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kalian berfikir aries sama gemini itu sifatnya sama engga sih? apa beda?

tetep beda sih, lebih samaan sagittarius sama gemini. walaupu sagi + aries sama2 fire sign tp tetep ada pembedanya aja menurutku
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Do anybody here knows about sade sati period?

Shani or Saturn is the slowest moving planet of all the twelve planets in horoscope. Sade Sati is a period of 7 years and 6 months and has 3 phases. It passes through three signs, each for two and a half years. It spends about two and a half years in a sign and completes its journey through all the twelve signs in 29 years and 10 months. When it passes through the Moon that is considered as the lord of mind and emotions, suppresses the thought process, and clogs the mind from thinking rationally and taking right decisions. The irrational decisions taken during this phase brings troubles and adversities in the life of the person. This period can change the fate of the person completely. A king can become a beggar, if favourable; a beggar can become a king.
The Sade Sati has 3 phases- Rising, Peak, and Setting. The results depend upon the sign through which Saturn is passing.
1. The First Phase: Sade Sati begins when Saturn enters the twelfth house from the Moon on a horoscope of a person. Let's say when Moon is in the Aries, Sade Sati will start when Saturn enters Pisces, the twelfth sign from Aries. The first phase marks the financial losses.
2. The Second Phase: the second phase begins with Saturn entering the Aries sign in the horoscope after staying in Pisces for two and a half years. The second phase brings disturbance in personal life and business matters. Frequently troubles start arising in a person's life and work. Health issues too arise frequently and the person may get separated from the family. This phase is considered to be the worst phase of Sade Sati.
3. The Third Phase: During the third period, Saturn enters Taurus for another two and a half years. Physical fights or injuries may be inflicted upon the native. Thus after completing seven and a half years period Sade Sati comes to an end.

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Gracias a @Jeskier y a @DisasterMerc se me ha ocurrido esta pregunta. ¿Cuál es tu signo del zodiaco chino? ¿Alguna vez has buscado por curiosidad su descripción? ¿Estás de acuerdo con ésta?

DarkerThanBlack_A’s Profile PhotoXion
Como dijo un anónimo soy una perra jajaja, digo perro en el horóscopo Chino y siempre me pasa que no recuerdo nada de este horóscopo, pero vamos...
"Las mujeres nacidas en el año del Perro son muy cautelosas. Son indiferentes hacia las personas que no les gustan y no confían fácilmente. Pero una vez que lo hacen, es permanente. Protegen intensamente a sus amigos y familiares.
Son geniales e independientes. Le encantan las actividades al aire libre y estar en la naturaleza. Sin embargo, también son trabajadores y no se rinden hasta que tienen éxito. La seguridad y un ingreso estable son sus requisitos para una carrera."
Sí por ahí soy medio así, sin embargo siento que me va más todo lo que se dice de aries!
Aunque ahora que lo pienso, capaz que por esto me llevo tan bien con mi hija peluda (el amor de mi vida)!

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Kupikir ngeliat kepribadian lewat zodiak aja udah aneh. Eh ternyata ada sekte yg lebih aneh lagi yg ngeliat kepribadian manusia lewat inisial nama. 😐

nyctophilavie’s Profile PhotoLahmi
Manusia butuh label-label demikian. Kita merasa nyaman mengetahui bahwa orang yang baru kita kenal ini adalah Scorpio dan kita merasa tahu sederet kepribadian yang menyertai seorang Scorpio, walaupun kita sebenarnya nggak tahu apa-apa tentang dia.
Saya nggak percaya zodiak-zodiak seperti itu, soalnya saya Aries.

¿Que signo del zodiaco sois?¿Que signo os gusta más y que signo menos?

Soy aries. No te podría decir qué signo me gusta más o qué signo me gusta menos, aunque sí he tenido experiencia en que con algunos me llevo mejor y con otros me llevo a las patadas.
De lo que está en la imagen, tal vez no debería confirmar o desmentir nada jajaja, pero solo diré respecto al signo que más personas tengo a mi alrededor y que a uno llegué a conocer profundamente, eso confirmo, hay un proceso, hay muchas cosas buenas, intensas, pero siempre termina en eso, choque de egos! A un leo, le tenés que rendir culto, lo tenés que poner en un pedestal, si te atrevés a no hacerlo, comienza la guerra!
Que signo del zodiaco soisQue signo os gusta más y que signo menos
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Расскажи свой самый главный секрет так, чтобы никто ничего не понял

