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Confess something that nobody knows about you..

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
Yeah I'm not a teenager but looks younger peep even my own close one thinks I'm strongest if I will be lonely but nobody knows stress , anxiety , depression, failure , seeing being dumped by own closed friends nearly close to her own heart and why is she getting weak look even physcially getting year by year nobody knows how much she's tired and lost nobody knows she's just freaking out for silent help but everyone around her makes a fun of her bcz she looks idiot or she talks like a nonsense like a stupid one
Actually they lost a gem 💎
Yes they did and they think she's beautiful definitely in a relationshit but actually she's kind hearted girl unfortunately unlucky in love bcz she's so so pure..why should I date her what's so special in her she's just a girl just a dump gurl why I should use her for my own benefits? How this sounds yeah it's hurting her when she knew that everyone around her judging her , left her and laughed at her and made a joke of her how it feels only she knows
But inside of all these nobody knows what kinda power I have
A good Sense of humor , a dreamer gurl and her dreams always come true bcz due to some reasons yeah for Good reason and have a strong intuition power even sense the next person deep inside
Typically weird but that's true💗
Zarori nh her khobsrat chehray hmesha h khush h hoty hn Kuch k pechy boht lmbi drd brhi Kahani Hoti hn Jo unhy kbhi kese k nh sunae Hoti huu baa huu

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Single for Valentines Day ? ❤️

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
And on St. Valentine's Day, I am alone, and on other days, too, without a partner. I've been alone for 7 years and so far I'm fine with it. Most likely, at this period, there is still no girl in my life with whom I would like to build a relationship. And not for a couple of days or months to play in love.
If a suitable girl suddenly appears on the horizon, then I will not avoid her. And building a relationship with someone out of principle and for the sake of having a relationship for the sake of a relationship is incredibly stupid. I don't want to be one of those guys who doesn't last long with one girl. They jump from one to the other, justifying themselves that they were mistaken and she is not the one with whom they even fall asleep and wake up. And also spend almost everything together 24/7

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Single for Valentines Day

Do you realize whats wrong with the statement "My attitude depends on how you treat me"? It makes you predictable and easy to manipulate. No? Thoughts?

Nothing.If you're stupid enough to be manipulated then you will be manipulated.If you are self aware however then there's no chance of being manipulated.Simply a matter of intellect.

In countries like America, the birth rate has decreased a lot. In Europe, people have stopped marrying. The same thing has started happening in Pakistan. Do you agree?

That's so true. There are many reasons behind that. First is that people are immodest and can not get easily satisfied, they want what they see online or in showbiz. Second, feminism and stupid gender equality talks which have ruined young minds and distracted them completely. Third, no Islamic regulations.
I personally know 3 people who are blessed with a lot Ma Sha Allah but they don't like women anymore. It's because of what they see. Just a pretty face doesn't matter. To live a life together, you need character and a lot of other essentials. But no, public is not ready for this debate. The so called modern people don't know how to keep a marriage intact and stay committed.
Pseudo Islam (partial Islam) is a flop idea.

What age did you move out of your family home, or if you haven't yet, how old do you hope to move out, if at all (no shame, living with parents 😊)?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Do you even read real news? iss something going on in SAN FRAN and I am here like willingly participating to get things right ? Right? Right! So don't even try that weak things on my asking stupid questions like I am your son 🙃🤫😑😒
What age did you move out of your family home or if you havent yet how old do

What are your top 5 favourite Christmas movies? (If you can't list 5, list as many as you like) ❄️

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
Jingle All The Way (a stupid movie but I love it still)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the 1966 one but all versions are good)
Elf (hilarious movie, Will Ferrell should’ve stopped here with the xmas movies)
A very Harold and Kumar Christmas (a stupid movie also but I like it)
Home Alone (a classic, should’ve stopped at the second one🎅🏻)

Day Walkers: A group who band together to protect innocent mortals or Kine against the Gentry: Vampires who hunt for prey at bars and nightclubs. Sometimes these hunters become The Hunted...

I don't want to upset you, but either you watch too much TV and you've become completely stupid, or you've stopped seeing your psychiatrist.

