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Is Soldano perhaps an Italian company?

Soldano Custom Amplification is an American company founded by Mike Soldano in Los Angeles. At one point, he relocated to Seattle. Currently, the company is owned by B.A.D. (Boutique Amps Distribution) which is located in Los Angeles. Mike is Italian-American and as I understand, he serves B.A.D. as an adviser. Brilliant designer and one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting. His SLO-100 is my favorite amplifier. Superb clean channel, tons of gain and the lead channel roars like a lion. 👍
Is Soldano perhaps an Italian company

What made you decide to go on a cruise to Alaska? What did you enjoy doing whilst you were out to sea & what ports did you stop at?

My parents were celebrating their anniversary with an Alaskan cruise, but they got a really good deal through their travel agent and ended up offering to bring me and my husband along as well, as a gift. It was my dream vacation so we were elated.
My favorite things to do when out at sea were watch whales/iceburgs pass by, and to knit in the window with a cocktail.
We started in Seattle, went to Juneau, then Skagway, then back south to Ketchikan, then VIctoria Canada.
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¿Qué tal el fin de semana? Pasáis si queréis, os leo 🏻

criisminiwini’s Profile PhotoHeartbreaker❌
@criisminiwini 🌻 Heartbreaker, ya voy a tu sitio, pásate 🍏
Ettoo... genial, aunque ahora ya estamos en plena actividad 😎
🎶 ♬ ♪ ♫
Pearl Jam 👉 Seattle, Estado Washington, USA 🤘 www.pearljam.com
Eddie Vedder (vocal, guitar), Mike McCready (guitar1, voices), Stone Gossard (guitar2, voices), Jeff Ament (bass, voices), Matt Cameron (drums).
Rock, pop, punk, garage, experimental, grunge, alternativo.
CD 1991/2020.
Ficha: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/127866495545
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Pearl Jam:
Nothing As It Seems (2000)
https://youtu.be/2BIhIKjspvUsalquial’s Video 171842153529 2BIhIKjspvUsalquial’s Video 171842153529 2BIhIKjspvU
🎵 ♫
Inside Job (2006)
https://youtu.be/XfShR-wY8oQsalquial’s Video 171842153529 XfShR-wY8oQsalquial’s Video 171842153529 XfShR-wY8oQ
🎵 ♪
Amongst The Waves (2009)
https://youtu.be/DL2xIYbKTcIsalquial’s Video 171842153529 DL2xIYbKTcIsalquial’s Video 171842153529 DL2xIYbKTcI
🎵 ♬
Sirens (2013)
https://youtu.be/fmNEvdOUxkYsalquial’s Video 171842153529 fmNEvdOUxkYsalquial’s Video 171842153529 fmNEvdOUxkY
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Qué tal el fin de semana Pasáis si queréis os leo

Domingo día de... 🤔

itsloth5’s Profile PhotoLo
@itsloth5 🌼 Holi Lo, ten buen domingo 👍
Ettoo... día de descansar, contactar con persona encantadora y preparar nueva semana 😎
🎶 ♪ ♫
Alice In Chains 👉 Seattle, Washington State, USA 🤘 https://aliceinchains.com
William DuVall (vocal, guitar2), Jerry Cantrell (guitar1, voices), Mike Inez (bass, voices), Sean Kinney (drums, voices).
Rock, metal, sludge, grunge, alternativo. CD 1990/2018.
2016: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/139599859257
2019: https://ask.fm/salquial/answers/155250892089
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Alice In Chains:
Would? (1992)
https://youtu.be/LVLL917XAbksalquial’s Video 171666839865 LVLL917XAbksalquial’s Video 171666839865 LVLL917XAbk
🎵 ♬
Your Decision (2009)
https://youtu.be/f1yOPUceJqwsalquial’s Video 171666839865 f1yOPUceJqwsalquial’s Video 171666839865 f1yOPUceJqw
🎵 ♪
Black Gives Way to Blue (2009)
https://youtu.be/ZEtThIYkuSgsalquial’s Video 171666839865 ZEtThIYkuSgsalquial’s Video 171666839865 ZEtThIYkuSg
🎵 ♫
Voices (2013)
https://youtu.be/PF_sGFjQYowsalquial’s Video 171666839865 PF_sGFjQYowsalquial’s Video 171666839865 PF_sGFjQYow
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Domingo día de

