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Have you ever had a romantic relationship with someone of a different race/ethnicity? I’d like to think that love conquers all but I don’t think it does now. It can be so hard to be with someone who doesn’t have the same background as you do

To be honest no, my only real relationship was with a girl I knew from as far back as kindergarten 😂
Having said that I don’t think background is as important as sharing a future vision or dream…but yeah I’m only guessing really 🙏😁

An honest opinion. If you have to decide between two, who will you choose? The one who loves you or the the one who you love? 🥱

hashamabbacy’s Profile PhotoHashaamm
With a heavy heart, I shall discard them both and turn my focus to my life goals and growth. For love is but a fleeting masquerade, a mere facade to distract us from achieving our life goals. Once success is won all the love in the world is served on silver plated by the obedient and deserved. Thus, pursue your own path, unencumbered by the distractions of love, confident in the knowledge that your aspirations and ambitions are leading you toward a bright and fulfilling future.

What type of life would you like to have if you could imagine it?

To live in the country somewhere a bit hilly and has a view of a lake so I'm able to watch the sunrise and sunset dance on the water. I'd have a garden with the chickens and ducks roaming around and my horses, cattle, and goats roaming freely in a pasture scattered on the hill. My kids run around in the yard, playing with the dogs, and my wife watches them from the porch wrapped up in a blanket and holding her freshly poured coffee close to her. UGH! THAT WOULD BE EVERYTHING!!!! 😍
But also I desperately want to travel the world with my future wife. I want to be one with nature, God, and our little family. I'm so in awe of God's creation that it warms my heart. ♥️

How good are you at planning ahead and keeping track of future events? What do you do to remember? 🗓️🔔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’d say I’m learning to become better at it!
I keep track of my future activities by daily checking both my physical and digital diary. I try to keep them in sync as much as possible to stay aware of the plannings. 📅
For birthdays I usually write in a month prior that it’s time to start looking for a gift. 🎁
I also make sure my phone sends me a notification when there are very important things coming up, like appointments and deadlines. ☕️

what made you believe in destiny?

maryamnatt’s Profile PhotoMaryam Iftikhar Natt
It's never to late, just never quit Allah is watching your struggle no matter what, he is with you holding you and planning your better future whenever you are fed up just look up in the sky take a long breath and let it go with a new beginning, your destiny is in your faith 🤍 🌸
what made you believe in destiny

Чем занимаетесь в данный момент? ✨

tanya2834’s Profile PhotoТатьяна Дуплина
Я слушаю музыку , пока есть время , и сейчас попалась песня , которую досконально послушала , а потом сравнила с кого это было взято. Так вот песня американской певицы Ava Max взяла в себе мотив, нашей русской песни , 1998 года, по названием Песенка от Руки вверх. А та песня называется Ava Max - My Head and My Heart, можно послушать и услышать, если есть слух и уши, соответственно. Другая песня – это Arash feat. Helena – Angels Lullaby , в которой мотив русской песни - Улетай на крыльях ветра. Это песню слышали все , а самое удивительное, что есть ещё одна песня, где припев мотива был взят у русского исполнителя , это Сергей Лазарев , песня «Лови», а Dua Lipa в своей песне Future Nostalgia использовала мотив Лазарева, в припеве . Я раньше думала, что это Лазарев украл, ибо есть же ошибочное мнение, что это только русские всё крадут, но нет, американские артисты тоже следят за нашими , а потом что- то да и берут. Они же умные, думают, что «кто такие русские?», ибо же им не поверят, когда они будут говорить, что у них украли, а нам поверят, так и делают. Это же целая система. А те песни и правда классные. Мы русские гордимся тем, что такие песни переделывают , обрабатывают, популяризируют. А самое наверное явное заимствование русской песни, это конечно известная советская Калинка, которую добавила в припев румынская группа Morandi. Это настоящий хит, все иностранцы поют Калинка, в саду ягоду калинка моя , хоть эта песня и популярная среди даже иностранцев , но в современной обработке это звучит по – современному и свежо, это тоже популяризация русской культуры.
А теперь, пока весь мир « не с нами» ( это ложь) , пытаясь доказать ,что русской культуры нет и она не нужна, есть песни ( и не только они ) , которые перепевают зарубежные исполнители и делают нам рекламу, рассказывая о том, что такое на самом деле русская культура, которую видимо там забыли.
Этих примеров не несколько штук , просто то, что вспомнила и нашла. Нужно популяризировать русское , показывая то, что русское – это стиль , а не то, что обычно показывают в зарубежной прессе.