id260837771’s Profile PhotoAnatolii Novikov
1. I want to tell my first secret, I really want my ex named @Wanyok01 to get off me. He already got me so much that it's just terrible.
2. I really want the city to stop humiliating me, laughing at me, and much more.
3. I specifically say that I am for Ukraine, so that the SBU does not look for me, and does not disturb, and so my wounded soul.
4. I generally live in the Crimea, and I really want to have a diploma in design.
5. I want to stop being interested in Vladimir Putin, because the reason is that he is nobody to me, and let him do his job.
6. According to my passport, I am Ukrainian. But my character is like that of a Georgian. Despite the fact that my mother is a Crimean, I don’t look like my father at all.
7. I am one of those people who can put on makeup and dress beautifully only for the holidays. Color, and much more depends on the mood. On a typical day, I wear casual clothes.
8. My father is a native Libra in the zodiac, but I don’t even look like him. Nothing matches with Capricorn, I'm more like an Aries, and a Sagittarius.
9. I love peace, this is the only thing I like, because my soul is already torn to pieces. I am mentally ill.
10. I want a young man. It is desirable that he be beautiful in soul, and not just in the outer shell. The soul is the most important thing.

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Con que signo crees que es compatible tu horóscopo?

jijijaja1996’s Profile PhotoBelén Fernández
Hola Belén, soy 🦂 mis afines son cancer, Virgo, piscis, capricornio. Con aries, leo y escorpio es negociable. Tauro y Acuario va a ser que no aunque por mucho tiempo creí lo contrario. Los demás no sé.
Y tu???
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As you think astrology is interesting rank the other zodiac signs from your favourite to least favourite and include a reason?

Interesting, I like this question!
Scorpio - I think they’re the most misunderstood cause people assume they’re toxic cause they can be ruthless when crossed but they will go to the end of the earth to protect the people they love. Most of the ones I’ve met (inc my best friend of over a decade) are smart, driven, brave and have a wicked sense of humour 🖤
Taurus - A very close second! I love their passion and intelligence so much. In my experience they are reliable and honest, ambitious as fuck and aren’t afraid to speak their mind. I admire their strength and although they can be stubborn little shits, I really enjoy spending time with them and would deffo want them on my team if shit went sideways 🥰
Capricorn - I’ve known them to be loyal and determined. A little bit more chill than the top two but amazing listeners and good at giving advice 🥺
Virgo - Kind, patient and understanding. Logical thinkers who are always prepared cause they’ve thought of all the outcomes so I find them just soothing to be around as an anxious pisces 😋
Cancer - Ride or die type friends, they’re protective and loyal over those who are important to them. Good listeners and sensitive souls so we tend to understand each other well. Can be a bit moody and petty if you cross them though 😅
Aries - I have a love/hate relationship with Aries haha. I get on well with them but have a tendency to clash over certain things. I find them quite irritating in disagreements cause they’re a bit hot headed and competitive but when we get on, we get on well 😆
Libra - I can have a good laugh with them, their sense of humour and wittiness is unmatched. They can be a bit too extroverted and draining for me in large doses 🙂
Leo - Another love/hate relationship. I like their confidence and passion but sometimes it comes across as arrogant or attention seeking. I’ve met a few toxic Leos (I tend to find the males more likeable) but I’ve met some that I’ve really liked too ✌️
Aquarius - I haven’t met many so hard to form an opinion based on my experience which is why I’ve put them in the only gap haha. I would say very intelligent but being an air sign, a lot of their traits are probably not compatible with my own. So a mutual respect rather than a dislike 👍🏻
Sagittarius - I’ve met a few and they tend to be either people pleasing and disorganised but hilarious and optimistic or they can come across as blunt, rude and impatient. I can fuck with the first but not the second. Think we’re just very different people so don’t understand each other well or get the others approaches to situations 🤔
Gemini - Don’t think I’ve ever met one that I liked. They say one thing to you and another about you in my experience. Don’t trust them as far as I can throw them, their superiority complex irritates me and they can be flaky, shady and judgemental. Just not a compatible sign with pisces at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Which is the lamest, lousiest, as well as the cheapest and most horrible, most awful, despicable and dumbest zodiac sign that shouldn't even be alive?

