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I'm not going to ask you anything else about that, but it was crazy that he wouldn't send you pictures, talk on the phone or video chat. Like extremely shady. He didn't even deserve a minute of your time and he should feel ashamed for thinking that was okay.

Yes thank you for not wanting to ask anymore! And yeah I’m the type of person that loves to video chat or talk on the phone in a relationship but he never wanted to so I was just like already then.
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Fazla naz aşık usandırır .

Arkadaşlar fazla naz aşık usandırmaz sizin öküzlüğünüzü gösterir eğer bir kadın sizi usandıracak kadar çok hayır demişse ya da hayır dediğini göstermişse ve siz hala devam ediyorsanız, çok bilmiş atalarımızın popolarından yumurtladığı bu salak sözü söyleme gafletine düşmeyin geri dönüp ikinci maddeyi beyniniz kulaklarınızdan akana kadar tekrar tekrar okuyun.

Mention the most decent red flag you've seen here on ask.

Almost every other guy. You start talking to one, thinking he's different than the others and BAM! You find him on the walls of 20 other females too.
I mean, it's not like you shouldn't be talking to anyone else, but yaar, then don't lie ke you don't like this place and that you found nobody worth talking over here. Every other girl and guy on Ask are red flags. Including myself. Baat khatam.

Does anyone know how to permanently delete account?

Yes, just Google, “how to delete an Ask account permanently” and click the first website that shows up. On that website, Ask has provided a link to delete accounts. It takes thirty days for an account to completely remove from the database, so you can log back in before then. Until then, it is basically deactivated.

Describe what a perfect evening looks like to you?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
During Iftars, when we have either biryani or mutton pulao. I eat with my family, sharing one huge tray, while talking and laughing. My niece and nephew ask for the 'red juice' (Rooh Afza), my brother teases them, and my father scolds him. Or maybe when my sister decides to cook ramen for both of us so we can watch a Korean drama together.

How to ask someone for marriage ?

Are you a muslim? cuz your body islamin so lez marry baby gurl.
Ayeeee lez become mehram.
Hi. Ap kaafi different lagti hain mujhay baki sab sy. Mera yakeen karein mainay aj tak kisi ko ayesay message kar k nahi kaha. Ap unique hain bas is liye ap ko message kiya. Meri niyyat saaf hai aur ma ap sy shaadi karna chahta hun. Bas 2-3 saal relationship chala lain gay kiu k meri niyyat toh saaf hai na mainay karni toh shaadi hai ap sy. Is liye scene daal lo. Imma noice lil muslim boi looking for a mehram.
AOA dear. Dear will you marry me? I am good job and own house and educated and shareef insaan.
Bas isi tarah kuch keh mar poch lo
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Ma Ilariabunny non usa più ask?

Saranno affari suoi se ha deciso di non usare più ask no? Buona domenica. Anche io probabilmente a breve non lo userò più, tutto può essere.
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How to ask someone for marriage ?

We've been vibing hard, and I’m hella down for you. Like, you’re my ride or die, my main squeeze, my #WCW every single day. I'm legit obsessed with our TikTok dances and Netflix binge sessions. So, let's make it official, no cap. Will you be my forever boo and make this Snapchat streak go eternal? Swipe right on this proposal and say yes. Let's get lit together, fam!
Wifey material, 100%.💍💯🔥

Jak tam mija weekend

dadisia123’s Profile Photodadisia123
Tym razem odpowiedź nie dotyczy Twojego pytania, natomiast dotyczy grafiki załączonej do tej odpowiedzi 😉
Śmieję się z kogoś kto boi się napisać w pytaniu, ponieważ wie, że na komentarze nie mogę odpowiedzieć. Taka pseudo-inteligencja z niego, a nie wie, że z komputera odpowiedzieć na komentarze nie sposób. Natomiast to co ask proponuje z nakładkami androida na Windowsa nie działa! Tak jest z ludźmi, którzy uważają się za przebiegłych, a nawet biegać nie potrafią 😊 Chłopaczku drogi, to że ja nie mogę odpowiedzieć na komentarz, nie znaczy, że nie widzę idiotyzmów które wypisujesz! Uważaj, bo kolejny raz za hejt konto tobie usuną i znów będziesz płakał na cały Internet, że profil tobie usunęli! Swojej winy za produkcję hejtu nie widzisz, natomiast o własne niepowodzenia innych oskarżasz! Dorośnij wreszcie i zachowuj się jak na dorosłego, żonatego faceta przystało! To co wypisujesz przestaje być nawet śmieszne, a staje się komiczne, ponieważ nie widzisz, że sam siebie ośmieszasz!