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Why do so many Americans have an aversion toward the elderly?

“The denial of age in America culminates in the prolongevity movement, which hopes to abolish old age altogether. But the dread of age originates not in the "cult of youth" but in a cult of the self. Not only in its narcissistic indifference to future generations but in its grandiose vision of a technological utopia without old age, the prolongevity movement exemplifies the fantasy of "absolute, sadistic power" which, according to Kohut, so deeply colors the narcissistic outlook. Pathological in its psychological origins and inspiration, superstitious in its faith in medical deliverance, the prolongevity movement expresses in characteristic form the anxieties of a culture that believes it has no future.”
― Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations

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Why do so many Americans have an aversion toward the elderly

Always remember that you are absolutely unique, Just like everyone else.

aakash202001’s Profile PhotoDjVampireOfficial
Jump into the fire, no fear...
Taken to the edge but it still can’t break me...
So fill your lungs, inhale the future
Now scream it out
Release the pressure!
https://youtu.be/Q9PYTqgHm0Ap_tolotta’s Video 171722641197 Q9PYTqgHm0Ap_tolotta’s Video 171722641197 Q9PYTqgHm0A
Always remember that you are absolutely unique 
Just like everyone else

NOW , i'm 97+ . . . . thanx . . . but my h8red is a million-fold of the enemy ......

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
*I apologise to noble Americans ~ there are significants who KNOW , and have the COURAGE , to speak the TRUTH ~
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqE9kiHObi8igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 vqE9kiHObi8igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 vqE9kiHObi8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5TRklKXfSkigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 T5TRklKXfSkigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 T5TRklKXfSk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjipS6LWijYigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 bjipS6LWijYigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 bjipS6LWijY ~ YOOKIES get Leopards from gerry !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZIgaSAfd7gigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 dZIgaSAfd7gigotamatch’s Video 172189882746 dZIgaSAfd7g ~ FalseFlag- real, set to hit yookies .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rtmNNtj9k8igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 2rtmNNtj9k8igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 2rtmNNtj9k8 ~ drugs 4 Yookies.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhZcSXQXMf0igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 bhZcSXQXMf0igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 bhZcSXQXMf0 ~ Yookies future
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHmaA8DBUK4igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 uHmaA8DBUK4igotamatch’s Video 172189882746 uHmaA8DBUK4

Checkpoint: What are you doing to overcome your challenges? Are you taking the first step to help yourself?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
I'll do some research to get the beforehand picture and an idea of what will happen if I'm in the situation. Yes, I always take the first step though I know I can never do it well. It was just, I wanna know myself better. There's a part of me scared of the consequences, afraid of what's holding for me in the future. But yeah. I just wanna do it. Even if I failed, at least I tried.

Life has been hard lately. Send some positive thoughts this way.

Khansu_z’s Profile PhotoKhansa
You worked hard but didn't get promoted. You loved her but she married someone else. You gave your 100% but failed. You think life's unfair. No!! It's wishful thinking. The reality is that Allah is protecting you from things that will happen in the future that you can't foresee! Learn to accept His Decree.

Does mental illness run in your family and if so which ones?

Oh yeah. My kids don't stand a chance. They may not be in therapy right now, but they definitely will be in the future. Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, prsonality, and eating disorders. As for the other mental illnesses my relatives struggle with, I believe they're caused by environment vs. genetics.