Wie verbringen eure KBDT Babies den national Feiertag ihres Heimatlandes oder den 4.Juli?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Sehr coole Frage!! Also Roys 4th of July läuft zweigeteilt ab. Zum einen feiert er mit seiner Halbschwester Zelda und ihrem Vater indem sie gemeinsam brunchen gehen und im Anschluss mit Winnie eine Runde durch den Central Park drehen. Danach beginnt Roys zweite Hälfte des Feiertags. Da seine Eltern und seine kleine Schwester jedes Jahr in seiner Heimat Seattle feiern, seine besten Freunde und Daliah aber in NYC wohnen, verbringt er den Tag ebenfalls im Big Apple. Jedes Jahr sieht jedoch anders aus: Entweder gehen Elijah, Daliah und er gemeinsam was Essen und schauen sich danach von seiner Dachterasse die Feuerwerke an oder Daliah und er verbringen den Abend bei ihrer Familie. Egal wie, Zelda, sein Stiefvater, Daliah und Elijah gehören für Roy genauso zu dem Nationalfeiertag wie eine nächtliche Fahrt mit seinem geliebten Motorrad.

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Poproszę o mało znaną ciekawostkę 🤍

Podczas kręcenia cameo do filmu „Szczęściarze” w miasteczku Carnation, nieopodal Seattle, Johnny w przerwach pomiędzy zdjęciami integrował się z miejscową społecznością, spotykał się z nimi w barach i grał im serenady na gitarze.

dowolna ciekawostka? 🤍

nayaxjosey’s Profile PhotoNaya x Josey || photos x gifs
📝 • Seattle ma małą wioskę, w której bezdomni mieszkańcy mogą spać, jeść i brać prysznic. Kosztuje mieszkańców 90 dolarów miesięcznie na pokrycie kosztów mediów i ma pomóc im stanąć na nogi.

(26.05.2022) könnt ihr Serien empfehlen?(TJ) (Netflix oder Prime Video)

tiffanyhyer’s Profile PhotoTiffy
Greys Anatomy
How I met your mother
The big bang theory
Young Sheldon
Seattle Firefighters
New Girl
Two and a half man
The Walking Dead
2 broke girls
Sons of anarchy
Hoffe es sind paar dabei, die dir gefallen. 🙈☺

If you have flown, what do you think of the general experience of flying? 🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I love flying! It's kind of nice to be in a controlled environment where you can just let go. I immediately feel my cognitive abilities drop when I'm on a plane 🤣
What I hate is security. The TSA in Seattle is ok though, they're used to people not speaking English and use facial and body language a lot more and are less intimidating.
If you're wondering why I'm so observant, I have a problem with authority 🤭
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Wymienisz miejsca, które są najchętniej odwiedzane przez turystów w Seattle? 💫

Wymieniłam TOP 10:
#1 Seattle Center & the Space Needle — Centrum Seattle & Kosmiczna Igła
#2 Pike Place Market — Targowisko Pike Place
#3 Discovery Park — Park Odkrywców
#4 Woodland Park Zoo — Ogród zoologiczny w parku leśnym
#5 The Museum of History & Industry — Muzeum Historii i Przemysłu
#6 The Galleries at the Seattle Art Museum — Galerie w Muzeum Sztuki w Seattle
#7 The Museum of Flight — Muzeum Lotnictwa
#8 Whale Watch from Seattle — Zegarek wielorybów z Seattle
#9 Washington Park Arboretum — Arboretum w Parku Waszyngtona
#10 Gas Works Park — Park Gazowni

90k a year is a great salary if you live For example in West Virginia, Utah, Indiana etc. with that amount you could get a big house, a car and live with certain commodities. But in places like Seattle, San Francisco, New York, DC etc. you could barely rent a small apt

And yet here I am. Huge 2 story house, 3 vehicles, full fridge, full pantry, spoiled kids, living good. Stay mad kid.

