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⠀⧽⠀⠀HELLO ̷F̷A̷T̷H̷E̷R̷⠀⠀❜❜⠀do you still think I'm ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ p⠀e⠀r⠀f⠀e⠀c⠀t⠀?

GXTJINXED’s Profile Photo̷ᴾ̷ᴼ̷ᵂ̷ᴰ̷ᴱ̷ᴿ̷⠀⠀⧽⠀ ̶J̶I̶N̶X̶
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Oh. ⠀Hello, ⠀d̷a̷u̷g̷h̷t̷e̷r̷ ⠀J⠀i⠀n⠀x.
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀I never would have given you to THEM.
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀Not for a n y t h i n g.You're
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ALWAYS ▬▬▬▬▬▬ PERFECT
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ♛⠀⠀T̷O̷ M̷E̷❞
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀

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HELLO  FATHERdo you still think Im 

⠀⠀╰⠀⠀❛❛⠀⠀hi black, where did you lost potter? ⠀.࿐

scent_of_LILIES’s Profile Photo❪ ♛ ❫ E V A N S
˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ ⁀↷
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⁏
hello redhead! i don't
know, why are you asking?
you want him for yourself, don't you? .............................................. ◟✦ ╯

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hi black where did you lost potter

(part 1) hello po, tita. Nalaman ko na yung online bf ko (na nangako pa na pupuntahan ako sa Manila) sila pa pala nung sabi niyang dati niyang kinakasama pero hiwalay na raw po sila. Di ko po alam pano makipaghiwalay dahil ayaw ko ng confrontation pero ramdam niyang lumalayo ako sa kanya

Wow ikaw na ngang niloko tapos ikaw pa ang natatakot na hinalaang nagloloko? Actually when he said na may kausap kang iba, he was gaslighting you para ikaw ang defensive at hindi na niya kailangang ipaliwanag ang ginawa niyang panloloko sa iyo. Your sorrows will all end when you're ready to treat yourself better. You'll stop caring what he thinks when you realize what he did to you. Saka in the future hindi ka na maniniwala sa taong hindi mo naman na-meet at nakasama in person. Please don't commit to someone you don't know well.

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part 1 hello po tita Nalaman ko na yung online bf ko na nangako pa na pupuntahan

Can i get your Snapchat for more talking lol you're so hot.

Two things make me laugh on this app :
1. Someone unreal using picture of handsome boy writes this 👆 and when I dont answer, the picture disapperes next day 😂
2. Someone real writes me "Hey" or "Hi" or "Hello" and when I am answering, their reaction is - ufff delete it! 😂
Sooooo people, dont write me if you are one of two above mentioned cases please, thanks in advance 😉

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Hello cupid darling you have a cupid profile to follow you on instagram? I find your profile interesting as you write sweet answers. Xxx 💓

Stellina, scrivere in inglese non cambia la mia risposta, rido. Utile Google, ma insomma anche meno. Per l'ultima volta:
n o n h o u n p r o f i l o d a c o n d i v i d e r e
Non amo la fretta quando si tratta di scelte, ed io desidero ancora restare nell'ombra. Nel frattempo ho fatto anche il balsamo.🍭
Pink water 4 u, dear. Xx

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Hello cupid darling  you have a cupid profile to follow you on instagram I find

https://youtu.be/_ygbGwc43lk Aku di menit ke 44 an.. wkwk jujurly powerku habis n ga apal wkwk latihan 4 hari doang

zoeyluthastraia4662’s Profile Photozoey
ahhh sukak! apalagi di part waktu menjelang selesai money langsung move ke hello b*tches swaggy si. lu tu yang abu kan ye? takut salah gue wkwkwk. tbh emg rada keliatan ada di part mana kek nginget nginget gerakan, tapi buat yang latihan 4hari terus sibuk mah yak udah bagus bund. gimana mau di fokusin buat kek ikut lomba luar kampus gitu ato cuma jadi hobi aja?