How I used to touch and touch your beauty

Now you’re a song from the open window to me
Girl, it's in the future we belong
I know it's in the future we belong
And I'm not saying that I can't live without you
But I'm a long way from figuring out how to
And different storms on different kinds of waters
While you ran into the arms of others
Aaah, people bore me but you're something different darling
Now all that I can think of now you're gone
Babe, it's in the future we belong
For now
Until I move on
Warhaus | Open Window
https://youtu.be/4dyWthW9VCQmiIostqa’s Video 172240542049 4dyWthW9VCQmiIostqa’s Video 172240542049 4dyWthW9VCQ
How I used to touch and touch your beauty

what would you use time travel for?

lizetteisbeast’s Profile Photolizetteisbeast
Go to the future and find out when the apocalypse happens (nuclear war, mass famine, drought, etc) and then make my current plans on how to survive. I’d also borrow some future tech to enhance my life and improve my security. Have to figure out how to convince those I cherish to join me.
Saying “The world is in great peril March 2025. Come to my bunker before that to survive” might not work.

Is there anything that you’re pretty sure you’ll like for the rest of your life?

we are not about love…. not about him….🕸❤️
or our future kids … or our life
ok …?!
anonymous because it’s in my blood
and i don’t want to repeat it
i’m about another things
fashion….beautiful things…
beautiful things….
and i don’t like simple people or simple things….
the simple can be the attitude towards people…. from very very deep person
but not person himself….
i’m beautiful girl with rare green eyes….💚💚
and really beautiful people understand me….
when you are born beautiful you
you look at the world differently….
plus i’m magical girl….

Do you think someday you will get married? If you find that peace within yourself and maybe your person?

I can't predict the future, I can only talk about the present and present me is very against dating all together. People forget that people can be single and live a fulfilling life. You don't need to be with somebody, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to be with somebody.

How do you hope you will change as a person in the future? Why? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
J’aimerais être un peu plus extravertie et m’ouvrir aux gens.
Je suis introverti, donc le changement sera grand, même si j’espère que je réussirai.
D’ailleurs, j’aimerais m’empêcher de manger de la viande.
En travaillant et en me mettant constamment sur le comptoir de viande, ils me dégoûtaient complètement.

I just want to be better than now soon but I don't know how

Pick a piece of paper, and write. Your resolution, your wants, and needs, your hope, your wish, your dream life, and your routine.
And start doing it, slowly and one step at a time. And now, do it for you, for your future. Just focus and keep on focusing. Pray and do your best along the way. Gain a lot of knowledge. Humble yourself and lastly, always reflect on yourself.
May Allah ease, in sya Allah. All the best, fighter. ❤️
I just want to be better than now soon but I dont know how

Yeah I followed you on Instagram 🤝 you maintained ur ig very well 💯 All the best for future work, God bless you 🤗

izunaira3’s Profile PhotoDeactivated
Aww thank you so much! 💗
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
Follow me on Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Geocaching under @NoraKitties
Yeah I followed you on Instagram  you maintained ur ig very well  All the best

If you were given GodHood, what is the first thing you would change in this world?

PulkitSharma62’s Profile PhotoJustice
Can't change only one thing as it's all inter-related, i.e., ensuring social justice, equality and promoting self-preservation values.
When the basic freedom of an individual is snatched away then it affects their lifestyle, mental-well being. It could deeply impact their future. Right to go to parks, educational institutions, job access should never be barred for anyone. It's no one's privilege to take away such basic rights. So, it will be the first prime responsibility to ensure equality for all individuals.
If you were given GodHood what is the first thing you would change in this world

*He hears a slight clank from the nearest lamppost, and looking up, a redheaded woman with bright violet eyes is standing atop the light, there's no apparent way she got up there* "So you had noticed."