¿Cuál es vuestra ciudad favorita de España? ¿Y del resto del mundo? ¿Por qué? Pasaros por mi Ask si queréis, un saludo.💖💖

Los ángeles
Nueva Orleans
San Francisco
Nueva York
Y muchísimas más, me gustaría algún día poder visitar alguna de ellas, besitos Mel.❤✨
Cuál es vuestra ciudad favorita de España Y del resto del mundo Por qué Pasaros

When did you wake up this morning?

Actually slept last night but still woke up about 4AM.
The tender nudges and purring of my cat, eager for his morning snuggles. The sound of diesel engines starting as my neighbors warm their trucks up to head to the frac well. The light breathing of my beautiful, sleeping wife. A mild back ache. The rugged brrrrraaaaaapppfffsss of my surprisingly vibrant morning fart, and the smell of broccoli and graveyard dirt wafting from the depths of my comforter, as though a diseased and angered mallard had snuck into bed over night.
Woke up in the crabbiest mood because school wasn't canceled. First world problem. I then made the seemingly safe walk to school, and slipped in ice right in front of everyone walking up. Tried playing it off and slipped again. 3/10 morning with rice.
My SO and I are long distance so we try to facetime as often as we can. So much that we fall asleep together. This morning I woke up to her saying my name loudly to wake me up because my TV was on too loud and bothering her. It's not much, but I love that we are able to have semi-normal interactions like that.
I like that it's 24 hours so I don't risk waking up to an infomercial any time of the night. There is literally a late-night infomercial titled, Got A Turkey Neck? It's on all the time, at least where I live, on every channel. I'm 30. I don't want to accidentally wake up to that. I don't need that kind of terror in my life.
I ended up waking up and opened the blinds to find a light snow cover on the car in the driveway, a smell of stale cigs and looking at the alarm clock to see I finally got some rest.
The feeling of being loved enough for my fiancee to be out running the snowblower so I'd be able to easily get out of the driveway. We BOTH work.
The sound of my sink running. Our pipes were frozen last night so i cranked up the heat and left the faucet in the bathroom off my bedroom on. Didn't think I'd get to shower today.
My SO. She's beautiful, and last night was the first night she stayed over at my place and got to wake up to her face. She had to leave to go to Seattle for the weekend, and I miss her.
Thing that woke me first time: boyfriends alarm (he had an early meeting, I didn't have to be up that early so I went back to sleep for another half hour). Thing that woke me for the day: boyfriend putting our dog in bed with me to wake me with puppy snuggles right before he left so I didn't have to get up to my alarm.
My husband getting home from work and the dog excitedly running out of the bedroom to meet him.
Between 7 and 9 usually. I just naturally wake up in that timeframe. Also, I have designed my life so that I don't have to wake up very early in the morning (i.e. by an alarm clock), since doing so makes me actually hate my life a little bit.

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Name 5 NFL Stadiums/Cities you'd love to visit

•New Orleans- Superdome (Fans + Who Dat enthusiasm)
•Green Bay- Lambeau (Totally explanatory)
•Hard Rock- Miami (Warm Weather)
•Raymond James- Tampa Bay (Warm weather)
• Luman - Seattle (To visit the Northwest mainly)
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People who are relatively successful/high achievers, what is your secret? What is the driving force behind whatever propelled you to the top ahead of others?

You only see them on the surface but don’t consider all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The answer is endless hours of hard work. I had come over challenges by myself, had people worth fighting for, and my inspiration was always changing or shifting making me move only a little closer each time to my ultimate goal.
I read books. Often, and for fun. My high-achieving friends do the same. Having a serious work ethic also helped. I got what I earned.
I don't view things as ahead or above anybody, I work with people. There's no secret, I worked hard for a long time and things began to change in direction and stuff. I care about what I do and people and all that, but really I 'just do' and don't actually know why and I don't load stuff up in thinking about different things either because to me what's most ideal is when I'm unaware of either consequences or stuff. I'm aware of both now. Tons of hard work like others have said. There isn’t a cheat code to being successful. Always wanting to improve yourself is a great start.
A lot of stress...and by a lot I mean not eating for 12 hours and when you finally relise you haven't, your in a lot of pain. But it comes and goes.
I had been living in Seattle for about 12 years, the commercial photo studio I was working at lost its biggest contract and went under, my rent was going to be raised to $925/month for a super efficiency studio, my dating life was dead in the water and I hardly saw any of my friends anymore. So I packed what would fit in the trunk of my shitty Chevy Lumina, sold whatever didn't and went to work at a ski lodge in Utah for the winter. Been cruising around the country working different jobs in different places ever since.
Perfect question for me. Got misdiagnosed and had a slew of terrible therapists, all before I was 18. Went into the mental health field, specializing in mood disorders and medication management, so that I could provide the kind of support I wish/needed when I was younger.

