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What cannot be forgiven ??

romesanoor1212’s Profile PhotoRomesa
I don’t know about forgiveness but I once read in “The Kite runner” by Khalid Hosseini,
“There is only one sin, every other sin is a variation of theft,
When you kill a man, you steal a life, you steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father.
When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth.
When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.”
If I put it like this it can be also explained in the law of polarity, it’s the same thing just at different levels, expressed or done in different ways.

Are soulmates to be together or apart? Why?

It makes more sense to answer this in terms of twin flames. The twin flame journey is often about being apart. Because you must make yourself whole until you’re ready for union with your divine counterpart. There’s generally a “runner” and a “chaser.” And the roles can become reversed at any time. And we often find that what we thought was our twin was a false. Only when both true tfs are ready will there be a successful union.
Are soulmates to be together or apart Why

Me recomendáis series o películas en Netflix? 🥰

Seamosamigos’s Profile PhotoSara Ruiz✨
@Seamosamigos 🌻 Hey Sara, ya te sigo, puedes hacerlo 🥂
Ettoo... te recomiendo las películas, series y música de mi ask, pásate por aquí si gustas 🙃
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 17

Manifiesto (2018)

Máquina del tiempo (2002)

Mar adentro (2004)

Marte Planeta rojo (2000)

Martian (2015)

Mary Poppins Regresa (2018)

Más allá de la vida "Hereafter" (2010)

Más allá de los sueños (1998) [Robin Williams]

Más allá de los sueños (2009) [Adam Sandler]

La Máscara (1994)

Master and Commander (2003)

Matanza de Texas 1/7 (1974/2013)

Matrix 1 The Matrix (1999)

Matrix 2 The Matrix Reloaded (2003-May)

Matrix 3 The Matrix Revolutions (2003-Nov)

Matrix 4 The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

Maze Runner 1 Corredor de Laberinto (2014)

Maze Runner 2 Pruebas (2015)

Maze Runner 3 Cura Mortal (2017)

Medianoche en Paris (2011)

Mejor Imposible (1997)

Melodía de seducción (1989)

Memorias de una Geisha (2005)

Men In Black 1 Agentes K y J (1997)

Men In Black 2 Serleena (2002)

Men In Black 3 Boris el animal (2012)

Men In Black 4 International (2019)

Mensajeros (2007)

Mentes poderosas (2018)

Metalhead (2013)

Mi Nombre es Harvey Milk (2008)

Michael Clayton (2007)

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Me recomendáis series o películas en Netflix

Неки дооообар филм? (Било који жанр)

Skroz nasumično kojih sam se setila:
Chaos Walking
The Girl in the Fog
The Girl on the Train
City of Ember
Train to Busan
The 5th Wave
Enola Holmes
Blade Runner 2049
Mortal Engines
The Purge
Alita: Battle Angel
Gone Girl
The Hidden Face
Silver Skates
The Platform
Source Code
Shutter Island
In Time

Why do women take no accountability for anything in their life, and blame others for all of their shortcomings?

Nuh uh. Let's do that again, shall we?
Q: Why do some human veings take no accountability for anything in their life, and blame others for all of their shortcomings?
A: It's an intrinsic humann trait to do so. However, maturity determines one's ability to take responsibility for every decision he/she makes. Just like how one who has no legs is able to achieve the goal of becoming a sprint runner, a person is able to change his/her mindset of facing consequences for each action, if determination and motivation are present in the equation. Basically, it boils down to each individual's values in life.
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Does anyone think the MCU has lost direction? In my opnion, No Way Home is the only film to have added colour in the past three years. As ridiculous as it sounds, is covid to blame? Has it kicked cinema in the teeth?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomxmm
No, I disagree. The thing with MCU's new phase is yes it feels less streamlined but there's good reason for it, we're getting a bucket load of actual character development that was sorely missing in earlier phases plus extra world building because the phase is going to take us to some REALLY cool places! NWH was definitely a front runner but MoM was pretty good too, and Shang-Chi. Also most of the shows have been pretty damn good! Covid has slowed things down and caused some obstacles, but cinema won't fall, it's building up to something awesome

What’s your favourite sport?

