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It's Ramadan, and I am trying to be a better Muslim. I pray five times a day, and today I was listening to a Quran recitation. Idk but whenever my mother gets angry she uses my that little struggle of being religious against me. If i made a mistake, she said kia faida namaz or quran prhny ka.💔

Its alright, don't be hard on yourself
One can only try but to soften ones heart is in Allah's hand, so you Pray and keep Striving to Do Better and Be Better
It is Tough as well as Harsh, this is an Indication of you being on the Right Path 😇

Is it natural to desire polygamy for men?

It is natural for a Muslim man to desire polygamy in his life because he knows that Allah has permitted it with only one condition and that is "justice among the women he marries". People today say that it's an impossible condition to be met, but these are just baseless statements. Truth is that polygamy should be promoted. If you can afford to marry twice or thrice then you should. But, you can't just make it about getting rich, taking dowry, or l*st. Most of the men today, or let's just say all of them, want to marry because of the last stated reason. It's all valid and Halal if the condition is fulfilled. Society has made it a taboo. Women today can't accept this fact. Thus, weak men are obliged even when they want to marry more than once.
A few years back, I also wanted to marry 4 women instead of 1. It was because I wanted to shelter and support women who got oppressed in any way; war victims, orphans, etc. Society does not provide for such women. So, if they have Haya intact, you should just marry and protect them. You can also marry widows with their permission and will of course. That was my intent back when I thought the world could become better. Today, I can't even think about marrying 1 after seeing the fights that occur after marriage. 😄✌🏻

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I know very well and I don't want to have sex without marriage at all but I try to marry a foreigner because they don't ask for money

I can understand your pain, but the problem with men like you is that you don’t think about the rules that apply to you, I bet you’re the type of man who only cares about the rules that affect women like hijab. Let me remind you that Muslim men must lower their gaze. The fact that you have made these sexual comments towards me shows that you haven’t been doing that, and I hope you repent and be a better person.

A kiss and a hug my dear Hinata San, blessings and greetings from Mexico to the country of fire to the Konohagakure village🥰🌹💐🌻🤲🤗☺️😇

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Hello .. Joseph
actually, I can't accept "a hug and a kiss" .. Because that's a violation of My rules and the boundaries of dealing and interacting with men .. I am a Muslim girl and also Arab girl .. So I can't accept something like this ..
just accept your greeting .. Thank you Joseph ..🖤🦋
A kiss and a hug my dear Hinata San blessings and greetings from Mexico to the

What to do when you are so ashamed of being a bad Muslim and you want to become better but due to stress in your life you can't do anything? You start losing good connections as well

كل مذنب حتى لو كان مرتدا، فباب التوبة أمامه مفتوح، ولا يغلق باب التوبة في وجه أحد حتى تطلع الشمس من مغربها، قال الله: إِنَّمَا التَّوْبَةُ عَلَى اللَّهِ لِلَّذِينَ يَعْمَلُونَ السُّوءَ بِجَهَالَةٍ ثُمَّ يَتُوبُونَ مِنْ قَرِيبٍ فَأُولَئِكَ يَتُوبُ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمًا {النساء:17}.
ومهما كان الذنب عظيما، فإن عفو الله تعالى أعظم، ورحمته سبحانه قد وسعت كل شيء.
وما دامت الروح تتردد في الجسد، فإن التوبة مقبولة -بإذن الله تعالى- وفي الترمذي وغيره عنه صلى الله عليه وسلم أنه قال: لا يزال الله يقبل توبة العبد ما لم يغرغر. والغرغرة هي: بلوغ الروح الحلقوم.

Dein lieblings Hadith/Spruch/Weisheiten?