I’m very cautious when it comes to Libras and Scorpios. They can easily stab you in the back. I find them a bit arrogant too. I know a lot of Scorpios and they hold a very special place in my heart but they can be the ruthless people you know when you cross them. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. I always accepted people as they are. I’m the type of person that befriends outcasts. A lot of my friends hated me for that. I don’t care if they’re weird according to others or if they have a dark past. I can get along with someone who has a different view and morals as I do, but I'm not as open to myself as much as I want to be. I can be highly critical of myself. I crave adventure but I would feel conflicted doing it.
For example, a friend lets me try smoking weed. I'm a curious person and I don't want to eliminate something without trying it out first except for hardcore drugs or extreme sports (lol). So I did try it, but the feeling of contempt starts to sink in. My mind would tell me that I shouldn't be doing it and that, this is not real me. My family consists of Libras. I don’t like it when they act that they act but really they don’t. You would think that they’re an open book but those people don’t even know they’re being talk to behind their backs. Also, I never met a libra person who acknowledged their wrong doings. It’s always the other person’s fault. I get along with Aries and Cancers more. There’s good and bad for each.
I’m Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and rising. I’m very reserved and watch. Once I’m comfortable with people I’m very open, very dominant and blunt.
One of my bffs is Gemini. They’re great. Greatest heartbreak Gemini. Hottest romance Scorpio and Sagittarius. Greatest challenge tie between Aquarius and Pisces. Hard no on both. No zodiac sign is horrible or despicable. All zodiac signs are good. I am Capricorn. Do you like Capricorn?

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Why some of you believe in zodiac signs? Like scorpio, aries has a pretty smile yet hides deepest secret chuchu. Naka based ba talaga ang personality life situation natin sa zodiac signs? Or kung compatible/incompatible sa partner? Enlighten me please. Thanks.

I'm not very familiar pero to be clear hindi totally based yung personality and life situation sa zodiac sign, but in a cultural and history lens, it's more of a "guide" or "fortune telling". and, historically speaking, stars, planets and sun ang basis ng mga farmers sa pagtatanim and pagaani, even sa time. likewise, namamanifest noong mga constellations (that represents zodiac) yung luck din about things, e.g. date of birth — ano yung fortune niya. pwede rin siguro silang marefer as symbology, kasi may common basis na so it's like a probability. There's nothing wrong naman hoping for your future :) wag lang sigurong sobra, na lahat ng bagay ay inaassociate sa zodiacs hahaha. kasi malay mo, a person is like that bec most likely it's bec of what nurtured them, anong environment yung humubog sa kanila, or it can ba nature as well (biologically determined) like mga traits na they inherited (genes).

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Dime 5 cosas random sobre ti 🖖

1. Aunque no crea en el horóscopo, casual y teóricamente comparto rasgos muy marcados del típico Aries. Como el ser cabezón, estricto y perseverante para unas cosas y vago para otras, tendencia a las migrañas/cefaleas, o tener mal carácter.
2. Sufro crisis existenciales que me llevan a un estado total de nihilismo, como un adolescente que acaba de leer mal a Nietszche.
3. Practico el reduccionismo en todo y me parece una forma sana de mantener orden. Si tengo dos cosas de algo doy una, o dono la mitad de mis libros al saber que ya no los voy a leer, y así.
4. Aunque no me guste reconocerlo, soy animal de rutinas fijas, tengo ciertos automatismos y no me gusta un pelo que nada escape a mi control.
5. Llevo desde principios de año duchándome solamente con agua fría, y junto a ello se me metió en la cabeza la idea de hacer ejercicio todas las mañanas, así como cuidar mi alimentación.

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Which colour lentil we should give to birds

If you are Aries or Scorpio : put red colour lentil on terrace and put liver for eagle
2) if you are aquarius put bajra brown lentil on terrace
3) if you are Sagittarius or pisces put yellow lentil on terrace
4) if you are Gemini/Virgo put green lentil on terrace

What is wrong with our narrative and how do we rewrite it?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I would like to know how my story would have developed if we had lived alone in our own house from beginning of our marriage - but it is not possible to rewrite it 😅.... I just can say that all conflicts with my mother in law ( btw Aries 🤦) has changed me into stronger and more durable person. 🙂👍 As we are saying here 👉 Everything bad comes with something good! 😁

🐸 what are 7 star signs?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)
Taurus (April 20 – May 20)
Gemini (May 21 – June 20)
Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
Leo (July 23 – August 22)
Virgo (August 23 – September 22)
Libra (September 23 – October 22)
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"Come on Aries no need to wage war against a different multiverse that isn't really even doing anything to you."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
*Undyne looks shocked at what Nova had just said, speaking the "Goddesses true name-"* You..how do you know my name!? All you should know is Undyne! And technically, their ignorance IS doing something to me, it's p-ssing me off! We exist and I'll be damned if I'll let some mortals say we don't! But the fact you know my name when I haven't spoken it to a single Soul in this world..what are you exactly?

As a Capricorn, what ‘Capricorn traits’ do you not have?