Dianabikbik’s Profile PhotoSweetDianne
@Dianabikbik 🌻 Hi Diana, my favorite sports are swimming, camping, mountaineering, hiking, archeology 👍
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 4

Batman 1 Gotham (1989)

Batman 2 Returns (1992)

Batman 3 Forever (1995)

Batman 4 Robin (1997)

Batman 5 Begins (2005)

Batman 6 Dark Knight (2008)

Batman 7 Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Batman vs Superman (2016)

Battleship (2012)

Beethoven (2006)

Beetlejuice (1988)

Beginners (2011)

Bella y la Bestia (2017)

Ben 10 Alien Swarm (2009)

Bendita ignorancia (2018)

Beso de Pantera (1982)

Bestias del sur salvaje (2012)

Biblioteca de Libros Rechazados (2019)

Bienvenida a Montparnasse (2018)

Bienvenidas a Brasil (2018)

Big Eyes (2014)

Big Fish (2003)

Billy Elliot (2000)

Birdman (2014)

Blackwood (2018)

Blade (1998)

Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blancanieves y el Cazador (2012)

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

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Whats your favourite sport

Has a movie, book, show, game etc. ever made you emotional? How easily does it happen? 😄😡😥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Anything by Khaled Hosseini. I think the most emotional book for me was The Kite Runner. I was crying so hard that I had a fever.
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Nominate me a movie ..

To all the boys i have loved before بكل اجزائه
Me before you
The fult in our stars
Five feet a part
The age of adaline
The maze runner
The royal treatment
The kissing booth بكل اجزائه
500 days of summer
A platform
Ashiqi 2
Kuch kuch hota hai
Rap ne bana di jodi
Kabhi khushi kabhie gham
My name is khan
Taare zameen par
دول كل اللي افتكرتهم حالياً و بحبهم لو افتكرت حاجه تاني هكمل ☺

[Colectiva.] Dime las 5 películas que más te gustan.

No sé si las que más me gustan, porque ahí entran más, pero 5 que se me vienen a la cabeza son: "Blade runner", "Una historia del Bronx", "Big Fish", "Y si no, nos enfadamos" y "Alien: el octavo pasajero".

Wie sieht es denn bei dir mit Filme, Serien und Animes aus? :D Was sind so deine Lieblinge? Gibt es welche, die du schon mehrmals gesehen hast und wenn ja, wie oft ungefähr? :3

Mayonym’s Profile PhotoMayonym
Filme sind eine große Leidenschaft von mir. Hatte auch mal Pläne (oder naja, eher Träume :D) etwas in die Richtung zu machen bzw. zu studieren.
Jedenfalls sehe ich in meiner Freizeit doch recht viele Filme. Natürlich gibt es da auch Höhen und Tiefen, was meine "Aktivität" und Motivation angeht. Aber so ganz prinzipiell, ja. In den letzten paar Jahren hat sich bei mir eine klare Liebe für Horror, speziell der 70e-r und 80er-Jahre herausgebildet, aber prinzipiell sehe ich mir schon so ziemlich alles an, unabhängig von Genre, Produktionsjahr & -land. Hauptsache es wirkt annähernd interessant auf mich (also eher weniger Mainstream & Blockbuster, auch weniger Modernes, aber nicht prinzipiell ausgeschlossen!). Zu meinen Lieblingsfilmen zählen u.a. "Scream", "Mulholland Drive", "Blade Runner" oder "Chungking Express". Joa.
Serien schaue ich eher weniger und ich habe seit 2018 keine (längere) Serie mehr angesehen, einfach weil mich da oft die Motivation mittendrin verlässt und es mir schwerfällt, einigermaßen aktiv dranzubleiben, ohne dass ich die Hälfte wieder vergesse. :D Auch da ist mein Geschmack aber eher "klassischer", zu meinen Lieblingen zählen "Die Sopranos", "Six Feet Under" und "Twin Peaks". Und "Avatar" natürlich! :D
Animes sehe ich noch eher als Realserien, aber auch da möchte ich eigentlich viel mehr sehen bzw. so einiges noch nachholen. Nach aktuellem Stand dürfte "Cowboy Bebop" wohl mein Favorit sein. Habe ich auch schon so 2 bzw. 2 1/2 mal gesehen. :D

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ever grown your own fruits/veggies?