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"'Abdullah Ibn 'Umar, Allahs Wohlgefallen auf beiden, berichtete, dass der Gesandte Allahs, Allahs Segen und Friede auf ihm, sagte:
"Der Muslim ist des Muslims Bruder. Ihn darf er weder unterdrücken noch zugrunde gehen lassen.
Wer seinem Bruder in der Not beisteht, dem steht Allah in seiner eigenen Not bei.
Und wer einem Muslim eine Sorge abnimmt, dem nimmt Allah eine Sorge von den Sorgen am Tage der Auferstehung ab.
Und wer einen Muslim nicht bloßstellt, den stellt Allah nicht bloß am Tage der Auferstehung."
(Vgl. Rassoul, Muhammad Ahmad: Die Brüderlichkeit im Islam, Islamische Bibliothek, Köln)
Bukhary Hadith Nr.6951

What's on your mind?

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Abu-Huraira reported Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: He who took a bath and then came for Jumma prayer and then prayed what was fixed for him, then kept silence till the Imam finished the sermon, and then prayed along with him, his sins between that time and the next Friday would be forgiven, and even of three days wore. (Muslim)

Crime has no connection with religion and eating habits. Hum Hindu aur muslim ek parivaar hain. Aur yeh Aditsa nafrat fela rahi hai. Foreign ma bhi log beef khaten hain wahan bhi crime hote hain, lekin Aditsa jaisi ladkiyan unke per chatengi aur yahan apne desh ma nafrat felayengi.

Me apna parivar khud decide krta hu- nobody tells me! Tumhe jisko parivar maan na hai maan lo. But "no human in this world" can change my hatred towards muslims.
Foreign me crime ho ya chudai-karyakram, mujhe usse ghanta farak ni pdta! I only care about "my people." Either talk about Indians (except muslims) or kindly fk off!
Tujhe kisne bataya ki foreign me beef khane walo ko me psnd krta hu??!! I worship cows. Aur mujhe koi bhi wo insaan ni psnd jo beef khata hai.
Tumhara bf Hindu ho ya muslim ho mujhe usse ghanta farak ni pdta! I hate muslims- that's final! Nobody can change my perspective. Exceptions har jagah hote hai. Shah Rukh is a good muslim husband (wife is Hindu). Kalam is a brilliant multi-talented muslim. I admire them both. But in general I hate muslims (except few special people and some friends).

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Was hast du gefrühstückt?

Hab gefastet ❤️
🌕 *Die drei weißen Tage* 🌕
📢 _Ab *Mittwoch* (07.12) beginnen die 3 weißen Tage_❗
🌕 *Mittwoch, der 07.12.22 - (13. Jumada Al-Awwal 1444)*
🌕 *Donnerstag, der 08.12.22 - (14. Jumada Al-Awwal 1444)*
🌕 *Freitag, der 09.12.22 - (15. Jumada Al-Awwal 1444)*
📌 *Der Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sagte:*
_Ein Diener Allāh's fastet einen Tag auf dem Weg Allāh's und Allāh entfernt sein Gesicht vom Feuer für einen Abstand von 70 Jahren._
📚 (Buchari & Muslim)
📌 *Der Gesandte Allāhs ﷺ sagte:*
_“Wenn du irgendein Teil des Monats fastest, dann faste den dreizehnten, vierzehnten und fünfzehnten."_
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In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

In jew, uh have to go through some steps to attain liberation, in hinduism uh need to reborn in multiple beings to attain liberation, in Buddhism uh need to go through a process of liberation, in christianity, zoroasterism, daoism, ancient Chinese religions, jainism, bahaism, and many more religions have specific terms to attain liberation.
But islam says’ your good manners are your way to jannah’.

Hello, salam alikum! Why do I feel that Islam is not a simple or (smooth) religion, I feel that it's complicated and it's not suitable for anyone to embrace it?