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Do you own any pets? If so what are they?

I have one cat. He's a stray I caught after being lost for two months. And his owners didn't want him back, so he stayed with me. I took him with me when I moved to Seattle.
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OMG! cuantos nicks, yo nunca tuve la habilidad para cambiarme tanto de nick de principio usé uno solo y ese quedo´ a excepción de un par de veces pero no me gustaron los otros. Porlo que veo perteneciste a seattle yo fui algunas veces ahí pero creo que nadie me peló haha.

Oh sí. Estuve en Seattle en mi primera época en Yahoo y pasé por muchas secciones más, hasta que solo quede en RyE que era lo único que permaneció vivo hasta el cierre.

Plutôt ville ou campagne ?

Grew up a country person, but have been a city person ever since -- lived in Chicago, Seattle, and DC. I'm considering moving back to a more slow-paced, rural life because I'd like to actually have a house where I can put my stuff -- but I'm afraid I'd hate it or get bored after a few months. Main thing is driving -- don't want to get in the car every time I want to get a bite to eat or need to pick up something at the store. Strip malls depress me.
I am a desert person. I live in the Mojave desert near Death Valley in California. The first few years were quite a change to my system - I was used to being in smoggy sprawling areas in the Inland Empire - also in California. Going back now - reminds me how clear the air is here (until the wind starts up...) and how terribly it affects my body. I have lived in Mexico, Washington (the state), and Missouri - the place I loved most was Washington (more specifically the forest nearest the coast or inlet).
I'm in between. I grew up in the city (Los Angeles) and also lived on a ranch in Mexico as well as by the beach. I loved every location for different things. I know if I lived in the country I'd be bored. But living in the city is too crowded and loud. I like where I am now- a somewhat quiet suburb not too far from the city, the beaches, and mountains. Beachside communities and cities are too expensive. The burbs are better price wise for me.
I'm more of a city person, though I probably wouldn't like living in the city. I'm currently living in the suburbs, but I'm only 20 minutes from DC, which is really nice because I can experience the best of both worlds. I would like to live somewhere like NYC, but I can't deal with the traffic and crowds or small living spaces.
Definitely a city person. I love the subway close to my house (which makes it possible to get to Rotterdam in 25 minutes. I am Dutch by the way) and I love all the conveniences a small city can provide. Countryside is too quiet for my tastes. Makes me feel like I'm frozen in time and I don't really like that.
I've lived in the city, the country, and peaceful suburbs. I'm in the city now and can't wait to get back to the country because it's surprisingly mentally wearing to hear so much noise and see all these other buildings/houses/industry all around me instead of fields and forest, or empty shorelines, or dusty desert. I am sick of having so much civilization around me.
City or suburbs. I grew up in the country. I hated how far we were from everything. It took 30 minutes to get to the town closest to us. It's not convenient at all. If you need something right away, like, a medication or feminine products you spend an hour in a car just to get one thing you needed. Plus, having children if there were an emergency that time could be a matter of life and death. I did have fun in the country, but wouldn't want to live there again

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What are some Irish insults and what do they mean?

This is quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? It’s a multi-purpose insult - you can use it to describe just about anything. For example; “There’s the little fecker”, when referring to the remote control that’s been wedged down the back of the couch all evening.
You’re some flute. Ideally used when someone has made a foolish blunder, thus making you wonder if they really do have anything going on upstairs.
Here’s an incredibly eloquent way of calling someone a bit of a dope or a real fool. Really emphasize the ‘ee’ here for maximum impact.
For all the intellectuals among us, this one is essentially the same as all the above but has the added appeal of being as Gaeilge!
For when saying ‘oh, you scoundrel!’ has become tiring. The term ‘sly fox’ walked so that ‘cute hoor’ could run.
This already deadly phrase - which is basically saying ‘look at the state of you’ - can be made ten times worse when followed by ‘like a melted welly’ or ‘and the price of cabbage’. You’ll leave them in equal parts offended and confused.
This one will more than likely bring you back to the sweaty walls of a teenage disco. To call someone a fridget is to call their whole ‘I shifted someone in the Gaeltacht last summer’ scéal into question. You’re basically saying they’re shiftless in Seattle… how cruel!
A cheeky little divil, a pure rascal!
You’ve more than likely taken things a tad too far if you get this one thrown at you. But, then again, you probably deserved it, you little scut.