Yes! :3
Currently I have a bunch of herbs growing due to our winter we had (a number of my plants got destroyed) so mint, rosemary, dill, and chives.
My rhubarb is still growing due to it being a very hardy plant! Then I will replant tomatoes, spring onions, carrots and runner beans again this year :)
ever grown your own fruitsveggies

اقترحوا فيلم اكشن حلو

Mission impossible 1 _ 5
Transformers prime 1_4
Kingsman 1 _2
Dark night
Batman begins
Avengers 1_5
Ironman 1_3
The amazing spiderman 1_2
Red Note
Ready player one
Jack reacher 1_2
Angel has fallen
White house down
Olympus has fallen
Maze runner 1_3
Sherlock holmes 1_3
دول اللي فاكرهم دلوقت 😂

〖 ʜᴏʟᴀ, ɢᴜᴀᴘᴏ. ¿Qᴜᴇ ᴅÍᴀ, ʜᴍᴍ? ᴛᴇ ᴠᴇꜱ ꜱᴏʟᴏ… ʏᴏ ᴘᴜᴇᴅᴏ ᴀʀʀᴇɢʟᴀʀ ᴇꜱᴏ. 〗 || Hola y adiós (?)

everythingyouwant2see4’s Profile PhotoJ O I
|| kual adiós? (?) Por cierto... Por el amor a este rol, pondré que César vive en el mismo año en el que se desarrolla Blade Runner(?) ||
El turista estaba sentado en el puente mientras bebía tequila frente a la foto de alguien más. Bebía shot tras shot, mientras que el pequeño vaso al lado de la foto se mantenía lleno. César levantó su cabeza una vez le hablaron y se volteó, fijándose en el holograma.
— Estoy de luto el día de hoy, nena. — Miró a la nada. — Y creo que algo borracho también... (?)

Which is your favourite maze runner film? And who’s your favourite character in it?

I prefer the books tbh.
Scorch trials is my favorite.
And NEWT is my favorite.
Please, Tommy. please." With a heavy heart, Thomas knew it was Newt's last wish, so he pulled the trigger and shot Newt in the head, which eventually lead to Newt's death.

Može neki prijedlozi za dobre sci-fi filmove i trilere. Dolaze u obzir i neke kraće serije u tim žanrovima. Hvala 🙂

Valentina69911139’s Profile Photo06Tina09
Blade Runner 2049 ,Mad Max Fury Road ,Ex Machina ,Inception to su filmovi , a serije Twin Peaks,Dosjei X ,Stargate ,Firefly ,Star Trek ,Battlestar Galactica ,Doctor Who
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Can i receive a short message even if we don't know eachother? i'd like to know your opinion/ first impression/any advice or any suggestion to me 💘

saadwhispers’s Profile PhotoSaad •
First impression, how amazingly you maintain your body, you're hardworking person, World's okayest runner and your profile are really good 👍🏻stay happy 🌺

karakterkorlát miatt, erről szeretnélek kérdezni ha számsz rá 1-2 gondolatot https://www.gyakorikerdesek.hu/kultura-es-kozosseg__egyeb-kerdesek__11498992-jelenleg-mennyire-biztos-a-jovonk-mennyire-lehet-elore-latni

Bármennyire is tetszene egy Blade Runner és egy Cyberpunk-féle világ, ez sosem fog eljönni. Egyszerűen az emberiség kifut az időből.
A föld készletei pedig végesek. Fogytán az ivóvíz, a kontinensek elsivatagosodnak. Az állatvilág rohamosan kihal. Emberek és népcsoportok fognak szembenézni egy meddő exodusszal. Részemről max. 100 évet jósolok durván, aztán Gaia fellélegzik.

