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Tobbe, you ask such wonderful questions and contribute so much to our little online world - how do you think of so many questions?! Would you ever consider working in a field that involves your ability to bring out the best in people?

origamibirds’s Profile Phototea.
Aww, thank you!!!! Reading that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 😊🤗 I mainly get inspiration from what happens in my own life. One can definitely get a feel for what I've been dealing with just by looking at the questions I send! Then others are inspired my movies / youtube videos I've watched, video games I've played etc., especially the more hypothetical questions! Well, as an urban planning student I sort of strive for that! In my future work I hope to create spaces which brings out the best in people 🏙️
Tobbe you ask such wonderful questions and contribute so much to our little

In einer Demokratie sollten immer alle Interessen gegeneinander abgewogen werden und niemand vernachlässigt werden. Wie kann es dann sein, dass die Bauern durch ihre Proteste mehr gehört werden als Fridays for Future?

simonalein_’s Profile PhotoSimona ⁽⁽⁽i⁾⁾⁾
Die Menschheit ist naiv und was - überspitzt formuliert - mehr als 2 Tage in der Zukunft liegt, interessiert am Ende des Tages die wenigsten. Bezugnehmend zu den Bauern sprechen wir eben auch von einer riesigen Gruppe, die gegen Aktualitäten demonstriert. Zwei Aspekte, die zwangsläufig für mehr Aufmerksamkeit sorgen.
Mittlerweile habe ich allgemein das Gefühl, dass man schon für erheblich Furore sorgen muss, dass es nicht weggelächelt wird. In deutschen Fußballstadien erleben wir ja gerade Ähnliches. Aber es zeigt auch, dass Proteste ab einem gewissen Stadium nicht mehr ignoriert werden können und tstsächlich was bringen. Zuvor dachte ich, dass Demo am Ende des Tages nichts bringt, weil die Verantwortlichen sowieso machen, was sie wollen, aber es scheint wirklich ab einem gewissen Level etwas zu bewirken.
Aber ist das dann nicht auch Demokratie? Dass Forderungen von Mehrheiten mehr Gehör finden als von kleineren Gruppen? Und da schließt sich dann auch wieder der Kreis, dass sich eben im Beispiel Fridays 4 Future zu wenige sich dafür einsetzen

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How can people find their passion and purpose in life?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
After my graduation, I spent hours contemplating my future. While I can't speak for others, I discovered my passion lies in science. I find joy in discussing and reading about scientific concepts, unlike arts which I know isn't my forte. Despite a challenging graduation period, an internship opportunity allowed me to apply scientific theories practically, which I found immensely satisfying. This experience solidified my belief that science is my calling, my passion. Moreover, I have a strong desire to contribute to society, and I've always known that teaching is where my skills lie. As a teacher, I aspire to motivate and guide students, sharing knowledge while continuing to learn alongside them.
That's how I process....

You think you could change that particular person, I don't think so.

saadkhalidqazi’s Profile PhotoSaad Khalid Qazi
Why would we take a control on that?
I mean isn't he/she blessed with a same brain, by Allah Almighty, like every other human being?
If he/she is not taking a part to change himself/herself, why should you do that favor for him/her? Don't you have anything better to do, like securing your future. 😐

Do you think destiny always has plans? 💘 😇

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Destiny is pre-written and u eventually get what is already planned for you, irrespective what you do or which way you go,during our life we just keep on building tracks and path to reach to that.
We 're bound to our destiny with a gift of present, unchangeable past and predictable future..

Do you think destiny always has plans? 💘 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Nie mam pojęcia.
Kiedyś już chyba odpowiadałam na podobne pytanie... 🤔
Wierzę zarówno w to, że to, co dzieje się w naszym życiu, jest wynikiem naszych działań i mamy na to wpływ, jak i w to, że są rzeczy z góry zaplanowane, na które wpływu nie mamy.
Ciężko jest mi się więc określić. XD
Być może faktycznie los ma wobec nas jakieś plany, ale być może my też mamy jakiś wpływ na to, jak to się potoczy, być może jesteśmy w stanie zmienić bieg wydarzeń. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Przyszłość to po prostu jedna wielka niewiadoma. 🤷🏼‍♀️
ENG: I have no idea.
I think I've answered a similar question before... 🤔
I believe both that what happens in our lives is the result of our actions and we have influence on it, and that there are things planned in advance that we have no influence on.
So it's hard for me to define myself. 🤣
Perhaps destiny actually has some plans for us, but perhaps we also have some influence on how it will turn out, perhaps we are able to change the course of events. 🤷🏼‍♀️
The future is just one big unknown. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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If you had the choice to go back in time or into the future, which would you choose?

If I had such a choice, I think that I would choose both without a doubt. The reason for that is simple- both are interesting, in their own ways.
I want to go back in time, because I want to see what my family was back then. And I want to go to the future because I want to experience the excitement that happens during that time.
So, both of them would be amazing to experience. In my opinion.

