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Is it true that you can never make everyone happy?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Sadly it is like that cause we all have different preferences, perspectives, and experiences that shape our expectations and desires. What brings joy to one person may not have the same effect on another — it just important to remember that it is kay to have differing opinions and preferences. The key is to embrace and respect those differences while finding common ground and understanding. So, while we can strive to bring happiness to others, it is important to recognize that it is not always possible to please everyone. 🌻

Have you ever felt some much hurt that you eventually feel numb to everything?

Maybe for a short amount of time but I do think I’ve definitely become numb without even realizing. I can’t find it in me to laugh at the things I would’ve normally laughed at in the past. It’s like I’ve been so disappointed that nothing really makes me smile or laugh anymore. Sometimes I find myself alone and thinking, “What did I do to deserve the way people have treated me in the past?” And I think about it every so often but the only thing that comes to mind as an explanation is that people took my kindness for granted and saw it as a great opportunity to do things they knew would hurt me. I wish it wasn’t always me vs others but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t know who’s truly there for you and who’s secretly trying to ruin your happiness.

Can material things make you happy?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
They do provide a sense of pleasure and satisfaction to me, but they often fade over time. Nothing remains. True happiness, on the other hand, comes from within ourselves and our connections with others cause it is about finding fulfillment in experiences, personal growth, and meaningful relationships. These are the things that truly nourish our souls and bring us lasting happiness. So, while material things can bring temporary joy, they are not the ultimate source of deep and lasting happiness. 🌻

shaadi k baad insaan pagal q hojate hn. mtlb ye 50-60 sal k log inko apas me baat bhi dhang se nh krskte. kutto ki trha cheekhte hn ek doosre pe. or Bacho k mathhay ki maa bhen krdete hn. itni nafrat thi or h ek doosre se to itne Bache kyu paida kiye.

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
It begins with bx relatives and in-laws criticizing newlyweds, labeling them as submissive or accusing the wives of doing taweez kala jaadu type things, all while undermining their supportive behavior towards each other. This manipulation leads to hurt egos and husbands siding with their own families during arguments to avoid shame, causing rifts and bitterness btw the couple. Outsiders exploit the situation further for personal gains or to create mockery of it. Over time, fights escalate into family feuds until one spouse refuses to tolerate it anymore, shocking the other who's unaccustomed to such pushback. Along with this ongoing situations, despite the struggles, couple stays together due to societal pressure, harboring unspoken complaints. Eventually, love is sustained by shared memories, but marriages with unhappy beginnings struggle as resentment grows, particularly if happiness is solely tied to children or lifestyle. unresolved fights, outside manipulation and specially relatives interventions worsen it as they will always speak against their opposite side.
This leads to toxicity, quarrels, fights, divorces blablabla and now the couple is extremely against each other and this gradually turns into hatred, they try to hurt each other everytime and this way their ego stays intact while innocent children suffer the most in all this and this continues forever.
#averagehouseholdstories and even i am trying to find an answer how to avoid this situation because I really wanna guide somebody close going through this all.

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ايه الاهم تكون مبسوط ولا مرتاح ؟

hananebaid9’s Profile PhotoDr.Hanan Ebaid
This question immediately reminded me of a quote from Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel, Brave New World: "I don't want comfort. I want God, I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness. I want sin."
Comfort is safety, it is security, it is all your basic needs being met, and then some. Comfort is luxury, a privilege, and a scarcity in this world. I don't think being comfortable necessarily entails happiness. Huxley's position implies that comfort

Hey , sorry to interrupt your scrolling but i wanted to remind you that you are beautiful and you deserve happiness no matter what you might think have a good day mate 💛.

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
يومك جميل يا نبتون ❤️
بس انا رايح دمنهور مشوار صد رد كده وانا مابحبش البلد دي وبحسها صفرا كده شبه طنطا والمكسيك في أفلام هوليود، فمش عارف بقى هيبقى جود داي ولا باد

I often feel like I don't deserve happiness do you ever feel that way

it’s ok to not be ok… it’s ok to feel sad… it’s ok to cry your eyes out… it’s ok to be angry… it’s ok to be confused… it’s ok to be unsure about things… at the end of the day, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and you’re not alone.. there’s always someone who will be there for you and listen to you ❤️

Your kill your own happiness for these people. Like exactly why? They're not going to sell their kidney to save you. They won't be there to help you when you'd run into an actual problem. And exactly why do you have to earn their trust and be in their good books?

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
External locus of control.... We thrive on external validation.... We think we r what others say abt us.... We dont understand we r who we r no matter what any one says.

Your kill your own happiness for these people. Like exactly why? They're not going to sell their kidney to save you. They won't be there to help you when you'd run into an actual problem. And exactly why do you have to earn their trust and be in their good books?

OneFinalTime__Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
Yeah so be away from people and put limits. It's the best solution ever. Being bored but in peace is better than having wrong people around you.