¿Qué película te gusta ver solo/a, con tu pareja (si no tienes imagínatelo) y con amigos/as?

PMM83’s Profile PhotoPMM83
Qué película te gusta ver soloa con tu pareja si no tienes imagínatelo y con

toată lumea incepe de undeva, nu e nimic greșit in a spăla vase. sunt oameni care au inceput prin a spăla vasele și acum sunt patronii locului. unii dintre voi ați vrea să începeți direct de sus și nu prea se poate.

Exact. 😊
Trebuie să începi mereu de undeva. De exemplu, am fost într-un trial la un fine dinning restaurant, acolo nu vei începe niciodată ca și ospătar, ci ca și “runner” (persoana care doar duce tacâmurile și farfuriile cu mâncare la masă) pentru că să ajungi la ospătar îți trebuie multă muncă. E vorba de prezentarea cărnii, a peștelui, a deserturilor, să vorbești cu clienții, să îi asiști etc. Un astfel de ospătar aici e plătit de la 12-15£ pe oră, pe când acel runner e 9.5-10£.

Your favorite childhood cartoons?

If you're a 90's kid then you must grown up by watching these.
Dragon tales, baby looney tunes, Tom and jerry, teen titans, ben 10, Swat kats ,Thunder cats, Duck tales,Road runner, Popeye, Bob the builder, the jungle book, Winnie the pooh, Barbie cartoons, Disney princess, Dragon ball Z, Ninja turtles, johny bravo, Scooby doo,Kids next door, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Dexters laboratory, We bare bears, Courage..

فيلم او مسلسل تنصحوني اتفرج عليه وشكرا ♥️🖤

AhmedMaher6123’s Profile Photoᗩ7ᗰEᗪ
The walking dead
Teen wolf
Jujutsu kaisen أنمي
Squid Game
My Name كوري
True Beauty
The maze runner
Baby driver
Fast & Furious
Love & Monsters
Léon The professional
The Meg
The Expendables

Something/someone that you miss:

Home isn't necessarily a place for me. I've been to so many countries that I lose count. I've lived in numerous houses, a couple of schools.
Home, for me, is people. So I always say that I live between Wales and Surrey because my grandparents still live there. But you said tell you about a someone, so for the purpose of this I'm going to tell you about my grandpa. Because a pretty solid chunk of who I am is thanks to him.
Grandpa was one of life's grafters. His start wasnt totally typical - He grew up in military India and escaped just as the disputes started getting bloody. He joined the army as an officer, travelled around, went to uni - and for a while he was a spy. He did a lot of very, very cool things. He was a diver, a rugby player, a runner. He was also a very, very good badminton player.
And then! Somewhere in the midst of this he became my Grandpapa. Biggest promotion ever, I swear. Our birthdays are two days apart. He taught me to play poker when I was five, to make curries when I was seven - and when I was awarded my first international cap in front of him, it was the only time I've ever seen him cry. We made each other joke books every Christmas, wrote letters whenever we went abroad. He's always pushed me harder than anyone else.
I've seen him once since Covid started. Once. Because of restrictions upping, because of poor health. It's the fucking worst, dude. I miss him so much.

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avez-vous peur de l’avenir?