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Does anyone in here celebrate Christmas? What is your favourite Christmas song?

abiepgonzales’s Profile Photoabie
How to make gravy, it’s a top song by Paul Kelly
🎵 Hello Dan, it's Joe here, I hope you're keeping well
It's the 21st of December, and now they're ringing the last bells
If I get good behaviour, I'll be out of here by July
Won't you kiss my kids on Christmas Day
Please don't let 'em cry for me 🎶

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Hello December🎄🕯️; wish you happiness this month, smile a lot, eat delicious food every meal and sleep well every day.🎅🏻⭐

junekraa’s Profile Photoネプチューン
แกลก็ขอให้คุณมีเดือนที่ดีนะครับ เจอเเต่คนที่น่ารักเเละใจดี ถูกล้อมรอบไปด้วยความรักจากทุกคน ขอให้มีวันที่ดีครับ

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Hello, how is/was your day? 😊

Hello! It’s been good thanks, I’ve just got home from work. I’m gutted, my work buddy is being reassigned to a different store and we both only found out at the end of our shift, so I’ll never get to work with her again 😭
Aside from that though, it was a good laugh and lots of chaos, in the best possible way! (My boss has even said that we both shouldn’t work together because of the antics we get up to/we’re always laughing! 😄).
We’ve got some new staff being trained so that’s a real bonus too, so hopefully things will be okay :)
Hope your day is going well! 🤗

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Hello po.. para sa inyo ano yung mga bagay/reasons that makes you stop being friends with someone?

When you're older it's almost never a breakup between friends but just a mutual fading away. Sometimes there's a concrete offense like a betrayal or a cruel action, but most times one or both parties just don't have time to entertain each other and getting enough benefit from it. So you just stop hanging out. Wala nang confrontation. Everyone just gets on with their lives.

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Hello Tita. Matagal na po kaming break ng ex ko pero ngayon po madalas sila mag usap nung isa sa mga bff ko. Tita parang ang sakit sa feeling. Normal lang ba to? :(

The painful part of every breakup is having to say goodbye to the entire relationship and not just the things that hurt. For years after you'll miss talking to that person and when someone you know interacts with them, you feel a bit of pain and jealousy at what you can no longer have with them that others still can. It doesn't mean you want them back but it just reminds you of what you lost along with the relationship. As years go by you get used to it and no longer second guess yourself. Welcome that pain. It just means you loved well but know enough to let go.

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Happy belated thanksgiving!🥳 What are you most grateful for?

shaireen’s Profile PhotoShaireen
Hello Shaireen.
I am grateful for my existence.
I am grateful for my family and my friends.
I am also grateful for our good health and our good fortune.
Mostly, I am grateful that God blessed us with Faith, our adopted daughter. Faith is our pride and joy and our greatest blessing. She is the reason that I wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose.
To anyone who is reading this post and wants to have children, please consider adoption. There are literally millions of children who need help and could benefit from stable and loving home. When we first adopted Faith, I made a promise to all those involved i.e. foster parents, social worker, lawyer, doctor and to my God, that I would care for Faith, protect her and provide her with an excellent education, including college and private lessons in art, violin/piano, karate and golf. In fact, by age 12 Faith had already earned her black belt in karate and now at age 15, Faith is an honor roll student who is playing violin in the local youth symphony.
As you can see, not only is Faith benefitting from her environment, but my wife and I have never been more happy together. Trust me when I tell you that there is no greater joy than than the joy felt when helping another human who is in need of unconditional love. And that is my greatest blessing and it is also what I am most grateful for.
Dear Shaireen,
What blessings are you grateful for?

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Hello miss, a space for you🤍🌸