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➥ Do you travel a lot? Where have you been so far? Where do you still want to go?

Until a year and a half ago, I travelled a lot, but only within the United States. I started in Baltimore, moved to New York, Washington D.C., stopped here and there in some small towns, and lastly went down the west coast, starting in Seattle all the way down to Los Angeles. I stopped, when I finally moved to Las Vegas and stayed there for almost a year and then moved to Mystic Falls, where I still live.
I still want to travel outside the US, mostly Europe though.

Quali città ti piacerebbe visitare?⚘❤

Parigi, Nantes, Lille, Versailles, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Madrid, Valencia, Salamanca, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dubai, Londra, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Milano e potrei continuare all'infinito credo.😂
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What's the most expensive restaurant you've ever eaten at? Was it worth it?

I went to Dick's Last Resort at the Mall of America with my ex and his daughter. If you're not familiar it's a restaurant where the staff picks on you, calls you names and just acts like dicks. I had so much fun and laughed so damn much. The meal was just around $60 but I gave the waiter a $100 and told him to keep the change. He broke out of character and gave me a huge hug and made sure I meant to do that. My family went to Alize in Las Vegas for my sisters 30th. It's on the top floor of the Palms casino with a dedicated elevator (it only has two buttons: L and 33). Had a 9 course meal with palate cleansers in between courses. The wait staff asked if we wanted our water still or sparkling. We said "sparkling" and we had bottles of Perrier cracked open about every 10 minutes. By the end of the meal I was so thirsty I would've drank from a garden hose! Our table was seated close to what I can only guess was a food critic. A garrrish albino man who took great pleasure in berating the food to his waiter, trying to show off to his female "guest". The food presentation was spectacular and every dish was served under a cloche. On cue the maître d' would announce "one, two, three "bon appétit" and the servers would each raise the domes in unison. Our entire meal took over 3 1/2 hours and cost upwards of $3200. An interesting once-in-a-lifetime experience but not something I hope to do again. We've eaten at Shiro's Sushi in Seattle on vacation. I had watched videos about their restaurant prior to travelling there. I knew that you had to have reservations based upon their website, but to sit at the sushi bar it did not require a reservation. The restaurant opened around 5:30 - we got in the door at exactly that time and had the last two seats at the sushi bar. This place has fish flown in from Japan within 24 hours of serving and has a fabulous "omakase" menu - or as the chef likes it. Our chef Aaron was an amazing host. We learned about every bite and came away feeling the most satisfied from any other meal I've ever had in a restaurant. It wasn't just a meal - it was an experience. Totally worth the almost $400 tab for two. A fancy restaurant called Townhouse in Chilhowie VA. It's run by two former Charlie Trotter chefs. It's incredible. They even have a little bed and breakfast just so people can jet into town, enjoy dinner, and stay the night. I think when I went it had about eight tables and a kickass sommelier. We spent a lot. It was totally worth it. We went back whenever we could. One of the things they made was an orange out of sorbet (I think?) that looked like a real orange. They also made a thing that looked like dirt and mushrooms, but was actually chocolate and...other stuff? Generally it's not food that looks like other food, but really neat food. Like, they have a deconstructed soup thing that has these tiny packets of cheese that burst in your mouth. It's incredible.

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What is your favorite country in the world (except for the US) and why?

