Text verwendete Schriftfamilie war «ITC Berkeley Oldstyle», was in meinen Augen eine absolut geniale Entscheidung war. «Berkeley Oldstyle» ist eine in den '80er Jahren nachgestaltete Version einer in den '40er Jahren für die University of California Press gestalteten Schriftfamilie. Der Designer, Francis Goudy, orientierte sich nach eigenen Angaben bei der Gestaltung an Ausgaben der University of Oxford. Zeitweise wurde «Berkeley Oldstyle» auch unter dem Namen «Californian» verkauft.
Kurzum: Die Schriftfamilie ist historisch geknüpft an das akademische Studentenleben in Kalifornien, in dessen Zusammenhang «Buffy – The Vampire Slayer» spielt. In das Design der Schriftfamilie flossen viele Vorbilder aus der Renaissance, insbesondere Schriftgestaltungen des venezianischen Druckkünstlers Nicolas Jenson. Die Schriftfamilie kommuniziert zeitgleich den Coming-of-Age-Bezug Buffys, die zum Zeitpunkt des Erscheinens (4. Staffel) von der High School aufs College ging, und eine antike zeitlose Tradition, die wunderbar zum Vampirgenre passt.
Wer auch immer seinerzeit bei Simon & Schuster die typographischen Entscheidungen getroffen hat, wusste genau was sie oder er tat und war sehr wahrscheinlich (Stichwort «Herculanum») selbst Fan der Serie. Einen solchen Text stellt man nicht in fu.cking Amazon-Bookerly dar! Und außerdem liest man ihn genauso wie er gesetzt wurde – Zeile für Zeile.
Dasselbe gilt für das bereits erwähnte «Shadowhunters» - das Erscheinungsbild ist nicht nur passend (die 2001 in einer Ursprungsversion von der niederländischen Type Foundry Underware erstmals veröffentlichte «Dolly» ist prädestiniert für Young- bzw. New Adult Urban Fantasy und die Nutzung von Pterra als Logo- und Drop-Cap-Schriftart ist brillant), es ist als Ensemble Teil der Marke «Shadowhunters». Einen solchen Text überträgt man nicht in irgendeine E-Reader-Standardschrift.
Und wo wir bei dem Begriff «Marke» sind – ein noch viel eklatanteres Beispiel ist m.E. der «Diogenes»-Verlag. Ich habe überhaupt nichts dagegen, einen «Diogenes»-Text auf einem EReader oder auch auf dem Tablet zu lesen. Aber die Buchdesignentscheidungen sind bei dem «Diogenes»-Verlag so ausgeprägt, dass man hier beinahe nicht von einem Verlag im eigentlichen Sinne, sondern von einem Label sprechen kann.

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