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How to get back in good terms with a friend with whom you had a fight in childhood and you both broke up your friendship... she was too good to me but suddenly changed and did me wrong.. I regret what I did to her in return 6 years back..😭😭

happydumpling00’s Profile PhotoAnonymousperson011
Change is the law of nature. Girls also keep changing- girls who are the most beautiful in early childhood become fat at puberty while the average ones gradually become S3XY at puberty and still others, the most ugly ones become the most ravishing m.i.l.f.s after 25-30.

Please motivate me to avoid listening songs. staif

I had your same problem. First realize the reason why your doing it. It’s for Allah . So that reason must be strong. Make a strong effort not to listen to music on purpose. Move yourself away from things that give the desire to listen to music. For example Instagram and tik tok fb . Delete it. It’s for your own good. Wallah it’s helped me tremendously. It should help you to. The apps used to bring out my sexual desire and cause me to fall back into sinning. Now that they are gone I’ve gotten better. Remember. You're doing this for Allah. So you should give your best or play Quran headphones or read.

Do you dream? If so, what do you dream about?

AhmedZaiyd’s Profile PhotoZED❖
1- To be a good person + stay pure as I am and keep the pain away from my heart🤍
2- To achieve my dreams and be financially satisfied in all respects and live a better life. 📚💵
3- I'm buying myself a house in two different cities, Taif and Tashkent. 🏠
4- I want to travel and enjoy nature as much as possible. 🍃 🦋
5- I want to find someone who really loves me without looking at my personality or my standard of living or without any sexual reason..💬
6- I dream that my loved ones are well and healthy and live better.🥰
Do you dream If so what do you dream about

Would you date Ezra miller?

Ezra didn’t offer me….)
if seriously….
i remember i reading some bad things about him….
but in fact for some reason…. i don’t think that he is bad….
it seems to me that he is good ….
maybe spoiled…. yes …. but not bad…
about your question
is no of course…. i don’t want to date
Ezra Miller….
i’m his…and only his🕸❤️
guys read my Ask
before you ask
as i see you have this favorite connect me with the celebrity….
there are questions about others….
maybe i’ll answer later …
but guys my answer is always will
i’m his….🕸❤️

When you see a person who has lot more than you has success in career a perfect house n perfect family n lots of money, you get jealous? real answer atm pls.

Not at all my dear! I wish everyone in every possible way only the BEST !! May Allah give all of you more and more and keep you all blessed safe and happy my friend! Alhamdulillah in my heart is nothing like jealousy or hate for anyone. If you good may Allah give you million times more. That’s how I feel and think..
You’re all my brothers and sisters in humanity and should you not want the best for your family ? 💛☺️

Remember the good old days when we were kids and didn't have to stress over things like work, inflation, time, bills etc. Adulthood sucks.

Those weren't good old days for me. Sure, I didn't have to stress about those things. But I had to stress about a lot of worse things instead. I'm glad I now only have to "worry" about adulthood things.
Follow me on Instagram to follow my adventures: norakitties
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Remember the good old days when we were kids and didnt have to stress over

عارفين احساس ان فى خناقه شغاله جوا دماغك وانت good actor ممثل على كل اللى حواليك انك تمام وانك not interested بس انت بجد مش تمام والحاجه ال انت interested ليها مش عارف تعملها skipمن دمااااااغك ؟😫

اسوء حاجه تعمليها انك تضطري hide your feelings او انك تضطري تعملي دا مع الناس الي حوليكي ف انتي كدا بتاذي نفسك من جواكي ! لازم تطلعي الي تحسيه مع شخص قريب منك او بيفهمك او تكتبي دا ع ورق لكن متحبسيش ابدا حاجه انتي حساها مهما كانت النتيجه

What do your friends say is the best thing about you?

The best of me they say that I have a good personality. An intelligent girl, well, not precisely intelligent, on many occasions I am clumsy, but clever.
Good to be friends.
He loves music and sometimes I share in common with them and in short I am cheerful and direct. I think they like that about me.

U are good enough...🤍

ghadaelfar’s Profile Photoنعنااع
‏"أنا هنا، عندما تكون لديك أحلامٌ سيئة، وعندما تشعر أنك لا تستطيع الحديث، وعندما تشعر أن روحك ثقيلة، بغض النظر عمّا نمر به .. أنا هنا."

I dare you to write someone a letter and send it anonymously.

i’ll just write it here hehe
To : You ,
I finally came in terms w letting a lot of stuff go. Including feelings, people, friendships, relationships, fears. Just everything. And I’m happy. It’s time for new beginnings, new chapters that brings happiness, love and endless memories ❣️. I may have not replied to your last msg but i wish nothing but happiness and good luck on your career path. Wherever you are, i’ll make sure my support reaches you… :)

Не напрягайся. Все хорошо будет.