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀【🐍】⠀ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ

⠀⠀The manifestation of that revealing sound made his legs stop walking, remaining just under the light of the lamppost. It was a matter of seconds before Majima would try to look up, only getting blindness and the vision of a darkened silhouette. How odd. How could someone stay on top of something like that?
He also used to get into weird positions. He’ll probably steal the idea for some future use.
Majima closed his eye, grinning.
⠀⠀❝...Heh, don’t let that surprise ya. I always got one eye on me, perhaps, n’ am quite paranoid,❞ ⠀he spoke in a casual rhythm, his bat slightly dancing up and down his shoulder. For some reason he felt somewhat familiar with that female voice, but wasn't sure. He didn’t remember. His memory was a mess.
⠀⠀❝Why don’t ya come on down? Ya could fall outta there. We don't want that, do we?❞

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Guys, I'm asking a very serious Q is liye mazak nahi urana he kisi ne idhar. But, can ya'll just fall In love with someone jise aap ne sirf baat krte suna he kisi se. You've never seen or met them. You just know how they think and their perspective towards life and other stuff. Does this make sense?

People fall out from this type of love pretty soon. Love is not just about being attracted to somebody's thought it requires understanding and commitment to stay by their side no matter how hard things get. There should be practical elements in it too like similarities of future dreams and goals which gives it an extra positive edge. You have to talk give it sometime see how their thinking plays in your life and consider if you can really invest all you have with that person

Are you ever curious about how the world will be in like 500 years? None of us are going to live to see it,But do you wish you could live in the future for a day just to see the world progress? I sure do.

Oh definitely!
I would love to see if humanity realises what it is doing and whether enough will be done to potentially save our planet and all that dwell on it!
I hope for the future that people will realise and act accordingly... but looking at how we are currently... it's hard to be optimistic..
Are you ever curious about how the world will be in like 500 years None of us

Why do so many young people complain about back pains? I see people in their 20s complaining their back hurts. What are they going to do in their 50s

we sit at desks too long it's killing our spines and tailbones.
O presume they're still gonna hurt at 50, except maybe they will have better chairs or treatment options in the future

Zu welchen literarischen oder auch anderen Kunstwerken kehrst du in deinem Leben immer wieder zurück?

whereisherhead’s Profile PhotoKalliope
Schwierig. Aber hatte gerade heute ein Gespräch mit einer Kommilitonin die sich scherzhaft darüber aufregte dass ihr Freund "gute" Filme mehrmals schauen möchte, sie das aber nicht könnte. Ist bei mir ähnlich, der Drops is dann irgendwie gelutscht, vor allem Filme mit Plottwist oder Rätseln, same bei Büchern. (Ausnahmen bestätigen die Regel, wie z.B. "spaßige" Werke wie "back to the future" oder "und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier"). Die kann ich mir so alle 2 Jahre mal reinpfeifen.
Mir fällt jetzt auch kein Buch ein welches mir so viel "gibt", dass ich es nochmal interpretieren möchte oder neues entdecken will. Ich bekomme eher ein schlechtes Gewissen gegenüber all den ungelesenen Werken die noch warten, die Gelesenen hatten ihre Chance!
Ich habe mir aber trotzdem vorgenommen, Hermann Hesse noch eine Chance zu geben wenn ich so 30 bin, obwohl der eigentlich bei der Jugend eher fruchtet. "Unterm Rad" fand ich ganz ok, "Demian" erschreckend öde, "Narziss und Goldmund" eine Qual und bei "Siddharta" kam mir die Kotze hoch, sorry Kollege Ram, der Hermann und ich wir brauchen noch bissi Zeit!
Es gibt allerdings ein kleines Büchlein, welches ich schon dreimal gelesen habe, das erste mal mit zwölf: "Löcher - Die Geheimnisse von Green Lake" von Louis Sachar. Das rührt mich tatsächlich jedesmal und irgendwann werde ich es wieder lesen. Und falls ich mal Kinder haben sollte werde ich es ihnen vorlesen und wenn es ihnen nicht gefällt dann lass ich sie wie im Buch solange draussen Löcher buddeln bis sie zur Besinnung kommen!