I recently got back from a vacation to Cuba, and it is a delightful country. The people are all incredibly nice and accommodating. There is very little crime. I felt more safe everywhere I went there than I do in many parts of the US. The culture is incredibly vibrant. The only downside I see is that it is a very poor country. If the US were to fully drop the embargo, and Cuba got some serious investment (heavily regulated to maintain cultural identity), I think it could quite easily become one of the most thriving countries in the Western Hemisphere. Speaking of Oman, I feel bad that I had such rock bottom expectations for it. I was in the neighboring UAE, and was sick to death of the utter soullessness, fakery, obscene display of wealth, and insufferable snobbishness of many people there, especially in Dubai, and was worried that Oman might be similar. However, I was very pleasantly surprised a how wrong my original assumptions about Oman were. I found it to be so much more culturally interesting than the UAE, with much nicer people, and some stunning landscapes.
I want to say Colombia because of its immense beauty and amazing people, but I'm based since my parents are from Colombia. My favorite country in the world would be Norway. The people are immensely friendly and very welcoming and I also enjoy looking at the politics of the country and I can understand why many people consider it to be the happiest country in the world.
Kansas City, MO (AKA the real deal, the first KC) The perfect blend of small town friendliness and urban life. Westport and KC P&L are great areas for some drinks, Loose Park has an awesome botanical garden, the Liberty Memorial has a fascinating WWI Museum, we have some decent sports teams (obviously the Royals that one the World Series awhile ago, but also Sporting KC that's won MLS a couple of times, and the Chiefs who...have pretty much always sucked, but here's hoping!), we've also got Boulevard beer which is delicious (big fan of the wheat), and, in general, the town just has an awesome vibe!
First visited Seattle when I was 6, and we were out here visiting relatives. Came back a few more times and swore I'd move here. Nowhere on this planet I'd rather live, and I'm grateful every day that I got to achieve my childhood dream.
London is my favorite city to visit. So much culture, we have friends who have introduced us to some cool stuff we'd never have found without local insight, ass-deep in amazing museums, RAF Colney, Arsenal, etc. I'm happy every time I get to visit.
Barcelona. It's a culturally rich, historic, vibrant, complex, easily walkable, stunningly beautiful city full of stunningly beautiful strangers whose expressions suggest they're all going to have supremely arrogant chips on their shoulders, but in reality are overwhelmingly warm, accepting and eager to share their city.

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Seria muita falta de cavalheirismo não te levar para tomar um café, não acha? Seattle tem tantos. -Christian falou mais alto para ela o escutar-

wtfhook’s Profile PhotoGraham Humbert
Ela cessou os passos calmamente, virando-se parcialmente, o suficiente para fitá-lo com um discreto sorriso.
— O café estava nos meus planos de passeio, encontrar você é que não estava. — Brincou.

Good morning. The birds are singing.

MirandaGayle’s Profile PhotoMiranda
Good morning to you. Today is a great day. Going to pick up a homie from the airport. Like again I always say distance never wins. Nothing is impossible. He is coming down all the way from Seattle Washington. Probably around 2,000 miles. Through all the flights and delays it's about a 12-hour long flight. I've been knowing this person for about 10 years. He's very good friends with both me and my husband. Super excited! He is nearly Mississippi bound! Come on down bro! We ready for ya!

↳ LEBEN: Wohnt ihr noch immer dort, wo ihr aufgewachsen seid, oder seid ihr bereits umgezogen?

just ask us
Ich wurde in Seattle geboren und bin auch dort aufgewachsen. Dann bin ich alleine nach Vancouver gezogen. Ich wollte auf meinen eigenen Füßen stehen. Dann bin ich für die Liebe nach Nashville gezogen. Am Ende hat es mich jetzt aber nach Winchester gezogen. Ich liebe England und fühle mich dort einfach nur wohl. Ich habe endlich den Ort gefunden wo ich wirklich hingehöre.

Boli ste niekedy vo Washingtone ? Konkrétne v Seattli ? Veľmi by som tam chcela ísť a spoznať Seattle naživo 🔝🙏🏻🌞Aké to tam je ? Mám tu niekoho kto už videl Seattle naživo ? Ďakujem krásne 🤍

bohužel, tam jsem zatím nebyl, ale prý je to tam pěkný. já ti mohu doporučit třeba nevadu a wyoming, tyhle místa mi přišla zajímavá, v wyomingu je úžasnej park yellowstone, krásná je i californie.. ale nebyl jsem z toho až tak paf jako třeba z tamtěch 😅.