I'm 27 and just left my job to move closer to family. I saved enough money to not have to work for a couple months but I'm still freaking out about where I'm going to live, what am I going to do, will I make enough money, will I have a good workplace, etc. I also never really cared for my major and have never used it (hospitality). I think we'll be ok though. My mom really helped me yesterday when she told me to imagine all the people out there who aren't as kind or professional as I am (two of my good qualities) and still manage to make a living.
I'm currently 17 and I'm really worried about what the hell to do because I don't really have anything planned. I want to become some kind of counselor or therapist because I've had some bad experiences in life and I'm also not very good at talking to people but I feel like a job like this will help me become better at talking to people and helping people. I just want to help people so they don't have to suffer as much, that's my goal for a job. I wish you luck, and remember you're not alone, so many other people feel the same way, I know it.
I'm in my last year of college and just reevaluated wanting to be a doctor. I'm a genetics major currently and ever since middle school was like "I want to be a clinical geneticist!" but at the end of last year I started working in a genetics lab and I kind of got the chance to look around me and I basically went "Holy shit, doctor isn't the only thing being done with genetics anymore." Since making that mental switch from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to continue on with science I feel far more comfortable.
My main fear for humanity in the future is that we wipe each other out. Or that we fail to escape Earth before some celestial catastrophe strikes and dooms us as a species. The saddest part, for me, is that even if we as a species survived nuclear war or some asteroid impacting us... We would regress so far as to make me wonder what was even the point? Society and knowledge is so specialist and compartmentalized these days. Yes, I've been there. It is terrifying to be spending money and time at college and not have a clue what it's going to look like when you're done. I bumbled out with a degree and through trial by fire was able to get employment to support myself because I had no idea what to do - it wasn't for a few years after college that I hit my stride in my work life. I was very jealous of people who had a clear career goal. However...
(i.e. I started as a restaurant as a hostess and realized I wanted to be a waitress to make the best $ but my social skills sucked and I had no idea how to be a good waitress. So I set my sights on being a food runner and then I got up to a waitress. I went from totally unskilled hostess to waitress with the highest sales of the shift and I got over my fear of talking to strangers in the meantime. This took over a year but it was so much fun and very lucrative and helpful to my life overall.)

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اشياء ماتنسي سويتوها او صارت بالمدرسه

rc1m’s Profile Photoحمود ارسي
ما انسى مرة لما هربت مع قروب ٥ بنات جنه ..و أحنا واقفين جان نشوف شرطية ورانا جان البنات كلهم يقطون جناطهم عند الحاسوب و يركضون يصعدون فوق جان اقول لهم لااا !! شافتكم راح تاخذ اساميكم ! بقت بس وحدة الي معاي ما قطت جنطتها جان اقول لها " بسرعة عند صالة البدنية ! " جان نروح نركض و حرفيا صار الوضع جنه the maze runner 🤣 اركض و اقول لها يمين يمين و نلف يمين بعدين نرد نلف يمين بعدين نكمل سيدة و نركض بسرعة حيييلللل ..قطينا جناطنا جان نرد نركض و نصعد فوق اهي سيدة لفت يسار و انا لفيت يمين عشان ندور البنات جان تناديني تقول لي مني كاهم جان اركض و اقول لهم بسرررعة الشرطية عند الدرجج و نقعد نركض نركض اوووله ذاك اليوم صج تعبت 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂
ما انسى لما قعدت اضحك و انا اشكرا قاعدة اجذب عند السستر و السستر قاعدة تمشي معاي و لما سألتي عن اسمي سيدة قمت و نحشت منها 😂
لما الناظرة نادتني و كل الي بالمدرسة سمعوا اسمي 🥲
لما مثلت بمسرحية و فزنا بالمركز الاول على المحافظة او المنطقة …كانت صج تجربة حلوة و اعتز فيها و صج بدّعنا يعني نستاهل المركز الاول 😂

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Ich hoffe die Frage wurde noch nicht gestellt?: Welchen Film würdest du den CBR-Charaktern zuordnen und warum?