Do you think that being selfish sometimes is crucial to happiness?

TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
Na ja; if I got the point of your Q righ, it's a lil' controversial yk!
Cuz not all the ppl have the "Altruism" concept and being selfless ain't gonna work for 'em.
A lot of ppl like to take more than they can give and it's hard for me to call it selfishness bc it's a lil' bit of an extreme synonym.
And I don't think that being with such nasty *in my pov* characteristic would grant ya any kind of happiness.
Possibly temporarily but not too long 🗿

-does money bring happiness ?

dokhtarafghan123’s Profile Photoheaven on earth.
Ofcourse yh basic skin care/ electronics / cosmetics jitni mehngi ho gyi hain sadness hoti h 😂😭
High budget chaiya h b
Especially when you have oily acne and comedone pron skin with wavy or curly hair and fragrance allergy as well.
Or kbhi kbar kisi specific juty kpry jewlry p b dil ajata h sal mh do char bar to kya krain 🥹🥹🥹🥹

How do you think the constant exposure to social media affects our perception of self-worth and happiness?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
We actually need more people on social media who give exposure of thr real challenges in life. We don't need to put an end to social media but we need to put an end to trends and practices that are making it hard to live for others.
An example of this I have seen in the lives of some of my colleagues.
They live in an over expensive residential areas so so they have to dress up and carry themselves just the way their neighbours do. No matter what they have to buy branded attires and go to famous places that they can boost about in their circle.
And all of this is mentally and physically exhausting. And they've admitted this but they can't break the trends.
So we don't need to exclude social media but we need to include the right source of social media that we need exposure of. We need imperfect influencers and unsuccessful entrepreneurs who share how they failed and failed till they had some sweetness of success .

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مساحة مفتوحة للنصوص التي تمنيتُ لو أنها كانت تُهدى لكَ ✨️

aya4405’s Profile Photoآيه ✨️
"I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be."
By Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Speak your heart out✨️

hahahadia1’s Profile Photohahahadia1
Not every house is filled with love. Some have loud voices in them, banging of doors, cries of mother and anger of father. Not all houses are made with care and affection. Some are built with sighs and silence. And it's okay. It's not your fault. It never was your fault. Be kind. Don't inherit their anger. Be your own definition of your "FAMILY".
Surely time will change for you. You'll find peace. And I pray when you find your happiness, true love, true friends and peace, you're ready to accept it.✨🌼❤

The moral of this story is that no matter how much we try, no matter how much we want it... Some stories just don't have a happy ending ✨

The ending that we think would be a 'happy' one can sometimes be one of the worst ways our stories end. I recently talked to someone who said she tried for 7 years to get married to the guy she loved because she thought that'd be her happy ending. But now taht she's married and she says how wonderful her life is with her husband, she realised that the other guy would've never given her this much happiness and peace. This was her true happy ending. We can't even predict what's to come two seconds later, how can we predict what our happy ending would be?

Twoje miejsce na przemyślenia. Twoje miejsce na wszystko, co chcesz.

valkyr_’s Profile PhotoValkyr
Moon is a friend.
Rain is comfort.
Life is hell.
Day is a nightmare.
Sleep is heaven.
Death is a dream.
Happiness is an illusion.
Emptiness is reality.
And I drank too much...
Twoje miejsce na przemyślenia 
Twoje miejsce na wszystko co chcesz

أحد العناصر التي لا غنى عنها للسعادة هو افتقاد المرء لبعض ما يريد.... مساءكم ياسمين عتيق •••💎

shirazjak’s Profile Photoشـيراز ^••||صل على الحبيب||••^
✨ From time to time it is good to take a break from pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Good evening✨
أحد العناصر التي لا غنى عنها للسعادة هو افتقاد المرء لبعض ما يريد

مساءكم ياسمين

If you came upon a genie which would grant you one wish and one wish only, what'd you wish for? (Except for more wishes) 🧞‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Good question, it’s a hard one to answer 🤔 I think it would be, to be happy for ever 😂 this means that everyone and everything around you would be good 🤷🏻‍♀️because if it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be happy 🤷🏻‍♀️do you get what I mean ? 😅😂 it’s kinda a wish for everything in one 😂 happiness ✨✨

I think this means the end amma reset every thing as i should long ago. The fear this time is great greater than any sense of joy i felt.