we'alikum El Salam!
First, we must know what we mean by the word "simple" or "smooth"? Does it mean that this religion's practices should align with how we live our lives? also, it shouldn't have a deep impact and change how we view the creator, ourselves, mankind, and the world, thus it changes how we behave?
if that's what we mean by the word simple/smooth then yes it's not simple, and it is not suitable for anyone.
But if we meant by the word "not simple" that there are lots of things to learn, to practice, and there are lots of things we do are haram and we should "immediately" stop doing it the moment we became Muslims, if that's what you mean then we have to make some clarifications.
Allah says: يُرِيدُ ٱللَّهُ بِكُمُ ٱلْيُسْرَ وَلَا يُرِيدُ بِكُمُ ٱلْعُسْرَ
Allah desires ease for you and does not desire hardship for you.
You're not required to become a Sahaby, Tabeey , or even a scholar! you don't have to make all the good deeds that is mentioned in the Quran and sunnah!, you don't have to be at some perfect level that you don't do any harams to become a Muslim or practice Islam! that's not true at all and it's not the essence of Islam.
There is a hadeeth of the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم where he was going to send Moaz ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه to Yemen and he told him صلى الله عليه وسلم: "You are going to some people from among the people of the Book (They were Christians at that time), Call them to bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah.
If they obey you in that, then teach them that Allah has enjoined upon them five prayers every day and night.
If they obey you in that, then teach them that Allah has enjoined upon them Sadaqah (Zakah) from their wealth, to be taken from their rich and given to their poor.
If they obey you in that, then do not touch the most precious of their wealth, and fear the supplication of the one who has been wronged, for there is no barrier between it and Allah, the Mighty and Sublime."
If you noticed that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم didn't tell Moaz to tell them all the Pillars of Islam at once! but step by step and he started with the most important one which they are required to believe in Tawheed and say the shahada لا إله إلا الله، محمد رسول الله La ilaha ela Allah Muhammad Rasulu Allah, and ONLY IF THEY DO SO ONLY IF THEY believe in it and obey Allah and his prophet, THEN they should know that there are 5 prays to do day and night!
Allah didn't ask that they change their whole life once they said the shahada! but they are required to take small steps so that they can bare it and continue to worship Allah and in that the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم when was asked: "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" he replied: The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added: "Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability."
In that meaning, it is simple and suitable for anyone.
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Why in Islam Muslim girls cant marry four guys while boys can?

Read this answer from fellow Quoran for more clarification:
Women are only capable of birthing one healthy child per nine(ish) month period. So having 4 men tied to one woman means only one child in nine months. Whereas 4 women tied to one man means (at maximum) 4 children in nine months. This may sound like a weak argument today, but considering the lack of medicine and the chance of child mortality then, it was important to have many many children so at least one would survive.Economics- In Islam it is a man's duty to support his entire family (whether 1 wife and 1 child, or 3 wives and 8 children). By tying 3 men to 1 woman, that means all three men areonlyresponsible for that one woman and her children. Whereas if one man is tied to 3 women he has to support all 3 and their children. This is a much better situation because it means more women and children are being taken care of.NOTE:Islam does hold that women are allowed to work and support themselves,BUTin that time in Arabia there wasn't a whole lot of work women were physically able to do. A lot of it was hard physical labor or work that required education (which women[before Islam]were not allowed to have)War- War was fairly common, especially around the time of Islam's birth. Due to this men would die in battles and leave behind widows all the time. Due to the above reason (economics and work) it was hard for widows (espically someone raising a child) to work and take care of and raise her children. At this time there was no social services assistance to people who desperately needed it, so instead you would marry them and add them to your family, thus (as state in 3) the man has the responsibility of caring for her and her children as well.Gender Ratio- Due to war, work, and the harsh climate the gender ratio was way out of wack. Today the gender ration is about 101:100 (m/f) which is great, but then the male ratio was down and the female was up. This generally isn't a problem (or it wouldn't

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I work as a chef. There's no space for praying here. And i have no time for praying zohr and Asr as i work since i reach the restaurant till leaving. Can i pray them before going to work with fajr? Or praying them with magrib ?

Prayer before the time begins is not valid
But I want tosay, you can pray in about 5 minutes, which is less than the time for going to the toilet
You can perform the noon prayer at any time between
Duhr and Asr
And for Asr, you can pray it at any moment between Asr and Maghrib in your case
And it does not need a place, pray in the same kitchen on a small rug, for example, and put it in your bag, in a small corner of the place
And if we assume that you could not be able to pray at all, then join the Duhr prayer with the Asr prayer with the intention that you will pray them together, but try to make them be before the Maghrib call to prayer...as much as you can
Please coordinate with the employer to facilitate the matter
And beware of dereliction or to be not careful in Salaat, as it is the most important thing for a Muslim

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Wanna say something?