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Jak tam mija weekend

What are the little things that makes my favourite person on Ask happy? 🌚

saadniazi61’s Profile PhotoSAAD NIAZI.
Delicious food.
Going to a park and walking.
Finding something to watch helps me to be more and more isolated from people because it's really rare for me to find something interesting to watch.
Watching the sky.
When the weather isn't hot.
Finding a person to talk that can understand me, polite kind and funny that understand my vibes and can make silly jokes sometimes ( it's rare too to find like this person ).

I understand that you really like them but are you sure they are not just using you for your money?

I’m sure no one is using me for money considering the people I talk to online usually don’t ask for money except for 1 person who was being a catfish and tried to get me to send him money as soon as I added him on Snapchat while he was posing as a girl.

O que te motiva a responder as perguntas do ask?

Olha eu gosto de responder ser espontâneo, ser do meu jeito doa a quem doer aqui, não faço média, não faço parte de grupos tenho meus amigos aqui que são 4 que eu gosto o resto é colega. Não tô sendo arrogante mais cansa você tentar ser amigo das pessoas e eles serem o oposto quando você não é mais neoba vida delas 😊✌️
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Te cae mal Sudamerica ?

Dije en este ask no latinas pero tengo algunas enamoradas y con muchísimos followers 🤍 antes lo mostraba✨de Sinaloa o nuevo león ni me agradan y antes muchas 👌Quisiera mostrar esos estados o algunos países de sudamericana pero son imágenes fuertes y burlas para ellos ✨ Da risa esos .
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No te gustan las mujeres que se maquillan ?

Lo de abajo no es fuerte ✨ya tiene más de 300k vistas hoy, nisiquera saben conducir los Rusos👌. Deben de saber que por mostrar a mis followers eslavas👼se quita de mi ask por celos y eso que se ponen de Rodillas para mi🤍
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Wondering how many good conversations I have had with strangers here on ask, there must be some lost memories, reasons regarding why I followed you all, ask was good when it was.

Emma_Rfq’s Profile PhotoEman
I’ll never regret meeting you. You were the best mistake I have ever made. The tears I cried, the time I wasted and the overthinking I did weren’t for nothing. They taught me to be more careful.
I forgive those who hurt me in the past and I’m thankful for everything you put me through. You helped me grow and become the strong man I am today. You also showed me the kind of person I never want to be again.🙌

@selahatttinpasali ❤️💑

larapasalii’s Profile PhotoLara Paşalı
Gerçek aşk, sadece birbirine bakmakla değil, birlikte aynı yöne bakabilmekle ortaya çıkar. Seninle, hayallerimizi, hedeflerimizi ve yaşamımızın her anını paylaşmak; aynı hedefe doğru yürümek benim en büyük hayalimdir. Birlikte olduğumuz her an, seninle birlikte aynı yöne baktığımızı hatırlatır bana ve bu da beni sonsuz mutlu eder. Sen benim hayatımın yönünü değiştiren en güzel sürprizsin. Seninle aynı yöne bakmak, seni sevmek ve seninle birlikte yürümek benim için en büyük mutluluk.🥹❤️

Why do you use ask? Honest answer!

I don't use any other social media platform frequently. I like to use ask because I have been using it since 2013-14. On and off I visit here. Answer what I feel. It is somehow a venting app too you can express what you feel openly, I think, without being judged. Other than this I don't like to talk to people, so it's an alternate way to socialise, I think. It's like a virtual Club.