I find myself entangled in the allure of short-term happiness, a fleeting ecstasy that promises joy in the moment but often costs a bitter residue of regret. Despite knowing that it may do me no good, I choose to silence the protests of my anxious heart, following what my subconscious mind had said. Time waits for no one; it flows with a tranquil pace while I sit there, ignoring the days I sacrificed for these ephemeral pleasures, a silent witness to my world full of chaotic lies.
In the pursuit of immediate gratification, a deceptive satisfaction momentarily masks the underlying turmoil. Yet, as the seconds pass, the illusion fades, leaving me standing in the wreckage of days supposed to be filled with promises and potential. I am left grappling with the remnants of hope, a spectral memory of what once seemed like an escape.
The kid in my mind had constructed elaborate fantasies, hoping to be sucked into some other world where the burdens of reality dissipated. However, the harsh truth remains—it had never been a temporary solution to begin with; it had never been a reality—My Reality.
The outcomes I envisioned, the dreams I dared to nurture, had never been within my grasp to begin with. The choices made in the early chapters of my journey now cast a shadow on my present. I find myself sitting amidst the echoes of time, yearning to reverse its unrelenting march. Hoping to erase the choices that were surreal to begin with—hoping that the feeling I had was never felt... if only I could tell my early self to stop being delusional and quit.

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What's a purest form of love?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
I'm not entirely sure what the purest form of love is, as I haven't experienced it firsthand. However, there was a time when I was fond of a guy, and during that period, I consistently prayed for his success, health, safety, happiness, and well-being, as well as that of his family, especially during tahajud .. umm I know that it wasn't true or the purest form of love, but it was genuine affection and concern that I felt for him, and it was enough to make me want the best for him.

Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.

I have a beautiful love story with rain. Sometimes, I walked on the wet road, talking to Allah in excitement and desperation, sharing a lot of things. At times, I checked the weather forecast, staying up late to open the window and pray under the rain. Occasionally, while under the rain, I prayed for a long time because my heart didn't want to stop. It always yearned for more. Rain and my duas make my life worth living.

Happy Birthday Zaid. May Allah Almighty keep bestowing His innumerable blessings upon you, grant you strength to overcome every difficulty in life and fill your life with ultimate happiness, success and good health, Ameen. Sum-Ameen. Have a great day! 🌸🎉

Saira019’s Profile PhotoSaira.
Thank you so much Saira 💫💫💫
May Allah Pak bless you too. May you soar high and make your parents proud ✨️✨️✨️

What are some little things that matter to you?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Enjoying a beautiful sunset/skies - nature, cuddling up with a good book on a rainy day, trying out a new recipe and savouring the delicious flavours, and taking a moment to appreciate the small joys in life, like the sound of birds chirping or the smell of fresh flowers. These simple pleasures bring me happiness and one of the little things that truly matters to me is the genuine connections I have with people. It is the moments when I can have meaningful conversations, share laughter, and feel understood and supported. These connections remind me of the beauty of human relationships and the importance of empathy and kindness. Another thing that matters to me is personal growth and self-reflection. Taking the time to learn, explore new ideas, and challenge myself helps me become a better version of myself. And I love noticing things. I delight in the details. The hidden depth. The usually disregarded and overlooked. It is these little things that add depth and meaning to my life. 🌻

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What is the value of money and what is the value of human beings?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Common value of both is Happiness! 😁👌As soon as they (i.e. money and/or human beings) make someone happy , they are valuable in the subjective way for that person! 🤷‍♀️.... 😂
What is the value of money and what is the value of human beings

What does it mean to live a good life?

Living a good life means different things to different people. For some, it's about finding happiness and fulfillment in their relationships, career, and personal growth. For others, it's about making a positive impact on the world and living according to their values. Ultimately, it's about finding what brings you joy and purpose. What does living a good life mean to you?

Why are unhappy people always unhappy no matter what?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
They think it's the end, that the world is against them and that they are doomed.
They feel powerless, unwanted and maybe like they can't be heard.
But the truth is that their minds have been fed with those thoughts, in a period of their lives.
And they can't seem to find the light.
Unhappy people feel like they are surviving, more than being alive.
Maybe because they have forgotten the essential of this life.
Like waking up in the morning, feeling grateful for everything they have and believing that the day will be amazing.
That, chasing materials won't give them happiness, maybe for a short moment.
But, have they forgotten those who don't even have food to go through the day?
Or have they only looked after those who have the latest Lamborghini?
Have they seen the sky, the moon, the stars?
Or maybe they have closed their eyes on the beauty of those simple, yet magnificent things?

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Why are unhappy people always unhappy no matter what

I don’t think I will ever be happy. What should I do?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
It depends on what causes you to feel that way, buddy.
If you start being grateful with what you have, being aware that happiness is reachable and start working on yourself.
You'll feel better, because you deserve to be happy!
Avoid listening to sad songs, reading sad stories and watching sad movies.
Instead, focus on positive things.
Working out has a powerful impact on our self esteem and well being, start doing it, if you can. 💪
I dont think I will ever be happy What should I do

I see it’s ur birthday! HBD man 🎉 wish u all the best and may all ur dreams come true and I hope it will be a joyful successful blessing year for u🙏🏻💐 .. Sweet 63 😂

Moonqween’s Profile PhotoShaikha A
63?!!!! 🤣I almost choked on my dinner
thank you so much shaikha, may you be blessed with an abundance of joy, happiness, and good health

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