Fav person in life ?

mianiqbal111’s Profile PhotoMian.Iqbal
Zeezu is in Germany since last three years but we’re not out of touch and some nights we’d take out time, not to watch a movie or a season together but to watch this college fellow’s vlogs together and to laugh on her audacity. 😂 More like she forwards them and makes me watch them knowing they’re stupid AF. 😭😂 Imagine this woman works and studies robotics and then comes home and makes time for me and we laugh together although we’re in different parts of the worlds. It’s wholesome 🤍

How many times can the same thing break your heart?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
Depends on how stupid you're. If something has broken your heart once but you keep going back to that knowing that the same thing had broken your heart before, then you're a very dumb person. Also I'm assuming the 'thing' that broke your heart is a 'person'.

What do you think about people who live a fake life on social media for attention? (Fake name, fake locations, fake pics and videos, fake daily life drama/ sob stories etc) what is the point? And they do it for hours everyday for months?

I feel that they’re lonely and don’t have any friends. They’re just depressed and are trying to find a sense of belonging in the world. I do also think that it’s also for attention. It’s stupid and ridiculous and illegal, pretending to be someone you’re not, but some people do it for their protection of their real identity.

I always hear stories from my parents and grandparents about their love. My Father took my Mother on a cruise to propose her. Why don't young people still do these things? No one’s ever took me on a cruise. Why is romance dead. I want to experience what vintage love is, like my ancestors.

Sadly a stigma was put on romance. It's been made out that if anyone shows true love or romance, they're instantly deemed "weak" or some rubbish -_-
It's really stupid and honestly ridiculous lol
I always hear stories from my parents and grandparents about their love My

were you a rebellious angsty teen?

Nahhh, I was a hardworking, slightly troubled teen with a lot of facades but not much rebellion 😂 I've done far more stupid shit in my early 20s than in my teen years. Turns out you can do what you like when you're an adult and this is not ALWAYS a good thing (it's the old "there's probably a reason to eat dinner before dessert" thing) 😂

Is it wiser to consider yourself a smart person or is it wiser to consider yourself a stupid person? Why?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
It would not be advisable to consider ourselves as one or the other. Fools might assume that they are incapable or acquiring wisdom and the wise may be tempted to conclude that all wisdom has already been acquired. As I see it, the simpleton and the sage have two things in common: a point or origin and a destination. How, when or if they arrive is another matter but the most critical aspect is to embark on the journey and to continue forward.
Is it wiser to consider yourself a smart person or is it wiser to consider

Do you know any yo mama jokes

Yo Mama is so hairy, The Addams Family thought she was cousin It.
Yo Mama is so dirty, she was kicked out of Red Lobster for bringing her own crabs.
Yo Mama is like a hockey game, she changes her pads every three periods.
Yo Mama is so stupid, she thought a quarterback was a refund.
Yo Mama is so fat, she stepped on a scale and it read to be continued…
Yo Mama is so ugly, she makes onions cry.
Yo Mama is so old, she has Moses in her yearbook.
Yo Mama is so hairy, she was mistaken for a Sasquatch.
don’t get started about Yo Dad😂
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Is it wiser to consider yourself a smart person or is it wiser to consider yourself a stupid person? Why?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
As I see it, It's wiser to know that you are evolving and learning and ever-growing. It's never wise to call one self a smart or stupid, because both might indicate arrogance and dimolish the human factor at the equation. We are always learning and we should always be open to other possibilities.
That's why I loathe the idea of Standardized testing, its identify certain criteria that is only needed for certain group and dismiss the rest. And it's even worst, when a person is paying for such tests. You are mixing captlasim with self worth or something else.
Never the less I am only human and I had bad days where I called myself a fool and had good day's where I got a bit cocky about my achievements. So, one should always keep checking her/him self and make sure that he/she doing things for the right reasons to them.

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Is it wiser to consider yourself a smart person or is it wiser to consider yourself a stupid person? Why?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Maybe it's wiser to consider yourself as a person open to experience and knowledge. No one always knows the optimal answer to everything, so we are constantly in a state of learning.

why dont u make an ig acct for ur pets? to keep memories...

You* Account* Your.* because my main account is the only one I want, I have another one but only cause insta was being stupid at one point
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What was your experience about being “mansplained,” and what did you do about it?

I feel like I “womansplain” people all the time so i think it’s only fair that i get “mansplained” 😂
(I honestly think the whole mansplained thing is absolutely stupid. Its like a person trying to get mad at men for explaining things and there egos are so massive they can’t admit that they didn’t know something so they feel inferior and just attack whoever explained it.)