↳ LEBEN: Wohnt ihr noch immer dort, wo ihr aufgewachsen seid, oder seid ihr bereits umgezogen?

just ask us
Nein, ich wohne nicht mehr in der selben Stadt, in der ich auch aufgewachsen bin. Aufgewachsen bin ich im wunderschönen Seattle, aufgrund des Collages musste ich nach New York ziehen, von dort bin ich nach Los Angeles gezogen, von Los Angeles nach Lissabon und letztendlich hat mich die Liebe nach Berlin gebracht.

what was your fav place in the US then? I really want to go to Vegas to have a proper party time hah been dreaming about it for ages and I also wanted to move to the US as well hah no driving, just flying xD

Risingofhappiness’s Profile PhotoFantanA
San Francisco was disappointing , Seattle was good though, Vancouver was fantastic( i know it's in Canada) but i could live there. Alaska has the most amazing scenery and wildlife , but i couldn't live there way to cold and to remote
+14 answers in: “Do you live in London? I have moved to Wales 2 years ago hah thought you live somewhere close to the area :D”

ღღ Hej, słyszał*ś o takiej aplikacji jak Randonautica ? Jeśli tak, to co o niej sądzisz? Miłej środy i dużo uśmiechu na ten dzień! ღღ

kruczek3011’s Profile PhotoLilith
Słyszałam o tej aplikacji, nawet mój brat zainstalował ją na telefonie i pokazało nam kilka miejsc do odwiedzenia w okolicy, ale nie mieliśmy na tyle odwagi, żeby to zrobić.
Kojarzę z mediów taką sprawę, w której grupa młodych ludzi z Seattle podczas poszukiwań lokalizacji z tą aplikacją, znalazła walizkę ze zwłokami. Byłam w szoku, gdy o tym usłyszałam, bo bardzo zdziwił mnie fakt, że taka aplikacja wie, gdzie leży ciało, co jest bardzo niepokojące, ponieważ o czymś takim powinna wiedzieć policja.
Jest pewna teoria, która mówi o tym, że Randonautica ma połączenie z Dark Weebem i to mogłoby wyjaśniać, skąd pod pineską znajdują się miejsca np. morderstw.
Uważam, że z założenia ta aplikacja może być czymś fajnym, bo wybranie się w miejsce oddalone o kilka kilometrów od domu zachęca do aktywnego spędzenia czasu, ale z drugiej strony jest w niej trochę mroku, który zniechęcił mnie do jej używania.
Miłego poniedziałku!

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Buongiorno amici, oggi non posterò alcun mito. Instead, vi esorto ad informarvi esclusivamente su Twitter, perché con meno censure, riguardo quanto sta accadendo ogni giorno in America. E vi invito oggi a condividere il #BlackOutTuesday con l'hashtag #EveryLifeMatters, decisamente più appropriato.

Skaengie’s Profile Photoφάρμακον
Credo che tutti sappiamo che ogni singola vita abbia la sua importanza, il senso della protesta non è che la vita di una persona di colore debba assumere un'importanza superiore rispetto a quella di un maschio bianco. È un campanello d'allarme, " Guardate che anche le nostre vite importano". Non puoi andare ad un corteo femminista e dire " eh ma anche gli uomini devono avere i loro diritti. Eh ma non pensi alla comunità LGBT?" Ogni protesta può conservare in sé il seme di altre mille, ma nella sua essenza si manifesta come un bisogno esplicito rispetto ad una problematica, che in questo caso è stata identificata con l'uso eccessivo della forza da parte della polizia nei confronti di un'etnia.
È estremamente difficile lottare per qualcosa di invisibile, di impossibile da ottenere, perché se un tempo un individuo di colore non poteva sedersi sul bus nei posti riservati ai bianchi, oggi il razzismo non è più "istituzionalizzato", la legge è contro il razzismo.
Non si insegna ad un poliziotto neofascista e razzista a rispettare le persone a prescindere dall'etnia, per quanto si possano fornire meno strumenti di morte nelle loro mani l'unica vera soluzione passa dalla selezione più restrittiva, da colloqui, affiancamenti psicologici e dallo strumento più importante tra tutti: l'educazione. La società di oggi è meno razzista di quella di sessant'anni fa, la speranza è che la fiamma si spenga con il tempo.
Mi trovo però a disagio quando noto che una volta che il discriminato acquisisce potere, dimentica la propria condizione e si trasforma da vittima in carnefice ( sperando che parlare di certe cose non mi porti al ban), prova a dare un'occhiata a quanto successo nella zona di Capitol Hill a Seattle o al trattamento che ricevono i palestinesi in Israele.