Honestly nowadays these so called muslim men have become so shameless and worthless. The only place where they remember their deen is when it comes to the way women should be dressed or having 4 wives. Open a muslim 17-30 yr old men's account a facebook scroll a little bit and all you see is either naked women videos that are shared or the lame meme trends happening on social media. I openly accept that even the girls are not on the very right path, but let today's topic be men, because they are the one's who are exposed to the society more. They should be able to deal better. If you dont wake up at 5am pray fajar, recite quran,and then hit up gym later. You are a useless men. Who is doing nothing but wasting his time sharing shit on facebook.💯

Sengaja ngga ngingetin temen buat bayar utangnya, supaya nanti dia susah nyariin gue di akhirat dan masuk neraka.

Padahal pahala menagih utang bisa jadi sama dengan pahala menyelamatkan orang lain dari masalah di akhirat nanti.
Dari Abu Hurairah r.a, Nabi SAW, bersabda: “Barang siapa yang melepaskan satu kesusahan seorang mukmin, pasti Allah akan melepaskan darinya satu kesusahan pada hari kiamat. Barang siapa yang menjadikan mudah urusan orang lain, pasti Allah akan memudahkannya di dunia dan di akhirat. Barang siapa yang menutupi aib seorang muslim, pasti Allah akan menutupi aibnya di dunia dan di akhirat. Allah senantiasa menolong hamba Nya selama hamba Nya itu suka menolong saudaranya”. (HR Muslim)
"Barang siapa menolong orang yang sangat membutuhkan, maka Allah mencatatnya sebanyak 73 ampunan. Satu ampunan terdapat kebaikan semua masalahnya, yang 72 (menaikkan) derajatnya pada hari kiamat". (HR. Bukhari dan Baihaqi)
"Rasulullah shallallhu 'alaihi wa sallam bersabda : Barang siapa menyulitkan (orang lain) maka Allah akan mempersulitnya pada hari Kiamat". (HR Al-Bukhari)

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I'm depressed 🙃 Really on the edge of having a breakdown.... Can someone seriously suggest some ways or tricks to get out of this situation..?? Seriously in need of help🙃

I know most of the people will suggest you islamic ways because I've been there. But there is always more to it than just being a good muslim. Sometimes you try everything and it still hurts. Balance deen with dunya.
When you feel down, go out get some fresh air, play your fav songs or just put on a good season that makes you laugh. If the heart still feels heavy, watch something that will make you cry, it works wonderss!
Untick and inbox, I'll suggest you good seasons that helped me.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

What do you want from us? I think you have sent this question to see how muslims react to this but girl you are born on fitra and you already know in your heart that these are the right things to do.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Islam is about reality. When it comes to real life, man’s first need from a woman is about emotional and sexual needs, same as need for food, clothes, shelter and other necessities of life.Since marriage is the only institute in Islam to combine man and woman and since also marriage forming a family is the basis of a society while a society is a basis for a whole nation, marriage has got to made to last as long as possible, not like a one-night stand or a brief relation with too many switching options that ends up with mankind to a degraded animal loose life, there is no place for something like a boy’s girlfriend or a girl’s boyfriend. Islam views any relationship outside marriage as a waste of time and emotions, Islam sees it as a threat to virginity/loyalty and a gate leading to reckless acts that ends up with generations loosely attached to their roots . I mentioned it at the very beginning here, Islam is about reality, what lies in our minds and we see as human nature, not what scholars, liberal activists and other categories of protestors say in public, deep down inside their own minds and hearts they view the opposite sex as the ultimate wish and target , at least wars had proved it to be so, that sexual desires top all ambitions and goals and are the dominant feelings.
2-Women are allowed to wear perfume if its at home or with a gathering of other women. Wearing outside can cause undue attention from men and it is from the wisdom of Allah to ensure the safety of women.
3-Islam forbids everything that is harmful
Though tobacco or smoking in general is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or hadith, contemporary scholars have condemned it as potentially harmful, and have at times prohibited smoking outright (declared it haram) as a result of the severe health damage that it causes.