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🎵Сегодня я попрошу тебя поделиться с песнями,которые затрагивают каждую клеточку твоего тела🎵

leraimn’s Profile PhotoВалерия
Shawn Mendes- "it'll be okay"
Are we gonna make it?
Is this gonna hurt?
Oh, we can try to sedate it
But that never works
I start to imagine a world where we don't collide
It's making me sick, but we'll heal and the sun will rise
If you tell me you're leaving, I'll make it easy
It'll be okay
If we can't stop the bleeding, we don't have to fix it
We don't have to stay
I will love you either way (Ooh-ooh)
It'll be o—, be okay (Ooh-ooh)
Oh, the future we dreamed of
Is fading to black, oh
And, oh, thеre's nothing more painful
Nothing more painful, oh-woah
I start to imaginе a world where we don't collide
And it's making me sick, but we'll heal and the sun will rise
If you tell me you're leaving, I'll make it easy
It'll be okay (It'll be okay)
And if we can't stop the bleeding, we don't have to fix it
We don't have to stay (Don't have to stay)
I will love you either way (Ooh-ooh)
It'll be o—, be okay (Ooh-ooh)
I will love you either way
It might be so sweet
It might be so bitter
I will love you either way
It might be so sweet
It might be so bitter (Ooh-ooh)
Oh, if the future we've dreamed of is fading to black
I will love you either way

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What is your strange obsession(s)? 🧐🤪

The possibility of time travel. Here’s my plan: arrive in the late 1800’s because I want to see the Chicago World’s Fair. I would cash in everything I own now for gold and bring it with me to buy property, invest, and use for currency. From Chicago, I want to go to visit two particular ancestors. One on my maternal side, they lived in Connecticut and owned a bakery. From there, to Ohio to meet my paternal ancestors who almost all died young of tuberculosis. I would smuggle back vials of vaccines to prevent this. Darn the consequences. Can’t decide if I would try to prove I was their great great great great granddaughter from the future or just jab them in their sleep with the vaccines. My mind works in strange ways. Lol
Liked by: Aisyahpotated Neo

How to put a stop to your stress?

SundayMondayOfficial’s Profile PhotoUNKNOWN PERSON
There are two type of stresses.
1) that has a solution. For example, being stressed about exams. Study! Stressed about being overweight, follow a proper diet and exercise plan. As tough as these solutions are, they are solutions after all. They'll end your stress.
2) the second type is the kind that doesn't have a solution at all or doest have an immediate solution. For example, stressing about death. No solution to this, we all will die. Or stressing about the future, financial stability in the future etc. There's no immediate solution to this. In this case, understand that every goal has mini steps that lead to it. This is your time to focus on those mini steps and not wish for that final goal to suddenly come to life.
If I want to have my own house in my city, I'll have to start work for it at least 4-5 years early. I collect money, I get the land, I get an outline, I start building on etc. All these are my mini steps. If I am in my mini steps phase and still worrying that i dont have a house yet then I'm being silly and unreasonable. Your stress will reduce significantly if you understand that you probably are in your mini step phase rn and that the final destination will take some time.

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Why do people always have excuses for their wrongs?

mavsmar9’s Profile Photomavsmar
Two reasons:
1. they lack the Character, self-control, humility and moral compass to admit they are wrong.
2. they do not give a damn what people think of them or who they offend, injure or destroy.
"An inflated consciousness is always egocentric and conscious of nothing but its own existence. It is incapable of learning from the past, incapable of understanding contemporary events, and incapable of drawing right conclusions about the future. It is hypnotized by itself and therefore cannot be argued with. It inevitably dooms itself to calamities that must strike it dead."
Carl Jung
Why do people always have excuses for their wrongs

What age did you move out of your family home, or if you haven't yet, how old do you hope to move out, if at all (no shame, living with parents 😊)?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I’m still living at home, for various reasons! I commuted to uni for the entire 6 year stint as it was a lot cheaper than moving out and flat sharing in London. I had very little funds to consider it in truth, had I wanted to! Since then it’s truly been trying to help out financially at home, so my family are in a better place, then I can realistically start planning for my own future really (a studio, then anything else from there).
I’m genuinely content for the mo (hopefully my family are okay with it - they seem happy that I’m here), but I do feel a bit embarrassed sometimes by what others may think :)

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