صوتك الداخلي بيقولك اي دلوقتي؟

It's the idea that we should focus on the present moment and that the real paradise is the present moment. Once the present moment passes, we begin to be influenced by our memories of the past or preoccupied with the concerns of the future, and we begin to suffer, so we should live in the present moment and enjoy it as much as possible.

When I struggled with drinking issues I'd go to sleep whenever I'd crave a drink. Do you think it works the same for dieting? whenever I'm hungry just sleep it away.

I think that might work in the short term but in the long term, it’s better to find ways to stay awake while also trying to discipline yourself to eating healthier and watching your portions. You can maybe talk to your doctor about ways to continue your diet without falling back into your old eating habits again. I’d suggest chewing gum to maybe distract yourself from your cravings, drinking plenty of water and thinking about the future consequences of ruining your diet in order to find the motivation to keep going.

Koi aik aesi Quranic ayat jisnay apko change kiya hou?

“اور تمہارے چاہنے سے کچھ نہیں ہوتا جب تک اللہ نہ چاہے”
I think this ayat changes me a lot.. we can’t do anything without the ‘Kun’ of Allah. Trust His plan for the future. Allah has a plan for you. We may not know it, We may seem lost at times, But remember that He is in control, Everything will work out for the good of those who love Him.

Do you ever get tired of playing nice with authority like you aren’t able to be your true self

I’ve always had a problem with authority because I never felt like I belonged in a place where people expect me to be or look a certain way that just isn’t me. I do get tired of trying to blend in and from acting the way I think people expect me to act or speak just for the sake of feeling a little less lonely because I can’t stand the feeling of loneliness and want to feel connected to others, even if it means hiding certain traits that I have that aren’t seen as “desirable” as other traits. I sometimes even find myself holding back from unleashing the negative emotions that are inside of me for the sake of not upsetting my family members even tho there isn’t too much authority at home, if at all. But I do hope that I can truly be myself everywhere I go at some point in the future, without having to risk losing friends and feeling lonely as a result.

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If you had a HUD that showed three stats about any person you looked at, what three stats would you want it to show?

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
A really interesting question indeed ! ...Hmm....1: Their intentions and what are they actually thinking (as compared to what they are actually saying)....2: Their actual mental health on a scale.....3: Good and bad incident list summary of at least a month (past and future) .... How about you ?
If you had a HUD that showed three stats about any person you looked at what

Нещастен ли си без някого?

You changed yourself I don’t know why She a gold digger looking for a gold mine If you ain’t got diamonds you getting no shine If you ain’t got a rolie she ain’t got no time When she found out I can’t afford these she hit the reject button and ignored me Surely her new friends brain washed shorty I’m on to the next one you ain’t gotta call me huh I bet she get used up A good girl turned bad is her future Who’s up next whoever got a check Whoever got a dollar you can probably make her wet I use to treat her right but she going to the left she wanna drown in the money so she ain’t holding her breath,yes her entourage got her gassed up Fast girls open legs up for fast bucks 😏
Нещастен ли си без някого

Why heart beats get faster when you’re alone in dark?

Musshafii’s Profile Photoمصحفی
People who can see are used to always being aware of what's going on around them. We assume that if we are aware of what's going on in the present, we can also predict what might come in the future. Like if I can see that I'm in a safe room in the present, I'll assume that I'll stay safe for the next few hours that i stay in this room. Which is not true obv, just one strong earthquake and I can be injured.
But it's this concept of predicting your safety based on what you see in your surroundings.
When you're in the dark, you're suddenly unable to see what surrounds you. You can't predict your safety and that causes us to be anxious, hence increasing heart rate.
Plus being able to see so many things in your surroundings acts as a distraction from your dark, ugly thoughts as well. When you can't see, you can no longer be distracted from what lies in your mind and heart. Those thoughts can take over as well and can cause anxiety.

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Do you like the show Euphoria?

I was going to watch it but I changed my mind since I want to move on from high school drama and that movie brings it all back. The show also seemed very cliche to me and I’m looking for something more unique that isn’t about boys being a player and characters having issues related to drug use. I might watch it in the future if I’m ever extremely bored and can’t find anything better to watch lol.

Why do parents force their children to choose a specific career?

MussabTariq’s Profile PhotoMussab Tariq
Sighs. I believe parents may feel the need to influence their children's career choices out of a desire to ensure their future success and financial stability. It can stem from a place of love and concern — but it is important for parents to also consider their children's individual passions and talents. Balancing guidance with allowing children to explore and pursue their own interests is crucial for their personal growth and fulfillment. 🌻

You don't always have to tell your side of the story. Time Will.

hayakh72w’s Profile PhotoHaya
Does it matter anyhow??? Future is never shaped on emotions or feelings... It's already there... Regret is just a feeling that why haven't we thought about it like that, while we were at it... Exactly like that, there is a familiar feeling called peace... Surrender... Try it sometimes and it will change your thoughts...