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In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

There's this thing of what Islam is & how we have taken it. We just focus on 'burqa', 'clothes', 'eating with right hand', etc. We skip a major part that's the morals like speaking truth, being honest, being sincere & kind, being helpful & selfless, respecting women & giving them their rights, etc.
You can't be a complete Muslim without these things.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Apki marzi hy..
But lemme clear.
Perfume ki zaroort kiu bhen naha lia kro na 🙂🙂🙂
Dusra dost banany s mana apki waja s he kia h bd m apko he hurt hota hy or fr Allah ko bolty k esa kiu kia and all that.
Burqa farz nh h dubata lyny s koi ksiko mout n ajaegi but ap ko bs bahaya hona chyh🌚
Or smoking s apky he phepro m masly hojaty hn ajeeb he ho wese tbvh...
Baki apki marzi hy lkn religion bech m na lao tou achi bt hy🙂🤝🏻

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Yeah. You have to wear burqa all the time even when you are sleeping, showering, eating home alone.
Well, its okay but be ready to burn in hell fire though.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Your concept of this is wrong.women can Apply perfumes.smoke is prohibated to mena as well.you dont have wear burqa everytime but they cant wear clothes which is appealing to others.And in our regilion Home is Because of them. They are the true backbone of the House.Alhamdiullah bro. And we dont want munafiq Musilm as well.

Was haltet ihr vom Islam

Der Islam ist die beste Religion, die es gibt. Alle Gebote und Verbote haben ihren Nutzen für den Menschen. Manchmal steckt Weisheit hinter Dingen, die für uns Menschen unklar sein mögen, aber später merken wir, WARUM eine bestimmte Sache verboten/erlaubt wurde.
Allah sagt im Qur'an sinngemäß, manchmal ist uns etwas zuwider, während es gut für uns ist und manchmal lieben wir eine Sache, während sie schlecht für uns ist.Ich bin davon überzeugt, wer wirklich absolut offen und unvoreingenommen an die Frage nach der "korrekten" Religion geht, wird seine Antworten nur im Islam finden. Der Islam deckt ALLE Aspekte des Lebens eines Menschen, der Umwelt, der Tiere etc. ab. Es hat für ALLES Regeln. Und das ist das Schöne. Gleichzeitig bietet der Islam sehr viel Freiheit und Flexibilität, sodass ein Muslim selber wählen kann, ob er sich für sich x oder y entscheidet. Es ist unsere Natur, das wir eine Form von Struktur im Leben brauchen. Diese Struktur bietet uns nur der Islam. Und das finde ich unnormal schön am Islam. Es ist nicht nur eine Religion. Es ist eine Lebensweise.

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قولى اغنية على زوقك💙

id113503163484760’s Profile PhotoShaiMaa
إسمعى دى وقوليلى إيه رأيك🖤🎶
Listen to MUSliM & Zap Tharwat Ft. Sary Hany - Ghasb Anny | مُسلم و زاب ثروت مع ساري هاني - غصب عني by New Era Music on #SoundCloud

When someone says I love you, Wallahi so many of them are just saying it because it's just like saying hello , hi, hru. If people can say LOL without Laughing they can say I love you without loving. And YK what I love you means sometimes nowadays, I want to use you. So be careful, abstain. Be strict

When Muslims used to commit a sin, intentionally or unintentionally, they wouldn't discuss it out in the public out of shame and guilt. Even the most vile ones wouldn't do that due to many reasons. But today, people are a Muslim during the day and a Non Muslim in the night. On one hand, they agree with every aspect of Islam. But on the other hand, they don't follow it. Just saw a Twitter Space in which people were telling their breakup stories. Like, Haram is so normalized that nobody feels any guilt or hesitation in doing it or even talking about it. It's all normalized. Astagfirullah. After witnessing all this, how can one say that Allah Almighty will bless our lives? How can one even compare himself or herself with the real Muslims; those who lived or still try to live by the Shariah of Islam? Don't expect the rewards of being a Muslim and don't look forward to such a fate if you are not following the exact definition - all the things which make us a Muslim. Rest is just deception. You can deceive yourself and probably others, but you can't do it to God. It's a state of worry when a Muslim disobeys Allah and doesn't feel any sadness afterwards.