Peace_t_o_you’s Profile PhotoPeace_t_o_you
Дай Бог...фух....
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matthewway’s Video 171884574524 j_LrXZbOAWQmatthewway’s Video 171884574524 j_LrXZbOAWQ

What do you think about feminism ? I always adored your attitude and mindset so I’m really curious about this. Please explain your thoughts janu:)

Okay okay jaaaanuuu😂 let’s get into thisss :
You’ll be surprised maybe, but I don’t stand for the „feminism“ of today. What I mean by that is : Fighting for the right’s God gave you as a human being is absolutely right and good. Rights God gave the women despite what certain cultures or the society might say. No question about that. But what these „women“ do nowadays is to spread hatred and haste. Saying they are oppressed and dishonored by men but being themselves the ones who do these things towards men by showing no respect. Also this competition mindset… I don’t get it. Ladies men aren’t your enemies!! Why you acting like you’re in a competition with men?! Why you trying to become more and more like men ( in looks, job status etc.)
Let the man be a man and you be a woman. THAT SIMPLE. And show some respect! The same way you want to be respected by a men, you should respect a man too!
Look for me its simple- I believe in God and whatever he says is the truth MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT ( Thanks God) BUT EQUAL.
And theses rights no one has the right to legislate except God. Allah - the One and Only God, The God of all humanity, all of us, the CREATOR of both- male and female HAS THE RIGHT TO SAY WHATS RIGHT AND WRONG. And who has which RIGHTS.
So my dear I don’t care what the society says, because I believe in heavenly laws, not man- made laws. So if standing for the truth makes me a feminist I am one. If not I don’t wanna be one. The end.

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If I could only answer Yes to any question you ask me, what three questions would you ask me?

oh i already said i'm not good at asking people questions.
1 question why don't you remove the anonymous
2 what is your hobby
3 your full real name.

Whats the best age to get married?

hyrrah’s Profile Photohyra
The age when you finally have
-Financial stability (irrespective of gender)
-Sense of maturity.
-Learned the art of being self responsible
-Learned to take responsibility of others as well.
Now it's a personal decision at what age, one considers him/herself good enough to get married.

tell me three good things about today:

عد يا أستاذ نيبتون
1- صحيت بدري اغتسلت وقرأت سورة الكهف
2- راجعت الحفظ اللي عندي
3- روحت المسجد بدري مش بدري أوي يعني😂
4- رجعت اتغدينا غدا عائلي رائع الحمد لله ع نعمه علينا، به كثير من الفراخ😌
5- نمت وصحيت صليت العصر راجعت الماضي اللي عندي
6- صليت المغرب في المسجد وبجاوب ع الكيو حالا🤷

Темна нічка гори вкрила, як ваш день, панове?

Buen día, amigo
День прошел на хорошо. Если оценивать по 5 бальной шкале, то на 4 (1 балл снял за сонливость и усталость).
Так что Good night 🌃
Date: 27/02/23
Time: 22:20
Темна нічка гори вкрила як ваш день панове

الصباحات الجميله مواعيد ‏مع الحياه، مع الأمل، مع ما تبقى من العمر؛ فاقتطف لقلبك بذرة يقين ‏ تملأ قلبك أمنًا و تُهدي روحك سلامًا، ‏ صباح الورد والياسمين ..

صّبَاح الخير ثم، شكراً لله على وقت الصّباح،
والشعور الجميل الذي يحتوينا فيه ⛅🌾.
Good morning Then, thank God for the morning time, and the beautiful feeling that contains us in it

Jaką książkę, albo film polecasz?

To zależy jaki gatunek.
Przykładowe książki to:
"Czerwień" Małgorzata Sobczak
"Krew i Popiół" Jennifer L. Armentrout
książki Camilli Läckberg, Jo Nesbø, Donato Carrisi
"Małe życie" Hanya Yanagihara
"Na skraju załamania" i "Za zamkniętymi drzwiami" B.A. Paris
"Trzynaśc13" Steve Cavanagh
Wszystkie części z Igorem Brudnym od Przemysława Piotrowskiego
A filmy:
Good Will Hunting
Leon Zawodowiec
Szósty Zmysł
Pulp Fiction
Skazani na Shawshank
Skazany na piekło
Plan Ucieczki
Top Gun
Oczy Szeroko Zamknięte
Podziemny krąg
Lęk pierwotny
ogólnie uwielbiam filmy z Edwardem Nortonem
Ucieczka z Alcatraz
Dzień próby

What qualities should you possess if you are a good leader?

A good leader DOESN’T treat everyone the same, a good leader know we are all different and they will learn what motivates their individual subordinates and treat them accordingly.
Do not jump to conclusions and always listen more than speak, especially when someone is upset or passionate.
You can lead by example but earning respect is the way to go

Do you have advice for me?

RuskySpamBot’s Profile PhotoHrobárova Dcéra
. . . for you, personally :
Hear people complaining
They say they got dealt
The roughest deal
They cry when it's raining
No bread for the latest meal
But if there's no heaven
You can be sure there's no hell
And if there's no devil
There won't be no god to hear you yell
See people get holy
They're turning some plain water to wine
They're living life slowly
They can look up and see
The day turn fine
But ask them the question
And no answer is there
Whether you're eastern or western
There's only one pace that we can share
One day at a time
See people get sickly
The shock passes down from bad to worse
The backs up and prickly
Roll in a ball and pretend
You got no purse
But if this continues where does it all end?
I'm in the retinue
Till i see broken wishes mend
One day at a time
So when you get lonely
Be good to yourself and bless the day
Know you are the only
One who can deliver what i say
Try fighting the fever
Try popping the pill
Become a believer
Try separating life from still
One day at a time

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if you could change one personality trait about yourself, what would it be?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
I would make myself more humble. I think I'm honestly pretty good at it, and I have worked hard on it, but no one is humble enough. Humility is the progenitor of loads of other good traits. Humility leads to patience, respect, calmness, curiosity, being hard to anger, and countless others.