What has life taught you recently?

maryamwaheed129912’s Profile PhotoMaryam
What surprises me most about humankind is that we get bored of our childhood… Rush to grow up along to be children again, that we lose our health to make money, and then lose our money to restore our health that by thinking anxiously about the future. We forget the present such that we live in neither the present nor the future that we live as if we were never going to die and die as though we’ve never lived.

Mega playlist: Post Malone.

VIP_Games’s Profile PhotoThe Others. [co's needed.]
/• Lemon tree. • Feeling Whitney.
• Di.e for me, ft. Future & Halsey.
• Rockstar. • I fall apart. • Circles.
•Psycho. • White Inverson. • Goodbyes.
• WOW. Extra: • Better now.

What are the three things to do, when starting over in life?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
I think reflecting on past experiences helps us understand our journey and learn from it. Plus — setting new goals gives us direction and purpose for the future. Seeking support from loved ones or professionals can provide guidance and encouragement as we navigate this new chapter in life. It is a process that requires patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to embrace change. 🌻

u have any announcements for the near future ?

grandmasterqtipp2’s Profile Photonicholas
I’ll probably be transferring to another university once I’m done going to this two year community college that I’m currently going to but it’s not for certain. I’m thinking that I might as well stick with an associates degree in English and try looking for jobs right after graduating in a year or two, rather than making a transfer and graduating much later than I anticipated I would. I’m not very patient when it comes to academics and don’t have enough confidence in my ability to continue studying much longer.

Hey are you online??

so today marks my 25th birthday… and you can now pre save the most honest song ive ever written “25”
out feb 9th
this is my first song as an independent artist and i couldn’t be more excited for the rest of this year. even though i mention “quarter life crisis” a lot in this song 😂 i genuinely have never felt so positive about the future
i love you guys 🥳
25 can’t be that bad can it?
Hey are you online

What’s yall thoughts on being single and seeing a partner when you feel like it without folks in ya business like a normal person?

I think that would be amazing. I’ve always liked the idea of secretly being in a relationship or meeting up with potential future partners without letting anyone else know about it (including my family).

Why can't we live like our ancestors? without the 9-5 jobs, social hierarchy, landlords, etc. Just living in community and living off of the land. I think we'd be happier than we currently are as a collective.

I think there has probably always been some form of hierarchy, jobs, responsibilities, hardship etc, what we should aim for really is a future utopia where everyone is equal and valued, and we have better work/life balance and quality of life overall. Buuut that's never gonna happen because humans can't get beyond the us vs them, the squabbling and finger pointing, the aggression and cruelty and greed.

Therapy is so expensive. You pay hundreds for sessions. 5 sessions equal a pair of designer boots. This is not a stretch, it's a reality. I used to go twice a week years ago, and it was in the hundreds back then... now with the wild inflation it's probably even more.

Private therapy is expensive, yeah, but it's an investment into yourself, your wellbeing, your future and the impact you have on the people around you

What are your plans for future? What is your aim in life? What do you want from this world? 🐣🌸

I don't make plans because Future is unpredictable”, this is all I tell myself about everything. Today everything might seem fine and fair but you never know what calamity is going to hit tomorrow. We have to believe that there are many things which is beyond our control. If Allah has written something to be yours -it will be. Time might be different. The journey might be different. But it will be yours. And I haven't figured out yet that what I want from this world tho.

Fck I’m so stressed out about my future, what should I do?

Without knowing why you’re stressing I can only advise you to take a deeeeep breath or two and learn to relax
My bet is nothing you’re stressing about will be a big factor in your life in 5 years time 🤷🏻‍♂️

Do you try to live with no regrets and what do you do in cases where you find yourself oversharing without meaning to?

Of course I regret things, I just try to not let it get to me too much and rather learn from it to prevent future mistakes.
I’ve never really had a problem with oversharing, I rather be honest and let it out than keep it in. There are limits of course and if I would cross them it would feel disappointing.

Dlaczego w Niemczech do końca 2030 roku można tankować benzynę 95 jak i nową E10 a może i w przyszłości E15, natomiast Niemcy mają wybór z E95, a z polskich stacji paliw benzyna E95 zniknęła bezpowrotnie? Czyżby chodziło o zniszczenie silników w starszych polskich samochodach?

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
Why is it that until the end of 2030 in Germany you can fill up with 95 petrol, as well as the new E10 and maybe E15 in the future, while Germans have a choice of E95, and E95 petrol has disappeared from Polish gas stations forever? Was it about destroying the engines in older Polish cars?
It seems that this action is about economic destruction of countries that agreed to energy madness and theoretical fight against windmills as part of global warming, which does not really exist
Wychodzi na to że tak :(

We all get mad sometimes, agreed? It’s just that we need to learn to control our anger, and to prevent future mistakes and problems. We need to keep a learning attitude and maintain honesty and dignity.

We are human, we have our mistakes and we are not made of iron to be able to face all things, sometimes anger needs to come out, it is worse inside us, but we must always try our best to maintain control of our feelings.

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