I’m driven by success and status, but its not necessarily about money. I like classy, elegant things, and abhor people with poor taste and uncultured behaviour. I am also rational and cold. I like beauty and perfection.
I can fit every characteristic most of the time and split from the traits with some aspects. I'm career oriented, but not ambition obsessed. I'm money driven, but not at the cost of quality or people. I'm a lover of art, but not a fan of knick-knacks. I'm an organized, efficient, & thorough worker, but not exactly a "hard worker bee."
I'm emotional & sentimental, but can certainly be stern & terse. Sometimes I'm "cold" when sorting through my emotions, I like to be able to speak about them clearly so that they are taken seriously and respected. But I cry at Disney movies, too. I like things tidy, but overlook little messes as long as they are taken care of before getting out of hand. Resourceful, creative, family-oriented, compassionate, patient, intelligent, balanced - these are traits most "readings" neglect of Capricorns. I used to fit most (ambition, hard work, wise with money, emotionless) when I was younger, and haven’t explored much about life and myself. Now, I can’t believe I’m even a Cap to begin with. Work is a chore, ambition is smth I feel I’m forced to have to better my circumstances, I don’t save. I’ve cried and felt more emotions in the past three years than I’ve ever had my whole life. It’s confusing and pretty alienating.
I can be ruthlessly blunt. Very straightforward and often times can be mean, or so people feel that’s how I’m being. Emotionally I’m unstable, but very rarely show it. I’d rather be working than with friends and most people even bosses would call me a workaholic. I push people away often.
I don’t have a lot of Capricorn traits. My only other earth placements are my Virgo NN & Capricorn Neptune. Rest of chart is mostly Aquarius & then Sagittarius & Aries sprinkled in there. What I DO have is the overthinking & worrying... I take myself pretty seriously and my absolute least favorite thing in the world is being made to look bad. I care a lot about my status (to my dismay) and I crave power and success, mostly cause I like the respect and attention that comes with it. Not big on money. However, people always say I do not come off as an earth sign. When I’m not depressed, I’m very outgoing and playful, I’m scatterbrained, irresponsible, impulsive, I’ve been told I’m “airy” but that doesn’t sound like a good thing ha. I always felt like I was having an identity crisis because I never have presented as a traditional Capricorn and I actually even have a stellium so I relate heavily in other ways like work ethic, responsibility, and ambition.

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Проассоциируй свой знак зодиака с песней!

Отменная идея, на самом деле! Вот только я решила выйти за рамки вопроса и проассоциировать весь зодиакальный круг😁
Все музыкальные композиции, ссылочки на которые я оставила ниже - всего лишь отражения моих субъективных впечатлений от общения и взаимодействия с представителями разных знаков зодиака.
Aries♈ https://youtu.be/VoF9HUvYPKsolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 VoF9HUvYPKsolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 VoF9HUvYPKs
Taurus♉ https://youtu.be/_pGaz_qN0cwolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _pGaz_qN0cwolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _pGaz_qN0cw
Gemini♊ https://youtu.be/WyNLKWgQwkUolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 WyNLKWgQwkUolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 WyNLKWgQwkU
Cancer♋ https://youtu.be/5yRgiXh2fP4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 5yRgiXh2fP4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 5yRgiXh2fP4
Leo♌ https://youtu.be/5RFMfktLWssolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 5RFMfktLWssolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 5RFMfktLWss
Virgo♍ https://youtu.be/eU0aaq5pjnQolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 eU0aaq5pjnQolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 eU0aaq5pjnQ
Libra♎ https://youtu.be/4jSG357MQS4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 4jSG357MQS4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 4jSG357MQS4
Scorpio♏ https://youtu.be/ipal8_S0RlIolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 ipal8_S0RlIolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 ipal8_S0RlI
Sagittarius♐ https://youtu.be/_NrqftLip64olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _NrqftLip64olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _NrqftLip64
Capricorn♑ https://youtu.be/n3Ahkx2QDj4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 n3Ahkx2QDj4olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 n3Ahkx2QDj4
Aquarius♒ https://youtu.be/bE-29Zdl4s8olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 bE-29Zdl4s8olhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 bE-29Zdl4s8
Pisces♓ https://youtu.be/_mCyRhtyq1Qolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _mCyRhtyq1Qolhatkachuk’s Video 169674797339 _mCyRhtyq1Q
Проассоциируй свой знак зодиака с песней

Personagens e Papéis ✨

Papéis do reino:
Nova (soldado escolhido pelos reis para representar o reino e proteger a superiora);
Reinos Principais ✨
Áries ♈
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa: @AriesPr
Nova: -
Touro ♉
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Gêmeos ♊
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Câncer ♋
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Leão ♌
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Virgem ♍
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Libra ♎
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Escorpião ♏
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Sagitário ♐
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Capricórnio ♑
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Aquário ♒
Rei: -
Rainha: -
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Peixes ♓
Rei: @PiecesRoyals
Rainha: @PiecesRoyals
Princesa/Príncipe: -
Nova: -
Outros: -
Personagens de outros lugares ✨

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Personagens e Papéis

¿Qué es lo más extraño que te haya pasado?