What was the last thing you revisited which you hadn't done / experienced in a while? ⏪

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It's funny you should ask, because last night I got the urge to write. I would always write silly stories when I was a kid, and as a teenager I wrote very cringey fanfiction. I still have some of it. It's embarrassing to read, but I do think some of it is okay quality. Anyway, after all that time I decided to start writing again around last year. I wrote parts of a story I never finished, as I lost motivation. I would say @jigsaw20216838 actually inspired me recently to pick up the pen again. Last night I stayed up past 1am just writing and writing. I reviewed the first chapter afterwards, and I think it turned out alright. Certainly not perfect, but not too bad for someone starting over again. I just hope I can keep it up, and start improving!
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ال Ask دا مصيبه ياجماعه والله المفروض ميكونش موجود عند حد ب الأخص البنات⁦🤦🏻‍♀️⁩

الفكره مش ف الاسك اللي ف الاسك ممكن يكون ف اي مكان اللي بيفرق تساهل الناس في التعامل معاه
يعني اللي حاطط حدود وعنده مبادئ مش هيتأثر سواء ف الاسك او في غيره ومش هيفرق كونه مجهول او لا ودا للاسف قليل.

Nachdem der Einsendeschluss der Nachzügler nun offiziell durch ist, wie geht es jetzt für dich weiter? Wann denkst du, triffst du die Entscheidung? Und wie willst du sie verkünden?

Wenn alles nach Plan läuft, hoffe ich, dass ich nächste Woche (am Wochenende?) die Entscheidung verkünden kann. :) Ich denke, ich werde einen Post hier auf ask dafür machen oder vielleicht schaffe ich es auch, jedem eine Nachricht zu schreiben. :)
Nachdem der Einsendeschluss der Nachzügler nun offiziell durch ist wie geht es

Pues ahora ya puedes abrir si quieres porque Sara porque anda con otro (o por lo que sea, ella lo negara pero hay otro) puso fin a lo suyo con Alfredo, así que ya puedes abrir tu ask sin problema

Yo no cerre mi ask xke ella m dijera nada, ni xke Fredo lo hiciera tampoko lo cerre xke yo no keria polemikas ni ke sakarais mierda d mi ask y hbia muxa asi ke esta bn asi cerrao, y dejar el tema ke yo ya no respondo mas, es kosa d ellos no mia lo ke alla pasao. Ya está.
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Manu porqué cerraste tu otro ask?

Xke tenia un monton d respuestas y ole habia kien las usaba pa akusar a la Sara d mala persona x kosas ke fueron pasando, y ole borraba hoy una pregunta en la ke komentaban, o etiketaban a Fredo o hasta se la enviaban, y ya a nada ya era en otra, y yo no tenia ganas d verme en medio d nada, no va konmigo, es pasado y yasta.
Yo estoy mas ke encantado a mi vida, y no kiero lios ni historias kon nadie xke no va konmigo, a Fredin lo veo bastante ke somos amigos y tratamos y no keria yo polemikas aunke se ke a el le daba iwal, xro a mi no, asi ke cerre, m hice este y ya no hay nada a lo ke sakar mierda d mi ask.
Por eso na mas lo cerré
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Cuantas enamoradas tienes ?

Varías 🤍 de Kiev 🇺🇦 muy bellas aparte otras ✨ Ya quiero mostrar a mis Miles de followers eslavas 😚 como en destacadas de mi otro ask pero Decenas de publicaciones✨no quiero que se borre por celos si antes era normal mostrar 👌
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hey Please answer me I'm so sad im depressed i came here on ask to find some help I left studies I'm in addiction of phone I'm not able to be focused. I want to live a positive and progressive life I'm trying but idk why i fails every time Please if you have any idea which can help

We're same-same
But different.
But still same.
mein bhi almost issi situation say guzar raha hoon.
mujhey khud help chaheyey
hey Please answer me 
Im so sad im depressed i came here on ask to find some

Is it possible to spend a lifetime with someone and realize that you’ve never fully known them? I know this sounds like some cheesy drama but I have actually known an old lady who found a lot of things about her late husband after he passed

Definitely. I don’t show much of myself to people irl. They haven’t earned it. The person that know the most about me is from Ask.