enahmedgaber’s Profile PhotoGaber
مرحبا جابر 🌹
كل ما مر بنا العمر شعرنا بالأفظع ، فنتذكر الفظيع لنترحم عليه ، سيتغلغل الحنين للسيء لنراه كحركات طفل مشاغب و نبتسم بحسرة و لطف في آن واحد ، و نتساءل : هل فعلا كان هذا يزعجنا ؟ ياه كم كنا مراهقين وقتها .
الأفظع .. ذلك الأفظع الذي يتشكل على هيئة فقدان أب الى الأبد ، مرض أم ، معرفة مافي قلوب الناس اتجاهك ، ان تكتشف حقيقة شخص ظلمته لكن فات الاوان ولا غفران ، ان ترى ما لا يرون ، ان تخترق افئدة البشر و ترى كم انت مغفل مع انه في الحقيقة انت طيب ، ثم لتكتشف ان ذلك الافظع لن يزول و انه جرح ابدي سيبقى معك حتى تموت ، لن تنسى كيف مات والدك حتى تموت ، ستبقى تشتاق لامك حتى تموت ستبقى في قلبك حسرة لكل شيء سيء عشته ، و تتعايش مع فكرة انك ستعيش و تموت بالألم إلى مالانهاية ..
الافظع انك حين تكبر ستعلم ان اصرارك او عزيمتك من صدقك او من غيرهم لن تغير في كثير من الاحيان من قدرك شيئا ..
و ستعرف انه في احيانٍ كثيرة ان اصرارك و عزيمتك الزائدة في بعض الامور ماهي إلا أهداف تسلل بالنسبة للقدر المكتوب المُحتم ..
حين تعرف ان لاسيطرة لك على شيء ستهمد للأبد ، سينطفى فيك شيء لا يعود للاشتعال لو اجتمعت نيران العالمين على اشعاله ..
كان الله في عون الرحماء على تخطي الأفظع الذي لا يتغير 💔

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What are you naturally good at?

Music. I can pick up almost any instrument without really trying. I have guitar, bass, piano, drums, trombone, trumpet, tuna, euphonium, and various others.
All things sport. I'm just one of them people that can pick up any sport and be good at it in a short amount of time e.g. anything from tennis, golf, football (soccer for you heathens), to karting, snooker + pool
Bass guitar. I can play most bass lines by ear.. I dont really need to pactice, it just feels like I am "talking" or painting with sounds. Hard to describe.. I really love playing though and it is quite cathartic.
Imitating people's voices, doing cartoon voices, funny foreign accents. For years I thought everybody could do that, and just weren't as afraid of embarrassing themselves as I was.
Annoying people by succeeding at school without putting the effort in. I noticed during university as they would act a bit spiteful when grades were brought up. Now they joke about how far I would go if I applied myself. To bad I'm lazy as Fuck.
Learning to play video games. Somewhat useless as far as life skills go, especially because my ceiling for skill that much above average. But I love it when a new game comes out so I can play online and figure out all the best tactics before anyone else.
I remember when Monday Night Combat came out, I loved that game, but my friends and I were pretty much unbeatable. I ended up getting #1 on the leaderboards for a little while, it’s an amazing feeling that is just impossible to get with older games.
Adapting to any environment, from playing games, sports, social event, academics, work environment, etc. Can fit into any situation and survive. A chameleon if you will. Not trying to boast, it's just a life skill that I try to harness and develop.
For example: a while back I was visiting my hometown and was calling up a good friend that I had not seen in a while. I could immedielty tell that something was bothering him just by the way he said "Hello" when answering the phone. I asked him is he was okay and he told me something to the effect of, "Not my wife, not my brother, sister or my kids could tell that I've been depressed these past few days but within seconds you called me out on it man." and we had a chat about what was getting to him. I can also tell when people are done talking to me, so needless to say I can tell pretty good when it time for me to shut up and let them go.
I've had friends ask me for recommendations in cities I haven't been to in five or ten years. If I can't remember the location of the place I'm recommending off the top of my head, I can go to google maps, find a spot I know I visited, and retrace my steps back to any point in my trip. Even for cities I've only been to for a day, 10 years ago.

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Hallo Stephan, wie geht's Dir? Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen schönen Sonntag! ☺️ Entspannt Zuhause oder wurde ein Sonntagsausflug gemacht?