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When someone says I love you Wallahi so many of them are just saying it because

Lemme ask you question which were earlier asked by a non Muslim “ why we are here? Who we are ?

salmanshah19’s Profile Photoسید سلمان احمد
It is difficult to answer a complex topic such as this comprehensively in a short article, but three verses from the Qur'an quickly give a sketch of the Islamic understanding of the purpose of life:
وَمَا خَلَقْتُ ٱلْجِنَّ وَٱلْإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعْبُدُونِ
I did not create jinn and humans except to worship Me (51:56)
مَآ أُرِيدُ مِنْهُم مِّن رِّزْقٍۢ وَمَآ أُرِيدُ أَن يُطْعِمُونِ
I do not want from them any provision, nor do I want them to feed Me (51:57)
اۨلَّذِىۡ خَلَقَ الۡمَوۡتَ وَالۡحَيٰوةَ لِيَبۡلُوَكُمۡ اَيُّكُمۡ اَحۡسَنُ عَمَلًا ؕ وَهُوَ الۡعَزِيۡزُ الۡغَفُوۡرُۙ‏
(67:2) Who created death and life that He might try you as to which of you is better in deed He is the Most Mighty, the Most Forgiving
One critical word in this definition is the word "ya'budu" -- to worship. In Islam, the concept of worship does not exclusively mean "go to the mosque, pray 5 times a day" -- the Western concept of worship......
It means to obey and to do what pleases God and avoid what displeases him. Perhaps a better translation of ya'budu in this case is "devotion". The next verse denies that Allah benefits from our worshipping him; it is we who benefit from obeying Him.
The second verse also presents the same idea, but in a different way: the people who really grasp the purpose of life are those who when given the option of choosing how to live, choose to devote their lives to serving Allah. Those who do so will be rewarded.
Synthesizing the meaning of these two verses: life is a test to see what our actions are. If we choose to follow the way that Allah has taught us to live (this is what worship means in Islam), then we have fulfilled the purpose of life. If instead, we spend our time entirely on idle entertainments, or worse, on actions of destruction, then we have not grasped the purpose of life.

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In contrast to your answer about nafs, I think for starters we need to remind ourselves of existence of "waswasay". Most of us cannot identify our thoughts from shaitan waswasay. It's most interesting for how an avg Muslim believes in existence of Allah but not in shaitan' existence and his methods.

Shaytan is open enemy of mankind regardless of religion or believes and remains in try to derail from a right path. Whenever someone tries more to adhere right and straight path, shaytan whispers in his/her ears and second thought which is known as waswas. One should not be worried more about waswas but recite more and more Sura An’Nas.

Is it luck or your efforts.? 🤔

Alakazam995’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Ahmad
We often get confused between NASEEB and MUQADAR.
Naseeb ka aik bara hissah koshish pe depend krta hay. People making no efforts at all and saying naseeb main nhi tha isliay mila nhi ya khatam hogia. This is not how it works. Make as much effort as you can and Leave it on Allah.
This is where Muqadar comes in. It is already written for you, before you were born. You can't fight it.
And this is where DUA comes in. We as a Muslim have this biggest weapon against all this. Dua likhay ko bhi badal sakti hay.
So please make efforts with pure intentions and keep praying. Rest is on Allah. Keep your hopes high and have faith in HIM.
Stay happy and stay blessed ❤️

Have your ever felt like being stucked between religiousness and liberalism and modernism?