What would you do if you fell in love with someone who doesn't even like you?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
I’ve been through this since the first guy that I’ve ever liked and fell in love with didn’t even consider me a friend and would tell others that he didn’t know me when they’d ask about me to him. I knew he liked someone else at the time we started speaking to each other but I still had hope that he’d be interested in me and it made me even more hopeful when he’d ask questions like, “Would you ever date me?”. He’s made it clear that he didn’t like me when he got his best friend involved and told him to talk to me (more like interrogate me) and then told me that he didn’t like me romantically. We later started drifting apart and when I downloaded Snapchat and added him as a friend, I got blocked shortly afterwards for taking a screenshot of his Snapchat story. Years later, I decided to reach out to him on his new account on Snapchat and when I thought we were doing streaks on his new account (since he sent me random snaps), I decided to send a selfie and he clearly thought I was hitting on him so he removed me as a friend. The thing is, I was just looking for a friendship due to talking to him in the past but he just couldn’t get over the fact that I liked him at one point and was obviously looking for an excuse to get rid of me. I’ve now understood that I’ll only be disappointed and have my feelings hurt the more I try talking to him so I’ve let him go because I didn’t have any other choice.

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Solo a me ask si blocca?🙂‍↕️

No a me no. Vorrei dirti che comunque pare che sai c'è il fatto che comunque io non capisco perché sai une nipote non può impadronirsi della casa della nonna e la nonna può fare un usufrutto a suo bis nipote pure se è minorenne?
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خطوات التوثيق ازاى لو سمحت

- يكون عندك متابعين تتخطي ال 1000 متابع
- الاكونت بتاعك مش معمول ليه بلوكات كتير
- حسابك يكون متفاعل "اسئلة و لايكس" كدا
- حسابك خالي من أي إعلانات خاصة تمويل او تبادلات
لو الشروط دي موجوده عندك ادخل ع اللينك دا
هتملي البيانات بتاعتك و بعدها تكتب ف ال description
I'm so glad to be one of ask community and i always feel happy when i use with my friends.
و بعدها بتمشي ع خطوات عاديه و بيبعتوا ليك الطلب ع الچيميل اتقبلت او اترفضت، في العادة بياخد يومين تلاته، ولو اتقبلت بقي بتدخل في مرحلة التصديق. انك بتتصور سيلفي بورقة فيها اليوزر والتاريخ وهكذا وبس، بعدها بتوثق ، عذرا للاطاله ✨

Mi nombre es___________ Me Dicen_____________ No Me Gusta___________ Pero Me Gusta____________ Tengo Mucho/as____________Y Odio____________Pero amo____________                                                       Si me devuleves 5O me gusta te lleno de preguntas tu Ask , TE SIGO , ME SIGUES?

LoreliCal’s Profile PhotoLoreli Calderón ∞
Mi nombre es Marcelina Abadeer. Me dicen Marcy, Marce, Colmillitos, Condensa de las sombras. No me gusta que me mienta en mi cara, sabiendo yo la verdad, las múltiples infidelidades, los engaños, los maltratos emocional y físico, las mentiras, la falsedad, el egoísmo narcisista, la hipocresía, las humillaciones, el abandono. Pero me gusta los cuentos de Edgar Allan Poe, el sonreír, me gusta el desorden de mi cuarto, me gustan los doritos, me encanta los abrazos (aquellos que son sinceros, y bastante cálidos), el chocolate de cualquier forma y textura, y claro la música. Tengo mucho/as instrumentos, amo coleccionar de estos. Y odio perder contra un rival burlón parlanchín en el cualquier ámbito, que a cada rato nos echen en cara nuestros errores pasados o defectos. (Eso me saca mucho de mis casillas). Pero amo lo que son las papitas fritas y en cada de sus presentaciones, y claro no me puede faltar el sushi.

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Scommetto che le frasi 'sei una meraviglia' e 'ti voglio bene' le conosci molto bene dato che te le diranno molte persone ci scommetto....

I rattusi di ask spammano queste frasi ogni giorno, pur di avere un minimo di approccio con una vagina munita

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