What was your experience about being “mansplained,” and what did you do about it?

I've had it done a lot, especially when I'm gaming...
Being treated like I'm a flipping idiot just cuz I'm female.. I think they were trying to mansplain the whole premise of good sh*oting, how to use the g*ns etc. Insanely condescending -_-
I ended up getting tired of the mockery etc.. so kept sniping them until they rage quit xD
I'm not stupid lol dear lord... but that conclusion was incredibly satisfying lol
There's been other times in past jobs etc. But eh lol
What was your experience about being mansplained and what did you do about it
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*she shrugs*I didn't steal it from you. That's what counts right? * Flips the empty tea cup into the air it magically vanished back to the dimension she nabbed it from with a puff of smoke . Hopefully he didn't notice her magical abilities she just did in front of him*

FracturedSoul’s Profile PhotoRipley Morningstar
*Unfortunately for Ripley, almost everyone there had noticed her magic tricks and immediately started bowing down to her, everyone except the leader of the cult*
Akamatsu: What the heII is WRONG with you freaks!? You seriously believe a stupid chicken gave her magical powers!? She's the real f-cking deal!! Holy sh-t!! I should have HER in this whole gig instead of that red haired b-tch! *Nova is going to come back and murder him again-*
Akamatsu: YOU! How would you like to work here? Forget this whole stupid charade..I thought some of these chumps would of caught on or noticed anything I said but I guess having my boys beat the heII out of them really did break them..they cannot see through none of this sh-t even when I say it's a scam in front of them! You want in on it? You'll earn back 10 times as much yen as you gave me in just a day!

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Какая у Вас стратегия ответов на вопросы здесь? По настроению? По желанию? Может только личные? А может какая-то своя схема? Есть какой-то лимит, который Вы устанавливаете себе? Что вот 10 вопросов в день или все сугубо лично по настроению?

HelenaKarev’s Profile PhotoKarev
judging by your empty expressionless eyes and stupid greedy-carnivorous expression, you only care about one scheme, where and how to make money quickly. You probably represent the vast majority of female orcs in Mordor.
Какая у Вас стратегия ответов на вопросы здесь По настроению По желанию Может

Have you ever followed someone on IG because you like them, thinking that you have a chance of having a connection with them so that you can get to know them and marry them in the end. And then suddenly they post a picture of hands folding with their partner, and you end up unfollowing them?

etchhyc’s Profile PhotoEtcyeth
I wanna know the stupid people who are guilty of this😂 who plans out a whole damn future on the basis of a follow up thing.😭🤌🏻

Please listen to Sahil Adeem on YouTube, I see potential in you for doing something great You're just wasting your energy on these stupid anons.. demagh se farigh hain yeh sub

اللّٰه بڑا مالک ہے۔۔۔
انشاء اللّٰه اچھا ہوگا۔
ساحل عدیم جس ٹون میں بات کرتے ہیں۔۔ میں بہت پہلے یہ سب گھول کے پی چکی ہوں۔

Do you have a secret you want to share..!💭

RandomQuotes69’s Profile Photosad rick ☯︎
it's not a secret, more like a stupid fact about me 🙃
i love romantic novels & fan factions and when i find a good one i finish it in two days maximum doesn't matter how long it is..
then i get depressed for a whole week trying to move on and find a better one :'D

Mi se pare foarte stupid să te ofensezi de răspunsurile altora și să fii paranoic/a. Dacă de ex un om spune că nu-i place X lucru, și tie îți place e penibil să te ofensezi sau să-o iei ca pe un atac personal. Unele persoane sunt foarte insecure și au rămas blocate dpdv al maturității la 13 ani.😂😂

Adevărat. Susțin! Plus e un site cu păreri, întrebări, răspunsuri etc. Să nu mai zic că hate-ul cu anonim e la ordinea zilei aici. Dacă ajungem să punem botul la tot, cine știe de Dumnezeu de depresie ne paște la urmă. 😅

What makes a person boring..?