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Ten świat jest posrany od dawna. A jak będziemy mieć za mało chorych, to zaimprotujemy z zagranicy, żeby się ministrowi zgadzało. Na pewno znajdzie się kochany wielki brat, który nam użyczy chorych.

Sarmata99’s Profile PhotoPerunowy Witeź (Перунов Витез)
Wielki brat aktualnie bardzo chętnie użyczy nam AnHIViarzy, którzy protestują przeciwko delegalizacji ich organizacji.
W Seattle ogłosili sobie autonomiczny CHAZ. Barykadami wyznaczyli granice, chociaż sami protestują przeciwko istnieniu granic i budowie muru na granicy z Meksykiem.
Chcą tam wprowadzić darmowe szkolnictwo wyższe, za które przymusowo zapłaci ktoś spoza strefy. Na pewno ktoś bogaty, bo takich lewactwo bardzo nie lubi.
Ostatnio wzięli się za rolnictwo. W parku rozłożyli kartony, przysypali cienką warstwą ziemi, w której następnie zasadzili roślinność. To się nie mogło udać i ich ogród umarł. Porównywali to do PGR-u. Tyle że PGR produkował żywność i przynosił zyski. Ichniejszy się do tego nie nadaje. Zupełnie nie mają o tym pojęcia.
Gdyby zostawić wszystkich lewaków samym sobie, to prędko wymrą z głodu.
Wszystkie skrajnie socjalistyczne komunizmy bardzo źle się kończyły dla ludzi. Jedynie model chiński komunizmu kapitalistycznego sobie radzi. Tyle że to już w ogóle nie jest komunizm.
Trump zapowiedział, że jeśli władze Seattle nie uporają się z tym burdelem przez kilka dni, to wkroczy tam wojsko i przywróci porządek. I pewnie tak będzie, bo szef miasta sympatyzuje z lewakami.

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A qué equipo de fútbol americano perteneció Tom Brady antes de irse a los bucaneros de Tampa bay A) Titanes de Tennessee B) osos de Chicago C) patriotas de nueva Inglaterra D) halcones marinos de Seattle

♌ Luis Demetrio Toledo Ocaña ♌
Nisiquiera el. Fútbol de mi país miro, peor el de otros países.
Lo siento no es mi fuerte. ?

Si, ma se si va a seattle non si fa andata e ritorno, quindi... Possiamo goderci sia seattle che quella zona.

Sarà tempo di un bel picnick?
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♛ Bueno, empezare con una pregunta sencilla. Como no nos conocemos aún me gustaría conocerte, por favor, cuéntame algo sobre ti y sobre lo que haces.

Queen Of Rap♕
Mi nombre es Anastasia Steele (apellido de soltera) tengo 23 años y hace unos ayeres me casé con Christian Grey, así que ahora me conocen como Anastasia Grey, tengo un hijo de 3 meses llamado Teddy, es amoroso y muy risueño.
Mi padre murió cuando había nacido, así que no lo conocí, mi apellido es por el tercer hombre con el que mi madre se casó, Ray Steele. Mi madre se casó 4 veces, pero decidí quedarme con Ray por el cariño que le tuve.
Toda mi vida ha sido simple, estudié en la Universidad de Washington Literatura inglesa y al graduarme, me mudé a Seattle y comencé a trabajar en una editorial independiente.
Mi esposo compró la editorial (sin mi consentimiento) y el siguiente año la editorial se convertirá en Grey Independent Publishing.
Amo leer, beber té, cuidar de mi familia y amigos, me encanta cocinar pero también me apasiona mi trabajo, soy una romántica empedernida, pero también soy muy tímida.
Mucho gusto en conocer a todos los que me siguen y ven mis respuestas. ♡

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Wyobraź sobie, że możesz się cofnąć do dowolnego miejsca w dowolnym momencie i zobaczyć jakiś występ – co by to było i gdzie? ?????"

Myślę że 13 grudnia 1993r. Na koncert nirvany w seattle
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