Random 🦋🖤 the 1 k answer ☺️🤞

All the love for all the people here, everyone here.....I love and respect them very much.....it's been six months and I'm here...a lot of good and not so good things have happened to me here....but let's apologize to everyone I've done wrong, intentionally and unintentionally ......Love for everyone♥️
Random  the 1 k answer

I think people should go back to book reading and story telling phase. Social media of today has become complex, boring and limited by the latest algorithms. Your thoughts?

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
I really miss sending texts via gmail.
I'm not that old lol, but it was actually good...
It made me realize what the word WAIT actually feels like...
I think waiting for someone you love is actually sweet and respectable, but nowadays every couple wants quick responses or MUJE SEENZONE KYUN CHORA :')

If you are a parent, what is the scariest thing about being a parent? If you are not, what do you think is?

That you're responsible for another human being for the rest of your life. Being a first-time parent is the scariest time of your life and all the firsts that come with it and what you don't know. The scariest thing for me is knowing that you can't trust anyone and that predators are everywhere. Being a child of that makes me terrified every single day for my kid's safety and overly aware of my surroundings. You're always worried about their safety if you're doing things right, and if they're being a good person when you're not around. There's something about being a father to a girl that scares the crap out of me and I think it's because I know just how horrible guys are. Don't get me wrong, I'm scared for my son too because I know firsthand how truly evil women can be but holy crap... there's a lot but keep in mind it is also a blessing 🙌.

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How do I handle memories coming back into my head that makes me really emotional. I get them everyday and they haunt me, some are good memories and some are bad and I wish I could go back to the past sometimes. Is this mental illness?

don't worry, it's not about mental illness, it's about spare time.
try to make friends to have new memories

Hi Liu. How have you been? /Alex

constantineadonis41056’s Profile PhotoAdonis
Hi, Alex!
I've been good. After the second semester started, I don't have much time for social media, so I stopped using my smartphone and switched to the Light Phone 2, which has been an interesting experience. All social media is now on my laptop, and when I have time, I check it.
In general, my life is good. I'm still going to work, college, Bible study group, and church on Sundays, and the rest of my time I'm either doing homework or making plans with my friends.
I've read your posts about your updates and I'm glad you can work fewer hours now and commit your time to the things that are important to you ☺️

Just look at yourself and be honest. Can you marry someone who behaves like you?

Arslanmalik1’s Profile PhotoArslan Malik
What works best is a combination of similarities and differences.
Similarity helps avoid big problems. Big differences are hard to reconcile and tend to destroy a marriage.
Moderate differences give you things to talk about, they expand you viewpoint, and invite you to explore new worlds. It also gives people time to spend on themselves as individuals, which is important to a marriage.
When I was in college, my professor told our class that it’s good to marry someone different. Differences makes a relationship exciting. It’s amazing to be with someone and work with your differences. It won’t be boring.
Besides, I’m sometimes a crazy person. I overthink and worry a lot. It will be a mess to have someone who does the same, too. I need someone to calm me and erase my worries.

I think people should go back to book reading and story telling phase. Social media of today has become complex, boring and limited by the latest algorithms. Your thoughts?

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
In actuality the limelight on social media attracts ppl in a way that everyone wants to be a part of it,ppl are getting intensely involved in different social platforms just for getting fake fame no matter what they are actually going through in their life which results in more depression ,anxiety....thts the only reason ppl have 0 interests in books,novels and good activities....bcz limelight is more important thn good health for all of us...we cant do anything bcz we all are stuck with this sad fact😊

I saw that @ thingy and it brought so many memories from the past... Back when I was in college it was a good place to open up about yourself but with time this app lost its touch and the OG's... It's good to see you bringing back the old fun! (the same anon)

I know right? I miss the old ask toooo, but I haven’t changed how I conduct myself here on the app.
You can keep things the way they were and be yourself. Maybe people might learn a thing or two. It’s a good place to talk candidly idk why ppl don’t do that anymore 🤔
Thankyou for that lil message 💌 🙏

Howdy dude... I'm from Russia and i have to you quation about my eglish educate.. How he? How to practic and study him if i forgot all words that i stady... How my english from 0-10? Have a good day friend from UK!

🦊 ~ you've . . . .
Вы отключили свой аккаунт. . .
Это также делает вас анонимным.
Зачем вам это делать?
Если только вы не подделка. . . .
Попробуйте еще раз, пожалуйста. Если вы подлинный , я извиняюсь !
Howdy dude 
Im from Russia and i have to you quation about my eglish educate

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