AishaWe’s Profile Photowho'sthatgirl
Hello 👋 Es geht mir super, danke der Nachfrage 😊. Heute war ich wieder unterwegs. Bin ein bißchen spazieren gegangen. War lausig kalt ❄️. Füße und Gesicht waren am Ende gefühlt erfroren ☃️. Aber egal, Hauptsache wieder viel frische Luft inhaliert 😬. Spannende Bilder gab es keine. War ja irgendwie alles grau in grau 👇.
Hoffe Du hattest auch einen entspannten Tag. Ich wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Abend ✨

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Hallo Stephan wie gehts Dir Ich hoffe Du hattest einen schönen Sonntag

Hola. Leí que te gustan los gatos. Dime, ¿Cuáles son los gatos que más recuerdas de la historia gatuna?

josgo154’s Profile PhotoJos
Wow, bueno, son varios. 🐱
Recuerdo a los gatitos ficticios como también gatos actores o gatos de la historia.
Los gatos de dibujos animados son los que más recuerdo, aquí una lista:
- Garfield
- El gato con botas
- Don gato
- Félix
- Tom
- El otro gato Tom
- Serafina
- Wolfie
- Blaze
- Duquesa y sus gatitos
- O’maley
- El gato risón
- El gato jazz
- El gato ensombrerado
- La pandilla de Don gato
- Blaze
- Hello Kitty
- El gato salem
Gatos del antiguo Egipto, como la diosa Bastet.
Y también gatos como Sam, el insumergible que sobrevivió a 3 naufragios durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Todos, ficticios o no, son los mejores. 🐱 Acá una foto de Sam.

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Hola Leí que te gustan los gatos Dime Cuáles son los gatos que más recuerdas de

Hello, tita. Mejo shaky na yung relationship nami nng partner ko. And i admit may kasalanan din ako don. He said he still loves me pero pagod na sya. Ako, gsto ko mgkasma namin ayusin yung relasyon namin. I just felt betrayed na he chose to leave kesa ayusin to.

Instead of feeling betrayed that your partner is too tired to work things out with you, why not try to be accountable? Your partner probably sees no solution in working it out with you if it's going to be more of the same. To stand a chance at fixing your relationship, you have to realize that he's leaving you. What are you willing to do to keep him? What mistakes will you admit and process? Will you seek professional help? Will you seek couples counseling? If you're not willing to do anything drastic, to him there is no point in trying again. Anger at how he's feeling will only drive him away and convince him you'll never understand and change. This doesn't absolve him of his mistakes, but he's the one who wants out. In order to keep him long enough to try again, you can only control yourself and fix your own issues. Then maybe he'll want to try working it out together. I've been there. I was already starting my life when my partner begged me to stay and admitted all the wrongdoings I wanted her to. She said she was willing to do anything to fix it. I decided to give it another shot. It worked. I wouldn't have gone back if all she did was be mad at me for leaving.

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jd gua kenalan lewat dating apps sebut aja A, setelah chat gua baru tau ternyata A temenan sama B (kenalan gua jg dari dating apps yang udah ngobrol intens 2 bln lebih tp gua udahin karna B janjin ketemu nda jdjd😭). Intinya gua jd takut pas A ngajak ketemuan, takut ketemu B gue harus blg apa coba?

yaa say hello aja, "Hai. Akhirnya bisa ketemu juga yahh.." 😸😸
bilang apa adanya, klo di judge ghosting bilang aja klo kakak udah ada niat buat ketemuan sama si B tapi endingnya tau sendiri kayak gimana, ngga jadi jadi juga.. kann dipertanyakan tuhh akhirnya yang ghosting siapa..

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Hello mysterious it's gonna be my last question What are your habits And which habit do you wish to be able to do And thank you for your cooperation 🌠

يا أنون انت محترم أوي 🥺
والسؤال جميل بحب النوع ده من الأسئلة 💖
خايفة أقول إني فقدت الشغف ناحية كل حاجة تقريباً، يعني لو هتكلم عن الهوايات اللي مارستها على مدار حياتي فهما كتير جداً وفقدت الشغف ناحيتهم كلهم وحالياً عايشة بالبركة 😂
ممكن التصوير بس اللي يعتبر هوايتي حالياً عشان بيبسطني بس مش جامدة أوي فيه، والجيم برضو بدأته مؤخراً فممكن نصنفه كهواية
- الهوايات اللي متحسرة عليها ونفسي أرجعلها : الكروشيه والتصميم
- الهوايات اللي نفسي أتعلمها : الشطرنج والبيانو -مش هيحصل اه بس نفسي-

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2.+💋))..🍃🍁.. Sorry I forgot to say hello, I came back after several days I hope in God you are very well!!💕💕💕.. Blessings!!🙏..💜LoV3💙.. Perdón me olvidé de saludarte, volví después de varios días espero en Dios que estés muy bien!!💕💕💕.. Bendiciones!!🙏..🍁🍃

ysk88burbujita88’s Profile Photoπ^÷PrincesS÷^π
Yo también he estado un poco(bastante) ausente... Realmente espero estés bien. 🤗💕
Bendiciones para ti también preciosa, te deseo siempre lo mejor...