Egoistic_101’s Profile Photoɐɯɐɯ ɹnoʎ ʇ,uı∀
How absent minded are men, really? My university fellow is getting married and when she came (the got darn bride) she legit had to help herself with getting on the stage and her lehnga. Meanwhile, Mr husband (to be) was just standing there with his arms closed like bro???
This is your event. She’s your bride to be, aren’t you going to help her? Meanwhile everyone is posting stories of the same scene with “awww cuties” what cuties?
Stupid ignorant guy.

I guess I Iove too much talking about fashion, dressing and celeb talk and sometimes I feel I'm annoying to others

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Don't worry i have seen people talking about gocarting and paintball fight like its a real things... There is a possibility that one day wr might find someone we are looking for and/or who we are supposed to be with... I'm not talking about relatioshits okay... Let's say, I talk about movies in my own stupid way that in last 43 years i havent even found a single soul who can sit with me and talk like... So i also know how to talk about movies the way normal people do... It leave me less depressed and i keep my search going...

What are your pet peeves?🌚

o6ogold’s Profile PhotoAdil
Oh my God. I just can’t. I can’t put up with stupid people. It hurts. I can’t.
- People who ask a lot of questions? 🙂😤 I can’t even stand them in real life and such are the people, who won’t even shut up on funerals.
- I’ll mannered children. 🙂 No they’re not cute. Tame them ffs.

That's so stupid to try and anger someone to get them to love you, makes you hated even more.

That is true in most cases; however, I know people who have used that tactic to terminate difficult relationships that would end up ruining their health and happiness. Sometimes it is best to simply walk away from a failed relationship where love does not exist.

Feminist or chauvinist?

None. I believe in humanity and equality of all genders (male, female, and even others)
Feminist and chauvinist are 2 stupid words for me coz feminists won't fight for the rights of men and chauvinists won't fight for the rights of woman. These ppl will only fight for their own genders.

Things we need to normalize?

maryamnatt’s Profile PhotoMaryam Iftikhar Natt
- Wedding Gifts to the whole family of groom and/or dowry, are the same things.
Nothing wrong in them? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Me and my mother ALWAYS argue on this topic that whenever I will say yes, she will load me with everything cause it’s a societal custom and like everybody asks, “what did the girl bring along?” So it is to shut everyone up and for the woman’s comfort? Lol what bullshit honestly?
Sure go ahead and furnish a damn house or load a whole family with gifts if THEY DO NOT AFFORD IT but if they do? It’s stupid AF and honestly disrespectful at the groom’s end but people don’t even feel it? 🤡
I don’t even like someone paying for my food or Careem and people are OKAY taking tons, from someone that too in a wedding? How does it not embarrass men? Do people realise they come off as greedy? When they don’t reject such customs? And how tf is it a woman’s parent’s’ responsibility to shut people up when they wed her off with a guy? Bro once you’re married all your responsibilities shift onto your husband. He’s responsible for your protection (from mental, emotional as well as physical abuse of any sort) from everyone including his own family.
- Then the people who gossip and EAT at the house of the deceased?? Wtf?? Do people have any ounce of morality left in them?? How can you go eat and talk shit at a house that just lost one of their family members?
- Being extremist and disrespectful in the name of religion. If you’re arrogant and look down on people considering yourself to be better than them then congratulations! You’ll end up being one of those unfortunate souls that will arrive on the day of judgement with heaps and mountains of good deeds but it will disappear infront of your eyes because of how you treated mankind while worshiping God.
- We are now normalising, women working and earning and I think it’s excellent! Having some sort of income that’s totally yours is very important even for youngsters but at the same time, pushing women to help bear the financial load while men don’t ever feel like sharing the domestic burden is just unfair.
- Lastly it’s important to understand that EVERYBODY screws up. Everyone has a few (if not more) faults and sins to carry the load of. It’s stated everywhere that all children of Adam sin! Yes they can be of different nature but none of us are angels. What the fk is up with inquiring a person? Huh? You’re not God so don’t try to act like one. You knew someone had a bad habit? Stop reminding them. Stop rubbing it in their face. You perhaps know something someone did at some point in their life? Let it go!! What’s gone is gone. Why would you want to make yours or someone else’s life hell over what’s gone by? Shit happens let it go! Stop shaming people, stop inquiring them. You don’t know maybe they’re already forgiven. Who are you to hold someone accountable or to question them? Keep peace in between eachother. Stop digging into people’s lives. Don’t try to act God, we already have one.

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