Ich geb mal ne Spoilerwarnung für Bladerunner 2049,
Antonio: Blade Runner 2049 - Ich weiß nicht, dieser Ryan Gosling Charakter, der unbedingt besonders sein wollte, aber es nicht so war, wie es alle dachten, hat mich irgendwie an Toni erinnert.
Cai: Nachts im Museum - Definitiv die Vaterfigur, die nur versucht seine Familie zusammenzuhalten und trotzdem seiner Leidenschaft nachzugehen.
Franca: Bombshell - Frauen, die mächtige Männer stürzen? Hallo! Mit dem Thema Sexual Assault hatte es nicht so viel zu tun, aber ich hatte den Film gerade gesehen und musste an Franca denken.
Lewis: Indiana Jones - Jäger des verlorenen Schatzes - Hauptsächlich wegen des Titels.
Maggie: Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Erde - Dieser pure Entdeckersinn passt zu Maggie.
Oriana: Hugo Cabret - Ach, der Eifer dieses kleinen Jungen, seinen Automaten zu reparieren, erinnert mich einfach viel zu sehr an sie.
Pandora: The Old Guard - Die Hauptfigur und ihr professionelles Kalkül, zusammen mit dieser mütterlichen, familiären Umgebung, haben mich an Pandora erinnert.
Peppino: Wie der Wind sich hebt - Ach, der unermüdliche Flugzeugbauer mit der tragischen Liebe. ♥ Es ist ein bisschen wie ein Parallelwelt Peppino.
Rahan: Inception - Hier ist es mehr die Stimmung des Films und der unermüdliche Kampf um Realität und eine Frau...Bzw ihr Vermächtnis.
Settimo: Harry Potter und der Halbblutprinz - einfach, weil Dracos Geschichte viel mit Settimos gemeinsam hat. Nicht alles! Aber es gibt Parallelen.
Shahrzad: Lucy - Ich hab bei Netflix gestöbert und mich an diesen Film erinnert und fand vieles irgendwie passend. Also vom Schicksalsschlag zur Actionfrau. Irgendwie.
Sierra: Begin Again - Also ihr kennt zwar nur ein Vorstellungskapitel mit Sierra, aber das hier passt zu gut. Die ganze Stimmung einfach...Der Musikanteil... Perfekt.
Thore: Atlantis - Wegen Milos Entdeckerwahn einfach! Da hab ich Thore wiedergefunden, auch wenn er natürlich mehr drauf hat im körperlichen Sinne. :D

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Welche Bücher willst du unbedingt noch lesen?

· "Landschaftsformen der Erde: Bildatlas der Geomorphologie"
· "How do you live" - Yoshino Genzaburō
· "Kite Runner" - Khaled Hosseini
· "Oblomow" - Iwan Gontscharow
· "Die Selbstgerechten" von Sahra Wagenknecht sowie ihre Biografie
· "Findungen" - Maria Popova
· "No Longer Human" - Osamu Dazai
Bin im Moment aber nicht wirklich mental in der Lage, viel zu lesen. Ich gebe mir Mühe.

👁️ Deine persönlichen Top-Bücher?

MelliLuetti’s Profile PhotoMelanie Luethge
Ich führe keine Listen und es gibt auch nur wenige Dinge, die ich konstant als "Lieblinge" bezeichnen würde, also antworte ich darauf spontan, unsortiert und assoziationsblasterhaft:
- "Wuthering Heights" von Emily Brontë;
- "Jane Eyre" von Charlotte Brontë;
- "Great Expectations" von Charles Dickens;
- "Vanity Fair" von Thackeray;
- "Madame Bovary" von Flaubert;
- "Nana" von Emile Zola (und weitere Romane seines Rougon-Marcquart-Zyklusses);
- "Breakfast at Tiffany's" von Capote;
- "In Cold Blood" von Capote;
- "Gefährliche Geliebte" von Murakami;
- "Disgrace" von Coetzee;
- "Wellen" von von Keyserling;
- "Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said" von Philip K. Dick (viel besser als seine bekannte Vorlage zu "Blade Runner"; irgendwann in den 2000er Jahren kam eine großartige deutsche Neuedition unter dem Titel "Eine andere Welt" heraus);
- "Der Anschlag" von Stephen King;
- "Der Sandmann" von E.T.A. Hoffmann;
- "Thinking with Type" von Ellen Lupton;
- "The Hidden Staircase", das zweite Nancy-Drew-Buch (überhaupt, insbesondere zu Anfang, eine wundervolle Serie, die seinerzeit unfreiwillig feministisch war - auch wenn man selbstverständlich keine stilistischen Höhepunkte erwarten sollte) ...
Und viele weitere mehr. Aber das reicht:D.

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