EduardoVR’s Profile PhotoEDU
En el metro 🚊, un señor estaba sentado frente a mi, con su hija hablando, cuando de repente me miró y me dijo “Eres Aries” y yo asentí y luego empezó a decir cosas de mi vida que eran verdad y yo así: 😳 y la hija era como “ayy otra vez lo volvió a hacer” muy random
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Todo mundo acha que sou pisciana haha. Mas sou não, homem! Áries com vênus em peixes (talvez seja por isso, pq realmente no sentimental sou bem 🐟)... você tbm tem jeito de ser de signo de água... Escorpião?

Sentimental demais você (primeira impressão) e acho que passou bem longe, sou de GÊMEOS o mió signo e cá entre nós eu sei que você concorda também. Apesar de ter 2000 mil caras, te garanto que em todas elas eu sou bonzinho AHAHAHAHAH.

Post something Interesting!

dreamer05_’s Profile PhotoNoor Shaikh ✨
Google says about zodiac sign
That Aries and Scorpio are soul mates yeah they are bcz at understanding point of view
But not at love level actually in relationships this two diff sign doesn't work out
Bcz Aries is fire sign and Scorpio is water sign
Aries is immature and impatient
And Scorpio is mature and patient
Fire and water 🤞❤️

i haven’t seen these in a while ; use this as an FAQ. 🌙

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
what’s your name?
how old are you?
when’s your birthday?
march 1
relationship status?
do you have kids?
i have a 6 year old daughter. her birthday is september 22nd.
do you have pets?
a dog & a cat
when’s the last time you had s*x?
none of your business
when did you lose your virginity?
does it matter?
what’s your favorite color?
yellow & green
what’s your job?
human resources
do you like your job?
what’s your zodiac sign?
pisces sun, leo moon, libra rising, aries venus
do you have tattoos?
do you have piercings?
yes, 10. nose, belly button, 2 ear lobe in each ear, left helix, left daith, right tragus, right conch.
do you smoke?
do you drink?
do you do drugs?
how old is your husband?
27. his birthday is june 23rd.
are you pregnant? do you have plans to get pregnant?
no and no
do you have siblings?
how tall are you?
right or left hand?
morning person or night owl?
night owl
favorite genre of movie?
do you like to read? favorite genre of book?
yes. romance & horror.
pro choice or pro life?
pro choice/pro abortion
*anything about my weight or b00b$*
gets blocked.
and while i’m here: black lives still matter.

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i havent seen these in a while  use this as an FAQ

Kau, boa noite, tudo bem? Você que é a loucos dos signos: meu mapa astral diz: "Sol Em Áries, Ascendente Em Leão – O Fogo Conquistador" - isso que quer dizer?

marcuslash’s Profile PhotoMarcus André
Menino, que bom que cê me avisou... Tomar cuidado com vc agora 😂😂😂 Arianos dão teimosos e esquentados... Aí o leonino vem com ar de superioridade 😅 mas sinceramente, vc não parece ariano...

Dorei seu perfil! Sua mente, seu jeito de ver as coisas... E vc é aquariana, né? (7/2). O @LucasVargasTavares que me indicou vc... Não é muita coisa, mas vc entrou na minha lista de stalkers 💙

Vou nem comentar o teu..e aliás, já sigo! Siiiim, aquariana com ascendente em áries. Dizem que aquarianos são criativos..mas acho que a minha se perdeu em algum lugar pelo meio do caminho. (Eu fico revoltada com isso!) E o teu, aquário tbm?
Ahh, ele é um amorzinho!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 E só pra constar vc tbm está na minha, pq eu tbm gosto de fazer isso. 🤭🤭🖤

Shout out bhaij Raha cause I feel alone , 25 years of my life. Exhausted and tired of people. Aries hoon , seedha hoon. And someone you can call at late night as well. Quick replies too. Shayad ziada sensitive bhi hoon. Looking for new people lets see how it goes?

meri aik taang nakli hei mein hockey ka bohout barra khilari tha aik din udday bhai ko meri kissi baat pe ghussa aagaya aur meray hi hockey se meri taang ke dou tukray kar diye

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