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2 Sorry I forgot to say hello I came back after several days I hope in God you

Hello Zar! Legit question: Do you not like ANY of my posts anymore? Honestly thought I could count on a friend to support my return to Ask ... :P 😊😝

joandess’s Profile PhotoJD55
Hello Jon, no ofcourse I like them, I just haven’t been browsing peoples answers much or the feed lately. I’m answering questions here and there but haven’t been catching up with peoples answers. I do apologise if it seems that way 🙂

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Good morning @shaireen How was your day? It's really funny your tale about your ID card, the day before yesterday was the elections in my country and the ID card is vital, and I've forgotten. We really have a lot of things in common 😄😄

josequiroga93’s Profile Photojose.quiroga93
Hello, Jose! It's good, quite peaceful. How about you?
I'm sorry that you have to drive back home tho. My tricks aren't applicable to your situation, perhaps you can try it next time hahaha opss, I'm such a bad influence.🤣 It's amazing to find my sibling from another mother who lives on the other side of the world😆👌🏻

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「 свободный пост 🎃 」здесь можете прикперить все что угодно вашей душе. это может быть картинка, стих, рассках, плейлист, ваши мысли.

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
H͠e͠l͠l͠o͠, ʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡.
И снова рубрика "Блок кратких ответов".
☽ Вопрос от @happiness_limit: "Тебе предлагают прыгнуть с парашютом. Согласишься?"
Ага, с моим страхом высоты только с парашютом и прыгать.
☽ Вопрос от @jlitvinova: "Бывает ли дружба между парнем и девушкой?"
Я думаю, бывает.
☽ Вопрос от @id59912827: "Дружбу на расстоянии вообще можно назвать дружбой? Какой смысл ты вкладываешь в это слово?"
В принципе можно, но в моем случае она быстро на нет сходила. В дружбе главное доверие, понимание и отзывчивость.
☽ Вопрос от @ymca21: "На каком концерте мечтаешь побывать?"
На концерте Ланы Дель Рей, Тони Раута и группы Nightwish.
☽ Вопрос от @Nightin: "Привет! 😊 Напиши в одном предложение, что вызывает у тебя улыбку?"
Привет. Когда рядом со мной один человек.
☽ Вопрос от @id208138244: "Что ты думаешь про измены в отношениях? 👻"
Прощать не стоит этого. Человек, изменив раз, потом изменит тебе еще раз.
☽ Вопрос от @konda2018: "Какой любимый город в котором приходилось побывать? Чем он привлёк тебя?"
Белград (Сербия). Архитектура очень красивая.
☽ Вопрос от @panda163470506: "Твое отношение к людям нетрадиционной ориентации?"
Я лояльно к ЛГБТ отношусь.
☽ Вопрос от @PikaWhyImCrying: "последняя прочитанная вами книга?"
Дина Рубина "На солнечной стороне улицы".
☽ Вопрос от @id207856358: "Какие у вас музыкальные предпочтения, современное (популярное) или классика?"
По настроению.
☽ Вопрос от Анонима (или аккаунт уже удалён): "Ты когда-нибудь думал(а) о переезде в другой город или страну?"
Да, иногда посещают такие мысли.
☽ Вопрос от @Call_me___Daddy_: "Тк в вк теперь музыка только по подписке или включённым экраном, возникает вопрос: где теперь слушать музыку? Какое приложение вы используете сейчас?"
Использую vk mp3 mod и Kate Mobile.
Всем спасибо за вопросы!
кровавая луна ☽.

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свободный пост  здесь можете прикперить все что угодно вашей душе это может быть