SohaibKhanPk’s Profile PhotoSohaib Khan
Liberalism is islam(Allah gave us freedom to do anything wether evil or good, our choice)
Modernisation is islam(islam has knowledge and is the reason for science & tech, proof read the research of old muslim scientists who devised science from quran) 🌝🌚 there is no reason to feel stuck. Bcox there is none

Ini untuk teman" yg beragama Islam, gimana nih pendapat kalian?

Apanya yang gimana? Itu postingannya lebih ke sarkasin orang-orang yang slalu mikir "gapapa gue gak menutup aurat, yang penting baik".
Yah padahal berbuat baik dan menutup aurat itu prihal yang berbeda. Karena sepengetahuan gue (CMIIW) menutup aurat adalah sebuah kewajiban seorang Muslim, dan berbuat baik yah dari agama dan moral manusia kan memang seharusnya begitu. Gak bisa dipaksa untuk dikaitkan satu sama lain.
Gak bisa ketika orang berhijab namun buruk akhlaknya lalu yang disalahkan hijabnya. Gak bisa itu ketika ada seorang Muslimah diingatkan untuk menutup aurat namun jawabnya "yang penting gue baik".
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What one thing do you want to demand from the world for women’s empowerment?

Sarbu2418’s Profile PhotoDr. Angry Bird
Let a woman be, ffs.
Men can never possibly imagine how frustrating it is, to watch them get away with EVERYTHING while we are held accountable for *everything* just because of our gender. 🤡
Men and infidelity go hand in hand in marriages (mostly) but who gets blamed? The wife 🤡
Men can roam around in shorts and nobody questions them if they’re Muslim but women can’t wear no shit other than ofc, on occasions when the society *which is male dominant* allows. 🤡
Can’t go anywhere without taking permissions from xyz all our lives, while men can even get the fk out at 2 in the morning. 🤡
Men are allowed to have acquaintances and frens from the opposite gender but if we do? It’s an invitation for character assassination. 🤡
Sure a lot of things aren’t permissible but we aren’t 10/10 practicing Muslims but anyhow! If you’re a guy, it’s okay. If you’re a woman 🤬
Love this equality!

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Buat yg muslim, risih ga sih kalo ada yang ngomong Ya Allah jadi yaowo/yawla dsb?

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Risih juga, padahal itu adalah lafadz suci. Kadang ada yang sudah diberi pengertian tapi tetap saja dilakukan.
Dan jika kamu tanyakan kepada mereka, niscaya mereka akan menjawab, “Sesungguhnya kami hanya bersenda gurau dan bermain-main saja.” Katakanlah, “Mengapa kepada Allah, dan ayat-ayat-Nya serta Rasul-Nya kamu selalu berolok-olok?” (QS. At-Taubah Ayat 65)

وفي هذا المساء ستقول :

Listen to _Muslim - مُسلِم _ _HADY MOAMER - Law Bas Nerga3 _ لو بس نرجع - مُسلِم وهادي _ ريد بُل مزيكا صالونات by Haytham Tharwat on #SoundCloud

I think women should be given equal rights. If a man can have 4 wives. Then a women should also have the opportunity to have 4 men at same time. What do you think? Am I right?

If you call your self a Muslim or at least a theist then at least read why Islam allowed it. Otherwise if you are an atheist then you gotta a serious problem fella.

What is wrong with our society today?

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I have seen many posts like this stating that if someone is a good Muslim or human then there is nothing special about it. Surely, it must be expected of others. But the truth is that it's rare today to find a good human, male or female. A person with a good character is hard to come by, thus, if found one then they must be appreciated. You don't know how hard it must be for them to keep going like that while everyone else has openly compromised on their character and morals. Consider it one of the biggest blessings of Allah Almighty to send someone pure in your life. Hopefully, the wise ones got my point.
Last but not least.. If a woman treats others gently, keeps her chastity intact, and obeys her husband like it's ordered in Islam, she is not great or special. That's how normal women are supposed to be. I showed you another side of the same posting, anybody today who is a good person is not normal. They are special and they deserve all the praise that they can get. If you are fighting everyday to stay being a better person than the rest of the world then don't stop feeling great about it. You deserve it. 🙂

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What is wrong with our society today

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