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If you were a giant like the one from Jack and the beanstalk and you found someone sneaking inside your house, most likely to steal your goose that lays golden eggs, what'd you do? 🥾🥚

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, if I were a giant and found someone sneaking into my house to steal my golden egg-laying goose — I has probably use my giant-sized tickling pawers and give them a big, silly tickle attack and make them laugh so much that they forget all about stealing and just want to be friends instead. Who can resist a giant tickle? It is a cute and funny way to handle the situation, don't you think? 🌚😤.

; Mary on a crosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

LasNevadas’s Profile Photo⌺⠀⠀⠀ᶜᵎ Quackity :] ╱╱
Mary on a crosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

If you went to a Renaissance fair and they had a young girl and guy in chairs with there feet in stocks and people could stop and tickle them would you stop ? It's a real thing at ones in Europe

Even if this 's real
Do u think I'm going to Europe to tickle someone's feet ?
I can tickle my own feet, this way 's cheaper & my feet 'll be grateful 😂

Express your soul, @AhmedZaiyd

MoyBrito’s Profile PhotoMoy✨
I want to sail, let the wind take me to the land where I was born. I want to feel the foam of the sea again and my eyes can delight the horizon of immensity. I want my ears to feel the sound of the waves again and the noise of seagulls flying over an orange sky. Throw myself on the sand while I detail the starry sky, the broken clouds and the sunbeam crossing the small spaces of a thick sky; while my pupils dilate. That my hands can feel the sand slipping through my fingers. May my palate delight that rich flavor of a coconut fallen from the bush. Feeling my feet tickle as they sink into the soft, wet sand at the shore as the wave breaks. That song when the sea picks up to create a new wave. That I lose my sight looking at that greatness, and think that there is beyond the extensive ocean.. Photograph the dolphins with my eyes when they come up to greet me. My soul cries out, it says on loudspeaker... Go, go there, a single feeling with life and the greatness of the universe 💫

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Express your soul AhmedZaiyd

What’s the dumbest way you have been injured…?👀✨

jawariaiqbal3’s Profile PhotoJairi :)
I have a good one.
My Friend was batting. I for some reason decided to go tickle his waist on the next ball he face, as he was very sensitive to tickle. Mein us ki taraf bhaaga jab wuh next ball k liye bat ghumanay laga, ball to miss hogayi but balla mery sar py aa k laga or MERA SAR PHATT GAYA. I lost almost one litre of blood XDDDD... 😂😂😂

Lol, like that but both feet and with fingernails lol. My sister is mean haha. My sister wouldn't stop once she realized there was nothing stopping her. Have you ever been tickled like that?

When I was a child, my father used to tickle me. Something I'm involved with right now. Everyone likes to tickle my cheeks. I have big cheeks
Lol like that but both feet and with fingernails lol My sister is mean haha My

What was your first impression about me??

princesssnowy786’s Profile PhotoKhadija
First impression is the last one diju but it's always incorrect. 🌚😂
Yk this quarantine is getting on my nerves now and i miss our school days so badly and it's memorable only because of you. ;_; yk 4yrs back when we were in 9th grade, you entered our classroom like a sweet lil innocent girl (meesni) and it was a coincidence that the person who used to sit right next to me was absent that day. Fortunately or unfortunately Ms-Farah asked you sit with me. I thought you are too shy or nervous maybe because it's your first day so lemme make you comfortable and then I greeted you aur tabb jaa kar ye thora chill hui thi. 😂 After that period we exchanged names and you immediately asked me k "Who's the position holder in our class...meri ammi ne kaha hai k class main siraf position holders se dosti rakhna..." Qasam se I was offended aur ye main tumhain aaj pehli dafa bata rahi hun lekin phir bhi i then introduced you to the position holders of the class, jinkay saath tumnay pehla break-time guzara tha and the next day you asked to stay with me. I was happy to have you but on the same time there was a kameena pan in my heart as well which said mazza agaya hogaa isko position holders ki arrogance sey. 😈) Then we started spending alot of time together in class rooms, break times, pt, library, common room lol. Saath milkar parhna aur khud blank honay k bawajood aik doosray ko parhana hamari koshish hoti thi k khud kuch pallay parray na parray bas issay sab samajh ajaye lol. 😂 Phir har exam k baad baith k ronna k ye q agyaa woh q ayya pass hojayenge? lekin % zyada kiski ayegi jaakar teacher ki buttering karkay marks barhwana blabla! but our real friendship began too quick when we finally started trusting one another and shared our weak sides/secrets. I remember everything how you used to tickle me in assembly row from behind, making me laugh every time, those rule breaking, bunking and our last year was the most thrilling one, everyone was jealous of our dosti and we dc. ❤

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If there was a big game in a park or something somewhere and half the people playing knew a secret word and the other half Had to catch them and tickle them until they said it and you could pick which side you were on would you play

I would be on that side who knows the secret cause I'm bad at guessing xD..👀

Buongiorno 🏹 Oggi vi chiedo: avete delle passioni particolari che nessuno, o in pochi, condividono con voi? Se sì, quali?

Hogwartsistheway’s Profile PhotoSara☾
Il BDSM e il tickle play sono passioni che non sono comunemente condivise anche se (salvo quest'anno pandemico maledetto) non ho mai avuto difficoltà a trovare partners con cui condividere queste attività particolari.
Altrimenti ho la passione per la lettura e in particolar modo la storia, però credo che queste siano passioni condivise ma molte persone.

😳 Jensen, you just won the lunatic question competition! People are so gross. I thought with the Tickle & Thong anons, I was gonna win, for sure...

lucythedragon’s Profile Photolucythedragon
Wait, really? I didn't know there was a lunatic question competition lol. At least we got next time, right?
+9 answers in: “Jensen, are you going to perform oral sex on me without my consent?”

If there was a big game in a park or something somewhere and half the people playing knew a secret word and the other half had to catch them and tickle them until they said it and you could pick which side you were on would you play ?

Maybe,you mean that “Anlat Bakalım”. If u say this game,yes,i like it and i prefer to explain secret words to that person. If we come together my closests,we are playing it.

If there was a big game in a park or something somewhere and half the people playing knew a secret word and the other half had to catch them and tickle them until they said it and you could pick which side you were on would you play ?

better not send u these snaps i took them :/
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